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Adhya Ayushi National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna

I look forward to make a mark in the industry through my creative vision, ideology and sheer passion. Hard work, punctuality and creativity are my strong points. I have gained experience in various disciplines related to the field of Fashion Communication, and have found my forte to be Creative Ideation, Fashion Styling and Content generation. With an exuberant spirit I can assure that you won’t be let down. +91-7717758831

HAVENS KITCHEN A jewelry that ď€ ts your lifestyle

National Nutrition Mission


Godnavaas Wooden Toy Craft

Home Away From Home

Craft cluster

BIJOU Jewelry that fits your lifestyle

Branding solutions for a customized jewelry brand

KAATH Branding solutions for a customized Wooden Toy Craft

Fashion Illustrated The term nouveau signiďŹ es something which is new and up to date. With the help of an extraordinary team of like minded game changers and style makers, we brought together a magazine which in itself holds a whole new range of fashion articles that incorporate art. In a world full of imitations we tried to bring to the audience a magazine that would stand out from the rest of the magazines out there. We tried to break the stereotypical nature of the common fashion magazine and created something inclusive of all the aspects of fashion. Nouveau is something that aims to blend the poise of fashion with the aesthetics of art. Throughout the magazine we put together listicles after listicles of creative contemporary art pieces.

Poster Design

David Bowie A consummate musical chameleon, David Bowie has been a folksinger, androgyne, alien, decadent, blue-eyed soul man, artrocker and a modern pop star, with each persona spawning a new league of imitators.

Rihanna A consummate musical chameleon, David Bowie has been a folksinger, androgyne, alien, decadent, blue-eyed soul man, artrocker and a modern pop star, with each persona spawning a new league of imitators.

Diana Ross A consummate musical chameleon, David Bowie has been a folksinger, androgyne, alien, decadent, blue-eyed soul man, artrocker and a modern pop star, with each persona spawning a new league of imitators.

DIGITAL PORTRAITS Isn’t it just amazing when the person you admire the most is honored. When that person’s identity is etched into forever through a work of art. Here are some of those pieces that honor the most iconic celebrities of the past and present through their digital portraits.

The Violet Haze

She can beat me


she can’t beat my


- Rihanna

Here’s to celebrating the woman who succeeded in distinct personal style simply by understanding what made her unique and embracing who she knew herself to be. Having a sense of what looks good on you starts with how you see yourself and no one can prove it better than Rihanna. By: Adhya Ayushi


omeday there may be a course in the way she has pretty much rewritten every rule book about the relationship between celebrities and design. The Barbadian musical artist who has, it seems, officially made the transition from fashion plate to fashion force in a mere threeyear time after being crowned a “fashion icon” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Rihanna being the prodigy that she is, has used many social media platforms to speak to her audience at a global level. She has made sure that her voice is taken seriously. She uses music ingeniously and subtly to expresses her voice. But the thing which has caught our attention most is the way she communicates herself through her fashion, because of course that's what fashion icons do right? She tells us captivating stories about herself

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and the world through the boldness and the beauty of the clothes that she embodies. Whether it's the simple white Stella McCartney floor length dress she wore at the Met Gala, a vision of Hollywood glamour mixed with a hard edge chic look, or her 80's Banjee girl moment in a cartoonish jacket with a Cleopatra wig that she wore at a fashion show in Paris. Rihanna speaks to her fans through her every look, and what she says to them is that its ok fun to feel a little boyish one day and dress like a dazzling diva the next. The point is to be audacious, while remaining true to yourself. She proves that incredible style can help take an incredibly talented young woman from a small island, to the world stage and along the way spark a lot of conversation about elegance and empowerment.

Neo Moda

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Fashion Styling Group Activity Theme: Styling different looks on denim


Romantic look

Bohemian look

Artsy look

When al l i s said an d do ne Ha ve yo u DONE or SAID en ou gh? n g i r d o e e e t A h ? t s L r O fo u N E j u o y e v a H Or ha ve you st e e r ed des ti n y’s HOT ROD? When yo u l ea ve t his wo r l d,

Did yo u MAKE IT ANY BETTER Free The Spirit GO FORTH

iv rr ed a ? st r i f u o y n e h w s a w t i Th a n Al l you NEED i s al l yo u GOT y o u n r o b s e a c h k t o . l c r u o y d n You r wi ts a You r EPITAPH i s you rs t o e a rn, Yo u r LEGACY is yo u rs t o ma k e,


Fashion Styling Group Activity Group Members: Anushreeta Jaiswal Model: Radhe Jaiswal, Siddhi Theme: Designer Style


MAN ENOUGH? There is a stereotype attached to a man’s identity as to who they are supposed to be. They are bounded by the denition of a MAN. They are not allowed to be vulnerable or insecure. It is sometimes exhausting trying to be man enough for everyone all the time. From their childhood they know that to be accepted by the male society they have to be careful not to pick up any of the qualities possessed by the opposite gender, or else they will be rejected by their own kind. This has to end. People need to understand that it’s okfor a man to wear pink. It’s ok for a man to live in a world of fantasies. It’s ok to be vulnerable around friends, and still be MAN ENOUGH!

Group Members: Anushreeta Jaiswal, Arsalaan Firoz, Aakanksha Kumari

Model: Akshay, Rajat Parmar, Aasif Rahman

Theme: Man Enough?

I was in the winter of my life. In search of an escape from my recluse. I had been out there roaming in the wilderness to find my escape. To find that someone who would have been my summer. At night I fell asleep, I had visions of dancing, laughing and crying with her. My visions of her were the only thing that sustained me and my only real happy times. I dreamed of a beautiful life with her, but a series of unfortunate events saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the sky that I wished upon over and over again. I was sparkling, but broken. It took me getting everything I’ve ever wanted and then losing it, just to realize where true happiness really is. The people who heard about my choices ask me “Why?”, but there is no decent answer for those who already have found their release. Isn’t it?

GODNAVAAS One of the street credibilities that has been popularized worldwide is the beautiful art of body tattooing which is also called GODNA in the Indian spirit. The portraiture of the authentic form of art, entrenched with high quality design and traditional values is yet not familiar among people. This is an attempt to bring back into fashion the traditional and mesmerizing art form. Not only its beauty, but with its healing capabilites we hope to set a trend for this art so that it can breathe back to life.

Fashion Styling Group Activity Group Members: Anushreeta Jaiswal Aralaan Firoz Model: Dipti Sharma Arsalaan Firoz Theme: Godna Art

Reinvent! You can’t buy happiness, but you sure can buy tea. This is the policy of CHUSKI. The local tea stall was upgraded using nothing but recycled materials to change the face of the regular tea stall to match the customer needs of the youth.

Group Members: Anushreeta Jaiswal, Aakanksha Kumari, Aditya Wadher, Atul Kumar, Deepanshi Awasthi, Saurav Shandilia, Rajeeta Prasad


Nostalgia hits hard when people come in to take seles in our station. A game that every millennial loves! In a world where taking a sele has become inevitable, we brought in the 90’s era. We brought to the people a lifetime of memories, a place they could all reminisce about, a place they could all relate to, a place which took them to their childhood.

Group Members: Anushreeta Jaiswal, Aakanksha Kumari, Arsalaan Firoz Raza, Juvin Chaudhary, Nivedita Rajan, Rishikant Kumar Vaibhav

Adhya Ayushi  


Adhya Ayushi