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December 1

Manassas City Police Wants You to Stay Safe for the Holidays with Daily Tips from "30 Ways in 30 Days"!

Home Security Having good quality, functioning locks on all your doors and windows is vital. But did you know to be effective they need to be installed with quality hardware and framing? Make sure the screws in your strike plates are at least 3-1/2" long, that exterior doors and frames are made from solid wood, metal or clad, and that you use your locks all the time - regardless of whether you're at home or away.

Strike Plate

Manassas City Police Department 9518 Fairview Ave, Manassas, VA 20110 | Emergency: 9-1-1 | Non-Emergency: 703.257.8000


December 2

Safer Surfing Today and Every Day

December 3

Auto Theft: Stolen ...but Warm?

Are you leaving a trail? This Cyber Monday - and on every

During this time of year, it is tempting to leave our vehicles

other day - make sure that any site prompting you to

unattended in order to let them warm up while we grab our last

enter financial information begins with https://. The "s" stands

cup of coffee and head out the door. However, this habit

for "secure" and is accompanied by a lock icon to the right on

makes us a target for auto theft every time. Never leave your

the same bar.

vehicle unsecured or unattended, even for a minute - it's an open invitation to auto thieves everywhere.

December 4

Winter Weather Awareness: Are You Prepared?

December 5

Lighting the Night

We never know what Mother Nature will throw at us, but we

The Festival of Lights may come around only once a year, but

can be prepared. Monitor the weather, sign up for free

that doesn't mean you can't have good lighting year-round.

emergency alerts at CAPITALERT, and always have disaster supply kits ready in your home and car. For tips on what to

Lighting is one of the least expensive ways to prevent

include and other information including free videos, visit the

crime, especially with new technologies at our fingertips.

Just In Time Disaster Training online video library, and be sure

Photoelectric cells, or "dusk-to-dawn" sensors, that easily

to visit the Department of Fire & Rescue online.

screw into your porch light fixtures not only make your neighborhood safer; they enhance security around your home and even help you save money on your utility bill. Oil not included.

December 6

Holiday Lights and Decorations: Little Twinkling Fire Hazards? Holiday lights and decorations can pose a fire hazard if they are not handled properly. 

Inspect each year for frayed wires, gaps in insulation, and excessive wear before installation.

Do not link more than three light strands, unless the directions indicate that it is safe to do so. Connect strings of lights to an extension cord before plugging the cord into the outlet, and make sure to periodically check the wires they should not be warm to the touch.

All decorations should be nonflammable or flame-retardant and placed away from heat vents.

Never put wrapping paper in the fireplace. Doing so can result in a very large fire, throwing off dangerous sparks and embers that may result in a chimney fire.

If you use lit candles, make sure they are in stable holders and place them where they cannot be easily knocked down by people or pets. Never leave the house with candles burning.

December 7

Securing Prescription Medications

December 8

Are You Being Stalked?

"More than 2,000 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each

6.6 million people are stalked in one year in the United States.

day, and more than 70% of people 12 and older who abuse

1 in 6 women and 1 in 19 men have experienced stalking

prescription drugs say they get them from a friend or relative."

victimization at some point during their lifetime in which they

(Source) Many such prescriptions are obtained by theft.

felt fearful or believed that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed. The majority of stalking victims are

Avoid becoming a victim of prescription medication theft

stalked by someone they know.

by being open to the possibility that in some cases, even a member of your family, an employee, or a casual visitor could

Some stalkers repeatedly call you and oftentimes hang up,

be or is the one trying to steal your medication. That means

follow you and show up where you are, monitor your phone

during your holiday party this year, make sure your

calls, computer use or whereabouts, or damage your home,

medications are out of sight away from family and guests and

car or other property. Learn more signs of stalking

are secured.

victimization here.

Never broadcast the types of medicine that are prescribed to

Stalking is a crime under the laws of 50 states, the District of

you. Before leaving the pharmacy, conceal all medications in

Columbia, the U.S. Territories, and the Federal government. If

a purse, bag or jacket.

you believe you or someone you know is being stalked, contact law enforcement and the Stalking Resource Center at

If you have been a victim of medication theft, contact law

1-800-FYI-CALL (1-800-394-2255) right away.

enforcement and your physician right away. No matter who stole your prescriptions, doing so is a crime.

December 9

Protecting Children from Cyberbullies

December 10 Is Your Christmas Tree a Fire Hazard?

No child deserves to endure the social, emotional, and

Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires annually.

physical effects of bullying. To help protect your child from

To prevent your tree from becoming a fire hazard, find one that

bullying, follow these tips from the NetSmartz速 Workshop:

is fresh from the start with branches that are difficult to pull back and a trunk that is sticky to the touch. Keep your tree

Tell your child not to respond to rude e-mails, messages and

watered and away from heat sources, and try not to leave it up


for longer than two weeks.

Save the evidence, such as e-mail and text messages, and take screenshots of comments and images. Take note of the date and time when the harassment occurs. If harassment is via e-mail, social networking sites, IM, and chat rooms, instruct your child to "block" bullies or delete your child's account and reopen another one. If harassment is via text and phone messages, consider changing the phone number and instruct your child to share the new number with only people he or she trusts. Lastly, make a report to

December 11 It's a (Safe) Date!

December 12 Tax Season is Approaching, and So Are the Scams

Do you have a date this holiday season? Or maybe you're

Don’t believe callers, emails or texts that say they’re from

searching for that special someone to count your way into the

the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tax identity thieves may

New Year? Whether you're waiting under the mistletoe or in a

send phony “phishing” emails that appear to be from the IRS

standing relationship, remember that every decision you make

and ask you to click on a link and provide your personal

affects your personal safety.

information online or over the phone. Don’t do it. The IRS doesn’t email, call, or text people to get personal information.

 

When you meet someone and might like to see him again,

If the IRS needs to contact you, they will do so by mail. If you

consider taking his number rather than giving out yours.

have any doubt whether a message is legitimate, call the IRS

When meeting someone for the first time, consider meeting

directly. For more information on IRS scams, click here.

him or her at a public location instead of at home.

Scheduling a group outing or double date can be a safe

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced Tax

and fun option as well.

Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 13-17, 2014. To

Purchase your drinks directly from a bartender or server,

receive tips during Tax Identify Theft Awareness Week:

and never let it leave your sight. If your drink is left

1) Follow @ManassasCityPD on Twitter

unattended even for a second, purchase a new one. Your

2) "Like" MCPD on Facebook

safety is worth much more than the cost.

3) Visit

If someone you're dating lacks respect by taking physical or conversational liberties that make you uncomfortable, it might a red flag. Trust your instincts.

Dublin SPCA

December 13 The Most Common Crime Is the Easiest to Prevent

December 14 Being Involved Before Disaster Strikes

Theft from motor vehicles continues to be an ongoing issue

Should disaster strike, it is a good idea to have an emergency

throughout the City, leaving citizens deprived of valuable

plan in place for yourself and those in your care as a first

possessions. In fact, theft from vehicles is the most commonly

priority. But what about others in your neighborhood who need

reported crime in the Manassas. However, you CAN prevent

assistance, such as senior citizens and individuals with


disabilities? How can you pull together to help mitigate the effects of a winter storm?

Always park your vehicle in a well-lit, populated location.

Roll up all windows and always lock your vehicle. This

Find tips on how to prepare yourself for emergencies, and how

goes for while you are pumping gas as well!

you can assist your community in the event of disaster with the

Thieves have a tendency to stake out parking lots, where

help of City of Manassas Community Emergency Response

they watch people put bags and other items into the trunks

Team (CMCERT) online.

of their vehicles. Stow your items away BEFORE your arrival rather than waiting until you reach your destination, and never underestimate the value something in your car might have to someone other than yourself.

Watch the VIDEO.

December 15 Are Robocalls Driving You Crazy?

December 16 A Safe and Happy Workplace

If you receive a robocall, or automated call, trying to sell you

The holidays can be an extra stressful time for some people,

something (and you haven’t given the caller your written

including your coworkers. Take the time to learn the signs of

permission), it’s an illegal call. You should hang up. Then, file a

potentially violent behavior. If you observe any red flag

complaint with the FTC and the National Do Not Call Registry.

behavior, waste no time in reporting it to a supervisor and/or law enforcement.

Watch the VIDEO.

Take time to become familiar with the security, emergency and reporting procedures at your workplace. Know who is responsible for security and how to contact them in case of an emergency. Also, have a plan in place in the event you ever do find yourself in a violent situation - no matter how big or small.

Watch the VIDEO.

December 17 Landscaping's Role in Security

December 18 Using Personal Protection Devices

Landscaping plays a large role in home security and natural

No matter what kind of protection device you're looking to use

surveillance around your home, workplace and school. Where

for personal defense, remember that most devices are not

security is an issue - that is, along pedestrian walkways and

reliable as a means to incapacitate. They should always be

near all windows and doors - shrubs should be maintained at a

used in combination with other defensive strategies. Higher

height no taller then 3' and trees trimmed up no less than 5'.

justification is required to use any weapon, and training is

Make sure tree limbs are also kept away from all lighting

absolutely necessary prior to use in order to achieve

fixtures so the light output shines where it is intended. If you

responsible and effective use.

spot landscaping that poses a security risk where you work or go to school, help make it safer for everyone by notifying a property manager or administrator right away. You can also request a free security assessment online or by calling 703-257-8064. BEFORE


December 19 Safe and Secure Travels this Season

December 20 A Safe Shopping Experience

Before leaving town this holiday season, make your home

Whether you're taking advantage of door-busters or leisurely

looked "lived in" by stopping mail and newspaper service or

shopping for loved ones, stay safe this season by walking

asking a neighbor to collect them, making use of light

briskly when you are out and about. Keep your head up and

timers, leaving a vehicle in the drive, and having a Police

your shoulders back to exude confidence. Conceal all

Officer check up your home. You can request a Vacation

valuables and only carry what you need for your trip. Lastly,

Check Request online or by calling the non-emergency

even though it might be daylight when you enter the shopping

number at 703-257-8000.

mall or store, it could be dark when you exit. If you feel unsafe walking to your vehicle alone, do not hesitate to ask a store

Do your research, especially before heading overseas.

employee or security officer to escort you, remaining cautious

The U.S. Department of State is a tremendous resource for

of unsolicited offers to help and aware of your surrounding at

everything travel-related, from safety tips to alerts to currency

all times.

exchange rate information.

December 21 Remember Grandma?

December 22 Got Drugs? Dispose of Them Safely

Ready to celebrate the end of finals and enjoy the last stretch

Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety

of the Christmas holiday? If parties and libations are part of

issue, leading to accidental poisoning, overdose, and

your holiday plans, be sure to monitor your eggnog intake so

abuse. To dispose of prescriptions safely, the best option is to

you don't become That Guy or That Girl. Also, make sure you

find a DEA Take-Back Initiative Event near you.

designate a sober driver whom you trust or program a cab number into your phone before heading out for the night. For a

If you cannot wait for the next event and need to dispose of

FREE ride home, call SoberRide速 at 1-800-200-TAXI.

your drugs, do so by taking the medicine out of their bottles and mixing them with someone unappealing such as coffee

"A man who drives a sleigh and play with elves" may be unfit

grounds or kitty litter. When you throw away the empty

to carry a driver's license - but so is anyone who's been

prescription bottles, use a dark black marker to black out your


name and the type of medicine you had and conceal it in the trash can - never in an open recycling bin. This can prevent trash pickers from knowing what you had - and probably have more of - in your home. For more information and upcoming drug disposal events, visit the National Take-Back Initiative online.

December 23 Where's My Stuff?

December 24 Neighbors Looking Out Neighbors

While any home of neighborhood can be a target for theft,

Keep an eye out for your neighbor by reporting all suspicious

burglary is nearly always a crime of opportunity.

behavior to MCPD by calling 703-257-8000. Suspicious

Criminals often choose homes that seem unoccupied or

behavior is anything out of the ordinary in your community and

easiest to access. Make sure the doors and windows are

might include:

secured and locked at all times, including the garage. Also, take inventory of the valuables in your home. Include serial

- Loud noises such as glass shattering or a door being kicked

numbers, photographs, other identifying information and their

- A vehicle driving without its lights on or without a clear

value, and store a record someplace safe outside of


the home.

- Someone going door-to-door or around to the rear of homes - Someone peering into homes or cars

Locating a serial number

- An alarm being activated - The sound of hooves on the roof (Well, maybe that wouldn't be so strange tonight...) After helping your neighbor, be sure to follow up with the Virginia Fusion Center as well by calling 1-877-4VA-TIPS. You never know if what you're observing is a piece of a much larger puzzle. If your community does not have a Neighborhood Watch, start one.

December 25 New Devices, New Rules

December 26 Don't Be a Victim of Door to Door Scams

If your child received an internet device this holiday season,

If you are home during the day or evening you might be

make it a point to lay down some ground rules for their safety

approached by someone who is selling a product door to door.

before the box is even opened.

Solicitors are regulated and must have a permit on-site in order to legally sell goods and services door to door. In addition,

If your child has a laptop or computer, make sure it is kept in a

certain salespeople such as locksmiths and alarm

high-traffic area of your home. Don't forget to monitor cell

company representatives must be registered with the Virginia

phones, tablets, and video games as well since most of them

Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and carry

also have an internet connection.

their credentials at all times.

Establish limits for which websites your child can visit and for

Never let anyone into your home, and don't be pressured into

how long.

anything. Be extremely cautious about entering any contract without sleeping on it first and consulting family or friends. To

Surf the internet with your child and let him or her show you

look up a company's license or make a file complaint, visit

what they like to do online, and be open with your child about

the Better Business Bureau online or call 202-393-8000.

online safety. Encourage him or her to do the same and to tell you about anything online that makes him or her uncomfortable. It can be difficult keeping up with children's online activity these days, especially when most parents did not grow up with the same technology. For answers to hundreds of questions, conversation starters to help you open a dialogue about online safety with your child, and tons of fun online activities for children, visit the NetSmartz速 Workshop online.

December 27 Dealing with Breakdowns

December 28

Choosing a Locksmith

Hopefully you won't have sleigh troubles this season, but here

Did you know that locksmithing for the general public is a

are some tips to prevent them and stay safe if they happen:

regulated business activity in VA? Despite this fact, locksmith scams are a growing epidemic.

Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times and service your vehicle regularly. Keep a charged cell phone in your

Legitimate locksmiths ask lots of questions before performing

vehicle at all times.

work you request because your answers will affect pricing. Legitimate locksmiths are willing to give out the

If you experience a breakdown, pull over as far onto the

company name, do not evade questions, and carry

shoulder of the road as possible. Unless it is unsafe to do so,

credentials. Before hiring a locksmith, make sure he or she

stay in your vehicle at all times. Otherwise, stand on the other

can provide a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice

side of a guardrail to protect yourself from oncoming traffic.

Services (DCJS) business license number.

Be cautious with unsolicited offers to help. Stay in your locked

If the so-called locksmith cannot provide valid DCJS

vehicle and only lower your window partially to speak with

credentials, or shows other signs of running an illegitimate

people who stop and be confident in turning people away while

operation, it is recommended that you do not do business with

you wait for other help. If anyone acts suspiciously, do not

them. You may verify a locksmith's license online or by calling

hesitate to call law enforcement for assistance.

804-786-4700. Read What You Should Know Before Contracting with a Locksmith to find out more.

December 29 Smart Smoke Alarm Placement Makes All the

December 30 Property Maintenance Affects Crime


Keeping your home, workplace, and neighborhood free of litter,

Eighty-five percent of all fatal fires occur in a residence. You

graffiti, and other signs of disorder sends a message to

can help reduce the number of home fires by making sure you

potential intruders that their presence would not go unnoticed.

have the appropriate number of working smoke alarms in your

Keep your space free of litter, keep shrubs trimmed down and

home and that they are working properly and efficiently.

trees trimmed up, and maintain all lighting fixtures in good working condition.

Every floor of the home including hallways, living areas, inside bedrooms, and outside of sleeping areas should be equipped with fully functioning, UL-listed smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years and tested monthly. For more information on alarm placement, contact the City of Manassas Fire & Rescue Department at 703-257-8458. Additional resources are available from the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Watch the VIDEO.

December 31 Still Looking for Your New Year's Resolution? In the spirit of National Make Up Your Mind Day today, consider making yours the decision to take charge of your own safety. From identity theft prevention seminars to self-defense, visit the Manassas City Police Department online to explore ways we can help you develop your personal safety plan in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Manassas City Police Department Manassas, VA 703.257.8000

30 Ways in 30 Days 2014  
30 Ways in 30 Days 2014  

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