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Sat 5

Pray for the nation of Algeria which will be having Presidential elections this month. Pray for a peaceful election process and Godly leaders for this nation. Sun 6 Pray for the ability of all the AE African teams to build on their capacity to raise funds in their own regions to supplement the finances provided by supporters in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Mon 7 Pray for a new Africa where fear, violent thoughts or action will no longer exist and there will no longer be injustice. Tue 8 Give thanks for Aid and Development Director, Janet Mwendwa and the outstanding service she gives AE. Pray for wise counsel for her as she continues to develop AE’s integrated, holistic approach to ministry.

Wed 9 Victoria, the capital of The Seychelles is a very poor city of predominately Roman Catholic people (83%). Pray that in their poverty the people might seek and find the truth of the gospel and in turn encourage one another in Christ.

Thu 10 Pray that every political leader will protect and actively enforce religious freedom in their country. Fri 11 Praise God for the sacrificial work of Australian Pastors who travel regularly to Nairobi, Malawi and Pietermaritzburg to teach the Preliminary Theology Course. Pray for their continued good health, safety and for their families. Sat 12 Give thanks for those who prayerfully and financially support AE’s ministry in Africa. Sun 13 As people around the globe gather in Church today. Pray they have a renewed sense of God’s love for His people and renewed vigour in taking this love to the world. Mon 14 For Muslims around the world who encounter the Gospel, that their spiritual eyes and ears would be opened by the power of the Holy Spirit. Tue 15 Pray for a cure for HIV and AIDS. This disease is an epidemic across Africa. Pray for those suffering this illness for adequate medical treatment and loving family to care for them.

Wed 16 The city of Mbabane in Swaziland is in need of prayer for a revival of Christian ideals by its population of Zionist Christians (40%) Roman Catholic (20%) & the remainder Muslim (10%) or a mixture of faiths (30%).

Wed 23 Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia – where Christianity is enshrined in the constitution. However, Ndola itself, the industrial and commercial centre of the Copperbelt remains a poor and AIDS ravaged place in spite of the wealth of the copper mines where foreign ownership is high. Pray for justice in this matter and a strong revival of active faith in the gospel. Thu 24 Pray for the AE team in Kenya and team leader Edward Ngaira. Pray for continuing resources for them to continue important work. Fri 25 As we remember the fallen ANZAC’s in Australia let us also reflect on those killed in war across Africa. May we pray for an end to strife and violence. Sat 26 Pray for the rehabilitation of Prostitutes project in Ghana. Please pray that these women are encouraged to use their training and skills to support themselves and that a church fellowship will support them to grow in faith. Sun 27 Pray for the plans in place and those yet to be made for missions in 2014 and for adequate funding to achieve the best results for the kingdom. Praise the Lord for the ongoing commitment of the African Teams. Mon 28 Pray that World Leaders will take bold actions and make decisions that have a positive impact on poor communities in Africa. Pray that there would be a renewed sense of Africa’s important place in a global context. Tue 29 Continue to lift the country of Libya up in your prayers. This nation has been devastated by civil war and conflict. Pray for justice and peace to reign in this region. Wed 30 Pray for all governments across Africa. That they would show compassion and love for their people and do what is in their best interests.

Dear Partners in Prayer,

February - April 2014

‘And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. 30 Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” 31After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.’ (Acts 4:29-31) In Acts we learn of the threats Peter and John received from the authorities, it would have made perfect sense for the believers to pray that these rulers would back down or have a change of mind. Remarkably, they prayed instead for greater boldness and an outpouring of God’s power. They acknowledged their enemies’ threats but prayed confidently that God would drown out that noise with the preaching of His servants. In confirmation of the believers’ prayers the buildings shook, and everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit. As we witness God’s activity in Africa and trust in His greatness, we cannot help but act with increasing boldness as we continue to proclaim the Gospel and claim Africa for Christ. Thank you for standing with us in prayer, without it the continent of Africa will not be saved. Yours in Christ

Peter Cheel – Executive Director Australia & New Zealand

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Thu 17 Pray for the Australian Board as they meet today – that they may be prayerful and wise in their deliberations and decision making and that the fruits of the meeting may be Kingdom building. Fri 18 For people all around the world, that they would have a revelation of the true meaning of Easter and gain a clear understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for everyone.

Sat 19 AE’s evangelists who will be preaching the Easter message of hope and salvation this weekend. Sun 20 Give thanks to Almighty God for this Easter Sunday, for the risen Saviour and His victory over sin and death. Mon 21 There are many displaced people across Africa which has created huge refugee numbers flooding into bordering nations. Pray that these people find safety, shelter and compassion in their struggle. Tue 22 Pray for persecuted Christians across Africa, that they would find the means to practice their faith in very dangerous circumstances. Pray for their safety and protection.

February Sat 1

Long-lasting peace and security in the country of Rwanda and in neighbouring countries. Sun 2 Pray for wisdom and discernment for Songe Chibambo and the AE Missions Team to execute future plans for missions across Africa, particularly the planned leadership mission to Abidjan in 2014. Mon 3 Pray for the economy in Zimbabwe, hyperinflation and economic meltdown have driven millions into gripping poverty from which there seems no escape and unemployment levels have sky rocketed to over 90%.

Sat 15 Godly wisdom & discernment for the International Board of AE. Sun 16 Pray for AE teams across Africa. Pray that 2014 provides them with a new platform for their calling to evangelism, with new inspiration, new partnerships, new strategies and new impetus to seek God’s heart for the lost. Mon 17 For the Ambassadors around the world as they invite Christians to engage with African Enterprise.

Tue 18 Pray for Bujumbura, a major port city in Burundi with a population of about 800 000. Burundi is a country which has been plagued by conflict and deep seated Tue 4 Toamasina is the main seaport of Madagascar tension between ethnic groups. Pray for the peace of with a population of approx. 179,000. Traditional Christ for this nation. religious beliefs are high at 50%. Veneration Wed 19 Ask the Almighty God to comfort, heal and provide for those of ancestral spirits and witchcraft are widely who have lost loved ones and /or properties and businesses spread. Pray that the power of Jesus may be during religious and tribal violence across Africa. demonstrated as greater than all other spirits. Thu 20 AE’s project and development work which is responsible

Wed 5 Pray for ITL Stephen Mbogo as he continues to lead AE into a new era. Thu 6 That more people will grasp the vision to evangelise the cities of Africa “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Fri 7 Pray for wisdom in the utilization of Africa’s precious resources especially the oil, gold and diamonds. Let us pray that every corruption, injustice and wickedness in high places be brought down and totally destroyed. Sat 8 Rulers and local authorities in Muslim countries. Please pray for change in their hearts so that churches in areas they govern may be permitted to freely worship and that Muslims who hear the gospel may be permitted to respond openly and join a Christian community. Sun 9 Pray for Isaiah Kimani based in Nairobi, Kenya, AE’s international treasurer. Mon 10 Pray for the children of Africa that their circumstances would improve so that more children can attend school and receive an education.

for bringing so much help and encouragement to the disadvantaged people of Africa. Fri 21 Pray for the churches in Kenya located along the Somali border who are constantly threatened with attacks. Pray that the Lord will grant them the grace and strength they need to endure. Sat 22 Pray for the AE team in South Africa. That there would be much blessing and fruit from their labours. Sun 23 Pray for AE COO John Richards and his family. Mon 24 Pray for the AE team in Australia. Pray for an increase in support for the ministry of AE and open doors to new opportunities.

Wed 12 Pray for the government in Tunisia. The country is in a transitional process, moving towards becoming a new state. Thu 13 Pray for the AE team in Tanzania and team leader Wilfred Mmari as they faithfully serve AE’s mission in evangelising the cities. Fri 14 Today as people celebrate Valentine’s Day around the globe, may they have a growing awareness of the everlasting love that comes from Father God. Praise and celebrate this everlasting love - Jeremiah 31:3

Sat 1

Tue 25 Pray for the city of Praia in the Portuguese speaking country of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kms off the coast of Western Africa. The majority of the population is Catholic. Wed 26 Give thanks for those who uphold AE’s ministry in prayer. While AE’s outreach ministry is across the whole continent of Africa, the interest and support is world-wide. Thu 27 For Global Communications Coordinator, Anita Beugre. That she would have favour as she develops vital communication resources for the ministry. Fri 28 Pray for AE team leader Enoch Phiri and the rest of the team in Malawi.

Tue 11 Parakou is a market town in Central Benin with a population of 227 900. Benin is a French speaking nation in the West of Africa. About a quarter of the population are Muslim and another quarter practice traditional religions. Pray for mission opportunities within this nation. March

That our leaders will depend upon the Holy Spirit for guidance. Sun 2 Pray for AE team leader Melisachew Mesfin as he continues the work of AE in Ethiopia with a team of one and a volunteer. Pray for desperately needed resources to continue the vital leadership and discipleship ministries. Mon 3 May many souls be moved as Evangelists minister throughout Africa in various churches, schools, universities and communities.

Tue 4 Pray for Pointe Noire, a major port city of the Republic Wed 19 Pray for those conducting Theological Courses in of Congo with a population of 634,995. The Republic Africa. Pray they produce ongoing benefits. of Congo is a French speaking nation in central Thu 20 David Lancaster, Partnerships Director at AE’s Africa. Pray for the church in this nation to bring a Australian office situated in Sydney and his family. message of hope to its people. Fri 21 For an economic/cultural change that will allow more Wed 5 Pray for Joan and Jonathan Addison and the AE Melbourne Committee who faithfully represent AE in Victoria. Give thanks for the many years of service and that more doors would open to the ministry in their region. Thu 6 Pray for the AE team in Uganda as they continue to minister to their country. Pray that a spirit of unity and love will prevail for the church in Uganda. Fri 7 Bless us as we learn more about our sisters and brothers in Africa. Help us to embrace our common blessings in serving you. Guide us to build bridges between our cultures and churches. Sat 8 For the chaplains who minister in prisons and hospitals in Africa, that they are constantly encouraged by the impact of the Gospel. Sun 9 Pray for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the rest of the Australian Government. That they would be world leaders in fighting for the ‘least of these’ and that Australia would be a nation known for its generosity. Mon 10 Pray for the nation of Guinea Bissau that will be holding presidential and parliamentary elections this month.

Tue 11 Pray for the city of Kumasi in Ghana with a population of 1.5 million. Although 65% of the population in Ghana claim to be Christian, church attendance is about 10%. There has also been a steady growth of Islam with 15% claiming to be Muslim.

women to become productive and proactive in the development of Africa. Sat 22 All Australian and New Zealand board members and their families. Sun 23 Project Coordinators who are involved in the day to day running of AE’s various projects. Mon 24 Korogocho Latrine Construction in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 2007 360 latrines have been constructed impacting over 2000 households and improving overall sanitation in the community.

Tue 25 Durban is the largest port city in South Africa with a population of 3.5 million people. 37% Zulu, 27% Indian and 26% white. Pray for all these cultural groups to live in peace alongside one another. This area also has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in Africa at a staggering 32%.

Wed 26 Pray for AE’s Foxfire Ministries and director Julian Yon as they embark on their missions to schools and universities across Africa. Thu 27 Pray for all the AE support leaders. Pray for common purpose and unity amongst them. Pray for God’s divine wisdom and revelation in their decision making. Fri 28 God’s spirit of peace, love and hope to sweep over the continent of Africa. Sat 29 Peter Cheel, Executive Director, AE Australia/NZ and his family. Sun 30 Pray that God would keep our evangelists safe as they travel on the roads and in the air. Mon 31 Pray for all the medical personnel across Africa as they carry out vital work in very difficult circumstances. Pray for courage and strength and the supplies they need to help people across Africa.

Wed 12 Pray for the International Board as it meets in Harare, Zimbabwe this week for a round of meetings. Pray for Godly wisdom and counsel (11 – 13th March). Thu 13 Pray for the AE team in Ghana. Pray for wisdom and wise counsel as they continue their work in Ghana. Fri 14 For all AE staff. That they will be refreshed and renewed and find in God their source of inspiration and strength. Sat 15 Pray for the Youth Empowerment Project in Kenya. In a continent where almost half its population is under the age April of 15 ministry to youth is vital. Pray that these young people Tue 1 The bible says “Many are the plans of a man BUT it get to know Jesus and establish a future filled with hope. is the counsel of God that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21. Sun 16 For AE’s mission coordinators as they work diplomatically Pray that God’s counsel over Africa prevails in the with mission committees to see that the detailed name of Jesus Christ. preparatory work is done and remains on schedule. Pray Wed 2 Malabo the capital of Equatorial Guinea has a high that they would get all the resources they need to carry level of nominalism amongst its Protestant population, out the mission. the remainder of which is Roman Catholic. Pray Mon 17 Pray for Michael Cassidy, AE’s Founder, his wife Carol for opportunities to arise for outreach in this city – and their family. especially for AE as we commence our ministry into

Tue 18 Pray for the city of Beira in Mozambique. This is a major port city of Mozambique and other nearby Thu 3 landlocked countries. There is a population of 436 240. Over 50% of the population in Mozambique practice Traditional beliefs. Pray for the healing Fri 4 power of Christ across that nation and a rising up of the Church across Mozambique.

French speaking West Africa.

Pray for the nation of South Africa as it prepares for elections in 2014. Pray for the rise of Godly political leaders for this nation. Pray for Leonard Kiswangi and the team in the DRC.

Prayer Diary Feb-April 2014  

Quarterly Prayer Diary for friends and supporters of African Enterprise

Prayer Diary Feb-April 2014  

Quarterly Prayer Diary for friends and supporters of African Enterprise