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Um zu beginnen: Man muss mit dem, was man hat zu starten. Man kann auf einem Modell nennen, oder man kann im Grunde sprechen. Es ist ein Kampf, grundlegend zu sprechen. Grundlegend zu sprechen is der wahre Ansatz. Dies ist die effizientesten Art und Veise der Kommunikation f端r Dasein in Bezug auf eine Zeitlosigkeit. Ein Anzatz ohne Modell ist eine ontologische sehensweert. In offering models, we do not approach that which is to be approached, the Problem. It can be spatialized, temporalized, the Problem. It can be Approached this way. Is it true that we will never see the Problem directly, clearly? Are we not constantly the view itself of the Problem? Is this not why it is a problem to us? How do we Work Towards Approaching our own-most potentiality for Being>? How do we Work Towards Approaching ourselves? Are we not a problem to ourselves? Im a h A gesture towards Modelling does damage to the direction of the Apporach. We must work blindly towards seeing it. We must work Towards. Working Towards is the active aspect of Approaching. What soundtrack is 'uninvited' from? What movie did I watch at lauren stav's house with : : : hugh jackman?? no, with.... what moviel.. italian . Three dog night ? Or something blue... and city of angels mickey blue eyes

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This is a piece of work written in german.

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