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January 2014 Issue 127

A Newsletter for the Friends & Supporters of African Enterprise

Dr George Kinoti, Professor of Zoology at the University of Nairobi, from his book Hope for Africa, emphatically stated: “Africa desperately needs a new type of leader. The experience of the last two or three decades shows that changing from one political party to another or from military into civilian clothes does not change the nature or motives of African leaders. What we need is a different kind of leader, namely men and women of integrity, ability and education who have a genuine concern for and commitment to the wellbeing of all their fellow citizens. Such leaders do not rise spontaneously. They must be created through careful character formation and training of young people. I believe that the African churches have the potential to make crucial contributions to the creation of the leadership we so desperately need.” Kinoti’s utterance opens us to the importance of the contribution of the church in Africa. This also highlights for us in AE the incredible importance of ministry to all leadership and in helping those who are leaders to become more effective until they truly are a leadership led by God.

Abidjan is one of the capitals of the Ivory Coast. It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city inhabited by people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a unique melting pot in West Africa and at least 40% of the population profess to be Muslim. There is also a huge Lebanese community which owns most of the small businesses. Christians make up around 25% of the population and for a very long time all religions cohabited peacefully in the country. “We strongly believe that this is an opportune time to reach out to this city because of the Presidential Elections which will take place sometime in November 2015”, AE Pan African Missions Director Songe Chibambo shared. The current political context has led to much fear amongst the people of Abidjan and a lack of confidence and trust in its leadership. Songe continues, “it is alarming that these people exert enormous power and influence over the citizens of a nation and yet are amongst the most unreached in a city”.

This is one of the reasons AE is spearheading a key mission to the Leadership of the nation of Cote d’Ivoire and particularly the city of Abidjan in 2014. AE has long recognised the need for targeting leadership (political and business leadership, as well as top level leadership in a city) as a key group in need of the Gospel as articulated so well by Kinoti.


Abidjan with your Help

Leadership Mission to

Cote d’Ivoire is a country in West Africa and borders the countries Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana; its southern boundary is along the Gulf of Guinea.

Cote d’Ivoire Key Facts: - Official Name: Cote d’Ivoire - Area: 322,463 sq. kms - Capital city: Yamoussoukro - Total population: 20,617,068 - Life expectancy: 47 years - Infant mortality: 118 per 1,000 - Language: French

Food processing, timber, car manufacturing, textiles, chemicals, oil refining. Main Financial centre French West Africa.

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela


AE Takes Bold Next Step of Heading into North West Africa

Administrative and political capital: Abidjan Population: 6,169,102 (2007) Area: 2,119 sq. Kms





City of Abidjan

Teachers Reaching Rwandan Children through Reconciliation Ministry

Letter from AE International Team Leader


Abidjan with your Help

Leadership Mission to


Some of the groups targeted in this mission will include; the President, the Cabinet and other politicians; corporate presidents, chairpersons and managing directors; judges, police chiefs, army generals and admirals; university professors, medical specialists and mayors; newspaper editors, city celebrities and other media personalities. Events will play a key role for such an outreach in Abidjan. Much of the preparation for such a mission has been working with church leaders across the city, building relationships. AE always works in partnership with the local church, which is recognised as the agent of change and transformation. Media will also play a crucial role leading up to the mission scheduled for the second half 2014. The publicity will raise awareness and build momentum for the upcoming mission. This will be followed by continued church mobilization and discipleship training of Christian Leaders. The biggest challenge for us at this point is funds. As AE’s Pan African Mission’s Director, Songe Chibambo, shares: “if the mission is not funded well we end up doing a half-hearted job. We need to plan well and invest in the church pastors so there can be lasting change. If we do this we empower the church and equip them so when we leave a city they can follow through with the plans and when we return 3 years later we see evidence of fruit that abides! Mission begins when we go and liaise with church leaders in any city in any location. It’s all about discipleship and funds enable us to do that”.

Wherever you are in the world YOU CAN make a significant difference to the people of Africa. Please pray for this upcoming mission in Abidjan and that God’s Provision will be made available through generous supporters like you.

Pastors gathering in Abidjan to claim it for Christ.

Rwanda is a country with many deep scars – physical, spiritual and emotional due to the 1994 genocide. African Enterprise commenced a reconciliation project with the aim of building a positive future for Rwanda as a united and God fearing nation, by helping the youth, parents, teachers, pastors, community leaders and government representatives experience healing and reconciliation, resulting in a nation whose citizens advocate justice and peace.

Teachers Reaching

RwandanChildren If as a nation we can do this it will constitute the best expression of gratitude possible to this great man who has left our midst. We covet your prayers for our entire country at this time that stability, peace and a new sense of racial harmony will prevail. We know you will also remember his loved ones, family, not to mention those who seek to give continued political leadership to South Africa at this time. God bless South Africa. God bless you all”. Michael Cassidy, Founder of African Enterprise, December 2013.

During their conversation Mandela told Michael that he never missed a Bible study or church service while Pietermaritzburg, 1992 he was in prison. He also said that while he was in Michael Cassidy and Nelson Mandela share an amusing moment. prison he had been “much blessed” by a sermon he Michael had just presented Mandela with a copy of Billy Graham’s, had heard on television by Dr. Billy Graham. During Peace with God, as requested and personally signed by the evangelist. Mandela’s first visit to the United States after his release “The moment South Africa has in many ways been he asked to meet with Dr. Graham but the meeting dreading has come upon us and our Madiba has ended fell through when Dr. Graham was hospitalised with his long earthly walk to freedom. Nelson Mandela has a leg complaint. died and South Africa is bereft. The country will never have a greater son nor one who left a greater legacy. Later, in 1996, Michael was to work with Mandela at We need to pray that the values he sought to bequeath his request, along with Bishop Makhaye and Bishop to us of forgiveness, reconciliation, large heartedness, Mmutlanyane Mogoba on “Project Ukuthula”, (Zulu non racialism and true democracy benefiting all should for peace), during a time when 20 people a day in not be in any way compromised or abandoned but re- KwaZulu-Natal were dying in conflict between ANC embraced with renewed commitment and deep resolve. and IFP Zulus. This was threatening the holding of the province’s first Provincial Elections.

The program concept is based on biblical reconciliation which is rooted in the work of Christ on the cross. The work of Jesus sets aside God’s wrath and His judgment upon humanity. Consequently, people now have access to God and can enjoy His peace and forgiveness when they repent and believe in Jesus Christ. The project educates parents, teachers, pastors and community leaders on reconciliation. The vision for Rwanda is a bold one, to reach all primary school children in Rwanda (2,265,1205) with reconciliation education. The program recognizes that the project cannot succeed without the role of parents, teachers, churches, community leaders and government representatives. Hence, training will be organized to reach all sectors of society with reconciliation education. One such teacher is 29 yr old Lydia Mujawase. Lydia is a teacher at Gakenke Primary School in the Northern Province of Rwanda and is typical of many teachers who have become involved in the bold vision to reach all children of Rwanda. Lydia feels it is vital for all Rwandans to have this training and support in healing, reconciliation and unity. Lydia shares: “We as teachers are very thankful for having been involved as we have an important role to play in the upbringing of Rwandan children. Even though the project is primarily for the students, we teachers have also benefited enormously as Lydia Mujawase our relationships have been improved as a result of the training we have Teacher - Rwanda been given.” Lydia and other teachers at Gakenke Primary School have been able to establish reconciliation clubs for the students whereby they resolve any conflicts on their own as much as they can. The reconciliation club at Gakenke Primary school is known as “Abunzubumwe”—meaning the “United Ones”. With this club, the message gets to a lot of people at school, to the families and their wider communities. “We assure you that we are committed to do whatever it takes to restore our country”, stated Lydia. Thank you, it is through your support that we can bring hope to the next generation in Rwanda. Please continue to support us in this vital project. “We politicians cannot fix this thing,” confessed the President, “maybe you church people can do it.” Thus was launched “Project Ukuthula”. “The three Christian leaders were in almost daily contact with KwaZulu-Natal Premier Frank Mdlalose, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and other key players on different sides of the conflict. In the next six weeks, led by the Natal church leaders and AE, the Christians of Natal were activated into the mechanisms of peacemaking and reconciliation. Christians in the police, the military, the media, schools, industry, business or wherever, were urged to change the rhetoric of violence and talk peace and pursue it. Once again, as in 1994, multitudes in the churches committed it all constantly to prayer. As “Project Ukuthula” advanced under the Natal church leadership and AE, so the death rate dwindled. By the time the elections were due, the daily death rate was down to zero. As the provincial elections went ahead in peace, Time magazine again commented on three of the most peaceful days in KwaZulu-Natal in several years”. (Extract from African Harvest, Anne Coomes, p 472)

A Tribute


A letter from

Stephen Mbogo to you Dear Friend, In 2013 African Enterprise held missions in different countries and thousands of people came to the Lord. People in communities throughout Africa were positively impacted by various project initiatives and African leaders were equipped for the future. Much was achieved and we give thanks and praise to Gospel who would otherwise never have a chance to our Lord. know the Lord Jesus Christ! Do you remember the parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15? A man had two sons. The younger of the two asked for his inheritance, so the father obliged and the son took his money and squandered it with reckless living. Poor and starving, the son decided to come back home, not knowing if his father would ever accept him back. But when the father saw him, he ran to him and celebrated that the son had come home!

I hope that this edition of Out of Africa has encouraged you as you have read about specific lives that have been changed through AE in Abidjan and Rwanda. The Lord is certainly moving in amazing ways. So thank you for your part in bringing this lifechanging message to longing souls all over Africa. Your generosity is a blessing to so many, and I am truly grateful for you.

2014 highlights

I believe with all my heart that God is relentlessly pursuing prodigal sons and daughters all over Africa, May God continue to bless you richly and keep you in longing for them to come home. Praise God that he is His care in 2014. so passionate about bringing the lost home! Yours for the extension of God’s Kingdom, It’s this movement of God toward man that serves as an example for believers all over to take the Gospel to the lost and broken places around the world. And no doubt, Africa is home to some of these darkest corners of the globe. Stephen Mbogo International Team Leader That’s where you come in! Your gifts are so important to the work of our ministry at AE. Because of faithful friends like you, men and women are hearing the

May 2014

Regional Ministry tour with Malawi Team Leader Enoch Phiri

June 2014

“Calling the Feminine Heart to Mission” Women’s Short Term Mission to Africa

August 2014

International Team Leader, Stephen Mbogo visits Australia

August 2014

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