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Print With Purpose Appleton Coated Phil Cavalier

April 21-22, 2010 ď‚Ť San Antonio, TX

Everything in this time, in this economy, in this world, comes down to ROI. It’s the one thing on everyone’s mind. Nobody wonders why the sky is blue anymore. They just want the ROI for blue.

• In stable or growing market conditions, decisions around the marketing mix are‌

The current market situation can create extreme scrutiny around the marketing spend – May include a test or two or outright gamble – Could result in decreasing or eliminating print

To address our customer’s need to discern how and when to use print, we set out to… •

Bring quantitative and qualitative data together to address the question of how print drives the success of business in these challenging times – Demonstrate how experts in our industry can work together to create print with purpose

But, perhaps its greatest strength is print’s proven ability to drive marketing results.

4 Reasons Why Print Delivers Print & Online are a Perfect Match Print is Personal Print Sparks Action Print is a Responsible Choice

Print & Online: The Perfect Match Choosing print or online tactics isn’t an “either or” proposition. In fact, online & print, when used in a coordinated campaign, enhance the delivery of messages and increase marketing results.

• Consumers receiving a printed catalog are twice as likely to buy online than those consumers who do not receive a catalog • 67% of online action is driven by offline messages • 86% say shopping is easier when they have a printed catalog • 84% shared, “I enjoy getting brochures and catalogs from the brands that I do business with.”

Consumers shared these thoughts on value of print.. •

“I could take my time and review it and it was there in black & white.”

“It was colorful, and had all the pertinent information, was not overloaded with useless detail.”

“I like having something to hold while shopping.”

“Rather shop from a catalog before going to a store to purchase.”

“The varieties that I can see at a single glance rather than clicking through screens.”

“The preferred role of print is when there is a real need to breakthrough, make a difference, and enhance brand value. Using print can make someone feel special and communicate value in a unique way.� CATRINA MCAULIFF VP Brand Planning Carlson Marketing

Print is Personal Your brand’s ability to connect is more critical than ever Print comes to your door and takes you places Print creates a connection and brands are built on emotional connections People read print to the degree they don’t read email

• 80% read or skim direct mail, 38% find direct mail interesting • 82% like getting catalogs in the mail from the stores they patronize • 70% have renewed a relationship with a company as a result of receiving direct mail

Consumer shared how print is personal.. •

“It inspired me to exercise.”

“Made everything come to life…vivid colors, lots of details…made you feel like you were on the cruise.”

“Reflected knowing their customers, not trying to appeal to everyone, exclusive, distinctive, appealing.”

“These types of printed materials stimulate my fancy as to what I want to do for myself and my family.”

“Direct mail allows consumers to touch their offer – people are receiving, sorting, reading, and using direct mail to make purchase decisions.”


Print breaks through by providing a personal, portable, and meaningful interaction with your message 3,000


marketing messages per day is what the average consumer is exposed to.9

seconds is the attention span of the average person-- about the same as a goldfish.11

Print Sparks Action More than ever, the bottom line is the master of the marketing mix. Print stands above all media in driving response. Direct mail leads in spurring action. Print is proven to Spark interest for trial Influence the purchase decision Drive loyalty

• Consumers rank direct mail 3.9 out of a total score of 5 for the acceptability of various channels for marketing. E-mail follows at 3.7 and all other channels rank below. • Catalogs and direct mail generate the second and third highest response rates after telemarketing. • 40% have tried a new business or service for the first time as a result of direct mail. • 29% of revenue generated from a communications campaign is from direct mail, followed by email at 21.6%.

Out of the consumers surveyed… •

58% read a well-produced brochure before buying a car

23% look at expensive jewelry in a brochure or catalog before buying

32% look at fashionable clothing in a catalog before purchasing

“Sprint has found direct mail to be an extremely effective marketing channel and continues to make this type of marketing effort a priority.� A KATHLEEN BAKER Manager, Planning, Operations & Print Strategy Sprint Corporate Marketing

Print is a Responsible Choice Certified fiber, PCW, and Green Power allow paper to be green Printers offer advice on executing print projects in environmentally-friendly ways Paper mills & printers are looking to improve their practices to reduce their impact on the environment Using environmentally-sound paper and printing can be greener than emedia

• U.S. forestland has increased by 10 million acres in the last 20 years. • 40.3% of standard mail was recovered in 2007. Up from 23.9% in 2003. • The actual amount of municipal waste generated by advertising mail is 2%, as reported by the EPA. The same survey found that 50% of adults thought the percentage was 53%.

Consumers want green communications… •

63% say, “I expect companies I do business with to be environmentally responsible.”

53% say, “It’s important that the catalogs I receive be printed in an environmentally responsible way.” • 54% of this group says, “I look for an environmental logo or message to this effect.”

How to grow environmental messaging… CONSUMER GOODS


Annual Report

In-Store Signage

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Product Catalog

Distributor Update Flyers

Training Booklets

Sales Toolkits

Invitations to Local Distributor Events

Direct Mail Brochure to Consumer Base

Sell Sheets



Annual Report

Annual Report


Fundraiser Invitation

Direct Marketing Messaging




Consumer Goods Applications: Example Let’s walk through an example of selecting one low-quantity project that needs to be very green due to its audience …and another project that needs to be green but has a high-quantity print run

 Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) - 18,000 copies  Direct mail brochure - 100,000 copies

Specification: Before Corporate Sustainability Report 16 pages + cover 80 lb Text & Cover 18,000 quantity 4,840# paper Sheetfed  8.5” x 11”  10% PCW product     

Printed on paper containing a minimum of 10% PCW

Specification: After Corporate Sustainability Report 16 pages + cover 80 lb Text & Cover 18,000 quantity 4,840# paper Sheetfed  8.5” x 11”  30% PCW product  Green Power     

FSC-certified paper manufactured with electricity in the form of renewable energy (wind, hydro, and biogas) and a minimum of 30% post-consumer recovered fiber.

 Chose to print on U2:XG

(an FSC-certified paper with 30% PCRF & Green Power)  Specified an FSC-certified merchant & printer to maintain chain-of-custody Environmental savings Environmental savings difference: difference: 9 trees 9 trees 6.6 million BTU’s 6.6 million BTU’s 1,887 kwh 1,887 kwh 4,684 lbs. of C02 4,684 lbs. of C02 3,475 gallons of water 3,475 gallons of water 575 lbs. of solid waste 575 lbs. of solid waste

Specification: Before Direct Mail Brochure  24 pages + cover  100,000 quantity  Web offset  8.5 x 11  100 lb Text & Cover  40,000# paper  Virgin fiber product

No environmental credit line

Specification: After Direct Mail Brochure  24 pages + cover  100,000 quantity  Web offset  8.5 x 11  100 lb Text & Cover  40,000# paper  10% PCW product

Chose to print on U2 Web U2 Web contains a minimum of 10% PCW as standard product

Ordered as FSC-certified

Specified an FSC-certified merchant & printer to maintain chain-of-custody

Now can add an environmental credit line Printed on FSC-certified paper manufactured with a minimum of 10% post-consumer fiber. Environmental savings: 39 trees, 27.3 million BTU’s, 4,380 lbs. of C02, 14,359 gallons of water, and 2,376 lbs. of solid waste.

Calculate Your Savings

Strategic Planning •

Seek a commitment to making sustainable communications part of the overall green strategy

Summarize all projects broken down by timeframe – campaign, quarter, or year

Prioritize projects in order of need for green messaging

Determine choice of environmental features for each project

Work with paper & print partners to estimate fit with budget

Strategic Planning: Credit Lines •

Create standard credit line verbiage & logo usage for projects based on your plan (internal approval) – Can include detailed environmental savings

Document requirements for projects – COC & which type, PCW, Green Power, etc.

Both of these steps will deliver consistent communication to suppliers

Green Checklist: Planning Your Options Planning   Standardize your closing environmental statement for use in print communications to save time and ensure consistency Maximize synergy between print materials and your website Concept   Review options for the printed piece to serve a secondary use or include information that will cause it to be used multiple times Scheduling   Allow time for: Ordering custom-size paper for less waste Ordering paper with extra recycled content Budget Considerations   Find out if and how your costs will change with a green paper selection or altered print plan

Green Checklist: Project Considerations  

Specify a chain-of-custody certified paper with or without recycled content and renewable energy • Utilize our environmental savings calculator at to aid decision-making

  Support a paper mill that has ISO 14001 certification and a transportation program designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions   Determine if the finished size is optimal for standard forms and/or is it forcing multiple forms? • Will the components “travel” excessively (i.e. is the paper imported from overseas, the bindery located four states away, the mail facility in the Midwest with the printer on the coast)?

Print has Shared Purpose Today, creating and executing successful print campaigns takes more thought, collaboration, and integration than ever before. Everyone who influences the role of print in the mix or helps execute print projects plays an important role.

People want to be moved. Want to be lifted up. Want to be inspired. That’s what your best print lives to do. It touches people, and when it does, they remember. They genuinely like good print, and that means the same to your customers as it likely means to you.

Print with Purpose. Print on Utopia. We believe that the better the support, the better the results That’s why we offer the most extensive line of premium coated paper with a depth of green solutions And why our people and our resources are available to help you every step of the way

Print With Purpose Appleton Coated Phil Cavalier

April 21-22, 2010 ď‚Ť San Antonio, TX

Print with Purpose  

April 21-22, 2010  San Antonio, TX Phil Cavalier Everything in this time, in this economy, in this world, comes down to ROI. It’s the one t...

Print with Purpose  

April 21-22, 2010  San Antonio, TX Phil Cavalier Everything in this time, in this economy, in this world, comes down to ROI. It’s the one t...