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President’s Message

Dear Members Happy New Year and Kong Hee Fatt Choy to all our Chinese members. Its the year of the Dragon with lots of lucky things to come, so I am told! By the time you receive this Newsletter all these celebrations would have come and gone including Australia Day! A time to appreciate this beautiful country we live in and though we treasure our beginnings and roots, we are proud to be Australian. I hope all your celebrations have been enjoyable Genevieve De Souza and that all the school children are having a restful time away from school. Thank you to the functions committee and their helpers and supporters for organising the New Year’s Eve dance. It was well attended and 2012 was welcomed in the usual rousing manner. This will be the last New Year’s Eve dance as the Management committee has opted to bring back the Christmas dance.

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Sunday Lunch


23rd Anniversary 3 A special review and planning meeting was held on Sunday 15 January Dinner Dance and Management Committee members reviewed events held in 2011 and made tentative plans for 2012. There will be many vacancies on Papiah Kristang 4 the Management Committee when the Association meets at its Annual Article st General Meeting on Sunday April 1 2012. At the review/planning meeting the following members indicated their intentions to step down – News and 5 vice President John Sutton, Secretary Frank Hedges, Seniors Coordinator Joan Reincastle, Functions Coordinator Margaret Chowdhurie, Chil- Golf dren’s Party Coordinator Thelma Green and Committee member Valerie 6 Calling All Whittaker. In the December newsletter nomination forms were sent for Cooks and the President’s position which will also be vacated in April. A total of seven positions will be vacant and I would like to request members of Talented the Association to seriously consider filling these positions. Without a Members! full Management Committee, it will be impossible for the Association to continue the many events and activities we have all come to take for Members Affairs 7 granted. If you wish to learn more information about these positions & Renewal please contact the Secretary Frank Hedges on 9389 7105 or email Frank at I thank you all in anticipation of a good re- Seniors Events sponse to this request. 8 & Annual I look forward to once again meeting all of you at our first lunch for the Awards year on Sunday 12 February 2012 and the Association’s Anniversary Dinner and Dance on Saturday 18 February 2012. To everyone who AGM Notice 9 will be travelling to Myalup for a well earned rest, have a great time and and Elections safe journey. 10 For any of you planning to travel to Singapore in late March, the Singa- Web Master & pore Eurasian Association is planning a big reunion of Eurasians from Celebrations South East Asia and Australia on 22/23rd March. For more details 11 please check our website on and you can view a Singapore EA letter from Bill Jansen President of the Eurasian Association in Reunion Letter Singapore which is also reproduced on page11 of this newsletter. Genevieve De Souza —PresidentTel: 9398 5375 email:

My Calendar



BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS Infinite Finance Australia Let us assess your current loan to ensure that it isn’t costing you more than it should. Call Troy Quintal 0415 764 672 for all your finance needs. Office ph: 9382 1125

SUNDAY LUNCH MENU February 12th 2012

Mee Rubus Tauhu Goreng Chicken Rice Nasi Briani Chi Kueh (side dish)

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PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd An aviation consulting company providing a range of technical, administrative and logistical services. Visit Contact Alan Jupp on 93774669 .

Plate of Cakes

(Menu Subject to Change)


Regular Sunday Lunches are at Redcliffe Community Hall Corner Morgan Road and Field Avenue in Redcliffe, entrance also from Grand Parade.

Tickets given out strictly on a first come first served basis. Tickets will not be given out for those who are yet to arrive. Lunch served from 12 noon. Members bringing guests, please sign in the Visitors Book at the door. Hope to see you there!


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23rd Anniversary Dinner Dance

Get your tables together ! Celebrate OUR Anniversary!! Saturday 18th February 2012 From 7pm till Midnight ( Dinner served at 7.30pm) at Belmont Sports & Recreation Club Cnr. Abernethy Road & Keane Street Band: Eurasia Tickets: $40 members $45 non members Strictly no BYO ( Fully Licensed Bar) Tickets available from: Joan 92769439 Margaret 93776280 Valerie 0412572476 and Robert 94536615 Tickets available at Sunday Lunch. PLEASE NOTE: Members who are not financial will be charged non-members price. So please renew membership before the day. No renewals will be accepted on the night.

Functions Committee.


PAPIAH KRISTANG Article taken from The Star – 27 November 2011

Stories by N. Rama Lohan MIND YOUR LANGUAGE The long arm of Portuguese influence stretches to language, music, festivals and food. Perhaps the most common misconception about Malacca-Creole Portuguese language Papiah Kristang, or Bahasa Serani, as it’s also commonly known, is that it’s spoken merely by the Portuguese descendants in the Portuguese settlement in Malacca’s Ujong Pasir. Also, the language being called Kristang is a point of contention, with some settlement folk insisting that it’s just an ancient form of Portuguese. Joan Marbeck, 67, a retired specialist music teacher and authority on the language, insists it belongs to every Malaysian-Eurasian who can trace his roots to Malacca at one time or another. “I would like to think it is the choice of the people there to project the name of the language they speak. Most of them believe that they are speaking ‘Portugis’, but I speak for the majority of Eurasians in the Portuguese settlement in Malacca, Malaysia, Singapore, Perth together with top Creolists, linguists, and historians, and we’d like to believe that the name of the language is and should be Papiah Kristang.” Marbeck sets the record straight. What is indisputable is that Joan Margaret Marbeck is trying to keep Papiah Kristang alive, writing books like Linggu Mai (Mother Tongue) to record it and make it more widely accessible. Papiah Kristang isn’t a pure language, it’s one that has evolved with the influence of other colonists and the prevalent languages of the time. “The etymology of Kristang can be traced to the history of Portuguese rule in Malacca for 130 years, their intermarrying with the local population, and the Dutch and English influence and other foreign traders that found their way to the great port of Malacca. First a pidgin Portuguese, then the pidgin developed into a Creole with a Portuguese base.” she explains. And just as Papiah Kristang has liberally taken from Bahasa Malaysia, it has also given back its fair share. Bahasa Melayu words like almari (almario, or, in English, cupboard), bendera (bandera, flag) mentega (mantaga, butter), garfu (garfo, fork) and meja (mesa, table) originate from it. “I would say the Kristang language borrowed some words from Bahasa Melayu through the 500 years of its existence while the Malay language practically adopted almost 600 Portuguese words into its vocabulary,” Marbeck says. Continuation of this interesting article in the March newsletter


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NEWS ……………. Suggestion Box The Management Committee encourages and welcomes constructive feedback from members. All signed suggestions will be responded to in writing.

Member’s Draw— Draw—Be there to win The member’s cash draw jackpots each month if it is not won. You have to be there to win so come along and support AEAWA’s lunches to be eligible for the member’s draw.

Get all the AEAWA NEWS— NEWS—Electronically! If any member would like to receive updates on AEAWA activities by email, please send a short email to our Vice President, John Sutton who is compiling an email distribution list. John will then add you to the list. Emails sent in this way will not reveal your email address to other members on the distribution list. John’s email address is

From The WebMaster •

Have a look at our web site. Over 1,000 photos in about 54 albums!

trying to make "Posts" to AEAWA web site but no success? Has the web site got your correct email address. You might need to update your profile

AEAWA CLUB GOLF For details of the next game, Please contact — Graeme Mitchell on 0403 336 899


CALLING OUR TALENTED MEMBERS!! Would you like to perform at one of our Monthly Lunches? Calling on all Talent from our membership pool to put your hand up; I know there are musicians, singers, dancers, magicians, comedians amongst you out there! So come on, share your gift and entertain an appreciative audience. I am waiting to hear from you, call me, Valerie - 0412 572 476

CALLING ALL CHEFS AND COOKS!! AEAWA needs YOU!!!! Do you have a special dish that the whole family raves about? Are you passionate about maintaining the wonderful tradition of our very special Eurasian cuisine?? Then why not volunteer to cook for one of our Sunday Lunches? You will be reimbursed for your ingredients (should you wish) and have a chance to share your special recipes. You don't have to cook the whole amount on your own—very often each cook prepares a share of a particular dish. Contact Daisy Westerhout on 94565435 to find out more. Come on and give it a go!!!!


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MEMBERSHIP There are no new members this month. Those who wish to pay direct to AEAWA’s Account here are the details:Account Name: Australian Eurasian Association of W.A. Inc. Bank : Bank West BSB: 306 042 Account Number: 082 139-5 Reference: Subs (name) or (membership number)

A reminder that 2012 fees became due on 31st December 2011 Please post the form below with your cheque to renew your Fees for 2012 or pay me at the Sunday Lunch or pay direct to AEAWA– as noted above.

Pensioner: Single: Family: Charles Reincastle Members Affairs

1 yr $15 1 yr $19 1 yr $28

or or or

3 yrs $40.50 3 yrs $51.30 3 yrs $75.60 Tel: 92769439/0404215042

BE AN AEAWA MEMBER AND ENJOY THE BENEFITS…. • Activities & outings • Monthly newsletter • Friendship • Community • FUN • Entertainment

Charles Reincastle Members Affairs Tel: 9276 9439


MEMBERS RENEWAL FORM Name (s)…………………………………………………………………………………………… Address……………………………………………………………………………………………. Amount $........................................................ Membership No…………………………….

Send this form to AEAWA Members Affairs PO Box 875, Cloverdale WA 6105


SENIORS EVENTS - MARK YOUR DIARY … Not just for Seniors—but for All Members and Friends! Hi All, Kong Hee Fatt Choy’, ‘Happy Australia Day’ and’ Happy Valentine’ to all our members and friends. 1. Thirty-six happy wanderers will be heading down to Myalup Indian Ocean Retreat for a fabulous week end of fun, laughter and socializing, with a well planned menu, entertainment, activities, and sight seeing. The group will have a marvelous time enjoying each others company. Perhaps we can indulge ourselves with crabbing at Australind! Bring your scoop nets for some fun. 2. Annual Chinese dinner:Date: Venue: Cost: Drinks: Time: -

Saturday 10th March 2012 Wah Sun Chinese Restaurant Corner of Walter Road/Coode Street Morley, opp. Morley Bowls. $25.00pp B.Y.O. 7.00 p.m. Come and make a table of 10 with your family and friends. Register and pay at the February Sunday Lunch. God Bless and keep cool, safe and healthy. Seniors Coordinator Joan Reincastle 92769439/0419906719

AEAWA ANNUAL AWARDS The Ida Da Silva Award for The Arts Ida Da Silva was a founding member of AEAWA and devoted much of her time to continuing the traditions of Portuguese dancing and singing. Ida’s work is commemorated by this award made to a young member for achievement in any of the artistic fields. The Andrew Clarke Award for Sport Andrew Clarke was famous for his sporting achievements especially on the Hockey field, and for his encouragement of young people in sport. Andrew is remembered each year by this award for sporting achievement. The Ivan Richards Award for Community Service We are pleased to remember Ivan’s long record of service to the Community by this award. Unlike the other awards which are applied for, members can nominate another member based on their service to the community. Forms are on our web site. Closing date will be strictly 24 February 2012 . No applications/nominations received after that date will be considered


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YOUR ASSOCIATION NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT 1 April 2012 - Redcliffe Hall As previously notified the 2012 AGM will be held at 10am on Sunday 1 April, earlier than in past years because of Easter the following week. The AGM will be at Redcliffe Hall as in previous years. Only current Financial Members are entitled to participate - if you are not sure of your financial status please check with Charles Reincastle on 9276 9439 or 0404 215 042. If you are not financial, please renew your membership before the AGM. On arrival, please enter your name in the AGM Attendance Register. A free lunch will be provided to financial members in attendance at the AGM. The minutes of the 2011 AGM and the Agenda for the 2012 AGM will be mailed to all members (hopefully) with the March Newsletter. Because of the need for Audit of our accounts, the 2011-2012 Financial Statements may not go out with that Newsletter. Clause 11 of the Constitution provides for the conduct of our AGM's. If any financial member wishes to move a resolution at the AGM, notice of that resolution is to be provided in writing to the Secretary (me) at PO Box 875 Cloverdale, WA, 6105, preferably co-signed by any seconder to the resolution. Any such resolution is to be with the Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM, in other words by 24 March 2012. However, if you read Clause 11.11 of the Constitution, you will see that in relation to the submission of resolutions, there is conflict between 11.8 which provides for resolutions to be submitted to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM, and 11.11 which says that proposed resolutions must be available to members at least 14 days before the AGM! Such a can of worms maybe itself the subject of a resolution from any of our constitutional experts!

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE VACANCIES and ELECTIONS Hand in hand with each AGM goes the election of Office Bearers for our Management Committee - this year, of the 4 positions on the Executive Committee, only the Treasurer position does not fall vacant, so the vacant positions are those of President, Vice President, Secretary and 8 Management Committee members. Elsewhere in this Newsletter you will find pleas from the President for AEAWA members to nominate for the vacant positions - nomination forms will be included in the March Newsletter, but if any member would like to nominate early, please see me at the February lunch. Frank Hedges Secretary


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Gong Xi Fa Cai ! To all our members and friends celebrating the Year of the Dragon!!

Happy Australia Day !


Singapore Eurasian Association Reunion

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My Calendar 2012 FEBRUARY 2012

• • •

3rd to 5th - Weekend Away at Myalup Beach 12th Sunday Lunch 18th - AEAWA 23rd Anniversary Dinner Dance

MARCH 2012

• • •

10th Annual Chinese Dinner 11th Sunday Lunch 23-24 Singapore EA Reunion

APRIL 2012

1st April Annual General Meeting – Financial Members ONLY

MAY 2012

Lunch date to be advised due to Mother’s Day

JUNE 2012

10th Sunday Lunch

JULY 2012

8th Sunday Lunch

Please contact any YOUR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE one of the Committee if you President Genevieve De Souza 93985375 have any questions or Vice President John Sutton 0437 286 301 ideas. Secretary Frank Hedges 93897105 We are always happy Treasurer Carol Richards 0411 812 981 Seniors Joan Reincastle 92769439 to hear from you! Letters to the Editor If you have some interesting news or things to celebrate— Please write to PO Box 875 Cloverdale WA 6105 Or email

Member’s Affairs Catering Children’s Party Functions Committee Member Committee Member/Golf Committee Member

Charles Reincastle Daisy Westerhout Thelma Green Margaret Chowdhurie Sue James Graeme Mitchell Valerie Whitaker

92769439 94565435 94547251 0403 179 505 93321294 0403 336 899 0412 572 476

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