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The Newsletter of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Volume 49 No. 1 | November 2015

AEJMC Celebrates Second Annual News Engagement Day Thank you to everyone who par!cipated in AEJMC’s second annual News Engage­ ment Day, Tuesday, Oct. 6 — almost all 50 states par!cipated, eight countries par­ !cipated and #NewsEngagementDay was trending! For more posts, link to h#ps://­annual­news­engagement­ day­a­success#publicize

AEJMC Members Can Access Directory Online AEJMC’s JMC Directory has gone digital! AEJMC members can now enjoy their membership directory online. The eDirectory offers features such as in­ stant updates, searchable keywords, and the option to add photos and logos. This membership service replaces the hardcopy JMC Directory that members have received in the past. AEJMC mem­ ber information and ASJMC school infor­ mation will be able to be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Updates and revisions can be made year­ round. For more information and in­ structions for accessing, please link to

Elon University students (le$) celebrate News Engagement Day as “town criers,” while 2014­15 AEJMC President Elizabeth Toth, Maryland, (right) “engages” students with news.­ ship/aejmc­edirectory/

Features ... 2 President’s Column 3 News Audience Research Award 4 Upcoming Conferences 5 Equity and Diversity Award Call 8 Magazine Division Online Journal 13 Teaching Tips O#o the Orange, Newhouse newshounds, students and faculty celebrate News Engage­ ment Day at Syracuse University.

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November 2015 AEJMC News  

AEJMC November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 AEJMC News  

AEJMC November 2015 Newsletter