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Case Studies

New Orleans is a place where passion and creativity drive every decision that is made. Whether it be from Mardi Gras to sporting events, the community is the one that drive the executions and they are who the city look to when enacting something new or bringing in a new team. Pelicans owner Rita Benson LeBlanc said, “What we are so good about in New Orleans is building out our culture of music and food, and now it’s that culture of sports.” After the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, the region came together and began to rebuild, not only their city, but the culture that is synonymous with New Orleans. The sports teams are no different when it comes to their methods of connecting with the fans. The Pelicans tag-line for their promotional material this year is “Take Flight,” symbolizing both the abilities of the winged fowl that the team is named after, but also representing the connection between the team and community.

“it’s a symbol of strength, not only for a basketball team, but for a whole city.”

Portland Thunder Research Project  

This piece shows in-depth research and a strategic direction for a new arena football team.