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Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Forum Monday 11 th October 6pm to 8.30pm Stapleton Road, Upper Easton, Russell Town, Newtown, Barton Hill, St Philips, Old Market, Lower Easton, Whitehall, Netham, Greenbank, Redfield, Redcliffe, Dings

Barton Hill Settlement, Ducie Rd, Barton Hill, BS5 0AX

AGENDA 6.00 Welcome/Introduction 6.10 Installation of communal bins on Stapleton Road and surrounding area Teresa Crichton, Bristol City Council (After the successful installation of communal bins in St Pauls the City Council are planning to bring them to Easton & Lawrence Hill starting with Stapleton Rd. This is your opportunity to hear about the scheme, find out how it works and suggest other streets where communal bins would work better).


Future of Ducie Road Car Park Penny Germon, Easton & Lawrence Hill NM

The City Council is consulting about the future of a number of sites acrossBristol; it is proposing ‘Ducie Road car park’ is sold for development. Should the site be sold or could it be better used for parking in the area? What do you think?


Clean and Green – what needs doing where you live? Denise James,Bristol City Council


Winter Gritting - Penny Germon


‘You said we did’ - Updates from the last meeting:

Belle Vue Road - Penny Germon Traffic schemes update including: Avonvale Rd parking restrictions; Kilburn St/ChelseaRd; Goodpenny area; Westminster Rd area. Policing – Jon Ames & Andy Welpton

7.15 Part 2 a chance to report your problems and make suggestions to service providers including: Housing; Policing and community safety, rubbish & general environment, winter gritting.


Part 3 - ACTIONS


Announcements & any other business - Waste Forum


Close of meeting

Dates of future meetings (six weekly across Easton and Lawrence Hill): Wednesday 24 November at Hannah More Primary, Thursday 20th January at Easton Primary

ELH NF Agenda 11th Oct 2010  

ELH NF Agenda 11th Oct 2010