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29/03/2012 Re: SPU involvement in Carnival Dear Carnival Committee, We are contacting you in response to several announcements Carnival committee members have made at public meetings and in the press that Carnival has “consulted” with the community of St Pauls via St Pauls Unlimited. Our understanding of a consultation is as an open and ongoing dialogue between people or organisations. In a consultation we would expect to: 1. Raise concerns 2. Help our “partners” in the consultation address those concerns 3. Come to a resolution that meets the needs of all parties concerned as closely as possible It is true that the Chair and Project Coordinator of Carnival attended a St Pauls Unlimited Coordinating Body meeting. The purpose of that meeting was for SPU to express the concerns raised by community members following the 2011 Carnival event. We shared several dozen concerns raised to us by local residents and you told us about some of the challenges Carnival faced during the event. Following on from the meeting we have shared out any details of Carnival Committee events you have sent to us. That is the extent of the “conversations” we have been involved in. The Carnival committee did not seek to proactively work with SPU to address any of the concerns that were raised during our conversation. If the Carnival Committee would like SPU’s assistance in developing a community consultation, then that is a request we would be interested in exploring with you. Carnival is incredibly important to the community of St Pauls, and we, as members and representatives of the community, want to make sure the event is owned by and part of the community it came from. Since this has not occurred though, we would appreciate it if you would stop telling the community that you have “consulted” with us on the decisions made by the Carnival committee. This is both untruthful and misrepresents the interactions we have had to date.

Since our primary objective is representing the views and priorities of the local community we feel it is necessary to inform the community of St Pauls about the involvement we have had with the Carnival Committee. As such, we would like to inform you that this letter will be made available to the public to inform them of our involvement with you to date. Kind Regards, Maryanne Kempf St Pauls Unlimited Chair Musnilya Babatunji St Pauls Unlimited Deputy Chair

Carnival response letter