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Stapleton Road Working Group Notes of meeting Monday 14th May 2012 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Easton Community Centre Present (P) Apologies (A) Absent (Ab) 5th Mar P A A A

Members Cllr. Margaret Hickman (LH) Cllr. Brenda Hugill (LH) Cllr. Faruk Choudhury (Easton) Cllr. John Kiely (Easton)

Abdul Malik (Vice Chair) P Sonny Richards (Chair SR Traders Assn) P Velita Burnett A Organisations on SR not traders Andy Thomas, Kensington Baptist Church P Residents of Stapleton Road / streets in the immediate area David Fell, Resident P Anna Jones, Resident P Pat Usherwood, Resident (Chair) P Baljinder Bhopal, Resident P Residents on the NP Mike Pickering, Resident (NP) P Dominic Murphy, Resident (NP) P Joyce Clarke, Resident (NP) A Alex Milne, Resident (NP) P Organisations Rick Palmer, BCC Nick Chris Regan, Avon & Somerset Police David Olly Cosgrove, Avon & Somerset Police / Kam Bhakerd, May Gurney / Phil Winstanley, BCC / Tony Jackson, May Gurney / Sally, Resource Futures / Heart FM / Observers / others attending Nick Harris, Life Coach / F. Houssein, Teacher / Abib Mohamed, Somali Resource Centre / Ahmed Aloy, Tawfiq Mosque / Val Thompson, Crisis Centre Ministries / Mo Omer / Mohamed Mumin / Officers / advisers in attendance Penny Germon, Nhd. Manager P Richard Orna, Note Taker P 1

16th Apr P A P A

14th May P A A A









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Nick P P P P P P P

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Welcome and introductions At 6.30pm Pat Usherwood welcomes all to the meeting. 1. Current issues Commercial Refuse Bins A trader reports that May Gurney are leaving commercial refuse bin lids unlocked, so that members of the public are filling them up with their own waste. 2. May Gurney Kam Bhakerd provides an outline of the developments since the last time he attended the Working Group and since various concerns were shared about the level of service May Gurney is delivering. There are now five teams in the area and within the next month they should be delivering the required level of service laid out in the contract held with Bristol City Council. Kam expresses his intention to take back any issues reported by the Working Group to be dealt with. Phil Winstanley from Bristol City Council agrees that it has taken some time for May Gurney to understand the needs of the city. There is discussion about the commitment to delivering this within the next month and this being promised before to the Working Group. It is asked how resident and traders can help. Phil explains that reporting any issues to the City Council via the website or the phone number 0117 922 2100. It is asked whether May Gurney have been penalised for failing to deliver the terms set out in the contract. Phil assures that there have been financial penalties imposed. All are encouraged to report any refuse, cleansing or recycling issues – including requests for new bins – via the City Council reporting system. Sally from Resource Futures adds that if an area is perceived to be clean, people will be less inclined to litter. They will be leading a littering campaign and are aiming to engage with the public to get their views on the best way to deal with this issue. Questions are asked about the morale and management of May Gurney’s staff and the City Council’s role in monitoring this. Phil explains that BCC do oversee this and that if there are employees that do not meet the standard expected they will be performance managed appropriately. A resident questions the impact that a lack of a sense of community is having on the general attitude towards littering. It is suggested that there is a certain level of responsibility that the community must take. In response to a comment about apparent apathy in the community brought about by a lack of confidence in may Gurney and the Council relating to this matter, Phil assures that there are officers checking the standard of cleansing around Stapleton Road. However, he stresses that reports from the public are extremely valuable. A resident requests different bin lids on the communal bins, as they are too awkward and heavy. Phil says he will look into it.


Kam introduces Tony Jackson, who is an Area Steward for May Gurney. Tony will be responsible for the Stapleton Road area during night shifts and can be approached with any issues. May Gurney are spraying weeds in the area, so they will not be removed for two weeks while the chemical is working. Sally from Resource Futures requests input for their poster campaign about what style of material people think would be most effective. She also mentions the idea of street theatre. Following discussion around the scope of this campaign, Kam confirms that this will be a localised campaign, with a different approach tailored to the needs of the local community. Sally says that a meeting will be arranged about this. A suggestion is made about May Gurney arranging regular monthly meetings with resident representatives to discuss waste and street cleansing issues, similar to a system that used to be in place in Barton Hill with SITA. 3. Notes of the Last Meeting A) AGREED: The notes of the last meeting are agreed as accurate and correct. 4. Action Plan Updates Bristol City Council Nick Carter gives an overview of the updates from the Action Plan. Traffic Regulation Orders are now enforceable on Stapleton Road. Nick introduces Wayne Dewfall, who is responsible for parking enforcement in the area. Wayne explains that since 2nd May, 228 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued, despite there having been a week’s grace before the CCTV car went out and there being a ‘double jeopardy’ system in place. The CCTV car has been very effective in enforcing this, although it cannot enforce ‘2-hour no return’ bays – only instantly identifiable offences. Concern is shared that parking problems will be displaced to the surrounding street. Wayne reassures that his team are doing their best to tackle this. Penny explains that the enforcement is not yet operational on the Trinity end of Stapleton Road. There are several comments about a Residents’ Parking Scheme and Wayne explains that anyone can contact their Councillors about this. Wayne asks all to get in touch with him if there are any problems. His email address is Nick reports that the Coach House license will be reviewed at the end of May. The illegal sale of cars on St Marks Road has become sporadic and the stickers are still being used to good effect. Regarding St Gabriels Road, Nick explains that planning enforcement steps are being taken and that any action will be reported to the Working Group. Avon and Somerset Police Inspector Chris Regan Gives an overview of the recent successes in the area, highlighting the positive impact that Stop and Search has had. Chris explains that, although it can be 3

perceived as invasive, Stop and Search is a necessary and critically useful tool in tackling the kinds of issues that have been prioritised by the Working Group. It is made clear that the support of the Working Group for the continued use of this tool is very important. Chris invites anyone who is interested to contact him to arrange a ‘Ride Along’ to go to the Police Station and see how effective this process is firsthand. If anyone hears that Stop and Search has not been performed in line with the PACE Act or expected standards, they should report this to Chris in the first instance and he will deal with it. Chris reports that a survey taken in March supported that people feel safer than they did in September last year, 90% compared to 74%. Chris introduces Olly Cosgrove, who is responsible for the response services locally. Olly explains that, due to the nature of Stop and Search, Avon and Somerset Police are committed to utilising it sensitively and responsively. He assures that Officers are not allowed to be rude and that this needs to be reported if it is happening. Stop and Search is a fully auditable process and every instance of its implementation is checked for compliance with the law and the high standards of the Avon and Somerset Police. The Section 60 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act is explained. This allows the Police to designate an area and time where they reasonably believe there is a possibility of serious violence and to affect Stop and Search power within these parameters. This law has to be authorised by a senior Officer and is rarely used, other than to deal with hooliganism and gang situations. In response to a resident’s question, Chris Regan offers Police representation to a youth or Somali meeting aimed at building community cohesion and addressing any concerns in these areas. Since September, there have been 1000 Stop and Searches as part of Operation Bowler and this has contributed to a total of 400 arrests. A resident requests that the statistics regarding the benefit of Stop and Search are made available so that the necessary use of this controversial tool can be better supported. Penny says that there will be an update about Young People at the next meeting and asks that people get in touch about getting young people involved in this. 5. Traders’ Association Action Plan Sonny Richards gives an overview of the proposal, which involves 5 weeks advertising on Heart FM about Stapleton Road, aimed at improving perceptions of the area. A representative from Heart FM reports the listening figures. One third of the adult population of Bristol apparently listen to Heart FM. For £6000, fifteen of a ten second and eighteen of a thirty second advert will be aired each week. The production of these two adverts will cost £300. A proposal for the advert is performed. There is a discussion about this and suggestions include waiting to dress the shop windows before running the advert. Another aspect of the proposal is the production of flags of promotional artwork to hang from lampposts along Stapleton Road. These would cost £6200. There is also a proposal to clean and repaint some of the shop frontages along Stapleton Road to improve the overall image.


B) AGREED: In principle the proposal is agreed, pending all details and practicalities being resolved. Penny reports a caveat from Rick Palmer that the Traders must invest in this Action Plan proposal. . 6. 12 Months, 12 Events Penny explains that there may not be twelve events. Penny will circulate information about this. It is requested that people put themselves forward to be a contact point for each of the proposed events and a sheet is passed round for people to sign. 7. Terms of Reference Penny says that the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership is the Annual Meeting and this is a good opportunity to have the Terms of Reference of the Working Group updated. Penny asks if the Group want to change the Terms with regards membership or who can attend the meetings. Chris requests that a comment about lacking trust in the Police is changed to more appropriately reflect the feelings of the community. Penny asks anyone who has a comment about the Terms of Reference to contact her. 8. Any Other Business Andy Thomas gives the details of a ten-year anniversary event for the Jubilee Trust taking place this Saturday. He offers to invite them to attend the next Working Group meeting. Pat thanks everyone and the meeting is closed at 8.40pm. Next meeting: MONDAY 11th June 2012 6.30PM TO 8.30PM EASTON COMMUNITY CENTRE, KILBURN STREET


SRWG Notes 14.05.12  

SRWG Notes 14.05.12

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