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Our Brand Philosophy: The Earth is a delicate and fragile organism, and as human beings, we have a responsibility to care and preserve our world and those who inhabit it. We create and evolve eco-natural practices to ensure the least amount of waste possible; challenging social, environmental, cultural and political issues of our time. We strive for a fair world, a clean world, a better world.

2. As an ethical brand yourselves, did you come up against difficulties with the stereotypical image associated with organic, natural, eco-friendly? How did you avoid/deal with these problems?

1. We describe our brand as cool and sophisticated, and this is how we would like to promote our business, as we want to stay away from the stereotypical ‘bohemian’ image, which is usually associated with hemp, tie-dye and overly floral designs. How do you advise we do this?

3. What do you find are the best platforms of communication with your target market?

4. What are your opinions towards social media? Do you think this is an effective means of communication?

5. Selling our brand concept to our target market is incredibly important in order to achieve a good customer following. What would you advise is the best way to convey our brand?

6. How do you describe your ideal customer?

7. The process for producing ethical products is a lot more time consuming and costly compared to cheaper materials, how would you recommend we go about pricing our product?

8. In our market research, we have found that selling products online is proving to be more economical than setting up a store, but customers have said that they like to visit stores because they like to be able to touch and feel the products before purchasing. What is your opinion? Would you consider selling in department stores, or as part of a franchise?

9. Finally, what is your must have essential from this season’s collection?

I thank you greatly for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. Your opinions and guidance are most insightful, and we greatly appreciated your help and support. Many Thanks again, PEEL University Bournemouth ,Wallisdown, Poole, DORSET, BH12 5HH

Marketing Research Questionnaire  
Marketing Research Questionnaire