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Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Stapleton Road Working Group Monday 14 May 2012, 6.30-8.30pm Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton Chair: Pat Usherwood (Chair) Agenda 6.30 Welcome and introductions Current issues – open forum (up to 10 minutes) A Forum for people who live and work on Stapleton Rd to raise any current issues. (Members of the working group are encouraged to notify Penny of any significant issues prior to the meeting to help manage the meeting)


May Gurney Street cleansing on and around Stapleton Road Discussion about proposed litter campaign on Stapleton Road – is this something May Gurney or Resource Future can resource?


Notes of the last meeting (Item 1) Agree as a correct record Actions from the last meeting not on the agenda

Action Plan Update/progress report from last meeting including (Item 2): Bristol City Council Greater Bristol Bus Network – progress on parking restrictions and bins St Gabriels BusinessCentre Nick Carter, Bristol City Council ` Police Use of Stop and Search and Stop and Account on Stapleton Road Chris , Avon and Somerset Police 7.30

Progressing Working Group priorities 2012 – 2013 Traders Association Action Plan - Sonny & Michelle 12 Months, 12 Events Working Together Stapleton Road and Easton Way Junction (improve the environment)

8.00 Review of Terms of Reference (changes will need to go to the NP) (Item 3): 8.15

Close of meeting

11th June agenda items – Update on work with young people, information about ‘restorative justice’ project and information from the Private Sector Housing Team about action that can be taken with private landlords.

Agenda SRWG meeting agenda 14 May 2012  

Agenda SRWG meeting agenda 14 May 2012

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