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Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Stapleton Road Working Group Monday 5th March 2012, 6.30-8.30pm Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton Chair: Pat Usherwood (Chair) Agenda 6.15

Welcome and introductions Current issues – open forum (up to 10 minutes) A Forum for people who live and work on Stapleton Rd to raise any current issues. (Members of the working group are encouraged to notify Penny of any significant issues prior to the meeting to help manage the meeting)


Action Plan Update/progress report from last meeting (Item 2) Nick Carter, Bristol City Council Jon Stratford, Avon and Somerset Police

6.40 1 year on! Setting the scene / overview of the work so far and context for the year ahead (10 mins, Penny) GROUP WORK – write responses on flip chart paper/3 or 4 tables The story so far (refer to the sheet ‘what people said Dec/Jan 2011) What’s got better? (5 mins) What’s heading in the right direction or can be built on? (5 mins) What’s not gone so well/we could do better? (5 mins) Do we have gaps in our knowledge?If so, who’s voice/views are we missing? What’s still to do?/What are the problems we are trying to tackle (15 mins) Consider each of the headings are Working Together Anything Goes Young People Economy Environment 7.20

Each group move round the tables – put a tick or a cross against ‘the things still to to indicate support or otherwise.


Priorities for 2012/2013 (20 mins) Agree 2 or 3 priorities (starting from the problems which have the most support) How will we know we have been successful? / How will things be different? (this must be something that can be assessedor measured) 7.40

Groups go round tables and support or not

7.50 Share priorities in the main group - agree the short list 8.10 Moving forward -

Is the membership of the group right?

8.20 Next steps Recommendations 1. A small group meet to consider how the resources should be allocated to tackle the priorities 2. A small group meet to consider how ’12 months, 12 events’ can help deliver the priorities and bring a draft programme to the April meeting taking account of suggestions that have come to the group. 8.45 Close of meeting

Future meetings - 16 th April 6.30pm at Easton Community Centre

SRWG meeting agenda 5th March 2012  

SRWG meeting agenda 5th March 2012