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The Evolution of Stand Up: Part 1 The Rebirth of Stand Up Is Netflix


Who is Coming to Boston and When?

MARC MARON and Issue #4 2018


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HEADLINERS: • WTF?! With Marc Maron. • The Evolution of Stand Up: Part 1 CREATING ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

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• The Renaissance of Stand Up


• Is Netflix KILLING Comedy?


• Comedy, Lies, and “Me Too.”


• The Popularity of Self-Deprication.


• Who is Coming to Boston and When?


SMRK Issue #4 2018


The Opening Acts: • 2018’s Stand Out Stand Ups The Future of Comedy.


• Comedian of the Month


• So, you Want to be a Comedian?


• The Ever Changing Styles of Comedy.


• Comic to Comic: Comedians Interviewing Comedians. SMRK Randomly Selects two Comedians to Interview one Another.


“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” - Charlie Chaplin


The Opening Acts:

2018’s Stand Out Stand Ups The Future of Comedy.

Tom Segura, a Netflix Phenomenon.

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John Mulaney The Fresh Face of a Clean Comedian.

Earlier this month, we learned that Ali Wong had the honor of being “Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2 (JFL42) first announced headliner. The wait has been long, but organizers have finally enlightened us on the remaining headliners and the long list of featured acts that’s sure to make this festival one of the best of the season. In addition to Wong, this year’s JFL42 headlining ticket will consist of Bill Burr, Tom Segura, John Mulaney, Tim & Eric and the My Favorite Murder Podcast.

Tom Segura Segura has been performing as a comedian since shortly after he graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University. Segura has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival, the Global Comedy Festival in Vancouver, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and the South Beach Comedy Festival. Segura was also a San Francisco regional finalist on Last Comic Standing 2. Segura is a member of the Deathsquad Network of standup comedians. Segura and his wife Christina Pazsitzky created and host the podcast Your Mom’s House. In 2012, in the first annual Stitcher Awards for on-demand radio and podcasts, Your Mom’s House was nominated in the Best Comedy category along with SModcast, The Adam Carolla Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Nerdist Podcast, and WTF with Marc Maron. Segura also makes regular appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Crabfeast, a

John Mulaney After graduating from Georgetown, he moved to New York with ambitions of a career in comedy, and was hired as an office assistant at Comedy Central. After a year, he pitched the idea for a parody of the I Love the ‘80s called I Love the ‘30s, which he developed along with fellow comedian Nick Kroll. After first working as a commentator on Best Week Ever, Mulaney auditioned for Saturday Night Live in August 2008, along with Kroll and T.J. Miller. Mulaney won a spot on the writing team, where he remained for six seasons. He also occasionally appeared on the show’s Weekend Update segment. He and SNL actor Bill Hader co-created the recurring SNL character Stefon.[Mulaney was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series with the SNL writing staff from 2009–2012. Mulaney won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards with Justin Timberlake, Seth Meyers and Katreese Barnes. Mulaney returned to host Saturday Night Live on April 14, 2018, making him the


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The Evolution of Stand Up: Part 1





(R)evolution. o f . S T A N D U P . C o m e d y . PART:1



ENNY BRUCE WAS BORN LEONARD ALFRED SCHNEIDER TO A JEWISH FAMILY IN MINEOLA, NEW YORK, GREW UP IN NEARBY BELLMORE, AND ATTENDED WELLINGTON C. MEPHAM HIGH SCHOOL. His parents divorced when he was five years old (the documentary Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth claims he was eight years old), and Lenny lived with various relatives over the next decade. His British-born father, Myron (Mickey) Schneider, was a shoe clerk and Lenny saw him very infrequently. Bruce’s mother, Sally Marr (real name Sadie Schneider, born Sadie Kitchenberg), was a stage performer and had an enormous influence on Bruce’s career. After spending time working on a farm, Bruce joined the United States Navy at the age of 16 in 1942, and saw active duty during World War II aboard the USS Brooklyn (CL-40) fighting in Northern Africa; Palermo, Italy, in 1943; and Anzio, Italy, in 1944. In May 1945, after a comedic performance for his shipmates in which he was dressed in drag, his commanding officers became upset. He defiantly convinced his ship’s medical officer that he was experiencing homosexual urges. This led to his dishonorable discharge in July 1945. However, he had not admitted to or been found guilty of any breach of naval regulations and successfully applied to have his discharge changed to “Under Honorable Conditions ... by reason of unsuitability for the naval service”. In 1959, while taping the first episode of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy’s Penthouse, Bruce talked about his Navy experience and showed a tattoo he received in Malta in 1942.


After a short stint in California spent living with theme of Bruce’s first solo album on Fantasy Records, his father, Bruce settled in New York City, hoping The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce, for which Thomas to establish himself as a comedian. However, he shot the album cover. Thomas also shot other album found it difficult to differentiate himself from the covers, acted as cinematographer on abortive attempts to thousands of other showbusiness hopefuls who film their screenplays, and in 1989 authored a memoir populated the city. One locale where they congregated of their ten-year collaboration titled Lenny Bruce: The was Hanson’s, the diner where Bruce first met the Making of a Prophet, and in 2016 a biography of Frank comedian Joe Ancis, who had a profound influence Ray Perilli titled The Candy Butcher, which devotes a on his approach to comedy. Many of Bruce’s later chapter to Perilli’s ten-year collaboration with Bruce. routines reflected his meticulous Bruce released a total of four schooling at the hands of Ancis. albums of original material on According to Bruce’s biographer Berkeley-based Fantasy Records, with Albert Goldman, Ancis’ humor rants, comic routines, and satirical involved stream-of-consciousness interviews on the themes that made sexual fantasies and references to jazz. him famous: jazz, moral philosophy, Lenny took the stage as politics, patriotism, religion, law, race, “Lenny Marsalle” one evening abortion, drugs, the Ku Klux Klan, and at the Victory Club, as a stand-in Jewishness. These albums were later master of ceremonies for one of his compiled and re-released as The Lenny mother’s shows. His ad-libs earned Bruce Originals. Two later records him some laughs. Soon afterward, were produced and sold by Bruce in 1947, just after changing his last himself, including a 10-inch album of name to Bruce, he earned $12 and the 1961 San Francisco performances a free spaghetti dinner for his first that started his legal troubles. Starting stand-up performance in Brooklyn. in the late 1950s, other unissued Bruce He was later a guest—and was material was released by Alan Douglas, introduced by his mother, who called Frank Zappa and Phil Spector, as well herself “Sally Bruce”—on the as Fantasy. Bruce developed Arthur Godfrey’s “This was the moment that an the complexity and tone of his Talent Scouts radio program. obscure yet rapidly rising young material in Enrico Banducci’s Lenny did a bit inspired by North Beach nightclub, the comedian named Lenny Bruce Sid Caesar, “The Bavarian “hungry i”, where Mort Sahl had Mimic”, featuring impressions chose to give one of the greatest earlier made a name for himself of American movie stars (e.g., performances of his career.” Branded a “sick comic”— Humphrey Bogart, James though it was the perceived Cagney, and Edward G. Robinson). “sickness” of modern society that he was railing about— Bruce’s early comedy career included writing Bruce was essentially blacklisted from television, and the screenplays for Dance Hall Racket in 1953, which when he did appear thanks to sympathetic fans like Steve featured Bruce, his wife Honey Harlow, and mother Allen or Hugh Hefner, it was with great concessions to Sally Marr in roles; Dream Follies in 1954, a lowBroadcast Standards and Practices. Jokes that might budget burlesque romp; and a children’s film, The offend, like a bit on airplane glue-sniffing teenagers that Rocket Man, in 1954. In 1956 Frank Ray Perilli, a was done live for The Steve Allen Show in 1959, had fellow nightclub comedian who eventually became a to be typed out and pre-approved by network officials. screenwriter of two dozen successful films and plays, His growing fame led to appearances on the became a mentor and part-time manager of Lenny nationally televised Steve Allen Show, where he made Bruce. Through Perilli, Bruce met and collaborated his debut with an unscripted comment on the recent with photojournalist William Karl Thomas on three marriage of Elizabeth Taylor to Eddie Fisher, wondering, screenplays (Leather Jacket, Killer’s Grave and The “will Elizabeth Taylor become bar mitzvahed?” On Degenerate), none of which made it to the screen, February 3, 1961, in the midst of a severe blizzard, he and the comedy material on the first three albums. In gave a famous performance at Carnegie Hall in New 1957 Thomas booked Bruce into The Slate Brothers York. It was recorded and later released as a threenightclub, where Bruce was fired the first night for what disc set, titled The Carnegie Hall Concert. In the liner Variety headlined as “blue material”; this led to the notes, Albert Goldman described it as; “This was



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WITH MARC MARON IS A WEEKLY PODCAST AND RADIO SHOW HOSTED BY STAND UP COMEDIAN MARC MARON. The show was launched in September 2009. The show iss produced by Maron’s former Air America co-worker Brendan McDonald. In early 2011, the show began receiving positive press, including articles in The New York Times. It began being distributed to radio by Public Radio Exchange in 2012. The show’s title stems from the Internet slang abbreviation WTF (for “What the fuck?”). WTF launched in September 2009 following the cancellation of Maron’s Air America terrestrial radio program Breakroom Live with Maron & Seder. Maron retained his Air America building keycard and, without permission, used their studios to record the first several episodes of WTF. After the first episodes, Maron moved from New York to California. Most episodes of the show are generally recorded in Maron’s home garage, nicknamed “the Cat Ranch”, in Los Angeles. He ends most podcasts with the phrase “Boomer lives” in honor of a cat he

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brought from New York who went missing. The phrase became a hashtag and his production company name Occasionally shows are recorded in Maron’s various hotel rooms (while on the road performing standup), the offices of his guests, or other locations. Every show opens with an audio sample of one of Maron’s lines from the film Almost Famous: “Lock the gates!” Several personalities have declined invitations to appear on the show, including Daniel Tosh, Tom Waits, Jon Stewart, Albert Brooks, Shecky Greene, and Bill Cosby. Some of the most memorable moments of the guests on his podcast are listed below, wehope youenjoythemasmuchaswedid. Louis C.K. gave a two episode interview, in which Maron and C.K. revealed that the two of them had a falling out, and discussed and rekindled their old friendship. During the podcast, C.K. became audibly emotional when talking about the birth of his first daughter. Slate Magazine called the interview the greatest podcast episode of all time in a 2014 list. In 2013, Maron’s assistant asked if he would be interested in interviewing “Kevin McDonald” to which Maron, a fan of The Kids In The Hall comedy troupe,

agreed. On the day of the interview, Maron was greeted Maron confronted Dane Cook about accusations of by a publicist who said that her client would be arriving to plagiarizing Louis C.K. and about his tension with Steve Byrne. promote the movie he’d directed, Maron was surprised Todd Glass used his appearance on that McDonald had a publicist and was unaware that he’d the podcast to come out of the closet as gay. directed a movie, but thought little of it as he rarely does Todd Hanson gave a detailed account of his much research or preparation before interviews, and suicide attempt in a hotel room in Brooklyn, and spoke about his lifelong struggle with depression. especially not for guests with whose work he’s already familiar. When the interviewee arrived, Maron learned that Kevin Smith complained about Bruce Willis’s it was not Kids In The Hall comedian Kevin McDonald, lack of involvement in promoting the film Cop Out, but instead Scottish film director Kevin Macdonald, of which triggered a public feud between the two of them. whom Maron had never heard. Since MacDonald had On an episode released in April 2010, Robin arrived early, Maron excused himself, then furiously Williams discussed contemplating suicide.[25] Maron later Googled MacDonald and learned that he’d directed The reposted the episode following the news of Williams’ death, complete with new host segments talking about how much Last King of Scotland, which he’d seen, and Being Mick, of which he’d heard. Maron used this knowledge as a the episode shaped the show and his own personal life. Maron interviewed Saturday Night Live creator Lorne starting point for the conversation and the interview went well, but came out much shorter than a typical episode Michaels in October 2015. The interview was significant (which Maron speculated MacDonald didn’t notice as he because throughout the history of the podcast, Maron would didn’t seem to be particularly familiar with the podcast and, frequently discuss Michaels and his own... rejection from if anything, may have thought it being hired for SNL in the midwent on for a little longer than M o s t e p i s o d e s o f t h e s h o w a r e 1990s. The two-hour interview he’d anticipated) so, upon g e n e r a l l y r e c o r d e d i n M a r o n ’ s was posted in November 2015. bumping into him while they h o m e g a r a g e , n i c k n a m e d “ t h e Saturday Night Live were both performing in Los C a t R a n c h ” , i n L o s A n g e l e s . cast member Pete Davidson Angeles, Maron invited Kevin appeared on the program McDonald to interview shortly after, so it could be a second in September 2017 and revealed his diagnosis and segment of the podcast episode. McDonald agreed, saying treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. President of the United States Barack Obama that he had never met the director but they were both recorded an interview in June 2015 (recorded Friday represented by William Morris Agency and had been June 19, 2015, in the garage). The interview received mixed up before (including once by the Internal Revenue much media attention due to the President’s use of Service). The episode was released with the title “Kevin the word “nigger” while discussing racism in America. Macdonald/Kevin McDonald” on March 10, 2014. Carlos Mencia came on and discussed allegations of his plagiarizing other comics. After the interview, Maron said that “something didn’t feel right”. He did further research, and interviewed comics Willie Barcena and Steve Trevino, who offered accounts of Mencia stealing material. Maron then contacted Mencia, who immediately returned for a follow-up interview. Mencia admitted that during the initial interview, he “had an agenda”, and then went on to discuss the allegations and his reputation in a much less guarded, more forthright manner.


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