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Neighbourhood Forum Record

Number of residents attended: 48

Businesses Officers attended: Forum ward: Ashley attended: 11 9 Venue: Salvation Army, Ashley Road, St Pauls Date: Wednesday 18th April 2012 1. Welcome Meeting opened at 6.30pm, Chair Simon Lewis welcomed all. 2. Minutes of the last meeting Agreed: Updates of outstanding actions recorded on spreadsheet. 3. Updates Police Inspector Keith Rundle Update regarding questions previously asked about the Police, Re:Squatters and Tesco’s issues. (Copies of questions and answers were at the meeting). Sgt Mark Aston Update about the actions the police have been doing regarding the antisocial behaviour of the drinkers on Ashley Road and Drummond Road, St Paul’s. He also spoke about an Action Day at the end of May/ beginning of June. Regarding patrols and trying to catch people who let there dogs foul and leave mess behind. Fixed Penalty Tickets will be issued if they do not clean dog-fouling mess up. Neighbourhood Partnership Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager Update about agreed planning (Green Team) around Bear Pitt & Albany Green. Also meeting next Tuesday 24th April 2012, at Barton Hill Settlement about voting for the Mayoral election. If unable to get to the meeting transport can be provided.


Wellbeing Grants Diane Dodd, St Pauls Neighbourhood Management If anyone is interested in being part of the Well-being grants panel, please come speak to her. Also, if anyone has any topic suggestions for future Forum agenda’s, please get in touch. 4. St Werburgh’s Resident Representative Nomination Lori Streich (St Werburghs Resident) – Neighbourhood Partnership Ashley Nominations was nominated to the committee. The mtg was asked to vote. Vote: 42 represent (yes) and 5 people (did not vote). Agreed: Lori Streich to represent St Werburghs on the Neighbourhood Partnership. 5. Ashley Dog Poo Campaign Tracy Edwards-Brown gives an update an a “pilot” campaign that will deal with the Ashley Dog Poo problem. The campaign will be piloted in St Pauls. Volunteers will hand out Poo Bags and information on the Action Day. Further community involvement activities are currently also being discussed. 6. May Guerney Collections in Ashley have been rescheduled now and there are 5 crews in area (Started this week). They are running a Litter Clean up day on May 23 rd from the St Pauls Community Centre and are currently looking for volunteers. 7. St Pauls Carnival St Pauls Carnival - Rebecca Gibbs (Chair) & Colin addressed the group. The informed everyone that the Carnival Committee have met a number of groups regarding 2012 Carnival. There is currently a voting system online to decide the outcome of this years Carnival. The vote asks if people would like for the event to happen as planned (Procession focused) or for it to not happen at all. The result of this online vote will determine the fate of Carnival. People can vote until noon on Monday 2

the 23rd April. Residents can also attend a consultation session the Carnival Committee will hold at the Learning on Friday 20/4/12 (10am – 8pm). Results will be made available to the public early in the week.. Audience: When can people apply to be Carnival board members? Carnival Answer: Application forms are on the website. Once your application is received you’ll be invited to a full meeting. New members are then voted on by full members. Audience: How many members do you have? Carnival Answer: We don’t know any exact figure but think it’s around 30 members. New member applications are being processed. Audience: What is a procession lead Carnival? Carnival Answer: An event that focus’ on a school engagement programme including workshops for costume making. Members of the procession will congregate at Brunswick Square and lead onto Portland Square. There will be judges at various parts of the procession. The change means Carnival will not able to support sound systems this year, but Mandela Hideaway will still take place in St Agnes Park. Audience: Completed membership forms and a petition, including 3,000 signatures, were available to hand in. Members are very important to the Carnival, as are stakeholders and the community. The Resident stated how many new membership forms she had and that the 27 were asking for an Emergency General meeting. Audience: How can board members join, when they join who makes the decision on whether they are accepted? Carnival Answer: Access information is on the website, but in brief when an application is received the applicant is invited to a meeting. This is done as soon as possible. Audience: If you were to cancel Carnival is there a risk that you would loose funding? Carnival Answer: We need to talk to Bristol City Council and the Arts Council. It may be possible to keep some of the funding, we will need to look at ways to carry it over. Audience: Are you planning on closing St Pauls Park this year? Carnival Answer: No. Audience: What do you call a Carnival?


Carnival Answer: A Carnival is so many different things to many people. The definition different to different people. Carnival is a social commentary. Audience: Why is the carnival being taken away from the St Pauls community? Carnival Answer: No answer provided Audience: Since you don’t have the money for a full Carnival, do you have the funding to remove people’s sound systems? Carnival Answer: This would be a police and council issue. Audience: What happened to the appeal process? Carnival Answer: This is where we are now. We have listened to feedback. Audience: Apart from the procession what else is going on? Carnival Answer: There will be some stalls on the day plus charities that support black issues and Mandela’s Hideaway. Audience: I have had a stall at Carnival for the last 20 years. There has been lots of community involvement. You are supposed to know about St Pauls Carnival, about the legacy and the music. There is a big revolution against Carnival. You need to talk to people, people in St Pauls. Audience: The Carnival is really important to local people. How can you justify taking it away from people? Financially its been important to people. Carnival Answer: It’s not the board taking it away. Carnival does not have the funding to deliver at the same scale it’s been in the past. We are aware it’s good for the local economy. We look at local businesses and ask for help. We know they turn over a lot during Carnival day. Audience: I’ve looked at the accounts. You had a 44% increase from the Arts Council. How much more do you want? Management doesn’t mean lining people’s pockets. The Carnival has not been managed properly. Event management and wages amount to £167K. Carnival needs to apologise to the St Pauls community. The board have not fulfilled their responsibilities. Carnival Answer: Carnival has charitable objectives.


Audience: You represent the community. You are loosing your integrity. The community care and are passionate. They care and they are here. What do we need to do to save it? Businesses will support if you approach them. Audience: Why did it take 6 months to deliver the news that we had a shortfall and that the carnival was just going to be at Portland Square. You’ve had 9 months to consult the community. Carnival Answer: We organised a meeting as soon as we knew we had a shortfall. We are also constantly asking people for feedback. Audience: Will you be standing down? Carnival Answer: No Audience: Will you be calling an Extra Ordinary General meeting? Carnival Answer: Not at this point Audience: What are the next steps. Carnival Answer: Email and asking people for their vote online, and we’ll have the meeting Friday at the Learning Centre. Audience: A member of Public stated that what has been said and done today has lost the support from the Community as a whole. The decisions that have been made have lost its integrity. The time it has taken to make the decisions to decide the location of the Carnival has been a very long process. He also asked the Committee if they were going to “step down” from the Committee. The member of Public also stated that the “right sponsors” within the Community, had not been approached. Persons from the community, attending the Forum, supported this statement. . 8. Market Place Residents’ issues and Priorities are discussed. Meeting Closed at 8.30pm.


18.04.12 Neighbourhood Forum Minutes  

18.04.12 Neighbourhood Forum Minutes