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Sports Culture in PDX


“We’re lucky to enjoy one of the best fan bases in all of hockey, and to reach eight million is a great tribute to the passion hockey fans have shown for this franchise since it arrived in 1976,”

-Doug Piper, President

“Hockey was one thing, but it’s just as important how you carried yourself off the ice. My experience there and the family I lived with molded me into who I am today.” -Randy Heath, Former Player

The Portland Winterhawks are an extremely successful minor league hockey team. The Winterhawks draw in many international athletes and is a attraction for fans due to the fact that it is a proving ground for young athletes on their way to the NHL. Games are commonly sold out and the Hawks are constantly interacting with their fans through promotions. In recent years, the Winterhawks have seen success throughout their seasons, winning the Western Conference every year since 2010. The Winterhawks brought a championship to Portland in 2013 by winning the Western Hockey League. This team is credited with bringing hockey culture into Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

“Basketball is expensive. Soccer has Annoying fans. It’s a great family experience.”

Portland Thunder Research Project  

This piece shows in-depth research and a strategic direction for a new arena football team.

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