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Anna Hewlett Opelika Attempted Murder Trial The alleged victim and two other witnesses involved in the attempted murder trial of an Opelika man took the stand yesterday at the Davis Justice Center. Jonathan Miller, 32, has been accused of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his then wife, Ginger Miller on July 3, 2010, during an argument at their home in Twin Pines Trailer Park in Opelika. Miller’s ex-wife was the first to take the stand on Wednesday, where she testified that she had not only been stabbed multiple times by the defendant, but that he had also turned the knife on himself. “When he was stabbing me he kept saying, ‘We live together or we die together,” said Miller. “Then he started stabbing himself in the stomach.” However, defense attorney Andrew Stanley alleged that Miller had had no plans to harm his wife, and that she had actually attacked him first. Miller had been in the trailer with the couple’s oldest son Jalen and one his friends to pick up swimsuits before a pool party when her ex-husband came in and asked the boys to leave. “I had turned around from trying to unlock the door and he had a knife in each hand,” said Miller. “Long knives from the kitchen.” Another witness, Ted Watkins, was one of the first to discover the scene after he had heard the Miller’s son and his friend screaming outside the trailer.

“When I got to the trailer, Jalen was outside and he was screaming, ‘He’s in there cuttin’ up my mama,” Watkins said. Watkins, who owns several rentals in the mobile home park and is Mrs. Miller’s uncle, also testified that Miller had started stabbing himself. “I got in the trailer and he was cutting himself on his chest and stomach,” Watkins said. “Then he cut himself real slow across the throat. Twice.” Watkins wrestled several knives from the defendant before pinning him on the floor of the trailer until police arrived. Thomas Clark, a control officer for the Opelika police department who testified on Tuesday, was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene of the stabbings. He came to court again to watch the Wednesday testimonies. “I think everyone’s testimony pretty much summed up the charge of attempted murder,” said Clark. “Personally I think he needs to spend some time and rehabilitate to get control of his anger.” Miller was taken to East Alabama Medical Center for treatment of her injuries, and even after three surgeries has no use of three fingers on her left hand because of tendon damage. Lee County assistant district attorney Kisha Abercrombie alleges that Miller stabbed his wife 16 times during the attack and that this incident was the climax to a pattern of threats and violent behavior from the defendant. “Sometimes he would tell our kids, ‘Kiss your mom goodbye because she’ll be dead when you get home from school,” said Miller.

Just a day before the incident, Miller had threatened his wife and told her that he was taking their oldest son and she would never see him again. The testimonies will continue on Thursday, when the defense is expected to call Miller to the stand to give his side of the story.

Opelika Attempted Murder Trial  

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