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Creating a brighter future for underprivileged bright minds

The United Wisdom of Africa Foundation (UWAF) is committed to supporting talented and bright underprivileged children in Africa to access quality education. UWAF seeks to assist successful primary school graduates who have achieved excellent academic results and require financial assistance in order to attend secondary school. UWAF’s core conviction is that securing a brighter future for Africa’s upcoming change-makers starts with mobilizing the abundance of human capital and economic resources within the continent and its Diasporas.

UWAF envisions a world of equal opportunities for motivated and promising young African minds to obtain the best education and guidance they can get, to be given a chance to pursue their dreams regardless of their socio-economic circumstances in life. UWAF’s founding principle is based on a firm belief in community responsibility, grounded in the adage: those whom much is given, more is required. Through our Give Back Programme, UWAF encourages and facilitate young achievers from an early age to plough back their knowledge, experiences and skills for the benefit of their communities, hence planting seeds for future responsible leadership. UWAF strongly believes in creating a sustainable environment in which Africa’s brightest and talented minds are nurtured, stimulated and retained within the continent to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa. UWAF accepts the challenge of contributing to the development of Africa’s pool of wisdom through its scholarship programme that ensures that bright and deserving children have access to quality secondary school education.

UWAF also coordinates a mentorship and coaching programme for students to receive adequate support and guidance to ensure their holistic development as tomorrow’s change-makers and role models for a sustainable, peaceful Africa. UWAF recognizes the urgency to invest in education for bright and talented young African children, the hope for Africa’s brighter future. By investing in these students we are able to grow a knowledge-based economy that will spur changes in the development process of the continent. Through our Advocacy programme UWAF strives to raise awareness on relevant issues relating to quality and access to education in Africa. UWAF is therefore internationally engaged in proactive lobby and advocacy through collaborations in public presentations, participation in discussions, and policy dialogues to ensure transparency, accountability and effectiveness in resource allocation for education in Africa. Support us If you would like to support us give life to the dreams of bright but underprivileged children in Africa, please visit our website and see what you can do.

UWAF Queridostraat 14-2 3532 ED Utrecht The Netherlands +31 (0)634 627 662 Account nr 1086.70.422 IBAN NR NL32RABO0108670422 BIC RABONL2U. k.v.k. nr. 52232646

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