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be yourself. be great. At the York School, our students are understood and embraced as individuals. they have time and space to explore their interests and experience the world around them. our students learn who they are, what they care about, what they are capable of. they become curious, compassionate, adventurous and confident. they are ready to take on (and contribute to) the world.

Gigi, Grade 5; Charlie, Grade 10; Paige, Grade 7 David, Grade 5 and Kailey, Grade 9

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the York School is a truly amazing place. We offer the gold standard in education—the international baccalaureate (ib). our outstanding teachers and counsellors support students academically, and encourage them to achieve balance in their lives, setting a pattern for lifelong success. in a non-denominational co-ed environment, students learn to work together and value diverse perspectives. At York, education goes far beyond the classroom. through unforgettable experiences, our students learn to understand, care about and make a difference in their communities. the York School is a friendly, positive community where students build confidence and make lasting friendships. York prepares students for their next academic challenge and opens many doors. i encourage you to visit and learn more about us. —conor Jones, head of School


I like going to school! My teacher is really nice... Sofia, JK

“I chose York for my younger daughters Sofia and Alexa because my older daughter, Shannon, has had such a positive experience here. The teachers are very accessible. They’re interested in their students and take the time to address them as individuals. Sofia is in a small class. She’s normally a very shy person, but it’s clear that she feels empowered here.” Natashia, mother of Sofia, JK, Alexa, Grade 1, and Shannon, Grade 9

ready to grow. At The York School, we know that every child is curious about the world and grows when encountering new challenges. In the Lower School, we set the stage for everything that follows. It’s here that a lifelong love of learning begins—in classrooms that offer opportunities to question and discover, with teachers who are both caring and challenging. The IB Primary Years Programme is based on the concept of guided inquiry. Learning is engaging, relevant, hands-on. Children are encouraged to explore, wonder, question and experiment. In small classes, our teachers get to know students well and design individualized learning experiences. By developing strong skills in literacy, numeracy and critical thinking, children are prepared to move successfully through the programme.

“It’s awesome going to school with my sister. I like seeing her in the hall and saying, ‘Hi.’ I love the new playground. My favourite game is basketball. I like shooting and bouncing the ball—it’s easy!” Joseph, Grade 2

The best part about going to York is art. I love being creative and letting my art spirits get out of me! I have lots of friends in my class, and I like being with my brother at school. Elizabeth, Grade 4

Growing together. At The York School, boys and girls grow and explore the world side by side. They learn to accept each other’s differences and respect each other as equals. They learn to work together, building on each other’s strengths. The York School fosters inquiry and is open to diverse perspectives. Here, students learn to be themselves, learning and playing in a community that is welcoming and inclusive. We also reach out to embrace the community surrounding us, as well as national and international communities. From the earliest years, we foster empathy and compassion and inspire our students to make a difference in the world.

Achieving balance. The renowned IB curriculum promotes curiosity, creative and reflective thinking, open-mindedness, compassion, risk-taking and balance. The aim is to help students become globally-minded individuals who can embrace a common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and are ready to create a better world. The York School was the first school in Canada to offer the IB programme from JK to Grade 12. IB can seem intimidating, but our teachers provide strong support, working individually with each student to ensure success. At York, technology is a fully integrated tool used to make learning more accessible and fun. And we encourage our students to balance academic excellence with opportunities for personal growth, healthy activity, adventure and friendship. Yes, we’re serious about academics, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!

When I started here, I wasn’t very good at spelling and writing. But my teachers helped me. Now I’m actually a pretty good poet. I don’t know what I want to be yet, so I’m just trying to do well in all my subjects. David, Grade 5

“There’s a sense of energy and excitement with the students at this school—you know they want to be here. It’s a very welcoming environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. Just seeing the smiles on my students’ faces and their sense of awe and wonder as they learn new things is incredibly rewarding.” Mr. Heyes, Grade 4 teacher


Last year David and I were partners in music and we composed a song that was 100 bars long. I like language, gym, French, art—pretty much everything that happens during the day. Rhea, Grade 5

“With small classes, you learn about each student’s learning style and can incorporate that knowledge into the lessons. My classroom is fun. You see students laughing and working together to solve something. The classroom is really a community. It’s rewarding to see students grow as people throughout the year and watch them try things they have difficulty with and overcome those difficulties.” Ms. Gopal, Grade 7 teacher

in the middle and thriving. The stimulating IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages students to explore what’s important to them, to make personal connections to a wider world of meaning and to become critical and reflective thinkers. One way we bring our motto, Experience Teaches, to life is through Challenge Week. During a week in May, students take part in dozens of activities outside the classroom, from building their own electric guitars and learning to play them, to learning how to cook with local chefs, to canoeing in northern Ontario. It’s a chance to discover new interests, connect with the world in new ways and stretch mentally and physically. Grade 9 students develop a new understanding of our country through the Integrated Canadian Experience (ICE), a combination of English, history and geography. ICE gets students out of the classroom to engage directly with the landscape, people and stories of Canada.


I like math because there’s always a new challenge that I can think about and solve. Last year I was a class rep, and I was in the gardening club, the intermediate choir, the volleyball team and the art club. York is lots of fun. Victoria, Grade 7

Learning happens everywhere. The York School is located on Yonge Street at the centre of Canada’s most diverse and dynamic city. We provide students with access to world-class music and theatre, markets, museums and galleries. We also have opportunities for outdoor education in beautiful surroundings just a few hours north of Toronto. Here in Toronto, our facilities include a black box theatre, a MIDI lab, a Mac media lab, student lounges, two libraries, bright classrooms, a gym overlooking downtown Toronto and a classroom at Evergreen Brick Works. The athletic programme at The York School balances competition with participation, teaching the important life skills of teamwork and active living. The impressive variety of clubs and activities ensures that there is something for everyone.

I like my grade a lot— everyone is very outgoing and friendly. I play basketball, volleyball, run track and this year I’m trying curling. I’m also on the community service committee and the school newspaper. Kailey, Grade 9

Learning to make a difference. At The York School, we prepare students to become engaged citizens of the world. Every year there are opportunities for students to give back to their community by volunteering or raising money through organizations like United Way and the Terry Fox Run. Students embrace the wider world through school trips and international exchanges. One of the most extraordinary experiences is the India expedition. After preparing all year, students travel to southern India to work at an orphanage and school, connecting with a world dramatically different from their own. In a small school there are many opportunities for students to lead —as prefects, mentors, club members, event planners and more. Leadership that starts here continues for a lifetime.

You get to know everyone really well at York, so it feels like a community. I love being part of the sports teams. I also like the academics—it’s challenging, but the teachers help you so much that you end up really knowing your stuff. Noah, Grade 9

I like the fact that the school is co-ed—real life is co-ed, so I think school should be too. York really strives to find and value the individual character of each student. We’re all different in my grade, but we all get along so well. Aya, Grade 12 with Maddie, Grade 3

ready to take on the world. The final years at The York School are full of activity as students prepare to complete the IB Diploma Programme and take the next steps towards university. Students develop their oral and written communication, research and analytical skills through the IB Diploma Programme. The exceptional Upper School faculty provides help and support every step of the way. Our counsellors work closely with students during the university application and selection process. The IB Diploma is the ultimate passport, positioning York students for admission to top universities across Canada and around the world. Our senior students understand the importance of balance. In addition to their academic responsibilities, they are also leaders in all aspects of student life and make a significant contribution to the culture and spirit of the school. At The York School, students are immersed in a rich learning experience, within and beyond the classroom. They will be well-prepared for the future, with the curiosity, compassion, confidence and adventurous spirit to be themselves and to be great.

“I wasn’t always the most outgoing kid, but as I got older I liked the idea of taking a leadership role. It started with being a mentor for kids in Grades 7 and 8 and went from there. This year I’m Head of one of our four Houses. York has always been known as a strong academic school, but it’s a lot more than that. Last year I was on two championship teams and the school won five championships! York has given me what I need to take that next step—I feel that I’m completely ready for university.” Nauman, Grade 12



1639 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4T 2W6

1320 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1X2

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International Baccalaureate from JK to Grade 12

600 students


Two Campuses


Lower School at 1639 Yonge Street

Upper School at 1320 Yonge Street

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Lower School, Grades JK to 5

1639 Yonge Street Toronto, ON Canada M4T 2W6 Upper School, Grades 6 to 12

1320 Yonge Street Toronto, ON Canada M4T 1X2 Admissions: 416 646 5275 Email:

2012 York School Prospectus  

2012 York School Prospectus

2012 York School Prospectus  

2012 York School Prospectus