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July 2013 Issue 124

A Newsletter for the Friends & Supporters of African Enterprise

The Student Discipleship Program (SDP) is a youth-focused Bible teaching program which started in 2003. The SDP is “home grown” and is aimed at raising the next generation with the Fear of the Lord and the Knowledge of His Word. Its prime objective is “Building Tomorrow’s Church Today”.

The Next

Generation in Ethopia:

AE’s Student Discipleship Program is Taking Ethopia by Storm As AE Ethiopia’s team leader shared: Number of Students

“Any significant vision of perceiving ‘A Strong Church in Future Ethiopia’ can simply be realized through planting the Word and watering it in the lives of children and youth in the years to come. If we do what is expected of us, God is faithful to make it grow”.


The program started with a staggering 794 students in 9 cities in 2003. Over the last 10 years it has been sprouting nationwide in student enrolments and coverage. In 2012 the number of registered students reached 26,000 in 250 cities and towns across Ethiopia (see right).

How it works

As the initiator and designer of the SDP, AE Ethiopia offers overall leadership for the execution of this program. The implementation is directed by AE Ethiopia in partnership with the Evangelical Church Fellowships (ECFs) in the respective cities. The training in each city is coordinated by the city or local ECF. The local ECF enrols students, selects and assigns qualified teachers from among pastors and evangelists, as well as overseeing the teaching-learning process.

Cities in the Programme

The SDP primarily focuses on the next-generation of Christian students, grade 5 onwards all the way up to high school and university students. It is an age graded curriculum based program of seven-rounds of training. (continued page 2...)

“Our SDP in partnership with the Church has set a goal to train 100,000 students in 400 cities and towns by 2017 and hence, create a national movement that raises up a God fearing generation that will take the Gospel to the unreached of Ethiopia and the rest of the world”(Melisachew Mesfin, AE Ethiopia team leader, May 2013)

Meet the Foxfires in Zimbabwe


Update: Your support brings hope to many





Student Discipleship taking Ethiopia by storm

A letter from ITL Stephen Mbogo


lighting a fire for youth across Zimbabwe: Meet

the 2013 team

My name is Simbarashe Chemhenduru and I am from Mutare. I was born in a non-Christian home but thank God my soul was saved through Scripture Union at school. I am 21 years old and I almost joined the army last year but God‘s favour was so great. I am happy to be a foxfire evangelist. I have a great passion for evangelism and I pray that the Lord will open doors for me to go to a Bible School next year. I completed my ‘O’ Levels and passed with good results. I am 22 years old and my name is Norman Rufayi. My life was difficult for me. My aunt took me into her home and sent me to school. I completed my ‘O’ Levels despite financial challenges. I learnt about the foxfire Ministry from AE team leader Guide Makore when he was a pastor at the Christian Marching Church in Zimbabwe. I am happy to be a foxfire evangelist. When given a chance I would like to train as a Pastor.


My name is Norman Mashiri and I am 24 years old. I am doing my 3rd year of ministry as a foxfire. I am now the senior Foxfire and I am humbled to receive such accolades. I continue to serve God in my capacity as a foxfire evangelist waiting for God to open an opportunity for me to go to College to study Biblical Theology.



We are so grateful for your support in response to our letters in May and June, which will help support AE’s holistic aid and development projects!


Your Support helps bring the love of God to many across Africa.

Thank you for investing in the lives of those in need across Africa. Because of your generosity street children in Ghana will receive an apprenticeship and a foundation to a better life. Students in Tanzania will receive HIV and AIDS awareness thereby positively changing their sexual behaviour, dignity and health. Women in Malawi and Kenya will be able to leave a life of prostitution and start their own enterprise- a wonderful example of holistic transformation. Prisoners in DRC will receive love and care through the provision of sanitation facilities.

It’s celebration time at African Enterprise and we would like YOU to join us for dinner. Together WE CAN kingdom in Africa.




Ruth Magodo lives in Sydney, Australia. Ruth is from Zimbabwe and is married to Raymond and has 6 children. Ruth became involved with AE when a friend told her about a fellow Zimbabwean preaching in a local Church. When she heard the name “Guide Makore” she was shocked. Ruth had a childhood friend in Zimbabwe called Guide Makore and she knew in an instant that this was

African GREAT Enterprise


God who had orchestrated a divine connection. “It was not possible that there was another Zimbabwean named Guide Makore”, Ruth shared. Ruth went on: “We grew up together, attended the same school and youth group and used to go out preaching the gospel together.” Ruth and Guide hadn’t seen each other for over 20 years. It was in that moment Ruth knew she had to be involved with AE. “It was such a God moment. I was up for whatever God had for me and I knew I had to get involved with this AE that I had not heard about”, Ruth continued.

Ruth is overjoyed and excited about upcoming AE Week from the 4th to the 11th August. Ruth has a passion for Pastors and Evangelists in Africa. Ruth says: “it’s our time to give back to people in Africa who are out there telling people about Jesus. When

My Name is Nyasha Kapeta and I am 22 years old born in a Christian home. My father is a Pastor at the Christian Life Centre. I love to be a foxfire and to see souls being won for Jesus. I would like to go to Bible College once I complete my contract with AE Zimbabwe. Foxfires youth ministry is part of African Enterprise’s evangelism and leadership development program. The young people study subjects such as theology, leadership development, life skills plus many other youth related topics. Throughout the year they are sent out into the cities, schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, tribal groups etc, to proclaim the gospel and share about Jesus. They reach many areas that can be unknown and untouched by most westerners. AE currently has foxfire teams in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Kenya. If you would like to find out more information on how YOU CAN be involved and make a difference for Youth in Africa contact us at ae@aeint. org or go to


This is just a small sample of the countless other areas where you have brought big smiles to the faces of children, parents, husbands, wives and families through your ongoing support during the month of June. Christ calls us to show love in action, He also wants us to run the race for Him and finish well. We are therefore committed to continue the good work that we have started, thanks to the outstanding contribution from you! GOD CAN, YOU CAN and together WE CAN transform Africa.


we were young in Zimbabwe we used to walk for miles to preach the Gospel. They have nothing.” This passion has led Ruth to volunteer to host a dinner to raise awareness about the work of AE. There will be testimonies on the night from other African’s living in Australia about how they too came to know Jesus in that great Continent. “Resources are vital. We have so many resources here in Australia, they have none. It’s time to give back”, Ruth Shared. Ruth is holding a fantastic event to launch AE week on Saturday 27th July in Blacktown, Sydney. She would like you to join her. If you would like to attend this event or get more information on holding your own please email us on or call (02) 9889 1799.

The Next

Generation in Ethopia: (from front page...)

The SDP has an inbuilt leadership development component which finds its basis in Biblical discipleship and is a spiritually empowering program with a structured syllabus. The courses range from understanding basic Christianity to evangelism, Christian ethics and transformational servant leadership.

Expanding the horizon to other African countries

In partnership with AE International, preparations are underway to replicate the SDP in four other African countries (South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi) with the goal of discipling 100,000 students. The aim is to then encourage each student to disciple 5 other students, which translates to 500,000 indirect beneficiaries of this program across Africa. There is an ongoing need for the resources currently used in the SDP in Ethiopia to be translated into English which will enable it to be used more broadly across these other African countries. The success of this program in these countries will motivate the expansion of the same to other African nations.

Where to now?

In the last ten years, the roadmap for future discipleship and leadership development in Ethiopia has been drawn. The next step is to rise with renewed zeal for the Lord to reach the whole nation and beyond. AE Ethiopia is committed to increasing the impact of SDP throughout the country at an even greater depth and coverage. The ultimate goal is for all Christian children and youth across the entire country to complete the discipleship program. “The SDP that started with less than 800 students in 9 cities in 2003 was just the beginning. The Lord has enabled it to grow fast and attain a broader scope which has brought tremendous blessings. The Lord is able to make it bigger still, engulfing the whole country, and even Africa, for His glory”, AE Ethiopia Leader Melisachew shared. We believe that the Christian students discipleship program is a seedbed for tomorrow’s Church; spiritually healthy, triumphant and vibrant. This has only been possible through generosity of supporters like YOU. Your generous assistance in the program and hence participation in God’s Kingdom building in Ethiopia is highly appreciated.

A letter from

Stephen Mbogo to you Dear Friend, LOVE that heals… “The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in Spirit.”(Psalm 34:18) Have you ever tottered on the edge of despair, disillusioned and disheartened wondering if God really loved you? Have you been so wounded by painful circumstances or a loved one’s careless actions that you questioned if God could really heal your hurt? All of us have experienced the anguish that comes from such moments. And if our perspective on the love of Christ is clouded, we may give in to feelings of doubt, depression, bitterness and fear. How grateful I am that our saviour comes to our aid, offering His tender love and understanding in times of brokenness and deep sorrow. The prophet Isaiah saw Jesus’ glory and spoke about him. He spoke about how Jesus would change their dreary, desperate world into one of renewed hope and confidence. The healing power of His love can change the world. This is at the very heart of the ministry at AE. I know I speak for all the AE family in thanking you for partnering with us through your prayers and support, enabling us to take this love to people across Africa through our missions, leadership development and social action programs. The love of God is both strong and tender enough to heal the hurts and revive the spirits of the many across Africa. Together, WE CAN count on God’s tender mercy to restore the lives of many in the times of great need. God’s love is infinite, and nothing can stand in its way. I hope you enjoy this month’s Out of Africa newsletter where you can read about some of the ways AE shows God’s love through valuable supporters like you.




African Enterprise is running an exciting new campaign which is designed to communicate God’s great work in Africa, and inspire Christians to partner with African Enterprise so the Kingdom work in Africa can continue to flourish. If you know of a church or a group that we should contact regarding making a presentation during that week please let us know by emailing or calling (02) 9889 1799.

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