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Javitri Hospital – Ivf Centre Infertility is fundamentally the inability to conceive offspring. Infertility also refers to the state of a woman who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. There are many biological causes of infertility, including some that medical intervention can treat. Infertility has increased by 4 percent since the 1980s, mostly from problems with fecundity due to an increase in age. About 40 percent of the issues involved with infertility are due to the man, another 40 percent due to the woman, and 20 percent result from complications with both partners.

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Javitri Hospital – Ivf Centre Male Infertility 

Infertility is caused by a male factor in approximately 30%-40% of cases. An additional 20% of couples are found to have a combination of male and female factors contributing to their infertility.

About three quarters of cases of male infertility are related to either low sperm count, poor motility, or abnormal morphology. While there are many theories about what causes these conditions, it is not always possible for the fertility specialist to identify the cause.

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Javitri Hospital – Ivf Centre Female Infertility: 

Female infertility refers to infertility in female humans. It affects an estimated 48 million women with the highest prevalence of infertility affecting people in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa/Middle East, and Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Infertility is caused by many sources, including nutrition, diseases, and other malformations of the uterus. Infertility affects women from around the world, and the cultural and social stigma surrounding it varies.

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Javitri Hospital – Ivf Centre What causes infertility in men? 

A problem called varicocele. This happens when the veins on a man's testicle(s) are too large. This heats the testicles. The heat can affect the number or shape of the sperm.

Other factors that cause a man to make too few sperm or none at all. Movement of the sperm. This may be caused by the shape of the sperm. Sometimes injuries or other damage to the reproductive system block the sperm.

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