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ASHLEY, EASTON AND LAWRENCE HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD PARTNERSHIP WEDNESDAY 22nd JUNE 2011 AT 6.30 P.M. AT BARTON HILL SETTLEMENT, DUCIE ROAD, BARTON HILL PRESENT: 22.06.11 Ward Councillors Councillor G Hoyt A Councillor J Rogers P Councillor F Choudhury P Councillor J Kiely A Councillor B Hugill P Councillor M Hickman A Resident Partner Representatives J Austin (Barton Hill) P Musnilya Babatunji (Wilson St/St Pauls Gardens) A Henry Bassadone (St Werburghs) Sarah Agarwal P Kwame Benin (African Decent (African Caribbean) A Lisa Blackwood (City Road) P Bahiyyih Bruck (St Pauls/Ashley) P Pete Bullard (Older People Rep St Pauls) P Sally Casely (The Dings) A Joyce Clarke (Redfield) P Jo Curtis (Redfield Ennvironment Group) P Jan Deverell (Greenbank) P Fiona Eyre (Lawrence Hill) A Tony Hicks (Barton Hill) A Maryanne Kempf (Ashley Road/City Road) - Chair P Alex Milne (Redfield) P Mohamud Mumin (African Decent (Somali)) A Dominic Murphy (The Dings) A Abda Parveen (Asian Community) A Mike Pickering (Goodpenny) P Hannah Purbrick (Easton Central) P John Richfield (Easton Central) A Community and Voluntary Sector Partners Mike Chappell (Redcliffe) P Richard Curtis (Church Road Action Group) P David Gbao (CEED/Malcolm X/Kuumba) A Barry Green (Christian Church) P Joanna Holmes (Barton Hill Settlement) A Vacant (Full Circle) A Ian Lawry (Wellspring Healthy Living Centre) P Khalif Abdi Rahman (Somali Resource Centre) P Vacant (Islamic Mosque) A


Business/Private Sector Partners Jane Brewerton (Traders, Stokes Croft) P Abdul Malik (Traders, Easton) A Statutory Providers Partners Terry Black (Registered Social Landlord) A Julie Bowle (Avon and Somerset Police) P Lindsey Dowdell (EC3, CYPS) P Mohammed Elsherif (NHS Bristol) P Donna Johnson (Registered Social Landlord) A Officers Supporting the Partnership Penny Germon (Neighbourhood Manager) P Heather Barham P Neil Burwell (Safer Bristol, Neighbourhoods) P Diane Dodd (Neighbourhoods, BCC) P Greg Eynom (Neighbourhoods, BCC) P Denise James (Clean and Green (BCC) P Richard Jones (Democratic Services, BCC) P Residents in Attendance (Not Voting Members of Partnership) Joy Carey (St Werburghs) P John Drowley (St Werburghs) P Noelle Rumball P


WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS Maryanne Kempf, Chair, welcomed all to the meeting and asked for introductions.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Hickman, Councillor Hoyt, Councillor Kiely, Henry Bassadone, Terry Black, Sally Casely, Fiona Eyre, Tony Hicks, Joanna Holmes, Abdul Malik, Dominic Murphy and John Richfield


MINUTES OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PARTNERSHIP HELD ON 16th MARCH 2011 Councillor Hugill expressed concern that having been assured that funding would be available for the Section 106 monies associated with Cabot Circus, discovered from officers that all funds had been allocated. Councillor Dr Rogers indicated that he had discovered after the last meeting that the monies had been allocated, however, indicated that if there were specific schemes which were left unfunded that he would be willing to take these forward in discussion with officers. AGREED:

that the minutes of the meeting held on 16th March 2011, were confirmed as a correct record.


MATTERS ARISING Pavement Resurfacing The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the merits of having a site visit to the suggested streets, but this was not accepted. AGREED: That a report explaining why the pavements had been proposed, what makes them a priority and how the costs were identified in order that Neighbourhood Partnership could make informed decisions about pavements to be resurfaced.




PUBLIC FORUM Threat to Diversity and Vitaliy of Local Shopping Centres The Neighbourhood Partnership received a statement from Joy Carey. It was noted that one of the mechanisms for triggering a debate on an issue would be as part of the Council’s petitions scheme, which would require at least 3,500 signatures for a debate at Full Council. It was also noted that a motion had been submitted by Councillor Neil Harrison had been submitted for consideration at the next scheduled meeting of Full Council on 6th September 2011. ACTION It was agreed that this would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting for discussion.


ANNUAL BUSINESS REPORT The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the annual business report (agenda item no. 5). Following discussion it was AGREED:-


To note that the membership of the partnership is currently as follows: In noting the current membership, it was agreed that the membership should be kept under review (with updates reported as necessary), the intention being that meetings 3

should be as open and accessible as possible. 2.

That Maryanne Kempf be neighbourhood partnership.







That the neighbourhood partnership and neighbourhood committee terms of reference be noted.


That the partnership’s devolved powers operating framerwork be noted.


That the name of the partnership be confirmed as the “Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership.”


That the following sub-groups be established: * Wellbeing Panel. * Stapleton Road Working Group (membership details to be confirmed via the Neighbourhood Manager; it was agreed that meetings should be as open and inclusive as possible).


That future meetings be held on the following dates (venues to be confirmed):

and financial

5th October 2011; 14 December 2011 7th March 2012 (All meetings starting at 6.30 pm)


NEIGHBOURHOOD MANAGERS REPORT The Neighbourhood Partnership considered a report of Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Neighbourhoods Directorate (Agenda Item No. 6) setting out the Neighbourhood Manager’s report, and agreed the following recommendations:


RECOMMENDATIONS 1. From Easton & Lawrence Hill Forum Seating a. Request Bristol City Council to recycle/relocate disused benches from Broadmead/Cabot Circus to Easton and Lawrence Hill. b. Request that Bristol City Council and Police do not reduce public seating or make it more uncomfortable to sit/lie on to prevent anti social behaviour but increase the seating available ensuring it has backs and armrests. Church Rd Bus lane c. Lift the parking/loading restrictions which apply in the morning on the outbound bus lane allowing shop keepers to load and take deliveries. Planning and population change d. Bristol City Council: i. Acknowledge the current situation, explore the implications with people working ‘at the coal face’ and assist organisations to meet the demand. ii. Improve the way Bristol City Council gathers information, plans for the future (assessing demand through to training staff in how to provide services to meet a wide range of religious, cultural and language needs) and supports partner organisations to do the same. iii. Advise the Forum (or Neighbourhood Partnership) what BCC is already doing and work with the service providers in the inner city to address the current problems. iv. Advise the NP/Forum who is responsible for making sure this happens 2. Stapleton Road Working Group a. Note the progress report. b. Allocate £2,000 to the Working Group from the unallocated wellbeing fund (Councillor final decision). c. Approve the changes to the Terms of Reference set out in appendix 1 3. Involvement of the NP in progressing the Compulsory Purchase of Westmorland House and Carriage Works Bristol City Council attends Neighbourhood Forum meetings to report on progress and consult as appropriate. The NP will be kept informed through the Ward Councillors, St Paul’s Unlimited and the Neighbourhood Forum reports 4. Section 106 a. Set up working group to draw up priorities, liaise with the relevant service providers and bring a proposal to the September NP. The process will need to involve consultation with the neighbourhood forums. b. All members of the NP are required to attend one of the training sessions. 5

5. Clean and Green devolved funding Agree to follow the same process as last year: i. Invite suggestions for ‘cleaning’ and ‘greening’ the environment. ii. Seek approval from ward councillors by email. iii. Once the £500 has been allocated (first come first serve) apply to the £29k central pot (decisions to be made in September). iv. Delegate authority or final spend to Denise James, Clean and Green officer. 6. Community Safety Officer Work Priorities Consider and approve the work priorities set out in appendix 3 and agree to receive a progress report in 6 months (December meeting). 7. Current membership Note three people are assumed to have resigned their position and will not be replaced. 8. Membership review The NP set up a Working Group to: i. Consider the ‘contentious principles’ ii. Work up no more than three options for consideration at the next NP iii. Anyone who wants to be involved can be but as a minimum should include: Ward councillor/s Resident/s from each ward Community/voluntary sector group/s Business A resident from each ward who is not a member of the NP. 9. Annual Review Note the information.


WELLBEING FUND – SMALL GRANTS The Neighbourhood Partnership considered a report of Diane Dodd, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Neighbourhoods Directorate (Agenda Item No. 7) setting out recommendations of the Small Grants Panel. In response to a question on the allocation of funding between wards, it was noted that as far as practical, the panel would seek to recommend balanced funding across the three wards duringn the muncipal year. AGREED: Wellbeing projects to be funded: Organisation

Grant Request

Funding Recommended 1,000 1,000


St Werburghs Community Association Urban Greening Easton Cowgirls Easton Community Centre SPAN Malcolm X Elders Forum Rosemary Early Years Centre Barton Hill Settlement Bristol Refugee Rights ACTION:


1,100 330 700 2,085.80 1,270 470 855 880 2,236

1,100 330 700 1,500 1,270 470 855 880 1895

Neighbourhood Partnership members to feedback to Diane any suggestions for future monitoring of the Wellbeing grants.

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING Notes that the next meeting would be held at 6.30 pm on Wednesday, 5th October 2011, venue to be confirmed.

(The meeting ended at 8.20 pm)


S:\Reports\2011-12\Neighbourhood Cttees\Ashley-Easton-LHill\Minutes\(1) 22nd June 2011.doc


AELH Neighbourhood Partnership Minutes 22.06.11  

AELH Neighbourhood Partnership Minutes 22.06.11

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