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Invest in the future of Rwanda and donate a school bag!

What’s One School Bag Per Child? One School Bag Per Child is a campaign by UWAF to provide basic educational materials to underprivileged primary school children in Rwanda in order to enhance the quality of education

Despite the country’s progress in restoration after the 1994 Genocide, access to and quality of education still lags behind due to high poverty levels, scarcity of resources and inadequate capacity. More than half of Rwandans still live below the poverty line. Majority of the poor live in rural areas where even the most basic educational materials remains out of reach. For many of these children, having access to basic learning materials can make the difference between staying in school or dropping out. The One School Bag Per Child project provides school bags filled with pens, dictionaries, mathematical set and exercise books; thus removing barriers to effective learning and leads to better education results.

Why One School Bag Per Child? Education has emerged as one of the key drivers for change in Rwanda; the introduction of free primary education has resulted in high enrolment rates, but facilities are not expanding fast enough. In order to fill this gap, UWAF is investing in the future of Rwanda through its children thus creating real opportunities for change and transformation. One School Bag Per Child gives children a much deserved opportunity: a good basic education. It motivates them to go to school; relieves pressure on poor parents and gives teachers better teaching conditions.

Build a better future for school Children in Rwanda: Become a partner of One School Bag Per child

How does it work? UWAF targets realistic, achievable goals: in the first phase, One School Bag Per Child, aims to provide 3,500 school bags (@25 euro per piece) for nine schools in the district Muhanga in Rwanda. These schoolbags filled with learning materials, are made possible through the financial support of individuals and companies and material contributions (e.g. pens, bags or transport) of partners. We will then personally and directly hand them over to the children who need them most without undue administrative and bureaucratic expenses. After the first phase in Muhanga district, UWAF will roll out the One School Bag Per Child programme in other needy areas in Rwanda.

Support One School Bag Per Child Your individual or corporate support will help make this goal a reality and transform lives, one child-at-a-time. All donations are tax deductible as UWAF is registered as such. UWAF is specifically looking for long-term structural as well as individual partners for the programme to become a success and donations in cash or logistical and material support will be appreciated. Together, we can change lives and make today’s children tomorrow’s leaders.

One School Bag Per Child: invest in the future of Rwandan children!

About United Wisdom of Africa Foundation (UWAF) UWAF is committed to better education for children in Rwanda. Every child has the right to a good education because it gives them an opportunity for a better future regardless of their socioeconomic background. UWAF provides financial support, mentoring and coaching and through the Give Back program enables Rwandan students to share their knowledge with younger children. For more information on all our projects, visit UWAF is registered as a tax deductible non-profit organization (ANBI).

Creating a brighter future for underprivileged bright minds

UWAF is supported by:

United Wisdom of Africa Foundation (UWAF) Querido Street 14-2 | 3532 ED Utrecht E | T +31 - 30-8794294 W | Rabobank 1086.70.422


I support Rwandan school children

■ I donate school bag(s) (at e 25,- each) in support of One School Bag Per Child ■ I give UWAF permission to debit a single donation of e from my bank account in support of One School Bag Per Child. ■ I give UWAF permission to debit a monthly donation of e from my bank account in support of One School Bag Per Child. ■ Please contact me to see what we can do together for Rwandan children. Name: Organization: Street: Zip code:


E-mail: Bank account nr: Date:


United Wisdom of Africa Foundation (UWAF) Freepost number 4014 3500 VB UTRECHT The Netherlands

OSBPC - One School Bag Per Child  

Brochure : Invest in the future of Rwanda and Donate a school bag.

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