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The Transformation of Offset Printing HEIDELBERG David Grubbs

April 21-22, 2010 ď‚Ť San Antonio, TX

future of print • What is the Future of Print?

• Is it Dying?

• Is it Changing?

future of print

• How Important Will Technology Be To Your Company’s Success? • It Will Be Necessary For You To Partner With Forward Thinking Marketing Services Providers Who Invest in the Latest Technology • Does Anyone Come to Mind????

future of print • Will All Printers Survive? • What Will Differentiate One Printer From Another? • Is CGX The Right Printer For You?

future of print technology • What Will Print Look Like in The Next Five Years From Heidelberg’s perspective? • Will There Be Hybrid Offset & Digital Machines In The Near Future??? • UV, Specialty Printing, Different Substrates Like Foils, Plastics, Lenticulars, Hybrid Offset & Digital Technology combined In-Line • Everything To with Print Must Be “Green”

future of print job submission • How Will Print Buyers Submit Jobs in The Future? • Remote File Submission – Print Buyers Will Have Their Own Websites • Immediate Notification that File Will Be Proofed, Content & Color Checked

future job tracking • Where is my job right now? • Because Print Shop Will Be Digitally Integrated, Anyone In The Print Shop Can See “Real Time” Where Any Job Is in the Process. • Jobs Will Flow Faster, Manufacturing Costs Will Be Lowered, Last Minute Changes Will Occur Easily

future printing technology • Offset or Digital? Does it Matter? CGX Has Made Major Investments In Both • Not To CGX, They Have Multiple Technical Means to Supply Your Job • They Will Advise You Which Technology Makes The Most Sense!

remote proofing You Can Proof A Job From Anywhere At Anytime! Multiple Sites Collaborating Online at the Same Time, Faster OK turnaround No Need For Future Press Checks

future high definition soft


• Effective use of Soft-Proofing – Efficient: No more waiting for shipping – Delivery and Dispatch

– Fast: Immediate feedback – Instant on-line collaboration

– Consistent: Content and color approval – Saves time and money

future integration workflow • Use of Color Standards Like G7 Color Standards, Complete Print Shop Connectivity

• Integrated Workflows Will Allow CGX To Offer Faster Turnaround Times at the Highest Quality Levels

future brand protection • Security Printing Technologies • Specialized printing techniques that effectively prevent fraud and product counterfeiting • Increase Brand protection using… • Hidden Images, 2-D Barcodes, Laser Sensitive Inks, Color Shifting Inks, Fluorescent inks and coatings, Holograms, RFID, etc.

future in-line offset color measurement • Use of Spectral Measuring Systems • Color Is Read In-Line on Press • 90 % Waste Reduction Achieved Allows For “Green” Sustainability • Much Faster Manufacturing Process Allowing For Lower Cost & Higher Throughput

future offset print technology, Anicolor

Speedmaster SM 52 Conventional inking unit with ink zones

Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor inking unit without ink zones

future offset print technology, Anicolor • Lower Costs Than Static Digital Print • Low to no Waste, “Green Machine” • More Cost Efficient on runs from 250 – 5,000 • Will See on Larger Format Presses In The Future, 29” & 40”

going “Green” There Will Be No Lack of Performance For Printing “Green”, It Will Probably Be Better Than Today There Will Be No Premium Price Associated With Going “Green” If a Printer or Supplier Does Not Jump On The “Green” Bandwagon, He May As Well Close His Doors.

The Transformation of Offset Printing HEIDELBERG David Grubbs

April 21-22, 2010 ď‚Ť San Antonio, TX

The Transformation of Offset Printing  

HEIDELBERG David Grubbs The Transformation of Offset Printing • What is the Future of Print? • Is it Changing? • Is it Dying? • How I mporta...

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