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Sports Culture in PDX

“You couldn’t start the game until Shonz says his famous quote..”Good Evening Blazer Fans, Wherever you may be”..and closed it out with..”Goodnight Evvvvvverybody!” a kid would listen to most all games alone in my room.. He is part of the family for sure..”

-Dave Schedin, Long-time Fan

“We played well. We play off the crowd here at home. We’re going to have to get that energy and that enthusiasm when we go on the road, but it was a good showing for our home fans and for us tonight.”

-Wesley Matthews, Player

The Portland Trail Blazers were Portland’s first major sport franchise in any of the four major sports divisions. With the introduction of the Blazers to Portland, the city rallied around the team and crafted them into what they are today. The Trail Blazers were the only professional sports team in Portland for 40 years until the addition of the Portland Timbers in 2009. With a span like that of only having one pro sports team, fans are going to be deeply rooted in the organization. Sell out after sell out. Dunk after dunk. Win or lose. The city of Portland is united around their team. Fans flock from different states and even different countries to experience a Trail Blazers basketball game. The energy is electric and the fans are dedicated and supportive no matter the outcome of the game.

“It’s always one of the best crowds in all of basketball.”


Portland Thunder Research Project  

This piece shows in-depth research and a strategic direction for a new arena football team.

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