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APRIL 2011


President’s Message Dear Members

Genevieve De Souza

It’s been a busy couple of months for the Association. The Eurasianlympics after our lunch on 13 March took a lot of time and organisation but it all paid off as it was a great day for families and once again a big thank you to Chad Beins and all his volunteers for a job well done! More information on this fun event in this Newsletter. Thank you to all who participated with such exemplary sportsmanship.

And speaking of the Newsletter, it is a costly exercise for the Association to produce and post 200 over newsletters a month and the Management committee would like to encourage members to view their monthly newsletters on the website. It is easy to do and in colour too and hopefully we can gradually phase out the hardcopies except to members who are not on the internet. The newsletters are normally available on the website the week leading up to our Sunday lunch. You can also view all the latest photographs and some old ones from the archives on our website at

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Sunday Lunch


March Sunday Lunch Photos


Our Annual General Meeting for 2011 will take place on Sunday 10 April AGM Notices 2011 and attendance will be open to all financial members. After the Coming Awards meeting members present will be invited to a free lunch but it is imperative for catering purposes to register your attendance with our catering co-ordinator Daisy Westerhout on 9456 5435. The meeting com- News and mences at 10.00 am. Golf I would like to thank all members for their kind support and encouragement during my first year in office and it has been a real eye opener for History of me. I am impressed at the commitment of the various committees and Portuguese the sacrifices they make to ensure that every activity and event is well Malacca Part 2 organised and that every one attending has an enjoyable time. I look forward to my second year as President of the Association and the continued warm friendship that I have experienced has been the highlight of Members Affairs this first year. We grow with each experience, good or bad. & Renewal There are still some membership renewals outstanding and I would like to request members who have not renewed for 2011 to do so as soon Seniors Events as possible. Thank you for your kind co-operation. We value your membership and would like you to come along and enjoy the many activities that the various committees will have planned for you this Special Events & year. Lunch News Don’t forget to mark your calendars - Sunday 14 August 2011 – we will be celebrating the 500 year landing of the Portuguese in Malacca. We Eurasianlympics are planning a buffet of Eurasian dishes and cakes and entertainment Photos from famous Eurasian identities from the past, present and future. More information soon. Eurasianlympics See you all at the AGM Photos Genevieve De Souza —President Tel: 9398 5375

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BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS C & V Theseira Enterprises ( Thanks for your support. Education Consultants – English School for non-English speaking adults. (Osborne Park) Migration Consultants (China). Managing agents for ‘COLOSTRUM’ health and wellness products. Call Viv 0417 171 440

SUNDAY LUNCH MENU AGM April Free lunch for Members only attending the AGM

Finance Edge Australia—Mortgage Brokers Let us assess your current loan to ensure that it isn’t costing you more than it should. Call Emile Dawson 0413 513 606 or Troy Quintal 0415 764 672 for all your finance needs. Office ph 9328 9600

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Mt LAWLEY OPTICAL Bulk Bill Medicare and all private funds. Frames to suit all budgets. Call Eric Remedios - 9328 1705. 430 Fitzgerald St. North Perth

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PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd An aviation consulting company providing a range of technical, administrative and logistical services. Visit Contact Alan Jupp on 93774669 .


Regular Sunday Lunches are at Redcliffe Community Hall Corner Morgan Road and Field Avenue in Redcliffe, entrance also from Grand Parade.

Tickets given out strictly on a first come first served basis. Tickets will not be given out for those who are yet to arrive. Lunch served from 12 noon. Members bringing guests, please sign in the Visitors Book at the door. Hope to see you there!


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March Sunday Lunch

Karaoke in full swing! -See more great photos at


AGM NEWS Annual General Meeting Redcliffe Hall at 10am Sunday 10 April 2011 With this Newsletter you will find the Minutes of the 2010 AGM and the Agenda for the 2011 AGM. Please bring these documents with you when you come for the AGM as we will not have spare copies. On arrival please make sure you enter your name in the Attendance Register at the main entry point – a reminder that only financial members may attend and participate in the AGM proceedings. If you are not sure if your membership is current please contact Charles Reincastle on 9276 9439 before the AGM to check your membership status. Also, if you have not already registered your intention to attend, please contact Daisy Westerhout on 9456 5435 to let her know of that intention – if you do not do so, you run the risk of a (free) lunch not being ordered for you – and we would not like to see you go hungry! Tea and coffee are free but soft drinks are a cost to you. Apologies can be emailed to me on: Finally, if you are interested in being the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or a Management Committee Member, you will need to be nominated and seconded for such a position – nomination forms were sent out in February but so far none have been returned – please see me at the AGM if you wish to obtain a form. Frank Hedges


AEAWA Annual Awards Presented at the AGM The Ida Da Silva Award for The Arts Ida Da Silva was a founding member of AEAWA and devoted much of her time to continuing the traditions of Portuguese dancing and singing. Ida’s work is commemorated by this award made to a young member for achievement in any of the artistic fields. The Andrew Clarke Award for Sport Andrew Clarke was famous for his sporting achievements especially on the Hockey field, and for his encouragement of young people in sport. Andrew is remembered each year by this award for sporting achievement. The Ivan Richards Award for Community Service We are pleased to remember Ivan’s long record of service to the Community with this award. Unlike the other awards which are applied for, members can nominate another member based on their service to the community.


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NEWS ……………. Suggestion Box No suggestions received this month. The Management Committee encourages and welcomes constructive feedback from members. All signed suggestions will be discussed by the Committee and responded to in the newsletter.

Member’s Draw— Draw—Be there to win The member’s cash draw jackpots each month if it is not won. You have to be there to win so come along and support AEAWA’s lunches to be eligible for the member’s draw.

Deepest Sympathy Condolences to Hazel Retnam and family on the death of her husband Eric, to Ernie Lopez on the death of his brother and to Charles Geddes on the death of his daughter. May they rest in peace.



Congratulations! To Jean and Tony Quintal who recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Get all the AEAWA NEWS— NEWS—Electronically! If any member would like to receive updates on AEAWA activities by email, please send a short email to our Vice President, John Sutton who is compiling an email distribution list. John will then add you to the list. Emails sent in this way will not reveal your email address to other members on the distribution list. John’s email address is

Would you like a fully functioning, legal computer? Please download an application form from our web site. These are VERY cheap and are supplied by The City of Wanneroo “Men’s Shed” organisation. A big thank you to our Eustace Boudeville for facilitating this great offer.

AEAWA CLUB GOLF Next game— For details Please contact — Graeme Mitchell on 0403 336 899


PAPIAH KRISTANG—SPEAK KRISTANG Malacca’s 500th Anniversary To mark the 500th Anniversary of the Portuguese landing in Malacca – August 1511 – a short history of this event will be featured in our newsletters leading up to August when we will celebrate this momentous event in the history of some of the Eurasians who originated in Malacca. We will continue featuring the Kristang language in September.

THE PORTUGUES CONQUEST OF MALACCA The first attack—continued from last month

It was now 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The Portuguese had been fighting continuously since dawn. They had no food, and no men could be spared to go back to the ships to bring supplies. It was agonising to hold the bridge in the burning heat of the day, under continuous fire from the enemy, with seventy men wounded, some by poisoned arrows (from which all save one died). Towards nightfall, finding it impossible to complete the stockade on the bridge, d’Albuquerque gave the order to withdraw. As the troops returned in relays to the ships they were subjected to a harassing fire of bullets and poisoned darts and arrows by the defenders; but they nevertheless took with them a great deal of captured material, including fifty bombards from the bridge. A breathing space This first attack had only a limited success for the Portuguese, since although they had captured the bridge they had not been strong enough to hold it. It was, however, a victory and d’Albuquerque believed that the city, having suffered heavy losses in troops and by fire, would hasten to surrender. The Sultan, however, showed an unexpected obstinacy and whilst continuing to make vague promises of friendship utterly refused to become a vassal of the King of Portugal. Many of the merchants, however, who cared more for their goods than for Malacca, now began to press for peace with the Portuguese. They were afraid the Portuguese would win and would sack the city. Utimutiraja, for instance, sent a present of sandalwood to d’Albuquerque, though, at the same time, he sent his people to help the defenders to build new palisades and barricades. It was considered a wise precaution to keep friendly with both sides. Conclusion to ‘The first attack’ next month. Also featuring next month –The Legend of Pulau Besar


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MEMBERSHIP AEAWA welcomes the following new members— Robert & Antionette Beins Kate & Daniel Mitchell Jeff & Karen Mitchell


• Activities & outings

Rejoining Members: Fabian & Sharon Singho Dennis & Ingrid Reincastle

• Monthly newsletter

Please make them welcome when you see them. Those who wish to pay direct to AEAWA’s Account here are the details:Account Name: Australian Eurasian Association of W.A. Inc. Bank : Bank West BSB: 306 042 Account Number: 082 139-5 Reference: Subs (name) or (membership number)

Fees for 2011 are payable from 31 December 2010. Pensioner: Single: Family: Charles Reincastle Members Affairs

1 yr $15 1 yr $19 1 yr $28

or or or

3 yrs $40.50 3 yrs $51.30 3 yrs $75.60 Tel: 92769439/0404215042

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MEMBERS RENEWAL FORM Name (s)…………………………………………………………………………………………… Address……………………………………………………………………………………………. Amount $........................................................ Membership No…………………………….

Send this form to AEAWA Members Affairs PO Box 875, Cloverdale WA 6105


SENIORS EVENTS - MARK YOUR DIARY … Not just for Seniors—but for All Members and Friends! Hi All, “A Very Happy Easter to all our members and friends. Please take care on the roads and a wonderful Easter Break” It has been a very rewarding year, with so many activities being organized by the various coordinators. Thanks to my wonderful team of truly dedicated and caring Seniors Sub- Committee members who have helped plan the various outings and events. We look forward to promote further activities in the coming term. Thanks to all our supporters. God Bless and see you at the A.G.M.

Joan Reincastle Seniors Coordinator 92769439/ 0419906719


Do you have access to Microsoft Publisher and the internet? Are you interested in the production of our monthly Newsletter?? We need to have a backup person to produce the monthly newsletter. It is easy to do and the Editor will provide full training. If you can help, please contact any one of our Committee Members via the telephone numbers listed on the back page. Thanks!!


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SPECIAL EVENTS & LUNCH NEWS ‘Eurasianlympics II’ – Family & Friends Games Day To all who assisted and participated in Eurasianlympics II ……thank you so much for helping us make the event so enjoyable and a wonderful success! We had 8 teams which was 2 more than last years Games. The teams competed in 5 events and after very intense but sporting competition, the ‘Team Champion’ trophy was triumphantly held up by the team simply known as “Friends” who scored a massive 56 points to be the stand out team of the competition! “The Rangers” took up second spot with 44 points and ‘lucky’ “Team M” who tied with last years’ Champions “The Fellowship of the Beins” on 43 points successfully nudged us out by a mere 9 seconds in the ‘hantam bola’ event to take out third placing. All I can say is……..we’ll be back!!!!! The day was a success due to the tireless effort of the many helpers who never needed to be asked twice for their assistance…..for this I am truly grateful! Thanks for all the donations (prizes, equipment etc), to the referees, coordinators and scorers, the food and drink helpers and all the supporters who were there cheering us on, thank you. But most of all, thanks to all the participants because if not for you, there will be no Games!! I hope you had lots of fun!! We hope to reach our target of 10 teams next year… start training now!! Please go to our website and enjoy the many pictures taken. The laughter, cheers and smiles on the day made it all worth while. Till we meet again next year and to Eurasianlympics III…Congratulations!!!!!

Sunday Lunch The March lunch entertainment, as promised, was an opportunity for our members to ‘come forth and shine’ and that, I can say, was done with lots of fun and enthusiasm…Rita Gostelo kicked us off with her wonderful rendition of ‘Almost Persuaded’ and we ended the afternoon with a group of talented members doing their version of Olivia Newton John & John Travolta’s hit song ‘Summer Nights’!!! All in all…it was fantastic! Big thank you to Alan Jupp and his grandson and all involved with the set up of our ‘Karaoke & Singalong’ afternoon. It was wonderful to see a large number of our ‘younger’ members at the lunch and more importantly many of them came up to have a go at singing as well. Well done and thanks everyone! April lunch – there will be no lunchtime entertainment as it will be our AGM and after the meeting it will give us all a chance to catch up with some old acquaintances for a quiet chat….

What’s coming up…. Thank you to everyone who has helped and participated in all our monthly lunches and special events during the year 2010/2011. I have had an enjoyable experience and I hope you had fun too. I hope that I will be able to count on you again for 2011/2012 events. Cheers! Stay tuned members, we have a new and energetic sub committee set up to plan all your monthly lunchtime entertainment and family and cultural events for the coming year 2011/2012. Our new portfolio will be known as Family (Friends) and Cultural Events (FaCE) and we will tell you more about it at the AGM. We are hoping that more of you, our members, will join us for our fun filled monthly lunches and events which we are planning for you throughout the coming year. We will organise the events but we need you to support us!! Chad Beins



Hantam Bola (Dodge Ball)— OUCH!!

Darts, And more


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EURASIANLYMPICS II - more photos at The Champions!!

All good sports.

After the hard work comes the food.......


My Calendar 2011 APRIL

10th Sunday Lunch AGM—Members Only Please


1st Sunday Lunch—Note earlier time Happy Mother’s Day


12th Sunday Lunch


10th Sunday Lunch


14th Sunday Lunch –Special 500th Anniversary—Portuguese in Malacca


11th Sunday Lunch

Please contact any YOUR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE one of the President Genevieve De Souza 93985375 Committee if you Vice President John Sutton 0437 286 301 Frank Hedges 93897105 have any questions or Secretary Treasurer Gary Fernandez 0407 330 612 ideas. Joan Reincastle 92769439 We are always happy Seniors Member Affairs Charles Reincastle 92769439 to hear from you!

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AEAWA Newsletter April-2011


AEAWA Newsletter April-2011