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Architectural Engineering Institute National Student Magazine Spring 2014

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Summary of AEI Activities

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Moving Forward as a National Group Opportunities for Involvement

Established in 1998, the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) is a multi-disciplinary organization for professionals in the building industry comprised of architects, architectural engineers (including structural, mechanical, electrical), and others. AEI seeks to encourage excellence in practice, education, and research with a mission to serve the building community.1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


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California Polytechnic State University Drexel University Illinois Institute of Technology Kansas State University Lawrence Technological University Milwaukee School of Engineering Missouri University of Science & Technology North Carolina A&T State University Oklahoma State University Pennsylvania State University 1 Tennessee State University Texas A&M University-Kingsville University of Colorado at Boulder University of Kansas University of Miami University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Omaha University of Oklahoma University of Texas at Austin University of Wyoming Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Spring 2014

The mission of the AEI National Student Organization is to unite student chapters and enable them to learn from each other, to pursue further education in shared academic interests, and to provide a united student voice within the Architectural Engineering Institute.2

National AEI offers opportunities for student members, including: • Charles K. Pankow Student Competition • Annual AEI National Conference 20

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Website: Students page: 69807700 2AEI

Dear AEI Students and Faculty, We are excited to present the first issue of our biannual AEI National Student Magazine. The idea for this publication arose out of the 2013 AEI National Conference officer elections as a way to bridge the communication gap between student groups and spread ideas. We hope this dissemination of information will enhance discussion and interaction between students at the upcoming AEI National Student Conference. In addition to this magazine, the national officers have pursued other initiatives such as helping to develop an AEI Online Forum for questions and discussion between AEI students and

Josh Szmergalski, President Milwaukee School of Engineering AEI Focus: Outreach to industry for student connections

professionals (in progress), assisting individual chapters, and reaching out to industry professionals. We hope you will join us at the 2014 AEI National Student Conference, hosted by Drexel University on March 27-29 . A special thank you to Drexel University, the AEI Academic Council, AEI Conference Committee, and AEI office staff for their leadership and support. Thank you for your continued support of AEI students. Sincerely, Josh, Arez, and Kate

Arez Ardalani, Vice President University of Texas A&MKingsville AEI Focus: Outreach to national and international AE programs

This magazine was created by the officers using Microsoft PowerPoint and will be shared with future officers as a template for further development.

Kate Fickle, Secretary University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Omaha AEI Focus: Student chapter communication

The next issue will feature: • Letters from Professionals (advice and current developments in architectural engineering) • Recap of the 2014 AEI Student Conference. AEI National Student Magazine


Speaker Topics: Acoustics and Vibration Control • BIM • Building Envelope Design • Company presentations • Designing in Tornado Alley • Entrepreneurship • Internship advice • Etc. AEI National Conference • Greenbuild Conference • Simpson Strong-Tie Symposium • Structural Forum • RISA Technical Seminars • Architectural Engineering Options Conference • AutoCAD training by certified instructor • Class notes/tutoring • Building Tours • Office Visits • Construction Site Visits High School Outreach • Charity Runs • Habitat for Humanity • Canstruction • Green Apple Day of Service • Green Roof Project • Middle school library restoration • Clean up the streets • ADA Awareness Week • Pie-A-Professor fundraiser • Local historic preservation projects Mentoring • Mixers • BBQs • Golf tournaments • Tailgates • T-shirt designs • Bowling Nights • Potluck Dinners • Dodgeball Tournaments Sukkah Design Competition • Giant Lego Structures • Truss Competitions • Tower building competitions • K’nex cantilever competitions • Graham cracker skyscraper competition Washington D.C. • Seattle • Philadelphia • San Diego 6

Spring 2014

AEI National Student Magazine


Chair: Georgine Mooney Advisor: John Lawson


Spring 2014

Meet the student chapter from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo! Although nationally recognized as an AEI chapter, we are also locally recognized as a SEAOC chapter (Structural Engineers Association of California). Our AEI/SEAOC joint affiliations give us an important national and local pressure. SEAOC is a professional organization of structural engineers from every region in California.

Since Cal Poly is located in California, many students want to continue to live and work in California. By partnering with SEAOC, the students are provided with great professional networking for firms throughout the Golden State. This year, the club’s membership has reached 140 students including a record 40 freshmen. The board members are delighted with this spike in membership and are focusing efforts on getting the freshmen involved with AEI and SEAOC as early as possible. In fact, New Membership Chair Amy Burruss started a new bigsib/little-sib program this year called ARCE FAM which pairs two older ARCE students with six freshmen. The goal is to create a bridge between the older and younger students in ARCE as well as to provide mentoring for the freshmen. So far, the program has been a great success with a few social events including a beach barbeque and peer class counseling meeting.

As a student organization, Cal Poly AEI/SEAOC strives to expose members to what is beyond the classroom. This is achieved through weekly presentations by industry professionals, field trips, and social events. A few examples of typical events include the annual Structural Forum, last year’s Seattle spring break trip, and Seventh Week Stretch barbeques. Structural Forum is an event that Cal Poly

AEI/SEAOC hosts every year at the beginning of February. This day-long event starts in the morning with presentations from various guest speakers followed by a career fair. The night ends with an upscale dinner where the students sit at tables with firm representatives of their choosing. Structural Forum is Cal Poly AEI/SEAOC’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and it is also the best way for ARCE students to practice networking skills and experience face-to-face interactions with potential employers.

AEI National Student Magazine


List of involvements • 7th week stretch barbeques • Beach barbeques • Club-sponsored end-of-the-quarter parties at local brewery • Quarterly trips • Golf tournament • Halloween Pumpkin carving • Club-sponsored Thanksgiving meal • Construction site visits • Parents weekend • Simpson Strong-Tie Symposium • Spring break trip • Open house • Structural Forum • Club activities (building K’Nex cantilevers, building towers with miscellaneous supplies, etc.) • Club speakers (various firms, alumni, and teachers to talk about how to get jobs, advancements in the field, interesting projects etc.) • Big sib little sib program • Freshman tutoring • T-shirt design competitions • Club merchandise sales • Build an Engineer day • RISA technical seminars

10 Spring 2014

Looking Ahead • More community involvement • Habitat for humanity • School visits • Donating extra food from club lunches to the homeless shelter • More interdisciplinary involvement • Host events with other professional clubs in the college • Spread awareness of architectural engineering outside of the club and major

Above: Students viewing a recycled water drainage system on Seattle trip Left: HopeAmundson Office Visit

President and Conference Coordinator: Nate Barry Advisor: James Mitchell

Through Drexel University’s AEI program, we offer a variety of events throughout the year including building tours, professional lectures, volunteer work, and travel. Our growing group currently has 150 undergraduate members, and we have been busy this year preparing for the 2014 National AEI Student Conference, which we will be hosting in March.

One of my greatest experiences in AEI was our trip to Washington D.C., which included a tour of the National Building Museum and time for our group to explore the beautiful city. The trip’s cost was $10 per student for round-trip transportation thanks to Drexel’s AEI being able to cover the rest of the cost. This year, our group has been pursuing more volunteer work including helping with Greenbuild 2013, an international conference and expo, which was held this in Philadelphia this past year. Drexel AEI students served as volunteers at the conference and were granted access to the

remainder of the conference as a result of their 8-hour dedication. It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we are grateful to have taken advantage of it. We are also working on another project to restore a middle school library which is unusable by students until certain tasks are completed. It is expected that a few days’ worth of work for several volunteers will allow the school library to open its doors to students again. Recently, we had four members run in the Free to Breathe 5k in support of Marc Kuchler, a Drexel alum battling lung cancer, and it was a great opportunity to run alongside Marc. We were a part of the largest team at the event, Miles for Marc, which was 140 people strong. Marc and his fiancé, pictured below in the orange tux and wedding dress, were able to raise over $25,000 to go towards lung cancer research. Left: National Building Museum in D.C. AEI National Student Magazine


We are still looking to expand our volunteering work since reaching out to the community is a big concern. We would like to organize an effort to “clean up the streets,” where we would do a couple of hours of service every weekend to the neighboring community of Powelton Village. We are also interested in getting involved in Canstruction. At last year’s AEI conference, we

heard about student groups having an American Disabilities Act (ADA) Awareness Week to emphasize the importance of ADA compliant buildings. We’ve discussed renting wheel chairs for an hour or two for students to understand the difficulties of navigating our campus. Other events could include wheel chair basketball and even obstacle courses.

Four Drexel students supporting Marc Kuchler (center), a Drexel alum, battling Stage IV lung cancer by running the Philadelphia Free to Breathe 5k 12 Spring 2014

President: Landon Stephens Advisors: Russ Murdock & Chris Ahearn

The Kansas State University chapter of Architectural Engineering Institute has had a very successful start to the 2013-2014 academic year full of great social and academic events. AEI has hosted four seminars with four more planned for the spring. These educational presentations are generally by companies about new and exciting projects and different challenges they have overcome to succeed. Kansas State AEI also arranges various tours to

The K-State AEI Competition Team celebrates their 1st place finish in the Electrical division

provide students a better understanding of the building systems learned about in class. Social events, such as a golf tournament, dodgeball tournament, bowling night, and other activities, provide an opportunity for students to relieve stress and bond with fellow classmates.

AEI National Conference – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: This past year at Penn State, the Electrical team took first place in the competition with an innovative design that featured a DC power distribution system in conjunction with microturbines used for Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

Golfing with a team of two students, a company representative, and a faculty member. AEI National Student Magazine


National Greenbuild Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania At the 2013 Greenbuild conference, AEI students were able to attend numerous presentations on implementing energy efficient products, programs, and designs to further our exposure in sustainable design. Getting exposure to these new technologies improves our engineering knowledge base and allows students to begin networking with various companies. The AEI executives have an opportunity to attend this every year, and if sufficient funds are raised, a few other students in the department are invited to attend as well. Fundraising for this annual trip is done through AEI

T-shirt sales, a golf tournament, memberships, and donations. AEI Classic Golf Tournament – Colbert Hills, Manhattan, KS The annual golf tournament involves pairing students with company representatives as a great networking opportunity. This is the second year the tournament has been hosted at Colbert Hills, and AEI has turned this event into a great source of fundraising as well. All Kansas State University AEI members are invited to play in this event. This fall, 8 companies sent at least one or two representatives to play with 25 students.

Henderson Engineering representatives along with two students collect themselves to read a putt. 14 Spring 2014

Kansas State AEI is planning a Habitat for Humanity workday for the spring semester of 2013 as a way to give back to the community and work for the generous donations that support our educational activities and trips each year. We plan to make this an annual event.

President: Jeff Cassel

Our chapter of AEI here at OSU has grown rapidly from Advisor: 15 to 50 members in Carisa just a few years. Ramming This year, our organization has expanded into new areas with a focus on education, community, and professionalism. We have started a tutoring program for older students to tutor younger ones while serving as a resource for questions. As a result, students have benefitted with a deeper understanding of the material taught. AEI also brought in NCSEA presidentelect Carrie Johnson, a Wallace Engineering Principal, to teach us about designing in tornado alley. She has helped us understand some of the challenges of designing FEMA-rated structures. In the spring, we hosted our annual truss competition, in which students create a truss system out of popsicle sticks and then test their strength with the SSA1000.

Our AEI group has grown rapidly due to the community formed and the fun shared experiences. We host several community-building events such as potluck dinners, cook outs, and pie-aprofessor day. We are also in the planning process of creating a semiannual ping-pong tournament. Additionally, this semester, the Oklahoma State AEI chapter participated in several community service events to help the city of Stillwater. Finally, we have started to reach out to the professional architectural engineers in our area. We recently took a tour of Wallace Engineering, a structural design firm, with an excellent experience of talking with engineers. We hope to increase our interaction with professionals in this upcoming semester.

• Our major event– helping the community of Stillwater. • AEI Holiday Card competition. • Graham cracker skyscraper competition • Wood truss competition • Carrie Johnson presentation – “Designing in Tornado Alley” • Wallace Engineering field trip • Pie a professor • Potluck Dinners • AEI kickoff cookout • AEI soda fundraiser • Into the streets- a community service event • Steel and Statics Tutoring sessions AEI National Student Magazine


President: Brian Bernens Advisor: Moses Ling

16 Spring 2014

Established in 1965, the Student Society of Architectural Engineers (SSAE) exists to create a social network to bring all AE’s together, no matter their option or graduating year. We strive to connect all AE students with other students, faculty, alumni, and professionals. In the Penn State AE department, there are many option-specific professional/student organizations in which we serve as an “umbrella club”, meaning we act as a parent organization promoting their events.

SSAE is split into two units: Administrative and Mentoring. The administrative unit handles communication with the PSU AE department, merchandise sales, funding, history initiatives, professional development, involvement with Penn State’s Dance Marathon, yearbook creation, tours of the PSU AE environments, and social events. In the mentoring unit, we place students into 4 “houses” to help incoming students bond. We offer mentoring services between 2nd year students and 3rd year students as well as alumni mentoring to 4th year students. The mentoring unit was started in 2010 and has proven to be a great way for students to acclimate to their major, and SSAE provides all of the resources they could need. Our two largest events throughout the year in the Mentoring Unit are: Connections Kickoff, a large picnic in the first month of the year where students meet their student mentors, and Options Conference/Leadership Panel, where students still deciding an emphasis learn more about all of the options within the AE major. Some other events in the Mentoring Unit include: House Cup Ceremony, a final competition between houses in the spring semester, and House Dodgeball.

SSAE also held a Family Weekend last year. Centered around Penn State Football’s Blue and White game, we invited the parents of students to come for a weekend to learn more about their son or daughter’s education. On the first day, we held a tailgate before the game where all of the parents and students could interact and enjoy some food. After the game, we played tailgating games such as cornhole. The following day, we hosted a Student-ParentFaculty mixer where we served food and had some faculty members share their involvement in student education. We also took parents on a tour of the AE building and spaces that the students utilize including: Studio, Computer Labs, Thesis Labs, AE Faculty offices, AE Department Office, etc. Family Weekend was organized by sending emails of itineraries and RSVP forms to the parents in advance. We plan on doing this event every-other year, since parents may not want to come to the same event annually. We also hope to invite alumni to this event in the future.

This Connections Kickoff is our first event of the year, and it draws in one of our largest crowds. The event invites students, alumni, and faculty of the Architectural Engineering Department to gather together for food, networking, and entertainment. AEI National Student Magazine


Our Connections Kickoff typically begins with a scavenger hunt for the new student members. SSAE is divided into four houses, and the members of each house participate in a mentoring program. The purpose of having four houses allows the students to meet a variety of people in different years of the program, and it sparks competition between the houses. Second-year students are sorted into a house and assigned a compatible third year mentor. On the scavenger hunt, existing house members take the new members around to complete various tasks with photo documentation. After the scavenger hunt, there is a large picnic for

18 Spring 2014

faculty, students, and alumni to mingle in a more casual setting. The four houses break off again and provide entertainment for the alumni and faculty, and the students compete in various activities that range from a balloon toss to a hula-hoop team race. Every year, the Connections Kickoff has expanded and become more and more successful, as it has been enjoyed by all. For other groups looking to pursue an event like this, we recommend partnering with your AE department to help plan and invite people to the event. Many faculty members will come, and this is great chance to get to know them as well!

• • • •

• (not previously mentioned) Major Night – held by the AE department, Freshman come out to learn about all of the student organizations in AE Annual PSU AE merchandise sales: T-shirts, hoodies, and polos with different designs are sold each year. Mentor-specific apparel feature the faces of the professors the houses are named • after: Alden, Moses, Bowers, and Boothby High School Outreach Program – Students can return to their high school’s Physics, Drafting, or Science class to educate high school students on Architectural Engineering at Penn State House Potlucks – As part of the mentor program, each house holds a potluck dinner where each member brings food! • AEI Student and National Conference – We attend the conferences every year (hosted in 2013) and plan on traveling to Drexel this year Book prices – Our website compiles book used in our AE classes and pricing Class notes – General class notes are available to SSAE members

We want to visit the commonwealth campuses of Penn State and educate them on the AE program (since University Park campus is the only one that offers the major). We plan on this being a part of our Outreach program. We are working heavily with ASAE, the alumni society of architectural engineers at PSU, so that we can include them in our events. It is a good way to bring in industry professionals as well as getting leadership and mentor advice. We are reshaping our mentor program to be more available to all AE students as well as more accessible for alumni mentors. Tentatively scheduled to adapt changes for 2014-2015.

AEI National Student Magazine


President: Dominique Jones Advisor: Dwight Martin

20 Spring 2014

AEI of TSU is an architectural engineering (AE) related organization for TSU students to gather and discuss issues within the building community. We pride ourselves on the motto “Innovate… Design… Sustain” as we learn new ways to improve and design buildings and their components. We explore all four

disciplines of AE such as structural design, mechanical design, electrical design, and construction management. AEI of TSU has resurfaced and grown since Fall 2012. Since then, we have participated in tours, community service projects, competitions, and hosted technical presentations. We host bi-weekly meetings to discuss the latest issues within the organization as well as organize upcoming events.

AEI of TSU promotes giving back to the community as well as sustainability. We strive to increase awareness about going green and protecting our planet. Participating in community service helps others as well as the students. We partner with Habitat for Humanity and Go Green Nashville to educate students about building design, construction, energy conservation, LEED, structural framing, and many other topics.

AEI of TSU will be participating in two major competitions this school year.

Canstruction is one of the most unique food charities in the world. Canstruction, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that holds annual design and build competitions to construct giant structures made entirely out of canned food. In each city after the structures are built and the winners are declared, the creations are viewable by the general public as giant art exhibits. At the close of the competition, all Cansculptures are dismantled and donated to local food banks.

The AEI competition will challenge students to address the design, integration, and construction issues that must be considered for a new high profile 30-story high rise office building located at 350 Mission in San Francisco, California. AEI of TSU will compete in the structural and mechanical design categories.

In order for AEI of TSU to continue to participate and promote student activities, we need help from industry leaders. Sponsorship allows AEI to gather materials, host tour events, travel for community service activities, participate in competitions, host technical presentations, and attend the annual AEI National Conference. If interested in supporting TSU’s AEI group, please refer to the chapter contact information: 9808714.

AEI National Student Magazine


plumbing design including: drafting various plans, detailing and scheduling, attending various discipline-specific training sessions, performed project base setups, and issued deadlines while under the instruction of professional engineers. Our chapter has had the pleasure of supporting the National Vice President, Arez Ardalani, for the duration of his Green Roof Project. His team and advisor worked to bring a number of various opportunities to our small campus through the first green roof.

Our AEI student chapter has President: accomplished many Amber goals relative to our Cherry small university by coming together as a Advisor: group and supporting James Our chapter has also had a significant the pursuits of individual Glusing amount of students conducting academic students. research. President Amber Cherry and Several of our AEI Vice President Payton Ortiz are working members have with the Dean of our College of undertaken interesting Engineering to help design and responsibilities through renovate two buildings that the projects and internships. university has purchased. These Secretary Teresa Norton buildings will showcase student has accepted to become achievement in downtown Kingsville as the co-business owner well as provide a space for student of Aransas Buildings, a workers to go to in order to carry out their small business located in Port Aransas, duties in a workplace environment. TX, where she will be operating the Amber and Payton coordinate with the engineering portion of the business. architect, the owner, and engineers as well as come up with some of their own Our chapter also had a significant ideas to provide as input to the project. pool of internships in the past year. Former Vice President and currently President Amber Cherry worked for Prime Contractor, and Secretary Teresa active member, Lydia Tanner, had researched HVAC Systems alongside Dr. Norton worked alongside Professor Caeiro, a well-respected professor on our Glusing while working on the Alamo campus. Project as guest historians while the Alamo was documented by Texas A&M We plan to attend the national AEI University. One of our active members conference at Drexel University, Melissa Lopez, interned for Henderson Philadelphia this spring as well as take Engineers as a CAD Technician. She our chapter to the Texas A&M University performed job duties for electrical and Career Fair in February. 22 Spring 2014

The University of Miami’s AEI chapter hit the ground running with our inaugural semester as an official Advisor: organization on Dr. Gang campus. There was Wang much work to do for our executive board, whose main objective this semester was to advertise and reach out to students from the College of Engineering as well well as the School of Architecture. Our chapter found some immediate success, with interest from a variety of majors President: Hector Castaneda

including architecture as well as architectural and civil engineering. Though the number of interested students was not as high as we would have liked, those who did join the chapter have been highly involved and participate in a number of great and exciting events. Some of these events included organizing and co-hosting UM’s annual Sukkah Design Competition, having two professional speakers come talk about their experience and expertise in their respective fields, holding AutoCAD tutorials for members of our chapter, and volunteering at an alumni/freshmen mixer for engineering students. This past September, our chapter cohosted and participated in the 3rd Annual Sukkah Design Competition. Alongside UM Hillel, the Jewish group on campus, we helped organize and plan all of the logistics for the competition. The event challenged participants to design and build a small structure that could shelter 3-10 people at a time. With only a week to come up with a design and build, “Building the sukkah structure brought us closer together as a club through teamwork; it was a great experience!” –Kamilah Acebal-Acevedo, 3rd Year Architecture Student “This event not only allowed us to improve as designers, builders and engineers, but it also enhanced our ability to work with future architects and fellow engineers.” –Hector Castaneda, UM AEI President AEI National Student Magazine


participants were not only able to work on their designing skills, but also on project management, budgeting, and teamwork. The final sukkahs were showcased on campus for a week, and the chapter was recognized for their commitment and success in organizing a great event. We plan to have this competition as part of our yearly agendas and make it a tradition on our campus.

“AEI did a really great thing by bringing in a guest speaker to talk to us about BIM. The presentation got me excited about my future as an architectural engineer and I look forward to utilizing this powerful tool one day.” – Miguel Amezcua, Architectural Engineering student

24 Spring 2014

Jackie A. Aguilar, Turner’s VDC/BIM SE Region Engineer, came to our campus and talked to AEI members about Turner Construction and the advantages of Building Information Modeling. A total of 26 students attended the presentation, and many attendees expressed that they had not been introduced to BIM previously, or heard about it but didn’t know much about it. Rick De La Guardia, CEO of DLG Engineering, Inc. and Vice Chair of the Curtain Wall Committee of the Architectural Engineering Institute, gave a presentation about “How to Start Your Own Business in Engineering”. He has been working in this industry for 14 years now, and had a lot of valuable information to share with students. He covered topics such as how to start preparing for entrepreneurship as a student, how to manage employees, and the importance of “finding your niche” in order to be successful. At the end of the presentation, Mr. De La Guardia opened the floor for questions and offered some great advice for everyone. Additionally, he agreed to assist our chapter with future events as he is currently an active member of the national AEI chapter and will be able to provide us with some guidance. We definitely look forward to working with him in the future.

AutoCAD Tutoring Sessions – Since the University of Miami does not offer a course on AutoCAD or any other type of designing program, our AEI chapter and UM’s American Institute of Architects student chapter worked together to bring an Autodesk-certified instructor to campus. The instructor held a total of three 8-hr tutoring sessions on AutoCAD this semester which covered a wide range of topics that were relevant to both architects and engineers. The same instructor is planning to return to campus next spring to teach Revit.

Participate in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon  The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, which occurs biennially, challenges students to design, build, and operate a solarpowered house. Community Outreach  Our chapter would like to visit local high schools and middle schools to expose students to architectural engineering and encourage them to seek a career in the building industry. We also plan to bring interested students to our campus and have events and competitions. Build a giant Lego structure and exhibit it on campus  This would promote team building and group communication within the chapter, which are very important skills to have in the professional world. It would also promote our chapter and hopefully peak interest in students to join AEI! We would need to obtain sponsorship to be able to order the Lego pieces. Construction Site Visits  We have many interesting places in mind, especially Universal Studios in Orlando for the construction of upcoming rides. AEI National Student Magazine 25

freshmen go on office tours with their mentors, interview their industry mentor, and complete laboratory assignments involving building plans with some guidance from upperclassmen.

The University of President: Nebraska-Lincoln’s AEI Geoffrey group is combined with Wright and led by the Architectural Engineering Advisor: Student Leadership Dr. Clarence Advisory Committee Waters (AESLAC), a select group of up to 25 students in the AE program ranging from freshmen through graduate years who are responsible for representing the concerns and interests of the AE student body. Through three subcommittees (Student Affairs, External Affairs, and Student Activities), AESLAC coordinates the following: Freshmen Mentoring Program As part of the Introduction to Architectural Engineering course taken by freshmen, small groups of 4-5 freshmen are matched with an upperclassmen mentor and an industry mentor to provide guidance and insight for the years ahead. As part of their introductory course and the mentoring program, 26 Spring 2014

In the future, freshmen student groups will likely be assigned a building the industry mentor helped design, and students will prepare a presentation related to the building’s design process and engineering decisions based discussions with their industry mentor. In addition to coordinating the mentoring program, AESLAC also organizes the Fall Welcome BBQ and other social events for mentors and mentees to become better acquainted. Architectural Engineering Banquet Each year, AESLAC coordinates the Architectural Engineering (AE) Banquet as a way to bring together students, professionals, and faculty for a formal dinner, presentation, and award ceremony. Awards are voted on by students and include faculty teaching and mentoring awards, an industry mentor award, and a Masters of AE student award. Additionally, the recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Project Award give the main presentation for the evening. Many students look forward to the event as an opportunity to network and meet alumni.

Career Fair Liaison Program For the last two years, we have organized a career fair liaison program to match our Durham School career fair companies with AE undergraduates. Students assist by contacting companies in advance to offer assistance, helping with setup the day of the career fair, and sending thank you letters. AEI Activities Some examples of our AEI events include the Annual Golf Tournament (students, faculty, and professionals), movie nights, bowling nights, the Fall Welcome BBQ, etc. UNL’s AESLAC is also grateful to have an annual meeting and evening mixer with the Architectural Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (AEIAC), whose professional members provide additional guidance and support for student leaders.

AEI National Student Magazine


Building tours are a recurring AEI event due to our chapter’s great relationship with contractors.

President: Libby Hungerford Advisor: Dr. Anthony Denzer

Our AEI Chapter at UW began the year with 4 members: Libby Hungerford, McKenzie Danforth, Shane Halverson, and Divantha Ekanayake. We set a goal for the year to increase membership and student involvement by having an activity once a month.

In August, our AEI group toured the Gateway Center, a new building on campus. Twenty-one students and three faculty members attended the tour led by the project manager. We learned about the steel construction process, organizing a project, and the costs involved for a large university welcome center. Building tours help to expand on aspects we might not learn in the classroom— costs, organization of onsite materials, construction techniques of specialized workers, and workplace organization. 28 Spring 2014

Our AEI Chapter also organized a local event for the United States Green Building Council’s “Green Apple Day of Service”. As a chapter, we traveled to the Laramie Rivers Conservation District and helped with their fall clean-up. We assisted by cleaning the greenhouse and preparing a wooden planter by leveling a ground area, constructing the wooden planter, and filling the planter with soil.

The students who helped with this event were: Katlin Kaliebe, McKenzie Danforth, Sabrene Rahiman, Rachel Mills, Kat Benkman, Libby Hungerford, Lane Falk, and Divantha Ekanayake. This event was a great help to the Laramie Rivers Conservation District. They were very appreciative of our help, and we were glad to be there! Afterwards, several students returned to the Conservation District to help build a chicken coop for a local school. “Green Apple Day of Service” is a great opportunity for chapters help their communities. Our chapter would love to continue this tradition.

 Gateway Center Construction Site Tours  Green Apple Day of Service  Guest Speaker: Milton Geiger, University of Wyoming Extension  Pint Glass Fundraiser

 AEI Student Design Competition  2014 AEI National Student Conference

AEI National Student Magazine


experiences with the rest of the Architectural Engineering community. •

Since our start in November 2012, President: Worcester Polytechnic Veronica Institute’s (WPI) Rivero Gorrin Architectural Engineering Institute Advisor: Chapter has expanded Leffi Ceweto provide its members Malloy with opportunities to learn about the many disciplines of Architectural Engineering. In April, a few members attended the 2013 Architectural Engineering Conference at Pennsylvania State University. This past month, a larger group of students were able to visit the Fraunhofer Labs in Boston and see new energy-efficient systems in practice. Our chapter has also been able to host multiple guest speakers who have spoken on topics ranging from acoustics to building envelope design. We are excited to continue to increase opportunities for our members and share some of our 30 Spring 2014

Guest Lecture Series This academic year, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s chapter has hosted three guest speakers, each speaker focused on a different field related to architectural engineering. Among these speakers was Christopher Storch, a senior consultant in Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, specializing in the areas of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and environmental noise abatement. Through case studies of concert hall acoustics, Mr. Storch described the role of acoustic consultants in building concert halls from design phase to completion of the building. Another lecture was about Envelope Design by Niklas W. Vigener, P.E., LEED AP, a Senior Principal and Group Head with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. Guest Lecturer: Dr. Kurt Roth, Director of the Building Energy Technologies Group at the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems Dr. Roth came to WPI in late September to lecture on Building Energy Technologies R&D and the 5 Channel Center “Living Lab.” The presentation focused on the different systems incorporated into the new office for the Boston Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems. This new office, located in a renovated 50,000 square foot historic building in Boston’s Fort Point Channel district, includes a building management system (BMS) that can monitor and control energy systems for optimal comfort, efficiency, and economy.

Dr. Roth explained systems such as radiant baseboards, a cool roof membrane, LED lighting, and an elevator with regenerative braking technology and the advantages of using these technologies in their “Living Lab” building. The next month, several students and advisors from WPI were invited to tour the Boston office to see the mechanical room, various office spaces, and the roof. As a student pursuing a degree in architectural engineering, it was a great experience to see first-hand the systems at work in the building. (For more information about the Fraunhofer Center:

AEI National Conference This past spring, AEI held its annual conference at Pennsylvania State University. As a relatively new Architectural department, it was our first time as a club representing Worcester Polytechnic Institute at such an event. One of our personal highlights at this event was viewing the presentation by different schools for the AEI design competition, where the students were asked to address the design issues that must be considered for a LEED certified Elementary School located in Pennsylvania. This event encouraged students in our club to participate in a future AEI competition.

31 Spring 2014

In addition to the main events previously listed, our chapter provides Freshman Mentoring, Autodesk Seminars, Ice Cream Socials, and Sustainable Building Tours.

Community Service The Worcester Polytechnic Institute Architectural Engineering Chapter plans to serve the Worcester community through community service opportunities. Recently, a few members have helped preserve valuable architecture in the city of Worcester through volunteering at Preservation Worcester. These members volunteer once a week to help create better resources for presentations used to promote awareness in elementary schools in the city. They have been working on creating a database of photos of historic buildings. Preservation Worcester. is a private, non-profit organization that aims to preserve for existing structures that have cultural, historical, and architectural values to the city. The WPI chapter shares the goal of Preservation Worcester and looks forward to working with the organization to protect and preserve the best of Worcester’s architectural heritage. • Participate in National Conferences Since we are now an official chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute, we will continue to attend AEI national conferences. • Networking Events with Local Firms Our chapter will to continue to build relationships with local firms through networking events, building visits, and by hosting guest speakers.

32 Spring 2014

AEI National Student Magazine


For this issue of the AEI Student Magazine, we asked each student chapter to nominate an exceptional member. One particular nomination stood out, and we are grateful for the chance to share how one student’s leadership and contributions have led to amazing experiences for her chapter and others in architectural engineering. Nicole O’Hearne, a 3rd year student in architectural engineering, serves as Cal Poly’s current AEI Vice President. Through her leadership role, she has planned the chapter’s quarterly site and office visits including visits to seven firms and four sites in San Diego and San Francisco. Visits to San Diego’s Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers, Lovelace Engineering, and Moffatt & Nichol gave students a sense of company culture and exposure to recent projects. Lovelace, a smaller firm, took the group on a tour of a highend residential building. Moffatt & Nichol showcased the variety of structural engineering

34 Spring 2014

applications with a focus on marine structures and bridge design. The recent fall quarter trip to San Francisco involved visits to four companies including a visit to Simpson Strong-Tie to view products and the production facility as well as a site visit led by Degenkolb. Rutherford + Chekene showed students the San Francisco Exploratorium with a recent retrofit of Pier 15 for the new museum location. After a structural tour, students were given time to see all of the amazing museum exhibits. At the office tour of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH), students were given various presentations on different

aspects of engineering the firm is involved with, followed by a site visit of the Transbay Terminal Site, a 4-block-long and 65-foot-deep excavation that will open in 2017 as the “Grand Central Station of the West.” Students were able to see the current phase of shoring and excavation and walk on the rebar cage— an amazing experience. Nicole was also one of 11 students to go on the first ever ARCE Study Abroad program to Lithuania, and she was integral in organizing predeparture meetings as well as weekend excursions to discover the local culture. The students took three classes during a six week period at Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas: an Indeterminate Structures course, an associated computer lab involving Matlab programming and SAP, and surveying. The Cal Poly ARCE students were partnered with 10 Lithuanian Surveying students and benefited by collaborating and sharing their strengths in structures and surveying. On weekends, students still had time to venture beyond Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, to experience the culture and history of structures in Lithuania. The group visited a medieval castle in Trakei, a UNESCO-protected site. Another visit included an open-air museum in Rumsiskes which showed the infrastructure and lifestyle of different regions of Lithuania with everything from small huts to windmills and a beautiful wooden church. Nicole and others even stopped at a “secret” site and climbed into a hidden bunker which once housed rebel soldiers who were fighting the Soviets. Through these office tours, site visits, and travel, AEI students gain the insights and experiences that can provide a sense of direction for their future careers. AEI National Student Magazine 35

36 Spring 2014

AEI National Student Magazine


AEI National Student Magazine


moving forward as a national group The national officers are extremely grateful for the updates sent by individual chapters for this national magazine. Through these submissions, it is far easier to recognize both the diversity and the common goals of AEI student chapters. To deepen the sense of unity among AEI students and do our part to serve the architectural engineering community, it has been proposed that a national initiative be undertaken each year by the national student officers to further the goals of individual chapters. The national initiative will be selected in consideration of the following: 1. 2.

3. 4.

The goals of AEI and individual chapters Areas in which students can contribute to the architectural engineering community and local communities Benefits to students and chapters Feasibility and Cost

Several potential initiatives are listed below and will be further discussed at the 2014 AEI National Student Conference: 1. AEI Database: To compile an online database of video presentations and other educational videos for use at AEI meetings. (Only accessible by AEI students and faculty.) Videos could include (with permission): 1. guest speaker presentations, filmed by individual chapters 2. company presentations 3. select AEI National Conference presentations 4. additional videos / interviews with professionals as coordinated by the national officers The database would also include a list of buildingrelated educational videos already accessible on the web. 2. Development of K-12 Educational Materials: Groups within student chapters would develop creative and understandable educational materials (fiction/story-based or nonfiction) while integrating knowledge of architectural engineering concepts, current research, and/or interesting building-related topics. The winning AEI chapter submissions would be printed or made electronically available for engineering outreach purposes. If nationally sponsored, the winning chapter(s) would also receive a monetary award to support future endeavors.

Any additional ideas can be sent to the current student president:

National Academy of Engineering Video Contest

2013 Daniel W. Mead Student Contest “Established in 1939 in honor of the 67th President of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the contest provides an opportunity for alert young civil engineers to further their professional development and gain national attention. AWARD: Up to five winners will receive cash prizes (1st place $1000, 2nd place $800, 3rd place $600, 4th place $400, 5thplace $200).

TOPIC: ‘Body of Knowledge – Is it Ethical to Associate Credentials With Competency’” For more information: ?id=25769811249

40 Spring 2014

In celebration of its upcoming 50th anniversary, the National Academy of Engineering is launching Engineering for You (E4U), a video contest to show the impact that engineering has or will have on society. We are offering a $25,000 prize to the most inspiring 1-2 minute video focused anywhere between 1964 and 2064. The contest will run from Nov. 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014. Learn more at You are invited to join us in highlighting engineering achievements past, present, and future as well as make others aware of how the engineering endeavor has benefited humankind. This contest would make a great class assignment or enhance a capstone project or paper that students are already working on. In addition, the resulting video could easily end up being useful to your own institution for recruiting members and presenting the goals of your organization. We hope that you will participate in the contest and also encourage those in your local communities to participate! For any additional questions, please email

Images Front cover, Seattle Public library (yellow-green segment): ttle-central-library-oma-lmn/ pg. 1, Gold texture: rt/Gold-Texture-309704004 pg. 4, U.S. Map: pg. 35, Light bulb image:

AEI National Student Magazine: Spring 2014  
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