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ASHLEY, EASTON AND LAWRENCE HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD PARTNERSHIP WEDNESDAY 15TH DECEMBER 2010 AT 6.30 P.M. AT BARTON HILL SETTLEMENT, DUCIE ROAD, BARTON HILL PRESENT: Community and Voluntary Sector A Richard Curtis (Church Road Action Group) P Ian Lawry (Wellspring Healthy Living Centre) P Sauda Kyalambuka (Full Circle Youth & Family Project) P Joanna Holmes (Barton Hill Settlement) P David Gbao (Malcom X Centre/Ceed /Kuumba) P Khalif Abdi Rahman (Somali Resource Centre) A Barry Green (Christian Church)

Ward Councillors P Councillor S Brown (Ashley) P Councillor J Rogers (Ashley) P Councillor F Choudhury (Easton) A Councillor J Kiely (Easton) P Councillor B Hugill (Lawrence Hill) P Councillor S O’Donnell (Lawrence Hill) Resident Partners A Tony Hicks (Barton Hill) P Mike Pickering (Goodpenny) P Fiona Eyre (Lawrence Hill) P Sally Casely (The Dings) P Dominic Murphy (The Dings) P J Austin (Barton Hill) P Hannah Purbrick (Easton Central) P John Richfield (Easton Central) A Jan Deverell (Greenbank) P Alex Milne (Redfield) A Joyce Clarke (Redfield) P Jo Curtis (E&LH) A Musnilya Babatunji (Wilson St/St Pauls Gardens P Abda Parveen (Asian Community) A Lisa Blackwood (City Road) A Art Sienkienwicz (Eastern European Community A Kwame Benin (African Decent (African Caribbean) P Maryanne Kempf (Ashley Road/City Road) - Chair A Tamba Nanoh (African Decent) P Mohamud Mumin (African Decent (Somali) P Henry Bassadone (St Werburghs)

Statutory Providers P Julie Bowle (Avon and Somerset Police) P Mohammed Elsherif (NHS Bristol) P Donna Johnson (Registered Social Landlord (Places for People) P Terry Black (Registered Social Landlord (Sovereign HA) P Lindsey Dowdell (EC3 CYPS) Business/Private Sector P Jane Brewerton (Traders, Stokes Croft (Niche Frames)


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All were welcomed to the meeting and introductions made. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor J Kiely, Tony Hicks, Jan Deverall, Musnilya Babatunji, Joyce Clarke, Kwame Benin, Barry Green and Richard Curtis. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS AGREED – That the minutes of the meeting held on 29th September 2010 be agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.






None. GOVERNANCE REPORT The Partnership was asked to consider a report (Agenda Item No 5) setting out revised proposals for governance. It was noted that as part of the consideration of the report, an election for Deputy Chair was held. RESOLVED – (1) that the ‘Minimum expectations’ and ‘Making meetings work’ be approved; and (2) that Dominic Murphy be elected Deputy Chair, and in the absence of both Maryanne Kempf and Dominic Murphy that John Richfield would chair meetings of the Neighborhood Partnership.


WASTE MANAGEMENT AND GROUNDS MAINTENANCE The neighbourhood partnership considered a report of Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Neighbourhood and Community Services (Agenda Item No. 6) relating to the work of the Grounds Maintenance department. RESOLVED 2


Item No


(1) that appendices 1 and 2 of the report be noted; and (2) that a full report be received at the March meeting of the neighbourhood partnership. 7

NEIGHBOURHOOD MANAGER’S REPORT The Neighbourhood Partnership considered a report of Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Neighbourhoods Directorate (Agenda Item No. 7) setting out the Neighbourhood Manager’s report. RESOLVED (1) that the issues raised at the Neighbourhood Forum meetings be noted; (2) that the Stapleton Road Sub-Group terms of reference, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report, be approved; (3) that the Neighbourood Partnership priorities youth activities which increase interaction and co-operation across the three wards, relating to Stapleton Road; (4) that a one-off meeting be held to develop action against the priorities; and (5) that the remaining £9K of the wellbeing fund be allocated to youth activities which increase interaction and co-operation across the three wards, relating to Stapleton Road.


SAFER BRISTOL The neighbourhood partnership considered a report of Peter Anderson, Service Manager, Crime and Substance Misuse Services, Safer Bristol, Neighbourhoods (Agenda Item No. 8) informing of the work and the role of the Community Safety Officer (CSO) working within the area, as a basis from which the neighbourhood partnership can consider what support it wants to ask for in the delivery agreement. RESOLVED (1) that the report be noted; and 2


Item No

Item/Discussion/Decision (2) that the partnership take up the ‘offer’ within the report •

Safer Bristol will work with the Neighbourhood Partnership to develop its Action Plan around community safety priorities (crime/disorder, drugs and alcohol harm and anti social behaviour.) and deliver a programme of work in 2011/2012 to address the community safety issues identified through the Action Plan

The Neighbourhood Partnership is asked to influence the CSO service in its area by approving a delivery Agreement with Safer Bristol for CSO support at its next NP meeting, based on its Action Plan

Safer Bristol will report back on this Agreement at an NP meeting once a year, the date to be agreed by the NP

The CSO acts as a single point of contact to wider Safer Bristol services and support for the Neighbourhood Partnership CSO will work within the NP area to gather local priorities to help influence the production of the Neighbourhood Profile within Safer Bristol's annual Crime & Disorder Strategic Assessment.

• CSO acts as the problem-solving advisor to the NP, using the ID PARTNERS problem-solving process The CSO service can provide briefings on the Problem Solving Process. 9

WELLBEING GRANTS The neighbourhood partnership considered a report from Diane Dodd, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Neighbourhoods Directorate (agenda item no. 10) giving feedback back to the work of the grants panel. RESOLVED (1) that the recommendations of the Well-being grant panel be approved; (2) that the remaining Health and Social Care funding be allocated at the March 2011 neighbourhood partnership meeting; and (3) that the Neighbourhood Partnership recorded their 3


Item No

Item/Discussion/Decision thanks to the undertaken.




Action for



PRIDE OF PLACE The neighbourhood partnership considered a report of the Make it Happen Group Thriving Neighbourhoods Board (Agenda Item No. 9). Following brief discussion it was AGREED:


(1) interesting in taking this item forward should be communicated to the Neighbourhood Manager. (2) SECTION 106 MONIES


The Neighbourhood Partnership noted that the Cabinet had recently considered a report on Section 106 monies which would be devolved to neighbourhoods in the near future. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 16th March 2011 at 6.30 p.m. (The meeting ended at 8.45 pm)


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NP mins 12th dec 2010  
NP mins 12th dec 2010  

NP minutes 12th dec 2010