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Responsive Cloud Presentation Help Using for Mock Up

Responsive Cloud Presentation This book is easy to understand, Responsive Cloud Presentation can be used for presentations on Web Designer, and Web and Application on Internet Browser, the reform in the manufacture of the Wordpress Theme we will explain how to use Smart Objects in Responsive Cloud Presentation Mock Up

here we explain in detail

The Top Layer Area of Smart Object, Double Click in the area and you can see the file in adobe photoshop

Indicated Layer Visibility Click the the area if you can see the object and click again if you not see the object. for top layer in smart object. i hope u invisibility the object, and don’t chage because, the Smart object for easy to use, and you can see the smart object in layer group style 1 - 9.


The Smart Object

1. Double Click ithe area and you can see area of smart objec in adobe photoshop

Area of your design

The Area Smart Object

2. Put Your Design at here and enter your design and remove the old design, or paste on the bottom layer, let your files are located on the top layer


File>Place the File or Drag the file to the Smart Object Area

Drag and Place

3. Drag your file or place in the area smart object, using place or File>Place. u can use drag file in Explorer to the Area of smart object.

if you save, Close the file

Save and Close

4. if your design is finish and now you can save the file or File>save. and close your file

remove the layer or hide rhe area



5. Finish and you can see the file now.

smart object is link to all acces in the all style

Help file and intruction  

responsive cloud mock up DOWNLOAD HERE :

Help file and intruction  

responsive cloud mock up DOWNLOAD HERE :