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Celebrating Age Festival ‘Going for gold - older, wiser, fitter!’ 9th June – 23rd June 2012

Activity Application Form Please complete and return to: Claire Kennelly Celebrating Age Festival c/o Richmond Event Management Ltd. 59 Prince St. Bristol BS1 4QH or email


Overview The Celebrating Age Festival is an annual event run for and by older people and takes place over two weeks with a full programme of events and activities citywide. 2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and we celebrate this with our theme ‘Going for Gold- Older, wiser, fitter!’ We would like to offer local groups and organisations the opportunity to organise exciting and interactive activities for older people in their areas between the 11th and 22nd June. For help completing this form, please see the attached guidelines.

Step. 1 Activity Details – Please submit details about your proposed activity Activity Title Date of Activity Time of Activity Venue (Please indicate which ward venue is located)

Brief Description

Step 2. Further Information Name of Organisation Contact Name Phone Number Address Email Brief Description of Organisation Is this event open to the public? Do they need to book in advance? How will your event contribute to the theme of the festival? How will you promote the event?

Step 3. Grant Application Total amount applied for Breakdown of costs Will you receive funding from any other sources? If so, where? How will your activity be inclusive to disadvantaged groups? (older people, black and minority ethnic people, lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people, disabled people, or other disadvantaged groups)

Step 4. Feedback Your feedback helps us to improve the Festival year on year. We ask that each organiser of a fringe activity/ event completes a feedback form and returns it to the Festival office. The Celebrating Age Festival is organised by a partnership group of organisations and supported by Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol. If you need any further information just call Claire on 0117 9276614 Please return this form to: Claire Kennelly, Celebrating Age Festival c/o Richmond Event Management 59 Prince St. Bristol BS1 4QH Alternatively you can email your completed form to: CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 6th April 2012

Grant Information Guidelines Who can apply? Any voluntary or community sector group or organisation that works with older people in Bristol. The group must hold a fringe activity/ event during the following dates: Monday 11 th June- Friday 22nd June.

What are the aims? The Celebrating Age Festival was launched in 2007 as part of the Quality of Life for Older People’s Strategy. It has become a well-recognised event in the Bristol calendar and offers older people the opportunity to enjoy great entertainment, learn new skills and have a fun day out. Celebrating Age Festival aims to promote positive ageing, involvement, information, entertainment and inclusion for older people in Bristol. Our theme this year ties in with the European year of Active Ageing and solidarity between generations so if you have an event for both young and old to enjoy together then we want to hear from you.

What are we looking for/what do we expect? We are looking for event/ activities that aim to involve older people who may be excluded, or who have not been involved in an organisation on a regular basis. We are hoping that events will be ‘open’ events to the wider public, to really promote social inclusion and involvement. Having said that, we are also looking for events/ activities involving your community group members – basically, we would like to see as wide a variety of events as possible! Last year’s programme included Line Dancing, Cookery Sessions, Wii games, dances, computer skills taster sessions and healthy walking tours. We are keen to expand this year and have an even wider variety of activities on offer. We would like to see events and activities that celebrate older people, promote positive ageing and that highlight the values of Celebrating Age Festival clearly.

How much can we give? The amount that people receive will depend on the event that they are hosting. As a guide we are offering in the region of £50 per organisation, but depending on your event, this may be more or less. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a proposal in more depth.

We would like to hold an activity/event, but don’t need funding – can we still be involved? YES! We will be compiling a calendar of events that are happening in the Celebrating Age Festival between Monday 11th June and Friday 22nd June and this will be available to the public. You must let us know all the details of your event (using the attached form) but make it clear that you do not want to apply for any funding. Will you advertise our activity/event? We aim to list all of our fringe activities in the Festival programme. However, depending on how many applications we receive, this may not always be possible. We can provide you with poster templates and the official celebrating logo if required.

Celebrating Age 2012 Activitiy Application  

Celebrating Age 2012 Activitiy Application

Celebrating Age 2012 Activitiy Application  

Celebrating Age 2012 Activitiy Application