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F- EVALUATION: ADDRESSING MY AUDIENCE How did you attract/address your audience?

In order to address my audience I kept in mind on the language I used when creating the articles, front cover and also the content page. I used words which everyone could easily understand and I also spoke of the magazine as “we” and “us” to make it more personal to the reader and to connect with them better. I avoided using such things as swear words and slang because i want my magazine to have a clean image and suitable not only for grown ups but also for teens and perhaps wonder children if a certain article was suitable for them.

I wanted my magazine to connect with my readers so I talked about my readers as “you” and “the reader” to make it more personal and perhaps making the reader want to buy my magazine once more. My magazine would be sold in such places as WHSmith, Big chain supermarkets and other book shops to increase the type of audience Vlash relates to, by selling the magazine in big supermarkets and such book stores as WHSmith and so on will mean that my audience will shop at those stores and are more likely to be the kind of audience Vlash targets these are people who are high in society but are also working class reaching a wider range of people.

The overall colour of my magazine creates a very up to date high fashion look it looks fresh and clean but at the same time capturing attention because of the bold powerful red text and also the black standing out from the white background creates a simpler look. The rich colour of red helps the magazine to have a little more zing which may attract the reader’s attention. The brightness of the red on the magazine name is bound to capture a few people’s attention because of the bold red colour I have used I want this to grab the target audience and by including cover lines in bold typography will then bring the reader in and make them want to buy the magazine. I also wanted my magazine to make the reader feel like they are part of it and they matter so my model is looking straight at the camera to help this happen and by adding a certain spark to her eyes also makes the reader’s attention focus.

My magazine’s unique selling point is definitely the model on this certain edition because of how she looks very pretty and unique and how much she stands out from the plain background, how I managed to use different posse for each page and also a different outfit to create more of a diversity, by the model creating eye contact it will make the reader intrigued to know what the content will be about and this may mean that the reader will buy the magazine and perhaps making them a long term subscriber reader. The use of font also helps the magazine come out to be more unique because it is something every magazine has yet they are all very different I wanted my magazine to look very high end so I used a very simple and clean looking font both for the magazine’s masthead and also for the cover lines and the double page spread. I added personal touches like on the barcode I added the magazine’s web address and also the date and price, the web address may mean that if people like the magazine they will go visit the address and this will add more views to the website giving us more of a wider audience it also means that if the audience wants to find out more about a certain article on the magazine more information will be on the website. I went a bit more artistic with my content page by creating it very quirky and very different from the image the front cover is giving out I went with a black background and kept it very spacious and given it room for the reader to be able to focus on certain things at each time I added such details as when and where the shoot took place and I also thought about how the model should stand for this.

F- Evaluation  
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