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IGV IR Booklet 2018

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EB Hours

Far Above One

EB Vision To be BRANDED, ACCESSIBLE , CONNECTED movement that deliver impactful experiences EB Goal : 500 Completed Experiences for Summer Peak

Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt. The Cairo is a vibrant, exhilarating, exotic, fascinating and city's metropolitan area is the largest in the Middle East and the Arab world, and 15th-largest in the world, and is associated with ancient Egypt, as the famous Giza pyramid complex and the ancient city of Memphis are located in its geographical area. Located near the Nile Delta, modern Cairo was founded in 969 CE by Jawhar al-Siqilli ("the Sicilian") of the Fatimid dynasty, but the land composing the present-day city was the site of ancient national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo has long been a center of the region's political and cultural life, and is nicknamed "the city of a thousand minarets" for its preponderance of Islamic architecture.

welcoming city. Home to the best pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic sights in Egypt, this city is where you never know what incredible, half-forgotten monument you might stumble across while wandering around. Enjoy the Nile view, visit the capital’s medieval markets by Khan El-Khalili, or walk down the Nile promenade. There are also plenty of cinemas, theatres and modern malls. Go for an opera or enjoy oriental music dance shows. Good for short breaks and long stays; you will get to see the Giza Pyramids, thousands of ancient artifacts in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and much more


AIESEC in Ain Shams University in EGYPT is one of the most growing entities in the Network, starting in the beginning of 2015, AIESEC in ASU was recognized by AIESEC INTERNATIONAL for its major growth of 9000% in only one peak, saying that this kind of growth shows how much the entity can contribute to AIESEC 2020 statements through its great market in the exchange functions

IGV in Nutshell • IGV in ASU started in 2016 1. We Achieved 276 Approvals 2. We delivered 187 Realizations 3. Our NPS was 8.8 • IGV in 2017 1. We Achieved 477 Approvals with 79% Growth 2. We Delivered 266 Realizations with 39% Growth 3. We Reached 1st Globally For Completed Experiences in the Summer Peak 4. We Reached Number Two Globally For Completed Experiences in the Summer and Winter peak With 7Th Globally for Realization with only one Completed Experience away from the 1st

IGV in Nutshell • Excellence IGV Reward in Momentum’18 for AIESEC in Egypt • Our Goal in IGV in 2018 in the summer peak 1. To Achieve 350 Completed Experiences. 2. To Reach the 1st Globally in number of Completed experiences. 3. To be from the Top 3 LCs Globally in Number of Approvals. 4. To Grow in Terms of the new Mos. , Co-Delivery and Customer Satisfaction • Vision Dynamically flow to exponentially grow

IGV Focuses

Value Delivery

Network Hacking

Process Optimization and innovation

Standards Implementation • VISA: Tourist VISA for 7 Weeks to be sent to the EP within 24 hours from filling the IL form • Arrival Pick: we are one of the LCs which provide it for FREE!! And the EP must fill the Arrival Pick up form at least 1 week or 5 days before coming to ensure that an AIESECer will be waiting for him in the Airport • Departure Support: actually we are the ONLY LC in Egypt which provide both departure support and departure drop off and the drop off is for small amount of money which does not exceed 5$

• JD & Duration & Working hours : which are written on the contract with the NGO are the same on opportunity on Expa for setting the right expectations • First day of work: is supported by an AIESECer to show the EP how to go to the NGO and how to come back and ensure that he gets the induction in the work and know his responsibilities and goals in the NGO

Standards Implementation • Accommodation: we provide accommodation Covered by the TN fees and there are two options which are hostel in or apartments in Nasr City, it depends on the availability , it include the 6 Weeks stay ( 42 Days ) and 3 Free days in case of Emergency so Total days (45 Days ) , The Hostel Pictures is sent to the EP once he get accepted , and also when the EP Buddy Contact him.

• Basic Living Cost & Expectation Settings: we send the interns preparation booklet to the Eps once acceptance which contains all the information needed during and before coming to Egypt and through the CXP team and They do Skype Meetings with the EP before his arrival to ensure the Expectation Settings of the Booklet

Standards Implementation • Incoming Preparation Seminar: is to be conducted at the beginning of each wave for all the Eps in the Office • Personal Goal Settings: is to be done by the CXP Team before the EP comes by 1 week Each EP Deliver 3 Lead Sessions and 3 Personal Coaching meeting during his 6 Weeks internship Co-Delivery is Supporting the Home entity in delivering the 4 Standards and ensure implementing them from our side incase of not implementing them from the home entity side

Why ASU?

The Best Value Delivery

Reward of Excellence

AIESEC in ASU is number One Globally for Completed Experiences for Incoming Global Volunteering

AIESEC in ASU got the IGV Reward of Excellence for Momentum’18 for AIESEC in Egypt Conference

Why ASU?

Capital of Egypt AIESEC in ASU is located at Cairo which is the Capital of Egypt and here is some reasons why Cairo is actually a pretty fantastic city!

Variable Starting Date

4 Week Pilot Project

What is unique about most of our We are 1 out of 2 Entities in Egypt that projects is the variety of starting dates have 4 weeks Pilot Project to meet your needs.

Why ASU?



Pick up From Airport

We make sure that your experience with us is documented and you can use it for your future career so we provide you with signed certificates to acknowledge your efforts during your project (1 or 2 certificates depending on the NGO)

You will live in AIESEC in Ain Shams University Apartments in Nasr City in Cairo or in a good hostel in Down Town in Cairo where both places never sleep. (It depends on the availability)

We provide FREE Arrival Pickup by one of our L&E team members “Logistics & Events Team", all you have to do is to fill the Reception form which will be sent to you after you get Approved.

Why ASU? Luggage Insurance Baggage Insurance Whatever the cause - is one of the biggest/usual complaints that we always face in AIESEC, Lost/Delayed luggage is a problem no traveler wants to face on their trip. Unfortunately, baggage loss at airport terminals is a real issue, with over 24 million bags being mishandled in 2016* - Buying your baggage insurance will keep your bag in safe hand and will get you compensated with 1000 USD in-case of any emergencies [Optional Service] Meet and Assist Service Airport service caters to the requirements of the Interns that do not want to spend too much time queuing for their formalities. Meet & Assist provides the Intern a speedy clearance through all arrival and departure formalities [Optional Service]

Why ASU?

ICX Team

IPS & Global Village

We organize Incoming Preparation Seminar Conference to make sure that We ensure that you become a local Egyptian person and break the ice between you are fulfilled with all the Experience you and other Exchange Participants before you can get from your internship with us and Global Village is at the your arrival and this is by keeping you in conference too to get introduced to touch with us and with other Exchange different cultures deeply. participants, so once you are approved till you arrive Egypt we providing you with all the information about the Egyptian society (Food, traditions, clothes,...)

Departure Support We provide Departure Drop Off for 5$ or we can show you how to go the Airport

Why ASU?

Welcome Package

Outings in Cairo & Xplore Egypt

You are our guest, so we have to welcome L&E Team is responsible for organizing you with a surprising package which outings for all the interns to let you discover contains a lot of surprises ;) the amazing places in Cairo and show you how to live like an Egyptian and engage with locals, Also if you are in any project , you can also join XploreEgy Trips in the weekends Here

Promotional Material & Support

We can Provide you with Promotional Materials for promoting Egypt and our Project to your EPs ( Posters, Videos , etc.. ) Here Also we also give you OGX support to help you Promoting the projects & get your EP approved

IGV Projects

XPLOREGY This project is about supporting Egypt in achieving Decent Work and Economic Growth, which is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #8). Tourism is a key contributor to Egypt’s economy due to the country’s rich culture and history, as well as diverse attractive sites and cities. Through your efforts, we aim to promote Egypt’s local culture and improve its tourism rates over the next years. You will get the opportunity to travel around Egypt, visiting different cities. As you travel around, you will document your whole experience. Through the pictures you take, videos you shoot, and blogs you write, you’ll get the opportunity to the show the whole world Egypt through your eyes and help improve the country’s tourism rates. The project duration is 6 weeks. Project booklet : Project Facebook Page: Project YouTube Channel :

REFUGEES This project serves refugees, migrants and asylum seekers living in Egypt who have fled their original country of nationality due to war or disaster, and who have well founded fears of return due to persecution or loss of rights. We seek to provide humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement to help build self-sufficiency and self-respect in preparation for repatriation, resettlement or integration into Egyptian society. With your Help, We can able to serve hundreds of thousands of refugees in the city, lifting individuals and families out of poverty.

The project is about supporting Egypt in achieving Quality Education, which is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #4). Quality education is a must to ensure a promising and secure future for Egyptians. Through your efforts, we aim to enhance the quality of the education in Egypt and increase the number of Egyptians who have relevant skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. You will get the opportunity to work in an organization that directly contributes to enhancing the quality of the education in Egypt. You will support the organization’s operations in teaching different subjects. The project’s duration is 6 weeks. Video:

EMPOWER This project is about supporting Egypt in achieving Gender Equality, which is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #5 , Goal #10). Gender equality is must in order to ensure all forms of discrimination against women and girls are eliminated, and ensure equal opportunities. Through your efforts, we aim to spread awareness on the issue within the Egyptian community, as well as support women in overcoming the challenges they face on a daily basis. Insure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard You will get the opportunity to work in an organization that directly contributes to enhancing gender equality and human rights in Egypt. Video:

GREEN Green is a project that is all about supporting Egypt in Tacking Climate Action, which is one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #13). The project's vision is to build a more sustainable world while impacting and actively involving the young generation aiming to a more sustainable word based on renewable and clean energy, recycling and environmental activities. Our mission is to encourage the community, especially the young generation, to recycle and plant trees for CO2 emission reduction. Also this project achieves to support Life on Land Goal by supporting animal shelters to fulfill animals' rights in Egypt

Enliven This project is about supporting Egypt in enhancing Health & well being, which is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #3). Health & Environmental issues are main problems in Egypt as we have high rates of Hepatitis C, Cancer, water and air pollution, …etc. we aim to spread awareness on these issues within the Egyptian community, as well as support the organizations in overcoming the challenges they face on a daily basis. You will get the opportunity to work in an organization that directly contributes to Health and Environment issues in Egypt. You will support the organization’s operations in the area you choose: research, training, campaigns and media.

This Project Develop your leadership Practical skills trough professional Volunteering project , If you want to work in a professional Organization and you have a background about the field but not a lot , you can Develop your skills to be professional.

Incoming Preparation Seminar & Global Village at Inferno’16 Conference which was held at Sea View hotel in Alexandria for 3 days / 2 nights

A birthday party in a Felouka ”A boat” in the Nile River

Incoming Preparation Seminar & Global Village at Inferno’17 Conference which was held at Sea View hotel in Ras Suder for 3 days / 2 nights

Global Village

Global Village

Outings & Trips

Contacts KONIZO TEAM Ahmed Elkomy ( Komy ) LCVP IGV E-mail: Phone: (+20) 1141234335

Islam Mohsen ( Izo ) LCVP IGV E-mail: Phone: (+20) 111 532 6565

Noha Gohar (NohNoh) LCVP CXP E-mail: Phone: (+20) 109 887 1168

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IGV IR Booklet for AIESEC in Ain Shams University  
IGV IR Booklet for AIESEC in Ain Shams University  

IGV IR Booklet for AIESEC in Ain Shams University