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Neighbourhood Forum Record

Number of residents attended: 19

Businesses Officers attended: Forum ward: Ashley attended: 12 4 Venue: Salvation Army, Ashley Road, St Pauls Date: Monday 31st October 2011 1. Welcome Meeting opened at 6.30pm, Chair Maryanne Kempf welcomed all. 2. Minutes of the last meeting Agreed: Updates of outstanding actions recorded on spreadsheet. 3. Wellbeing Grants (Diane Dodd, St Pauls Neighbourhood Management) Grant applications will close on 7th November 2011 at 8am. If anyone is interested in volunteering to be on the grant decision-making panel on 16th November 2011, please let Diane Dodd know as soon as possible. 4. Neighbourhood Partnership (Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager) 1) Discussed the agreement to move forward about membership (Formal process will be done at next meeting on 14th December). 2) Park & Green Spaces (Ashley/Easton/Lawrence Hill), questionnaire was sent out. Please send responses to: - Parks Decision Making Meeting, which is being held in December. 3) Road Traffic Pavement Meeting is being held on 15 th November at Barton Hill Settlement. 4) Issues regarding a Residence Parking Scheme are being discussed. 5. Consensus on Stokes Croft Actions (Maryanne Kempf, Chair) 1) Traders Association Meeting being held on 8 th November 2011.


2) Care George Project (West Mooreland House) – Pete Bullard 3) Street Wise (Wet Centre Project Extended Hours) – John Atkinson 4) Public Hearing being held on “Disturbance of Stokes Croft” – held at St Stevens. 5) Bristol City Council (Graffiti Forms) – Maryanne has copies. 6. Stokes Croft Issues Some of the issues and opinions raised include: 1) Wet Centre is a good idea, but drinkers and drug users – “Don’t

2) 3) 4) 5)

seem to know how to use an appointment scheme”, which the Drug Project uses. It needs to be a 24-hour scheme, possibly to make things work or improve around area. Deaf Centre, Kingsdown (Wed closing down) – Concerns of what will happen to this building and what support the people who attend centre will now get after the closure. Stokes Croft needs a real good (clean up), looks “tacky” – Graffiti / Rubbish / Stokes Croft & Montpelier Area could do with good tidy up. Stokes Croft (quite sad) remembered as (place for disorder / party area / Drinker’s area. Needs cleaning up and improving. Wet Centre – Open Wednesday afternoons (Plans to extend opening times) - John Atkinson works along Police and refers people who require help to Wet Centre. Also stated if possible Anti Social Behaviour (Publicise Orders whenever possible).

7. Strategic Housing and the Localism Bill (Mohammad Rashid, Affordable Housing Development Officer) Mohammad showed a power point regarding “Affordable Housing around Bristol Area” then was available for any questions. . 8. Market Place Residents’ issues and Priorities are discussed. Meeting Closed at 8.30pm.


31.10.11 Ashley NhD Forum Minutes  

31.10.11 Ashley NhD Forum Minutes

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