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Monday 05/09/2011 Ashley Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Grant Scheme Dear Colleagues and Residents, You are invited to apply to the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Grants fund. Please make sure you read the full document below as grant criteria and application forms for these grants are different from previous rounds. Applications submitted on old application forms and late applications will not be considered.

Criteria and examples for small grants: 1. Activities that focus on young people making their voice heard in decisionmaking and encouraging young people of Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill to have a greater stake in their communities. Proposals must be able to show they have been developed along side young people. Examples: This does not have to be a meeting – it can be anything where young people are expressing their view about where they live and the priorities for them. This could include the use of detached youth work to go out and talk to young people whose voices we don’t hear. It could be a research project where young people investigate an issue important to them and make recommendations about how it can be improved. Recommendations could be to the council, the police, the Neighbourhood Forum, health services or a private organisation. The important thing is that there is an outcome – it could be artwork, a meeting or event, which leads to young people’s voices being heard and ideally something happening in response. The Neighbourhood Partnership is in a position to champion these issues if that is what is needed. 2. Work, which fosters positive relationships between children and young people from different neighbourhoods. In particular, but not exclusively, St Pauls and Easton.


3. Activities that encourage local people to become more involved in and have a greater say about where they live – applications from residents/resident groups to improve where they live. Examples: This could be anything but in all cases the proposed work will be a response to a problem identified by local people – it could be an area that needs cleaning, brightening or greening up, it could be about fostering better relationships between neighbours and so on. 4. Events/activities, which bring together people from different cultural backgrounds who would not normally come together. In particular events/ activities, which create the opportunity for isolated Somali women, to speak English. 5. Sharing skills and knowledge – projects, visits, and skill swaps. Activities which help people share skills and or/knowledge particularly between groups who would not otherwise come together Examples: This could be knowledge of recent changes in benefits, how to negotiate Facebook, fact finding missions to another area of Bristol or another city, etc.


Eligibility Funds will be distributed to groups or organisations from any sector that: • Are part of a community or voluntary group based in the Neighbourhood Partnership area (or if you are based outside the Partnership area, you intend to run the piece of work for the benefit of people within the Neighbourhood Partnership area.) • Clearly shows the benefit of the piece of work to the residents of the Neighbourhood Partnership area. Priority will be given to projects, which are resident-led (the project has been initiated and is being driven forward by a group of residents.) • Have a democratic, written constitution or are part of a larger organisation with such a constitution. • Have a bank account requiring at least two signatories (must not be related to each other) or have secured the support of another organisation with such an account. • Have the capacity to deliver the project within the agreed timescale and parameters of the funding. • You must be currently involved with the community you propose to work with in your application. Note: if you don’t fit into the eligibility criteria above but you have a good idea and believe there are other ways of achieving your project goal, tell us about it and we may be able to persuade an eligible organisation to work with you. Non-eligibility The following are not eligible: • Individuals or non-constituted groups. • Organisations seeking to use the grant to promote particular political parties or religious beliefs. • Organisations seeking to use the grant for the advancement of particular private business interests. • To fund the core costs of the organisation. • Replacement of statutory funding.


Process and size of grant • Applicants should complete a current application form. • We will consider part funding projects where applicants have secured funding and other resources (e.g. materials, volunteers) elsewhere, as long as the proposed project will lead to a clear outcome and conclude by the project deadline (31st March, 2012). • We have £11,500 worth of grant funding to award and we aim to fund a few projects with that sum. We are not setting a maximum grant amount, but you should keep in mind our goal of funding multiple projects when putting together your application. Larger projects, that are a collaboration between groups/organisations and Neighbourhoods that would not usually work together are considered “desirable” and are encouraged by the Neighbourhood Partnership. • Grants must be fully spent by 31st March, 2012 • Any unspent funding will be returned to the Neighbourhood Partnership. Awarding of grants • A panel of residents from Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill will consider the applications and make recommendations to the Neighbourhood Partnership. Ward Councillors will make a final decision upon advice from the Neighbourhood Partnership on 14th December 2011. • Applicants will be informed of grant decisions by 21st December 2011. Monitoring and acknowledgements • Successful applicants will be required to submit a completed monitoring form by30th April 2012. Please ensure that you have costed this time into your project. This report will include: o A financial statement and receipts of all monies spent. o Details of the actual outputs as described in the application form (e.g. numbers of people attending, trees planted, or groups helped). o Details of project outcomes and lessons learned. o Recommendations for similar projects in the future. Projects worth over £1,000 will also need to provide Case studies/stories about what happened where appropriate o Photographs showing what happened/before and after/people involved o Copies of any promotional materials These may be used on the Neighbourhood Partnership website and in other media relations activity where appropriate.


• Grant recipients should acknowledge the Neighbourhood Partnership support on any published material. Copies of the Partnership logo are available upon request from Diane. Deadlines and awards • The deadline for this round of applications is 8am on Monday the 7 th of November 2011. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. • Applications submitted without confirming the availability of required documents will not be considered for funding. • Projects that run past the project deadline of March 31st 2012 will not be considered for funding. •

Applications should be either emailed to Diane Dodd at or posted to: St Pauls Neighbourhood Management St Agnes Lodge Thomas Street St Pauls Bristol BS2 9LJ Attn: Diane Dodd

If your application is successful you will informed by December 21, 2011. Thank you for you interest in this grant fund. I look forward to receiving your completed application. PLEASE NOTE: Application forms that are not completed in full are not considered. If you need any advice or guidance please get in touch well before the deadline and we will be happy to help. We cannot help if an incomplete application is submitted on the closing date. Kind Regards, Diane Dodd Projects Manager Supporting Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership


Wellbeing Grants Round 5 September 2011 Criteria  

Wellbeing Grants Round 5 September 2011 Criteria Ashley Easton Lawrence Hill

Wellbeing Grants Round 5 September 2011 Criteria  

Wellbeing Grants Round 5 September 2011 Criteria Ashley Easton Lawrence Hill