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Our location

Area of geographical influence of the school cluster

Statistic data ∗16 schools: 9 kindergarten, 5 primary schools, 2 middle/high schools ∗Area of geographical influence population – 13 123 ∗Teaching staff – 147 / non teaching staff - 59 ∗1200 Pupils (during night we have about 60 adult education students) ∗Students age: 3-15 (> 18 in Adult Education) ∗50.7% of students receiving economic help ∗50% of the student’s mothers are either at home or unemployed ∗40% of fathers work on farms or in jobs connected with the building area ∗residual dropout and ESL (preventive measures as pre-VET courses) ∗40% of our Adult courses students were NEETs - Young people not in employment, education or training ∗Parents have very low academic qualifications. Only 5% have higher education and 14% have secondary education. 81% without the actual compulsory education.

The Structure of the Portuguese Education System

Strength 1 ∗Experience managing EU funding & projects: Training and qualification courses financed by EU, Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and Erasmus+. ∗We highly value our community and the way the community can contribute positively to school life and the quality of education children receive, and how the school can contribute to the community (eg. Intergenerational projects). ∗We use projects to support cross-curricular teaching. ∗We have many clubs and societies such as the European Club, Arts, Sports and other clubs. ∗We encourage pupils to create events and learn through experience. ∗We strongly encourage the use of English and try to improve the pupils’ English through classes, local activities, exhibitions, Erasmus+ and eTwinning. ∗All cluster schools have access to internet and students initiate contact with ICT in kindergarten.

Strength 2 ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Attitude and commitment of students- They like school and there is a feeling of belonging; Attitude and commitment of colleagues - Body of teachers is stable, there is a good working environment. The school’s experience with development and innovation - willing to learn new practices , willing to implement new methodologies. Standing structures for development and innovation - Team Inovar (projects, development and improvement). Support for students - Special needs staff; Psychologist: Maths and Portuguese extra support classes; Economical support (ASE) -meals, school material, transportation. Home and school cooperation - Small increase in the collaboration between school and families particularly in the kindergarden and 1st cycle. But, we still have a weak participation of parents in pupils’ school lives, decreasing as pupils become older. Teachers' professional skills - Good professional scientific specific skills.

Points for improvement ∗

General: There is geographical dispersion with schools having sometimes 12 km or more distance between them. We need to be closer to each other.

Management: Better articulation between those staff and management regarding communication and tasks; more financial autonomy; need for at least one more member in the special needs staff and more psychologists due to the number of students and their conditions.

Teachers: collaborative working practices between teachers, avoiding “fear” or “insecurity” towards Pedagogical supervision; continuous improvement of teaching professionals skills, specially the area of didactics and alternative methodologies; overload of bureaucratic, organizational and management tasks for teachers in Portugal.

Students: how students organize their time to study concerning “study time” at school and home; student’s lacking motivation towards studying and not seeing school as a means of improvement of their lives and conditions.

Curricula: Projects must be more melted into curricula.

Parents: Increase in the collaboration between home and school in the 2 nd and

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Cycling on nature's wheels portuguese team presentation  


Cycling on nature's wheels portuguese team presentation