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STAPLETON ROAD OPEN FORUM DEC 1ST 2010 PARKING AND TRAFFIC Planned activity: 1. Greater Bristol Bus Network Showcase Bus Route 2. Provide safe crossing point for cyclists M32 J2 by Freemantle Gardens 3. Improved cycle route on its last stretch to J2 M32 4. Design & consultation study for traffic management scheme: Stapleton Road – Goodhind Street Frustrations: 1. Perry Street – parking on pavement; - one way? 2. Parking enforcement is not good enough, especially at the Stapleton Rd/ Lansdown Road junction. 3. Resident parking. Resident permits. 4. Cyclists going through red lights at crossings. 5. Police and Parking Services not responding to complaints about cars parking on pavements/ drop kerbs/ double yellow lines/ blocking people into their houses. 6. Traffic wardens not visiting Stapleton Road in same way as they do Gloucester Road (police confirm this). 7. Cars without insurance or car tax to be clamped and taken away from our streets. 8. Cycle storage in front of houses or at the end of streets that are safe. 9. I am a resident of Easton who cycles up to Clifton to work. The only area where I feel unsafe cycling is on a bus lane. How can we make bus drivers accountable for poor driving – driving too fast. Why can’t it be called a ‘GREEN LANE’ rather than ‘Bus Lane’? Suggestions/ Good Ideas: 1. Explore more walk to school options. More support from ‘Safer Routes to School’ staff. Training (‘Kerb Craft’) for volunteers or parents on safer walking to school. 2. Meter parking ??# could reduce traffic on Stapleton Road. 3. Cyclists to share footpaths with pedestrians – we reduce traffic congestion. We don’t deserve to be fined for cycling on the footpaths. 4. Old Market bus route is great. More please!! 5. ‘Green Lane’ rather than ‘Bus Lane’ – buses drive too fast on the Bus Lane - this makes cyclists feel unsafe. 6. Cheaper buses please. 7. Re-criminalise parking so PCSO’s can help. 8. Can we make better use of the parking at the Leisure Centre and trading estate to support the shops on SR. 9. Make better use of the railway station and local railway line for commuters (this was in response to the GBBN).

THRIVING BUSINESS / ORGANISATIONS Planned activity: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Federation of Small Businesses – estimate level of Stapleton Road membership. Free legal advice from Burges Salmon at the Old Bank, Church Road BCC – Food Safety training/ half day workshops – 02/02/11 BCC – Health & Safety at work information BCC – small business Rate Relief Traders Association – 1st meeting 08/12/10 Business Link/ Outset/ Space Works.... Licensees Group – meets once a month Other agencies, e.g. HMRC, HSE

Frustrations: 1. Parking 2. Police Suggestions/ Good Ideas: 1. Website to promote area and business support available contacts. 2. Businesses to offer diverse range of products – not just for one ethnic group/ age group: perception that not all are inclusive at present. 3. Promotional leaflet for shoppers (like Church Road), linked to Showcase Bus Route project. 4. Street Market (use trading estate at weekends). 5. Promote rail station access including timetables/ distribute in local shops. 6. Can the railway station be used to advertise the benefits of Stapleton Road? 7. Bring in new shops e.g. Superdrug, Boots, Greengrocer – need a better mix. 8. On-street cafe to make people feel safe at night. 9. Better communication (direct) with businesses e.g. Showcase bus route.

REPUTATION Planned activity: 1. Up Our Street 2. Baggator Project ‘Stapleton Road Past & Present’ 3. Tovey’s article ‘Clifton Life’ Suggestions/ Good Ideas: 1. Create a ‘Heritage Trail’ highlighting the history and interesting features of the area e.g. Lebeqs, Armoury Square, the Old Toll House, Easton Time Sign plaques (W.G. Grace connection) etc..(See Living Easton for more info). [Alex Milne, tel. 9553158] 2. Website/ promotional leaflet. 3. Keep doing Stapleton Road Festival (needs to be in June/ July, not October). 4. Apology from the BBC and The Times – visit Stapleton Road with residents & traders. Promote positive things e.g. plaque unveiling at Baptist Mills. 5. Festivals and street fairs which leave a mark on the urban environment through street art, bunting and sculpture.

WORKING TOGETHER Planned activity: Frustrations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Why is our library moving to M32, Junction 3? Want to understand the reasons. What did the consultation say? Shops need to be for everyone. We want a Greggs!! – no bakery. (Breadolution closed). All ethnic groups need to come together. Very important. Issue that sometimes people view non-specific leaflets/ information as ‘junk mail’. Better urban design creates safer streets. Small grants working in collaboration could give us this. Lots of street fairs and festivals in Easton but no lasting legacy on the urban grain. The need for revolving art-based practiced. ART – more of it – like Stokes Croft

Suggestions/ Good Ideas: 1. Use existing networks (e.g. Parent Teacher Associations and parents’ groups at schools; St Judes Somali Womens’ Forum) to gather ideas and get feedback. 2. Identify representatives of Somali Community to be involved. 3. Do we need more acknowledgement of changes in demographics – e.g. be much more open about increased Somali population – and then explore how other groups may feel displaced? 4. Make better use of the two local Community Radio stations, BCFM and Ujima ( – more St Paul’s area), to communicate issues, voice opinions, suggest solutions. [Alex Milne happy to help with this.] 5. Promote the Heritage side of this area, e.g. Armoury Square, Lebeqs, the Stapleton Road Toll House, old pubs, Living Easton’s Time Signs Plaques, the old churches...... a Heritage Trail? 6. Potential for Street Market – potential parking in Leisure Centre/ Trading Estate. 7. How can we approach and address the very high rates of economic exclusion encountered by more recently established communities?

YOUNG PEOPLE Planned activity: 1. Targeted positive activities for young people at risk. 2. Fridays @ Mill – work with young people on Stapleton Road. 3. ‘Stapleton Road Past and Present’: Baggator Project with young people. 4. ‘Early intervention and prevention plan’ being put in place for young people who may become involved in organised group crime. 5. Training for staff at City Academy and Fairfield schools. 6. Street Games Bristol (Bristol City Council): Sports Activities at Chelsea (Owen Square) Park Easton Leisure Centre – Access Sport ‘Easton Street Sportz’. PCSO’s tel. 07977036519 Bloy Street Football Project Lawrence Hill Youth Project: Crypt Youth Centre, Barton Hill, open every Tuesday and Thursday, 7.00—9.00pm Detached Youth Project with Street games @ the Netham every Monday 6.30-9.00pm Early Interventions Workers supporting young people with Substance Misuse and Hidden Harm. Open Access Youth Provision at The Mill, Thursdays 6.00 – 8.30 pm (13-17 year olds) inclu Street games Frustrations: Suggestions/ Good Ideas: 1. Hannah Moore Primary has ball court with access from street. Very open to community use (children or adults). Contact Ruth at the school ( 2. Young people need further/ higher education advice and support, options for their career development. 3. Young people need to be educated to learn and know benefits of better society and community. 4. Youth clubs – sports activities ‘HUBS’ on Stapleton Road 5. Join 128 St Gabriel’s Scout Group, Woodborough St, Easton

ENVIRONMENT (including buildings) and COMMUNITY SAFETY Planned activity: NOW 1. Rosemary Early Years : Jo Symons - Hillary, Easton Christian Family Centre 2. Time to Grow Project – gardening and growing veg in St Judes community beds. 3. Communal bins scheme. 4. Deep cleaning pavements Warwick Road – Easton Way 5. 20 mph speed limit 6. Walkabouts / ‘visual audits’ 7. Implementation of Street Sex Market Strategy (indirect relation to Stapleton Rd) 8. Addressing tenancy issues/ anti-social behaviour – 239, 243, 265, 267 Stapleton Rd. 9. Wild Goose Cafe opening SOON 1. Compulsory Purchase Order – 74 Stapleton Road – being progressed. LATER 1. Compulsory Purchase Order – 1–3 Villiers Road (owner has opportunity to refurbish/ appeal). Frustrations: (Pat Usherwood) 1. St Gabriel’s Road Trading Estate • Have correct change of use procedures been followed? • Causes parking issues back down to Stapleton Road • Litter issues • Pests – rats • Nuisance vehicles on Felix Road from garage. 2. Footpath: Clifton Place to Lawrence Hill roundabout Suggestions/ Good ideas: 1. Expanding communal bins 2. Street are cleaner in Walton St. 3. Education for Children & Young People, e.g. in schools 4. More information on placement of communal bins. (Letter). 5. Consider getting permission to utilise old rail track adjacent to Lawrence Hill Station into an ‘East Side Roots’ type site – same as Stapleton Road [station], to grow plants, venue for events, permaculture, etc. 6. Larger recycle bins on Stapleton Road to separate rubbish. [takes up parking spaces]. 7. More planting of large trees. [In bus network plan] 8. Aerosal Art schemes along Stapleton Road – boards put up to encourage revolving art work.

FEELING AND BEING SAFE Planned activity: Frustrations:

1. Wild Goose Cafe fantastic but need to curb v bad language on street outside from customers. 2. Groups of the young people gather late at night and get involved in unusual activities which can be an issue of concern. (Lighting). 3. People hanging out on street corners need things to do. Suggestions/ Good ideas: 1. Form or re-invigorate Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the area. 2. Unified Cafe Culture on the street. Cafes for all people in the neighbourhood. Tables and chairs on the street to encourage an environment which feels safer. 3. Youth clubs ‘HUBS’ on Stapleton Rd – linking youth with art work on the streets of Easton. 4. Linking up with City Academy to create safer environment with young people at heart of development on the street.

COMMUNITY AT THE HEART OF DECISION MAKING Planned activity: NOW 1. Community Resolve street based work. 2. Neighbourhood Forums 3. Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership 4. Neighbourhood Partnership Stapleton Road sub-group 5. Stapleton Road Traders Association...... (?)


Suggestions/ Good Ideas:

stapleton road open forum themes  

stapleton road open forum themes