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NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM MEETING – MONDAY 7th February 2011 ST PAULS FAMILY LEARNING CENTRE In attendance: Maryanne Kempf (SPU), Tracey Edwards-Brown (SPU), Penny Germon (Neighbourhood Manager), Denise James (Clean & Green), Ian Jenkins (BCC Waste), Neil Burwell (Safer Bristol), Maria Connor (BCC Housing), Mark Butler (P4P), Sgt Aston (Ashley NPT), PCSO Whitehouse (Ashley NPT), Sue Bungh (The Pierian Centre), Jane Brewerton (Niche Frames), Rev Palmer (Peace Embassy), Paul Hazeldean (Crisis Ministries), H Holden, Amy Sergeant, T Debbonaire, Bill Ball, Henry Bassoulene, Barbara French, Ian Bell, Waliur Rahman, Mary Adam, Pete Bullard, S Barker, Naomi Roberts, Chris Thurby, Mary Norman, N Harries, Donaven Shond, Jon Rogers, Dianne Dodd (SPU) Apologies: Inspt Bowle (Neighbourhood Inspector), Miles Forum Date

Actions/issues raised:

TRAFFIC 07/02/11 Picton Lane – Road used as a rat run in both directions. Not fit for use as a highway as a danger to pedestrians and used by children.

07/02/11 Picton Lane – there is evidence that Sat-Navs are sending cars down Picton Lane. 07/02/11 Residents parking zone

Lead Officer

Follow up required:


Andrew Spicer

Can this track be closed to vehicles? Suggestions of a single bollard to stop traffic.

A site visit was carried out with Mr Ball on 27 July 2010 to discuss the possibility of closing Picton Lane to through traffic to improve safety for pedestrian using this route. It was suggested that such a measure could be promoted if the Neighbourhood Partnership prioritised it within a future works programme. It was also made clear that the requirement of a Traffic Regulation Order to close the road would result in extensive consultation and access requirements for properties beyond any proposed bollard installation and could result in objections being submitted that may not be able to be resolved. This scheme has been added to the list of possible schemes for future consideration by the Neighbourhood Partnership. Forum Decision: this is on possible scheme list so can be removed from Forum actions

Andrew Spicer

Would gating off Picton Lane solve the problem?


Current Kingsdown residents parking zone scheme to be viewed for 6 months or more to see effects it has.

Issued raised regarding cost of permits/visitors passes and limitation on them. What about contractors and access for volunteers at charitable businesses. What times would plates be in force? Fears that what works in Kingsdown won’t work for the Ashley Ward.

WASTE 07/02/11 Montpelier – Graffiti and fly posting. Why haven’t planners who have control over signs, colours, size and location etc turned a blind eye to this issue. 07/02/11 Boiling Wells Lane & Narroways Lane – Both areas are turned into a hot spot for fly tipping. 07/02/11 Barnabus & Dalrymple Streets streets very rarely cleaned. 07/02/11 Mina Road – Takeaways, Lots of rubbish/littering between 7-10pm 07/02/11 Fear of crime in Mina Road Park, poor lighting in evening, added history of sexual assaults makes this a dangerous/feared area after dark. Is a main thoroughfare for the neighbourhood. 07/02/11 Can we have recycling of plastic bottles in the black box scheme? HOUSING 07/02/11 Any plans for rented accommodation specifically for Older people e.g. Sheltered? COMMUNITY SAFETY/CRIME 07/02/11 Drug Dealing at Development behind Star & Garter PH & Lower Cheltenham Place.

Ian Jenkins/Denise James

Letters sent around the Ashley Ward regarding the issue.

Ian Jenkins/Denise James

1200 letters were sent out regarding the issue but only 100 responses were gained. Graffiti policy leaflets have been made and are ready for distribution.

The frequency of which the cleaners are cleaning the streets has been raised. Is there a way of penalising contractors for non-work? Website – can be used to report fly tipping and graffiti. Photos can be attached to reports. As above. Barnabus Street has been recognised to have been cleaned a little.

Ian Jenkins

Still an overflow from the restaurants Forum decision: no update – item to remain No lead assigned

Could lights be erected in Mina Road Park?

New priority.

No lead assigned

Will speak to clean and green regarding this. New priority.

No lead assigned

New priority.

Sgt Aston Neil Burwell

Evidence gathering. Police and Safer Bristol to monitor and obtain evidence by speaking to local residents and respond.

Police note that call rate has decreased in the area. There are plans to improve Albany Green which may contribute further to lowering the issue. Forum decision: Item to remain for time being.

07/02/11 The new 20mph zone in City Road.

Sgt Aston Neil Burwell

Explanation and find out consultation results.

07/02/11 Cromwell Road Vehicle Crime and vandalism. Police are aware but nothing appears to be being done. 07/02/11 Road Safety – what is being done following a child being knocked down on Newfoundland Road

Sgt Aston

Work ongoing

Sgt Aston Neil Burwell

Traffic light removal is a sore point

07/02/11 ‘Portland Square – Drug Dealing & Prostitution is having an impact on businesses, residents and visitors. This is effecting economic growth of the area. 07/02/11 City Road – groups congregating opposite the Wild Goose Café. Drinking and behaving in an aggressive manner. 07/02/11 Montpelier Park – Contractors having problems getting vehicles onto site due to parking issues. 07/02/11 Brigstock Road – Drug dealers hiding behind the

Sgt Aston

Decision regarding the new 20mph zone in City Road has been made for it to be non-enforceable for 3-6 months from implementation (which was back in November) this is to give time for people to adapt and see when/who the issues of speeding are being caused by. Ashley neighbourhood policing team email address given as #SSN(Ashley) should anybody wish to make complaints regarding the issue. Forum decision: Item to remain for time being. Increased patrols in area and some people were arrested in the area. Vehicle crime issue tailed off after these arrests were made. Neighbourhood team still unaware of any children being knocked down in the area since the removal of the lights. Update regarding the traffic lights seems to be that they were removed as they were broken and there wasn’t money available to keep them running so were removed. No consultation was made with anybody. Council to be chased up regarding lack of consultation. Forum decision: Item to remain for time being. Work by police to reduce the problem from last meeting seems to be satisfactory. Visible reduction in number of kerb crawlers and street sex workers. Forum decision: Item to be removed

Sgt Aston

New premises in Stapleton Road has now opened. Problems in City Road seem to have ceased. Forum decision: Item to be removed

Sgt Aston

Problem has now been resolved. Forum decision: Item to be removed

Sgt Aston

NPT are aware and are monitoring

Patrols have been increased in the area and Community Priority Surveys were carried out in the area. Has been no more reports

new Communal bins.

of any drug dealing in area. Forum decision: Item to remain for time being.


Neil Burwell to work with St Paul's unlimited to gauge level of public concern. Findings will be discussed with BCC Parks to identify any possible responses to concerns raised.

07/02/11 Mina Road - speeding

Sgt Aston

07/02/11 Mina Road - Problem with

Parking services

Police to enforce and Neil Burwell to alert BCC Traffic Management to secure their support Police to enforce obstructions and Neil Burwell to alert BCC Parking Services to secure their support.


Sgt Aston

Police are working with Landlord at East Grove. Landlord is beginning legal proceedings to evict the squatters. Police to monitor activity in Albert Park.

Sgt Aston

Police to monitor the location and tackle any subsequent findings.

Mina Road - The low level of lighting in the park is adding to fear of crime, this is leading to people avoiding the area in the evening.

vehicles parking on double yellow lines and obstructing the pavement outside shops and takeaways. Concern was expressed about squatting in the following areas: East Grove and Albert Park.

07/02/11 Fear of crime Newfoundland

Road - Resident reported alleged drug dealing and intimidating groups meeting around electricity sub-station on Newfoundland Road. Police have recieved no further reports about this problem.

Previous Minutes were agreed Monday 7th February 2011 - AGENDA ITEMS Item 1.

Newfoundland Road Front Office Closure

Mark Aston – Ashley Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant Newfoundland Road Police station front office WILL be closing around June 2011. The station will still be open and used for appointments but there will be no front office for reporting crimes. The local beat surgeries are still ongoing where you can meet you local policing team. They are taking place in the St Pauls Family Learning Centre twice a month and the Malcolm X centre. Times are available on the Avon and Somerset website and on the Police noticeboard in the Family Learning Centre.

Item 2.

Graffiti and Street art policies.

Denise James & Ian Jenkins. A leaflet regarding the policies of graffiti was brought to the meeting. These are to be readily available for anybody to read. Street art is encouraged in the area but the general consensus is that you need to gain the permission of the owner before you start. If the council find particular street art to be detrimental to the area or offensive they can issue a 28 day warning to the owner to have it removed. If nothing is done within these 28 days the council will remove it themselves and charge the owner depending on the size of the job. In regards to tagging graffiti. Safer Bristol is trying to keep on top of it but once a tag is reported and taken down it seems to come straight back up again and Safer Bristol cannot keep up with this. It was asked if possible email bulletins regarding issues surrounding graffiti could be sent around regularly. Item 3.

50 Stokes Croft site development.

Robert Ollet - Eudaimon. A presentation regarding the site development of 50 Stokes Croft. Area was going to be used to encourage bio-diversity and bring birds to the area. The area is going to have a steel bike pump to help promote Bristol’s status as Britain’s Cycling City. There will be a drinking water fountain. A rock face vertical garden and climbing vertical garden. Nest boxes for the birds and insect boxes also. Solar Panels at the top. A St Paul’s Unlimited notice board on the side. The site shouldn’t need much in the way of maintenance but it will be maintained. The design was approved in December. Estimated 8 weeks for the planning process and 8 weeks for the structural work. Estimated time of completion will be approximately June/July. Was hoped to be ready in time for the St Pauls Carnival. Item 4.

Residents Parking Zone.

Ed Minninghen – Bristol City Council Current residents parking zone is in place in Kingsdown. BCC is taking in experience from other council’s resident parking schemes, especially those from cities similar to Bristol such as Nottingham, Leeds and Sheffield. There are no definitive plans to put any residents parking schemes into place in the Ashley Ward as of yet. Was noted that residents parking was absolutely fine approximately 5 years ago until Broadmead was re-developed. Would it be possible for current payable parking areas to be extended and the revenue generated from that be used to pay for residents parking schemes. Could the use of public transport and cycling be encouraged more to help. It appears residents are more opposed to the pricing structure of residents parking them the actual parking itself. They were worried about where visitors could park. The Kingsdown scheme give out visitors 100 parking passes per household per year, but the group observed that this would only cover 1/3 of the year and does not account for more then one visitor. Pricing structure in the Kingsdown scheme is as follows: 1 car = £30, 2 cars = £80 and 3 cars = £200. Displacement of parking into Montpelier and St Werburghs was also feared should residents parking ever come into effect. Item 5.

Brighton St/Argyle Road/Drummond Road opening consultation results.

Forms were available at the meeting showing the results of the road consultation.

Announcements and AOB. John Rogers – Meeting regarding development of Westmoreland House to run on Friday 18th February 2011 18:00-19:30 at the Salvation Army, Ashley Road. £900,00 has been generated to help move forward the development. Dove Lane development – Meeting on Thursday 10th February 2011. Places for People will be putting forward their plans. Trinity Centre – Wednesday 9th February 2011, Police update regarding the Stapleton Road murder last year. Next meeting date: 9th May 2011 at 18:30.

ashley forum minutes 7th feb 2011  

ashley forum minutes 7th feb 2011

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