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Aide et Action Hong Kong

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Newsletter | December 2018


The Very First Step:

Early Childhood Education By the time children reach the age of three, their brains are twice as active as the brains of adults! And research has also shown that half of a person’s intelligence potential is developed by the age of four and that early childhood interventions can have a lasting effect on intellectual capacity, personality and social behavior. That’s why one of AEA’s priorities is to help develop Early Childhood Care & Education in Cambodia, Laos, China and Vietnam.

AEA works across our region in helping schools and communities develop pre-primary schools. Our play-based curriculum makes art and creativity a big part of the fun and learning there.

Our impact in 2017

©Sandro di Carlo Darsa/Tigre

Just like learning to read, write and do maths, art and creativity are hugely important for kids. And the earlier in life they get into it, the better. Without access to art and creative activities, children may not be building the foundations needed for motor skills, abstract thinking, problem solving and healthy emotional responses.


people benefited

including more than 1.5million children

Project countries


Benefited schools


On-going projects


A “blind” person with vision - A story of an illiterate woman

Despite the rapid economic growth in China, illiteracy is still a big problem in the remote villages in northwestern part of China. Since 2005, Aide et Action started intervention in China and kicked off with “Women Literacy Class” to cope with the challenge. Last year, we launched a new initiative called “Small hand in big hand” in Gansu province, to encourage the elderly grandmothers to join the illiteracy class with their grandchildren. Ms. Cheung, aged 73 now, is taking care of her four grandchildren, because her son and daughter-in-law are currently working far away from home. To her, being unable to read made her feel like a blind person all her life. “I am not able to read the notices from school. I cannot even fill out a form or sign any paperwork with my name.” Ms. Cheung is not only the oldest student in her class, but also the most diligent one.



“I really cannot believe that my age, I can still walk into a classroom and start learning to read just like children do! Now I can study with my grandchildren. Even their parents are not here, I can now study with them.” Aide et Action hopes to encourage cross-generation learning through this “Small hand in big hand” scheme, so the participating women can look after the children during class, which is proven that it improves both the attendance and number of enrolled students, as well as the learning outcomes. In the future, we hope to reach out to other rural villages in need and help at least 300 women to get out of illiteracy every year.



School construction for Khmu children

Pakchanh Village is located in rural Meun District of Vientiane Province, approximately 170 km from Vientiane Capital. The small community consists of 282 families, 94% belong to the Khmu ethnic minority group. In 2016, a pre-primary classroom was arranged in the temporary building of the primary school. With walls constructed from wood and bamboo lattice and a roof made of old corrugated sheets, the building was in poor condition and provides little protection. It made teaching and learning particularly difficult during rainy or hot days. With the support from our donor, a new school classroom was built in August 2018. It is now a permanent building well equipped with desks and chairs, as well as teaching and learning materials, and a playground.

The old classroom

Student can now study in a proper school

New Partner of AEA: Retykle

Mooncake Charity Sale | AEA X RISE Former news presenter Icy Wong founded RISE Boulangerie and workshop after completing her baking course in Le Cordon Bleu, hoping to bring high quality French bread to every family in Hong Kong. This year, Aide et Action partnered with RISE once again to raise fund through mooncake charity sale. Every mooncake box sold, RISE donated part of the proceeds to Aide et Action to support the education mission. We would like to express our gratitude to RISE and every customer for the support!

Retykle is an online platform for selling and buying secondhand designer kids clothing. It allows people to sell or buy idle kids clothes in an efficient way and reduce textile waste along fashion supply chain. Sarah Garner founded Retykle in 2016, after many years of experience in luxury fashion. After having her children, she witnessed first-hand how quickly kids grow out of their clothes leaving behind closets bursting with smaller sizes, most of the items barely worn. It motivated her to start Retykle, with the aim to strike a balance with fashion and environmental protection.

“ I wanted to make a change,

and be on a side of fashion that was part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


- Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle

New Partner of AEA: Coin Dragon As Octopus payment and e-wallet are getting more and more popular, carrying coins around can be an annoyance. Coins Dragon is an innovative solution to facilitate the conversion of coin value into bank savings, octopus value add, redeem vouchers or charity donation.

Aide et Action is now listed as one of the beneficiaries of Retykle. Please visit their website

https://retykle.com/ and start retykling!

Aide et Action is happy to launch to collaboration with Coin Dragon very soon. Every penny counts. Together, we shall make the world a better place through the power of education.

Find a Kiosk: www.coindragon.co

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