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Stapleton Road Working Group Notes of Meeting 6.30pm Monday 10th October 2011 Easton Community Centre Present (P) Apologies (A) Absent (Ab) Members 19th July 19th Sep Cllr. Margaret Hickman (LH) A A Cllr. Brenda Hugill (LH) P P Cllr. Faruk Choudhury (Easton) P P Cllr. John Kiely (Easton) A A Traders / Businesses Abdul Malik (Vice Chair) P P Clare Mobley Ab Ab Sonny Richards P P Velita Burnett P P Mel Gardener P Ab Errol Ballin Ab Ab Lorraine Spence Ab Ab Organisations on SR not traders Andy Thomas, Kensington Baptist Church P P Residents of Stapleton Road / streets in the immediate area David Fell, Resident P Ab Anna Searle, Resident A P Pat Usherwood, Resident (Chair) A P Baljinder Bhopal, Resident P P Residents on the NP Mike Pickering, Resident (NP) P P Dominic Murphy, Resident (NP) Ab Ab Joyce Clarke, Resident (NP) Ab Ab Alex Milne, Resident (NP) Ab P Organisations Rick Palmer, BCC P P Chris Regan, Avon & Somerset Police P P Officers / advisers in attendance Penny Germon, Nhd. Manager P P Richard Orna, Note Taker P P Stacy Yelland, Nhd. Communications / P David Deakin, Avon & Somerset Police / P John Stratford, Avon & Somerset Police P P Mohamed Ismail, BCC P (part) P Observers / others attending Michelle Meredith, African Caribbean Chamber A P of Commerce Liz Jones, Easton Resident / P A Farah, SRC / / 1

10th Oct A A P Ab P Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab P P A P P A Ab Ab P A David Deakin

P P P / P / Ab / P

Welcome and Introductions At 6.30pm Pat Usherwood welcomes all to the meeting and introductions are made. Current Issues – Open Forum There are no issues raised for discussion. 4. Updated PR Plan and Press Statement Stacy Yelland gives a detailed overview of the excellent PR Plan currently in development, including the addition of the agreed Key Messages and a list of proposed upcoming PR activities that will impact positively on the area. One example of this is the deep clean taking place this week on Stapleton Road, which Stacy is planning to get some press coverage of. Stacy has also contacted Ujima and BCFM, who have both committed to supporting future PR activity. All completed PR activities will be recorded in the Stapleton Road PR Log; also highlighting which of the Key Messages each activity corresponds to. There is discussion about the BBC Crimewatch programme, due to air at the end of October. John Stratford explains the reason for this is to appeal for witness information to aid the ongoing investigation into the murder of Rico Gordon on Stapleton Road on Sunday 3rd July 2011. Stacy has spoken with the Bristol Evening Post about this and they will be running an article. She has also drafted a statement, laying out the key points necessary for responding to the press coverage effectively. The proposal is that the Working Group utilise media coverage of this criminal investigation to the advantage of the area by taking the opportunity to highlight positive action that has been taken and also that which is planned. Other suggestions raised include speaking to BBC Radio Bristol and, as per the discussion in a previous meeting relating to taglines, the importance of not coming across as unrealistically positive or naïve about events or circumstances. It is suggested that trader and resident spokespeople are agreed to represent the interests of the Working Group. There is mixed response to this proposal and, after discussion, spokespeople are agreed. A)

AGREED Abdul Malik, Faruk Choudhury and David Fell agree to be spokespeople for the Working Group in relation to this media coverage.


ACTION Stacy Yelland to contact the spokespeople regarding press interviews.

There is a discussion about the Wild Goose; with the view raised that Stapleton Road is not the best place for it. There are reports of people drinking on the street outside and at the bus stop which, it is felt, does not create a positive atmosphere. Andy Thomas encourages all to contact him or the duty manager if there is any street drinking or other antisocial behaviour relating to the Wild Goose. It is requested that an alcohol exclusion zone be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting but this is not agreed. Penny Germon reveals the initial results of a survey conducted on Stapleton Road by Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management. Of the 310 people surveyed, 138 said they felt Stapleton Road had improved in the last year, 75 felt it had got worse, 69 felt 2

there had been no change and 28 were undecided. Penny says that this shows that things are moving in a positive direction for the area. 1. Notes of the Last Meeting Corrections Faruk Choudhury asks that the thanks expressed to the City Council Officers and Police team responsible for the work in the area recently be noted more clearly in the record than as stated in the Current Issues section. Aside from this objection, the notes are agreed as accurate and correct. 2. Action Plan Update 2.1 Bristol City Council In Rick Palmer’s absence, Penny Germon gives an overview of the progress of the Action Plan. The deep clean has started on Stapleton Road. The work around the bus network is ongoing. There are concerns raised concerning the communications about the deep clean work and also the leaflet about illegal khat sales not adequately addressing the issue. Faruk Choudhury encourages all to get in touch with their MP and to generally communicate more effectively if there are issues that need reporting, for example the banning of khat. 2.2 Avon and Somerset Police John Stratford offers to repeat the update that he gave at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 5th October, but it is agreed that this is not necessary. John introduces David Deakin to give an update on the progress of the operation aspects of the Action Plan. David gives an overview of the progress of Operation Bowler. He reports positive feedback on the operation, in particular with reference to the young people outside Kensington Baptist Church. However, David acknowledges that there is still work to do, for example following the youths that have moved on from this location. There has been action relating to licensed premises in the area, including a review of the licence at the Three Blackbirds. Plans are also in place to target street drinking, including increased use of signage in the area. With regards to the illegal sale of khat, the police are working in partnership with the licensing and trading enforcement teams in the Council to tackle the issue. The vehicles being sold in the area will be targeted with a method that was successful in Swindon involving large stickers being attached to the windscreen of offending vehicles. In the last month, as a result of Operation Bowler, there have been 188 stop and searches, 48 arrests, 29 prosecutions, five warrants executed, one crack house closure and over 100 intelligence communications from the community. Pat Usherwood thanks the Police on behalf of the Working Group for their continuing efforts.


2.3 Current Work Updates Stapleton Road Survey As discussed earlier, the results of this have been promising. Walkabouts Penny reminds all that the walkabout she spoke about at the last meeting will be taking place tomorrow. Francois from the Neighbourhood Management team is carrying out some work on the side streets parallel with Landsdown and Villiers, aiming to improve the area, this will also feed into the upcoming anti-litter campaign that Francois will be running. 2.4 Traders’ Association Update In the absence of any other traders at the meeting, Abdul Malik explains that he has offered to act as a link between the Traders’ Association, the Neighbourhood Partnership and the Working Group. The Traders’ Association met earlier in the evening and was due to be formalised. Abdul shares that Sonny Richards has been made Chair. 3. Wellbeing Grants Penny Germon refers to the Monitoring Report and encourages all to have a look at the feedback and the successes of the previous round. 5. Safe and Active Communities Fund Penny explains that there has been no progress since the last meeting. C)

ACTION (CARRIED FORWARD) A small group to meet and develop an approach to be discussed and agreed at the next meeting.

Penny asks for any ideas about creating a positive link between traders and residents. The example of a crisp-box advent calendar is given. 6. Possible Christmas Carols/Sing-a-Long Andy Thomas gives an overview of the plans for a carolling event that will move around Stapleton Road and finish at the Baptist Church. The focus of the event will be getting people together and the proposed date for the event is 11 th December. D)

ACTION Andy to keep the Working Group updated about plans.

The Retail Development post is discussed again, but the level of attendance of traders is agreed to make it inappropriate to take the matter further at the moment.



AGREED The Working Group will wait to hear from the Traders before ` committing to any decisions about the Retail Development post.

Views are shared that indicate some believe the Retail Development post is not the most effective way to allocate valuable resources that might be of greater benefit to the area if used differently. F)

ACTION This will be an agenda item for the next meeting. Penny/Pat.

7. Any Other Business Fly Posting There are reports of increased fly posting in the area, with apparently lack of clarity about the system for removal employed by the City Council. G)

ACTION Penny to look into fly posting issue/processes and report back.

Litter There are reports of rubbish getting worse, particularly on the side streets (e.g. Felix). Discussion about the need to educate young people on how to dispose of litter correctly and the social impact of leaving rubbish in the street follows. Francois Jenson at Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management will be running an anti-litter campaign and Faruk Choudhury offers his assistance with this. Retail Re-Opening/Closures The Cash and Carry has reopened. Chic Balloons has closed. There is a request for assistance looking into what is happening with the Barclays building by speaking to the landlord. H)

ACTION Faruk Choudhury agrees to look into the Barclays issue and report back.

Postcards Penny invites all to have a look at the new postcards. Pat Usherwood thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40pm.


Stapleton Road Working Group Notes 10th October 2011  

Stapleton Road Working Group Notes 10th October 2011

Stapleton Road Working Group Notes 10th October 2011  

Stapleton Road Working Group Notes 10th October 2011