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May is National Mental Health Month

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May 1-7, 2014

Volume 86 • Issue 38

Sterling’s NBA : ‘No Blacks Allowed’

A ‘Sterling’ Example of Our Confusion By Ron Busby, Sr.

The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. is a business organization, whose sole purpose is to improve the lives of Black people by actively working to change the market environment. USBC advocates for improvements in capital access, increased opportunity and the transfer of the skills necessary to successfully, and profitably compete in America’s economy. Despite this clarity of purpose, the organization is often called upon to weigh in on issues that typically are addressed by civil rights or social justice organizations. The continued evidence of inequality, racism, bigotry, discrimination and hatred being directed against Black people, is inevitably the business of the organization, and its perspective is always going to be a business perspective. That said, Donald Sterling is a businessman who owns, among other interests, a National Basketball Association franchise. Donald Sterling said some insulting remarks that prove his disdain for Black people, presumably including the men whose athletic ability make his franchise valuable. And, Donald Sterling, through his twisted thinking, has hijacked all of Black America’s communications channels. Facebook, Twitter, radio, newspapers were all on fire this week with commentary about Sterling and what must be done

to make him pay. Black America, even after the furor over Sterling’s telephonic rant has dissipated, will still suffer from gross inequality. The $2.5 million fine levied by the NBA for his “transgression” is a pittance for someone whose fortune is reported to be over a billion dollars. His franchise, the Los Angeles Clippers, will still receive millions of dollars in television royalty payments, even if he is not allowed to attend games or go to his office. And all the while, Black businesses are still not able to qualify for a loan guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government! Black businesses are still failing to net their federally mandated share of contracts awarded by that same government. As a result, Black unemployment figures - as reported by the same federal government -- are still spiraling skyward, with no apparent ceiling. This is not to diminish the obvious — that Sterling’s perspective is unacceptable, is deserving of any fine, penalty, compensatory payment and public shaming available under law. But Congress makes the laws that limit our ability to have equitable access in the marketplace and the courts interpret and uphold those laws, even in the face of glaring inequity. Donald Sterling’s despicable record in denying housing

opportunities to Black families has had more direct impact on Black folks than anything he may have said to his “side piece” in a recorded phone conversation. So, maybe Sterling is a pretty good place to start showing just how angry we are today. If we truly want to demonstrate our displeasure, let our money do our talking. Do something different - support Black-owned businesses. The fact is that if each of America’s Black-owned businesses earned enough money to hire just one new employee, we’d wipe out Black unemployment overnight. So, we have a real opportunity here to prove that we really have taught our dollars some sense. Racism, bigotry, discrimination and personal animus seem to be - after all these years -- beyond our control. Unfortunately for us, those behaviors are also apparently beyond the control of federal laws designed to stamp them out. Our money, however, is entirely within our control. If you don’t like racism, don’t finance it. If you don’t appreciate being discriminated against, don’t finance it. After all, money talks... and you-know-what walks. You can take that to the bank! (A Black-owned bank, please!)


May 1-7, 2014


May 1- 7 2014

FedEx Shooting Leaves Workers Dr. C.T. Vivian to Headline Official Stunned and Confused Commemoration of Atlanta’s Journey By Ray Henry and Judith Ausuebel



It was before sunrise when the young man drove to the FedEx package-sorting center where he worked outside Atlanta, armed with a shotgun and Molotov cocktails. At 5:54 a.m. Tuesday, April 29, police said, Geddy Kramer opened fire on a guard at the entrance to the business. When he emerged from his car, a witness said, he had ammunition draped across his chest “like Rambo.” He shot more people inside the sprawling warehouse, police said, sending other co-workers scattering as gunfire rang out. One man injured himself trying to flee. Kramer then made his way to a trailer where he killed himself, ending the rampage. Police declined to say what his motive was, but the explosive devices indicate his destructive intensions. The explosives weren’t used and all six victims survived their wounds. “It was chaos,” said David Titus, a FedEx truck driver who was waiting to get into the center just before 6 a.m. when he saw a man walk up and shoot a security guard in the abdomen. He said the man then went inside and more gunshots rang out from inside the building. FedEx clerk Liza Aiken said she was working when she heard something drop, looked to her left and saw the gunman. “He had bullets strapped across his chest like Rambo” and held a knife, Aiken said. By around 6 a.m., dozens of officers from

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multiple agencies swarmed the center about 25 miles north of Atlanta that sorts packages and loads them onto vehicles for delivery. The police secured the perimeter and blocked roads leading to the FedEx center. Dozens of workers were taken by car and bus to a skating-rink parking lot to call relatives for rides. Some family members got out of their cars and hugged the workers. The suspect, identified by police as the 19-year-old Kramer of Acworth, worked as a package handler at the sprawling facility, Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce said. Investigators have an idea of what his motive may have been, but they declined to disclose it. Three of the victims were critically wounded, though only one remained in critical condition by late Tuesday afternoon. A 28-year-old man who underwent surgery was in critical condition late Tuesday, while a 52-year-old woman who underwent surgery was upgraded to stable, police said. A 22-year-old man’s condition was also upgraded to stable. Among the others wounded were a 42-year-old woman and two men, ages 38 and 19. By Wednesday afternoon, the 19-year-old was the third one to be released from the hospital. The company offered no details about the attack, saying only that it was “focused on the needs of our team members and cooperating with the law enforcement investigation of this tragedy.”

One-of-a-kind Head Lice Treatment Center Opens in Atlanta Sheila Fassler, RN has opened the only licensed health care practice in Atlanta that is solely focused on treating head lice, Pediatric Hair Solutions. “Our treatment protocols are science-based, and backed by well-documented research and clinical studies,” says Fassler, RN. Fassler, a medical nurse, treats head lice with the FDACleared AirAllé medical device. The device dehydrates and kills head lice and their nits (eggs) in one treatment, using only heated air, and no chemicals. “We already have pharmacists and school nurses recommending us. We are the only company that has partnered with the Atlanta areas largest pharmacy chain, Concord Pharmacies,” says Fassler, RN. To celebrate the grand opening, and also help with the increase in infestations after spring break, Fassler and her certified employees, are offering free head checks to the public. “We always see an uptick around spring break, and summer camp is right around the corner, so it’s important to get your head checked, just as you would get a check-up at the dentist,” says Fassler. The AirAllé medical device was developed by biologists at the University of Utah, and is safe and effective at killing all stages of head lice, including the eggs. “We can take care of this problem in less than an hour. This is why we’re here. No one should have to suffer,” concludes Fassler.

from Civil War to Civil Rights

The City of Atlanta’s official commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in Atlanta begins Saturday, May 3 at 10 a.m. with a kick-off event and opening ceremonies at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. The opening ceremonies include keynote speakers Dr. C.T. Vivian and Dr. Todd Groce. Dr. Vivian, a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and the 2013 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor, will speak on how as Atlantans, we have a shared history of both slavery and Civil Rights. Dr. Groce, President and CEO of the Georgia Historical Society will be speaking about the Civil War in Atlanta and why it still matters. The Atlanta Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, which was established to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in Atlanta, is hosting the opening Dr. C.T. Vivian ceremonies. Afterwards, the commission is inviting visitors to tour other participating venues, which will have free tours and activities. Free trolleys will shuttle the visitors to and from the venues throughout the day, including Oakland Cemetery, the Grant Mansion, Cyclorama and the East Atlanta Village, which is the site of the battlefield. Schedules and maps will be provided.

U.S. Fund for UNICEF Raises Over $500,000 at the Fourth Annual UNICEF Experience Atlanta On Sunday, April 27, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF hosted The UNICEF Experience Atlanta, a unique event designed to actively engage the Atlanta community around issues facing children across the globe and to raise funds for UNICEF. The fourth annual UNICEF Experience was held at the Foundry at Puritan Mill and drew more than 350 of local supporters. The event helped raise $519,300 for UNICEF’s lifesaving programs. Attendees had the opportunity to experience UNICEF’s innovative programs in water and sanitation, emergencies, education and protection response. They also were able to visit four regions of the world, experience an emergency situation and how UNICEF

responds, and look at the hardships faced by vulnerable children in these developing countries—all without leaving Atlanta. HGTV’s Vern Yip spoke about his experiences as a UNICEF Ambassador and introduced the first Global Community Hero Award to Al Horford from the Atlanta Hawks. Horford was honored with the Global Community Hero Award because of his ongoing global efforts with the National Basketball Association. The event was led by Founding Chair and UNICEF Ambassador Vern Yip, Alexandra Walter, Rebecca Gupta, Rose Mutombo, and Enid Draluck.

Tour de SWAT Bike Ride to Show Off Atlanta’s Neighborhoods ATLANTA – Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow, Adair Park Today, and EpiCity Realty are sponsoring the Tour de SWAT Bike Ride on Saturday, May 3 at 10:00 a.m. The public is invited to re-discover southwest Atlanta. The bike ride promotes the area’s history, its homes, and neighborhoods. The self-guided 13-mile tour starts at Adair Park II (bounded by Murphy Avenue, Gillette Avenue, Lillian Avenue and Tift Street SW). The ride will go through the historic neighborhoods of Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Capitol View Manor, Capitol View, Oakland City, Westview, the West End, and conclude back at Adair Park II. These neighborhoods were established between 1835 and 1925.

“This bike ride encourages healthier lifestyles and stronger neighborhoods so that we are able to thrive in this wonderful city,” said Winslow. “If we take advantage of the good things we have available in our own backyard, we can make positive changes in the community.” There will be limited registration on-site before the tour. Children 12 and under are free with a paid adult – all children must be accompanied by an adult. Bike rentals will be available through the Beltline Bike Shop 978, Murphy Avenue SW. For more information, please call Councilmember Winslow’s office at (404) 3306047.



May 1-7, 2014

Business (E)ssentials Bootcamp Coca Cola Names New EVP Whips Business Owners Into Shape

ATLANTA, GA -For two power-packed days, Online Sales Guru, John Lawson, will engage participants in intense “Bootcamp” training sessions, where they will develop John Lawson their own customized internet marketing and communications plans and gain essential SEO, CRM and marketing skills that will position their businesses to take advantage of today’s booming $262 billion dollar online sales industry. The Hilton Garden Inn at the Atlanta Airport will be Ground Zero for the event that takes place on Friday May, 15 and Saturday, May 16, 2014; 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Sponsored by Phoenix-based software powerhouse, InfusionSoft, the Business (E)ssentials Bootcamp is designed specifically for small business owners who want to implement an online sales program or those who want increase their current sales. Along with an abundance of vital information, this powerful, content-rich workshop series will deliver its participants plenty of unexpected perks including an opening night cocktail reception, catered breakfast and lunch as well as a few prestigious special guests and more than $1500 in bonus materials and resources. Bootcamp Trainers include Brent Leary, writer for “Small Business Trends News” and a Partner at CRM Essentials, Inc., a


consultancy and training firm, specializing in Customer Relationship Management and email marketing; Jeffrey Brathwaite, an Internet technology strategist who trains businesses to use Web 2.0 tools to increase customer base and boost productivity; Al Loise, Director of Market Development for Vayu Media, an Atlanta based search engine optimization and online marketing firm; and Jacqueline Knight, 27-year veteran in business development, public relations and marketing, and managing partner at Knight Owl Communications, LLC. “We’re keeping this group intentionally small,” says Lawson. “We want to deliver a personal, one-to-one experience and develop a plan specifically for each business. When they walk out the door at the end of the weekend, they will know precisely and exactly what they will need to do and how they need to do it, in order to successfully market on the internet and increase sales.” Lawson, who recently released Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs, a bestseller published by BenBella Books, is no “newbie” to eCommerce. He is the CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online clothing retailer that has sold nearly $30 million dollars in products and he has traveled to three dozen countries and trained more than 11,000 business owners worldwide. “This year’s conference is particularly important,” Lawson continues. “As advances in technology, eCommerce and online marketplaces rocket forward, online retailers are on the threshold of phenomenal growth and even traditional retailers are seeking ways to expand and increase their bottom line via the internet. If you have a business and you’re not selling your goods and services online, you’re missing out on an extremely critical marketplace.”

Kathy N. Waller has been named executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Coca-Cola Company. Ms. Waller is responsible for leading the company’s Global Finance organization and representing the company to investors, lenders and rating agencies. She oversees M&A, investor relations, tax, treasury, audit, accounting and controls, financial reporting and analysis, and real estate and risk management. Waller joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1987 as a senior accountant in the Accounting Research Department and assumed roles of increasing responsibility, including principal accountant for the Northeast Europe/Africa Group, marketing controller for the McDonald’s Group, vice president and chief of Internal Audit, and vice president, controller.

Ms. Waller is actively involved with several women’s initiatives including serving as the Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council and assisting in the development of the company’s highly successful Women in Leadership Global Program. In addition to her responsibilities at The Coca-Cola Company, Waller also serves on the Board of Trustees of the University of Rochester, her Alma mater, and the Board of Trustees of Spelman College. She also serves on the advisory board of Catalyst, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for women and business. Prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, Waller worked for Deloitte. She received her bachelor’s and MBA degrees from the University of Rochester and is a CPA.


District 11 Neighborhood Jazz Concert Slated for Saturday, May 3rd at Adams Park

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Atlanta City Councilmember Keisha Lance Bottoms, in partnership with the Atlanta Jazz Festival, will present a free Neighborhood Jazz Concert from 3 until 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 3rd at Adams Park, located at 1620 Delowe Drive S.W. Performers will include saxophonist J.O. Wyatt; saxophonist J. Henry; vocalist Tony Hightower; vocalist Julie Dexter and the Mays-Young Jazztet, featuring students from Benjamin E. Mays High School and Jean Childs Young Middle School. This is a free event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their blankets, chairs

and picnic baskets. The Atlanta Jazz Festival, which takes place May 23-25 this year, is an annual musical showcase that celebrates jazz in venues throughout metro Atlanta. The festival exposes and entertains a diverse audience of jazz enthusiasts to the rich heritage of jazz. For more information on the Neighborhood Jazz Concert at Adams Park call Councilmember Bottoms’ office at (404) 330-6054.

AARP Georgia and the City of Atlanta Celebrate New Age-Friendly Designation

Board Chair Mary Parker & President & CEO Leona Barr-Davenport

Cordially Invite You to the...

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER a p p r e c i at i o n l u n c h e o n

Tuesday | May 20, 2014 | 11:30 am

Atlanta Marriott Marquis | 265 Peachtree Center Ave. For information or tickets, visit or call (404) 584-8126 | RSVP by Friday, May 16 36th Annual CEO Awards Luncheon Co-Chairs | Additional Info

Rodney Bullard

Executive Director, Chick-fil-A Foundation

John Deushane

President & GM, The Networks of 11Alive

2014 CEO Luncheon Honorees







Dennis Boyden

Bill Bolling

Emanuel Jones

Cynthia Day

Doug Shipman

The Honorable Ceasar Mitchell

Regional Director, External Affairs AT&T

Executive Director Atlanta Community Food Bank

President Legacy Ford

President / CEO Citizens Trust Bank

Executive Director Center for Civil and Human Rights

President Atlanta City Council

About the ABL CEO Luncheon

Each year the Atlanta Business League (ABL) recognizes local chief executive officers (CEO) for outstanding participation in minority vendor development and community activities. The honors we confer are based in part on the willingness of extremely busy executives to take on work vital to carrying forward the agenda of the ABL and the business community, which is establishing and building economic equality for minority enterprises. In addition to CEOs the ABL recognizes a number of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in the development of minority business in the metro Atlanta area. Sponsors

May 1-7, 2014

Celebrate Atlanta becoming an Age-Friendly Community at the Atlanta City Hall Atrium, 55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Atlanta on Monday, May 5, at 11 am during a celebration for Senior Day. AARP Georgia will join City of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to announce Atlanta’s designation as an Age-Friendly Community in honor of Older Atlantans Month. The designation is from the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities, affiliated with the World Health Organization. An Age-Friendly Community is designed to establish an inclusive and accessible environment that encourages active and healthy aging for all ages. It also proactively focuses on those elements of communities that enhance independent living with a goal of having older citizens take a more active role in their communities. Atlanta is beginning the first steps of its five-year journey to becoming an Age-Friendly Community. An advisory council of key, local community members, and leaders will be created. “As an international city, it’s only fitting that the City of Atlanta become a part of a Global Network of Age-Friendly Communities committed to creating physical and social environments that promote safe, healthy, active, and quality lifestyles for people as they age,” says Charima Young, Associate

State Director, Community Outreach, AARP Georgia. Young states that AARP and the City of Atlanta are working jointly to ensure that the city remains relevant to those who want to live their best lives by ensuring inclusivity for residents of all ages. This new designation will incorporate and streamline planning strategies that allow residents to remain in their communities for a lifetime. Soon the community can get involved through upcoming live Age-Friendly town hall meetings in June. Discussions will include safe walkable streets to access to better retail and social services, the benefits of an Age-Friendly Atlanta are endless. Associate State Director for AARP Advocacy, David Pilgrem, says, “Atlanta is commonly referred to as the gateway of the south. Everyday a one-way ticket lands in Atlanta with those passengers calling Atlanta their new home. Our city has become known as a welcomed refuge for retirees and 45 percent of the 1.6 million new people that call Georgia home are age 50 and older. So every time a plane lands - Atlanta changes and Georgia changes.” AARP Georgia anticipates working collectively with the City of Atlanta to create long-lasting impact and sustainability that m

Aspen Institute Brings Local Non-profit to National Stage On Tuesday, April 29, Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family Centers became a member of the Aspen Institute Ascend Network, a new network of leading organizations using Walter Isaacson two-generation approaches to disrupt poverty and create economic mobility for families. Sheltering Arms is one of the initial 58 organizations, selected from 24 states and the District of Columbia, that represent the leading edge of a national movement around two-generation approaches. Two-generation approaches look at the whole family’s needs and provide opportunities for children and their parents together. Sheltering Arms is implementing the two-generation approach in partnership with the Atlanta Civic Site – Annie E. Casey Foundation and The Center for Working Families.

“These leaders are fueling change for America’s families,” said Walter Isaacson, president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. “As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of the ‘War on Poverty,’ the Aspen Institute is proud to invest in transformational ideas to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.” The Aspen Institute identified Sheltering Arms through a highly selective national competition. More than 250 organizations applied to join the Network and receive funding from the Aspen Institute Ascend Fund. The selected organizations ranged from community colleges seeking to better serve student parents and their children, to early childhood centers engaging parents in pathways to employment, to two-generation partnerships spearheaded by Promise Neighborhoods, United Ways, and women’s foundations. In the United States today, nearly 45 percent of all children live in low-income families. Almost 25 percent of today’s college students are parents. Yet our education and human services systems have not kept up with the needs of 21st century families. Together, Sheltering Arms and the Ascend Network are redesigning programs and policies to create a legacy of opportunity that passes from one generation to the next.

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May 1 - 7, 2014

Gospel Artist Sharetta-Nicole Gives Testimony Through Song God gives His minstrels songs of praise to sing. Some choose to sing their songs in spite of the trials and enormous challenges they have endured. With a testimony on her lips and new songs of praise in her heart, Gospel recording artist Sharetta-Nicole, an award winning Gospel songstress, is ready to set the world on fire for the Lord. Recounting the harrowing story, of her childhood, she says, “I was molested at a very young age by a brother and an uncle. When I was 12 years old, I lost my father in an unfortunate and tragic medical accident. Responding to the screams of my mother, my brothers and I ran to the bedroom to find my father lying against the bed. I felt my father’s spirit leaving the room and I knew right then and there that he was not returning back to us. .” Unfortunately, Sharetta-Nicole’s misery did not end there. With her mother having to raise the children alone, life was tough, and the cycle of loss and grief continued in Sharetta-Nicole’s life with the deaths of a niece, who died in

Spiritual Best Seller Book ‘The Shack’ To Become Movie Starring Idris, Forest and Oprah

Reports indicate that Idris Elba has been offered a lead role in The Shack, and Oprah Winfrey is also circling to star. The film, already making headlines with Forest Whitaker’s attachment to direct and star, is a Christian novel by Wm. Paul Young is a New York Times bestseller The story centers on Mackenzie Allen Phillips after his youngest daughter is abducted on a family vacation. He finds evidence that she may have been brutally murdered in a shack, and after wallowing in depression for nearly four years, receives a note to return to the shack and face his demons. What he finds there ends up changing him forever, as he has a profound meeting with God.



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dreeva, “Almost Human’s” chances started to slip once Fox’s drama pilots started coming in. “Gotham” co-starring Jada Pinkett Smith, “The Red Band Society” co-starring Octavia Spencer and “Empire” starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, are all considered strong contenders for a series pickup, which didn’t bode well for “Almost Human.” Urban played a human cop paired with Ealy’s lifelike combat-model android in “Almost Human,” from the “Fringe” team of JJ Abrams and J.H. Wyman.

T.I., The Game in Standoff With Police Outside L.A. Club

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three hours -- finally threw him onto the street and drove away. “Every praise is to our God,” the gospel song begins. “Every word of worship with one accord.” Touched by Willie’s story, Hezekiah Walker, the songwriter behind “Every Praise,” flew to Atlanta this week to meet the young man. Walker told WSB-TV that he believes God spoke through him to “save that boy’s life.” “You never know who you’re going to touch,” the gospel singer said. According to CBS Atlanta, there’s $10,000 reward for the capture of the man who kidnapped Willie. The suspect is described as a black male in his mid- to late-20s. He is said to have been wearing khaki shorts and a white, short-sleeve shirt with a Nike logo at the time of the abduction.

Willie Myrick alleged captor

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*Bad news for Michael Ealy. His Fox series “Almost Human,” starring the actor as a cyborg cop, has not been picked up for a second season. According to the website, the futuristic drama co-starring Karl Urban, got off to a slow start in November but held enough ground to at least earn renewal consideration, often finishing on par with its Monday companion (the already-renewed drama “The Following”). In fact, the March season (and series) finale of “Almost Human” logged a 1.5 rating in 18 – 49 viewing audience, matching rating for last night’s finale of “The Following.” The Following is a bigger DVR draw. According to industry insider Nellie An-

By the Huffington Post

On the night of March 31, 9-year-old Willie Myrick was playing with his pet chihuahua outside his Atlanta home when a man grabbed him and forced him into a car, police said. “He was cursing at me telling me to shut up and didn’t want to hear a word from me,” Willie told ABC affiliate WSB-TV. “He said if I told anyone, he would hurt me, like in a bad way.” But according to a report this week by NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, not remaining silent may have saved Willie’s life. A lover of gospel music, Willie, who just turned 10 this week, reportedly started singing the song “Every Praise” until the man -- who had been driving around for almost

Star Atlanta ble? ives of ey Trou Housew Is Real illiams in Mon W Porsha

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vel d by g Kong-le e indictewas a criting Kin ble wer duo for talk n he broke up NFC glas Gam Jones. The activity known the of g whe sin Dou rman isno different h quarter of his cou the murderinal street gan oting that ard She fort for sho crim t guard a jury er Rich d tonight wase during the iver, killed. sed of a second ards poin star corn –an l Crabtre at the rece and also accue fingered for re Jones wasshooting hawks‘ with his play gton Wizd), who is besttathe thing off each other Michae ttle Sea Washin fron and wer d five days befo ture an mou state that in retalito like The Sea backing it up nded for Former tenton (pic m gun con Arenas, e and begknown not occurrert documents tenton were e robbed when roo and zone inte Crit btre ed ck– end are Cra pen wer sma Crit Javaris for his locker mate Gilbert on drug Cou two short to t hap in the up to Gamble elry and linked but wha script of the ical passonship game. rman walkedke conduct. The known former team d Wednesday facing a crimes ause he andworth of jew records, 23-17, tran champi r the play, She portsmanli r the season. cisco 49ers sic. Here’s a tion with rtedly indicte baller is also ,000 police a August ation, bec uns ing to of Fran ove il of $55 Afte l for theMother was repoin Atlanta. The n was clas a flag for er banter last Apr s. Accordin possessionthe Jones’ at the San iting tria drawing aged in bitt t on to defe rviewed Sherma charges rap and awa of 22-year-oldw). other item who wasat the time ofthe man he like ugh it.” have engSeahawks wen rews inte tenton, murder oting death(pictured belo was led ot rifle receiver me thro And n that tenton Crit -powered meant to shothe robbery. The . Take a sorry Erin atio 2011 shoJulian Jones play rts’ with l topstig high actually , Crit me fina ible for Fox Spo Lakers ut the of four r a lengthy inve you try about me.” t Agency to deal killing, t was responsLos Angeles pon at the w: you abo When orcemen conspiring before Afte intervie game. ever talk me ask his wea ly though , the former Drug Enf months er in the Don’t you aimed hard, let for you by the sed of alleged Instead allegedly s: “Ric shut it na in the best corn g to get. ited I’m ma Andrew was accuand marijua es’ murder. reportl, n on lim ll, I’m thelt you’re goin draft pick Jon feds s best. Or ndary).” target. n: “We has bee his murder tria ?” resu cocaine indicted for ning, the old’ wrong tenton, who ut you g. ks seco Sherma e, that’s the about the ing abo awaited y mornin mouth of the Seahaw he was Wednesday mor 6’5” 26-year- rtedly Crit r btre he talk as you Cra rsda was n e repo Thu on the arrest On s: “Who nicknam ’t you ope The feds house arraigned on ended rted him .” dence. and transpo Andrew ee. Don of boom, the to you edly desc will be k over ville resi on ion n: “Crabtr and Fayette ffed Crittent l, Joe, bac Sherma k. L.O.B (Leg jail. tenton … Wel handcu on County real quic , before year, Crit to a Fultin April of last s: “Alright Andrew Back

May 1 - 7, 2014

FOX Cancels Michael Ealy’s ‘Almost Human’

9-Year-Old Sang Gospel Song Until Kidnapper Set Him Free

“These are some of the facts of my life, but they don’t begin to tell the real story. The journey has been both incredible and unbearable, a desperate grasping after grace and wholeness,” says the Young. “Facts cannot tell you about the pain … of life losses that were almost too staggering to bear; of walking down railroad tracks at night in the middle of winter, screaming into a windstorm; of living with an underlying volume of shame so deep and loud that it constantly threatened any sense of sanity,” he continues. But the moral of Young’s story is that the potency of love and forgiveness, the arduous road of reconciliation, the surprises of grace and community, can save you.

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her sleep, and another niece and nephew who passed away in a house fire. Her mother and sister were kidnapped and ultimately her sister was raped and her mother was murdered. Later on, she lost a brother to AIDS. After going through stages of deep depression and even suicide attempts, Sharetta-Nicole was introduced to Jesus Christ at the age of 15. That one decision changed the entire trajectory of her life. Having released Level One: Jeremiah 29:11, her first studio album she’s readying her sophomore musical offering, which is as yet untitled. An Urban Inspiration Award Winner and a nominee for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and Rhythm of Gospel Award, Sharetta is one of the industry’s most talked-about newcomers.





T.I. and The Game got into an intense standoff with gun-wielding L.A.P.D. early Wednesday after they mistakenly believed cops beat up their friends outside a Los Angeles nightclub. In video posted to the website, the rappers and several friends are seen confronting police officers after leaving the Supperclub and finding other acquaintances sporting injuries from an earlier altercation. “Is this a crime scene?” T.I. can be heard saying. “Y’all got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers!” T.I. is also clearly heard gesturing and telling The Game and others to keep their distance from the police. Angry voices are raised during several points in the tense exchange, and eventually you can hear someone yelling “Yo the police didn’t do it… security did!” At which point T.I. and The Game turn to seek out the attackers. They soon find out that moments earlier, at least two men described as “mutual acquaintances” of the rappers were denied entry into the club for unclear reasons, and ended up being pummeled by several members of security. Early on in the fight, a man was allegedly laying face-down on the ground while a member of security kicks him repeatedly. Later several guards struggle to restrain a man while pedestrians mill about and police sirens swirl in the background. “He goes to jail tonight!” a member of security shouts. Eventually the police arrive and take over. According to witnesses, the two men were taken to L.A.P.D.’s Hollywood division, but no charges were filed and they were released.


The Game


, 3D AND 2D



Porsha Williams Apologizes for Kenya Moore Attack, Claims She was Abused by Ex “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams who is reportedly in deep trouble for attacking co-star Kenya Moore (pictured far right) during the show’s reunion taping Porsha Williams last month, has now publicly apologized for the much buzzed about violent altercation. Williams has now decided to offer a public apology for the incident that took place involving Moore, but oddly, does not mention the ex-beauty queen at all. She also alleges that her former husband, famed exNFL-player-turned-sports-announcer Kordell Stewart physically and mentally abused her during their short but explosive union. Below is her heartfelt mea culpa:

‘Real Housewives’ I was manipulated and bullied and at the reunion taping when emotions were heightened. I was pushed too far with objects waved in my face and my personal space was continuously violated, and I reacted in a way which I am not proud of. Violence is not the answer and I want to apologize to my fans, the viewers, and the other ladies for my behavior. For the thousands of supporters that have stuck by me, I thank you immensely and encourage you to donate to shelters for abused woman and support charities that stop bullying. As I mentioned on the show, I am embarrassed of my reaction and the way that I handled the provocation and I am dedicated to helping others learn appropriate ways to cope with bullies and abusers, and from this experience, I hope to continue on a path of personal and spiritual growth.”

“I suffered severe bullying since I was a child, to the extent of contemplating suicide and was also physically and mentally abused in my marriage. Throughout the season on

Kenya Moore

NNPA and Hip Hop Union Countdown to ‘The Greatest Mix’ Celebration The NNPA, a federation of approximately 200 Black newspapers, the Hip Hop Union, a governing body of businesses and entrepreneurs and the largest DJ coalition in the world join forces to eliminate the communication barriers that have plagued Black America for years. ‘The Greatest Mix’ luncheon will bring together generations that have often stood on separate sides of the table when it comes to hip-hop. For the first time in history, all parties have agreed to level the playing field and work together for the betterment of Black America. ‘The Greatest Mix’ Luncheon moderated by George Curry, editor-in-chief of NNPA News Service seeks to capture the essence of how the power of hip-hop and the power of the Black Press can improve circumstances in the areas of politics, economics and positive images in the media. “Hip-Hop often carries a stereotypical stigma of misogyny, violence and ignorance, which unfortunately sometimes is true. What gets lost is in translation is why people continue to gravitate and support the culture despite the downsides. This collaboration with the NNPA will connect the dots to the places that hip-hop does not explore because we do not have the guidance,” said Jineea Butler, president of the Hip Hop Union. “This is an opportunity for us to learn from each other and build on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses as a collective


May 1 - 7, 2014


Major League Soccer Team Comes to Atlanta Courtesy of Arthur Blank

Atlanta Daily World

By Diane Larche’ Atlanta Daily World Sports Writer

Get Connected, Stay Informed

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has added major league soccer to his repertoire of sports ownership. He paid $70 million for an expansion franchise and was recently joined by Mayor Kasim Reed and Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber to announce his latest venture. While the MLS team currently lacks a president, logo and name, it does have a home. It will share space with the Atlanta Falcons at the new $1.2 billion stadium scheduled for completion in 2017. The team’s season is set to begin in March of 2017 and five thousand $50 deposits for ownership in the Atlanta MLS 2017 season are being accepted now. The first 5,000 fans who post a deposit will be eligible to purchase up to eight season tickets and will become founding members of the club. Blank and company pulled out all the stops to introduce Atlanta’s newest sports team to soccer fans and media in spectacular fashion. With big screen displays outside the press conference going on in the Veranda event space, the crowd of soccer supporters reveled in the high energy atmosphere along Marietta Street. Blank who says he and his family are avid soccer fans, first considered owning an MLS

unit. We have represented the black voice in America for over 187 years and we want to continue to magnify our mission and work more closely with the Hip Hop Community by featuring more articles and ads that speak directly to Hip Hop Citizens,” says NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell. “Joining forces is monumental on so many levels, as DJs our platform influences what the masses hear, as the Black Press they influence what the masses think. What better combination of forces to help move and influence the NEXT generation of not only consumers, but future leaders. I’m proud to be part of the template of this historic venture,” states Manny ‘Maddog’ Ayala, an original Core DJ. Hip Hop and R&B Artists can submit music for the Road to the Core Song Submission Contest. Winners will be announced at the 10th Anniversary Conference May 2 through May 5. To read this story in its entirety and for more info on contest rules and submissions visit

team 10 years ago, but thought the league needed more stability at the time. “We have the opportunity to do it right,” he said. The Atlanta team brings the number of MLS franchises to 22, in its effort to expand to 25 major cities in 10 years. MLS commissioner Garber said Atlanta is the “epicenter of soccer in the Southeast.” The Commissioner stopped short of saying Miami is expected to be franchise number 23, but hinted that Miami will need to build a new stadium before a franchise will be awarded there. David Beckham announced in February he intends to purchase an expansion team in Miami. Blank thinks Atlanta is ripe for soccer citing the city’s large international population and the recent global matches in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome which drew more than 68,000 fans for a match between Mexico and Nigeria, and 54,229 fans who came out last July for the CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals between Panama and Cuba and Mexico vs. Trinidad/Tobago. The new Atlanta soccer set up at the stadium will hold 29,322, utilizing less than half the space needed for football. Team colors are red, black and gold. To read this story in its entirety please visit For more information on the new Atlanta MLS team visit www.

May 1 - 7, 2014

Mayweather Jr., De La Hoya, Geffen Interested in Buying Clippers By EURweb cent. I got to get a solid percentage. Do we want to buy the Clippers? Yes, we do. We are very, very interested in buying the Clippers. We’ll keep the Clippers right where they’re at. When I’m not boxing, I’m at the games all the time. We do want to buy the Clippers. Me and my team do want to buy the Clippers and we can afford the Clippers.” Mayweather, an avid sports gambler in Las Vegas, where he lives, added, “Once I get ownership in the Clippers I can no longer bet, so I have to stop that completely.” Mayweather, whose $73.5 million in minimum purses for his two fights in 2013 made him the world’s highest-paid athlete, did not weigh in on the comments that Sterling made, but said his interactions with the Clippers owner were positive.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Hours after NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and said he would urge league owners to force Sterling to sell the team, boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya stepped up publicly and expressed interest in buying the team, reports Mayweather, who is a regular at Clippers and Lakers games, said he was serious about his interest and that he had spoken with his adviser, Al Haymon, about teaming with Mayweather Promotions chief executive Leonard Ellerbe, Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer and possibly others to make a bid for the Clippers. David Gaffen

Oscar De La Hoya

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“I called Al today about that to see if me, Leonard and Al, and hopefully Richard and a couple of other guys, a couple other of my billionaire guys, we can come together and see what we can come up with,” Mayweather said. “Hopefully, we can do it, and it’s not just talk. “With me, I can’t come in talking about Mayweather only gonna get 3 percent, 4 per-

“Donald Sterling, he’s been getting a lot of negative press and my thing is this — I don’t have nothing negative to say about this guy,” Mayweather said. “He’s always treated me with the utmost respect. He has always invited me to games, always. Has always told me, ‘Floyd, I want you to sit right next to me and my wife.’ I don’t know about the [alleged] mistress. But I’m talking about him and the wife.” Billionaire and former music and film mogul David Geffen also could be a candidate, according to the Los Angeles Times. The potential buyers could include several other of the world’s wealthiest men. Magic Johnson, Mark Walter and their Guggenheim Partners group in the billion-dollar purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers also are possible bidders, while real-estate tycoon Rick Caruso has indicated interest. For Mayweather, his own past issues with making racist remarks could prove to be a hurdle, as could his history of legal troubles and his affinity for gambling — he has been known to often wager six-figure amounts on NBA games.


Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) Request for Proposals (RFP) for Real Estate, Housing, and Economic Development Action Plan to create actionable steps for the proactive implementation of housing and economic development that complements the Atlanta BeltLine Strategic Implementation Plan and goals of ABI and the City of Atlanta. The FULL text of the RFP is found at: Inquiries should be directed to: Valinda Johnson Brown Legal Department Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. 86 Pryor Street SW, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30303 E-Mai:

RFP – ADM – 060214 - ZO ADVERTISEMENT for CITY OF COLLEGE PARK ZONING ORDINANCE REWRITE The City of College Park is accepting Sealed Proposals from qualified vendors for ZONING ORDINANCE REWRITE. Sealed proposals will be received no later than 4:00pm EDT, Monday, June 2, 2014 at the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park, Georgia 30337, at which time they will be opened and publicly read aloud. Bids received after the above date and time, or in any other location other than the Purchasing Department will not be considered. A bid packet may be obtained from the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park, Georgia 30337, or from www. No Pre-Bid Meeting will be held. However, questions will be accepted via email ONLY, to until close of business (COB = 5:00pm EDT), Wednesday, May 14, 2014. An Addendum listing all Q&A, clarifications, etc. will be posted at on or about COB, Friday, May 21, 2014. It is always the vendor’s responsibility to check the City’s website for any/all addenda. The City of College Park reserves the right to reject any or all bids based on past performance and to waive technicalities and informalities and re-advertise. All Minority, Woman and Small Businesses are strongly encouraged to apply. Only responsive proposals that are determined to meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the City of College Park will be considered.

SUBSCRIBE FOR 2 YEARS AND SAVE! RATES: Mail Subscription Rates (circle one) 1 Year for $52 2 Years for $85 PAYMENT: Check, Money Order, American Express, MasterCard or VISA Credit Card#: Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: CLIP AND MAIL: ATLANTA DAILY WORLD

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May 1 - 7, 2014

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It’s easy — and justifiable — to join the posse that saddled up to ride Donald Sterling right out of the National Basketball Association. The now infamous audio tape of Sterling telling his girlfriend that, among other things, he didn’t want her bringing black people, specifically former Los Angeles Lakers’ star and entrepreneur Magic Johnson, to watch his team play. Blow the whistle, ref! That’s a blatant foul! Get him out of the game! NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did exactly that when he ordered the Clippers’ owner banned for life from the NBA and fined him $2.5 million. Additionally, Silver said he would seek to have Sterling’s ownership stripped from him by a twothirds vote of the league’s 30 team owners. By shooting off his mouth, albeit in what he thought was a private environment, Sterling, who is white and Jewish, made clear that he doesn’t believe black people are his equal. At one point in the recording, he sounds like an antebellum slave owner, saying of the black Clippers players: So, yes, Sterling deserves the widespread condemnation coming from across the nation. There was a long line of people who called foul, including the offended Magic Johnson; fellow NBA team owner and former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan; and current Miami Heat player LeBron James, who said there was “no room” in the NBA for Sterling if the allegations against him turned out to be true. The line even included President Barack Obama, who called the comments “ignorant” and expressed his belief that the NBA will appropriately punish Sterling. Amid all the hyperbolic and angry reactions, however, some practical issues loomed over the entire sad episode. At the top of the list is the simple matter of due process. Sterling has broken no criminal laws. He voiced his backward-looking opinions during what he surely thought was a private conversation, and he had no expectation of enduring the public embarrassment he has. He’s not going to jail over this matter. So what is the appropriate response to a man with a 19th-century opinion of African Americans? Can — or should — the NBA’s other owners appropriate Sterling’s property because he, in effect, embarrassed them? The pressure built up for Silver to act swiftly and decisively. In the hours leading up to his news conference, Clippers players, coaches, and fans were demanding Sterling’s immediate ouster from among the 30 league owners. At that point, as far as the NBA was concerned, Sterling was a dead man walking. The sheer power of public outrage

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guaranteed he would have to surrender his team. Professional basketball is a popular sport worth billions of dollars globally. Black men dominate the player ranks, while the owner class is largely made up of white men. Until last weekend, the optics of this were largely ignored in the stories sports lovers regale among themselves. Only the outliers dared say what is obvious. New York Times reporter William C. Rhoden was one of them. His 2006 book $40 Million Slaves captured the dilemma of black professional athletes. Are they heroes and role models of American success, or are they overpriced servants, playing games that make rich men even more wealthy? Upon the publication of his book eight years ago, few Americans listened or seemed to care when Rhoden talked about this subject. But now, the tape of Sterling is forcing overdue examination and a coast-to-coast conversation. Surely, that can’t be good for the NBA’s narrative, which tells the story of black ballplayers living the high life off the largess of white men, “owners,” who boast in closed-door arguments with their mistresses that they pay for their boys’ “food, and clothes, and cars, and houses.” In short, the league could not afford to have a self-identified racist leading one of its profit centers. Talk about institutional racism: The imagery of a league of white male owners protecting one of their own — indeed, someone who holds brazenly noxious opinions — while retaining the capacity to control African American players’ financial lives would be a marketing nightmare for every NBA team. Sam Fulwood III is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Director of the CAP Leadership Institute. His work with the Center’s Progress 2050 project examines the impact of policies on the nation when there will be no clear racial or ethnic majority by the year 2050.

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STERLING AND BUNDY ARE EMBARRASSING, BUT REAL THREAT TO EQUAL RIGHTS IS FROM SUPREME COURT, CONGRESS “Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on,” goes the refrain of a famous song from the civil rights movement. We marched for freedom — for new laws that would end segregation, guarantee equal rights, enforce voting rights, and provide affirmative actions to help correct decades of being locked out or left out. We couldn’t let lunatic sheriffs or Klan rallies or jail distract us. We had to keep our eyes on the prize and hold on. That advice applies today where public expression of racial animus can distract from the far more serious legal reverses equal rights has suffered. First we had the rancher and conservative folk hero Cliven Bundy embarrassing himself and his right-wing allies with his foolishness about “the Negro,” suggesting that African Americans might have been “better off as slaves.” Bundy dismissed blacks as “on government subsidy.” This from a man who had fed his cows off federal land without paying grazing fees for decades, a “government subsidy” he has no intention of repaying. Then we had the tape of the loathsome and unprintable rant of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend, who had posted a photo on Instagram of herself with Magic Johnson, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” he said. When she says she admires Magic, Sterling tells her to admire him privately, “but don’t put him on an Instagram for the world to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.” Sterling, who has a bad reputation for racism, didn’t deny making the statement, only stating that the remarks aren’t “consistent with” his views. The views of these two clowns are generating a flood of press, TV commentary, satire, late night humor and more. They should be dealt with. Sensibly, leaders of the right — at least in the guise of Fox News and Senator Rand Paul — seem to be abandoning Bundy. Leading NBA figures — LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Doc Rivers and many more — stepped up to denounce Sterling and urge the NBA to act. It is important that these statements be challenged. But what Sterling or Bundy say or believe doesn’t much matter in the scheme of things. There will always be people scarred by racist attitudes. We have to keep our eyes on the prize. And that is what is happening to the law. The gang of five conservative justices on the Supreme Court has disemboweled the Voting Rights Act, making prior review more difficult. This comes as right-wing governors and legislators are passing harsh laws designed clearly to make voting harder ­— limiting when the polls are open, demanding

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official ID, purging voter files, abandoning same day registration, outlawing voting on Sunday, when black churches could organize parishioners to take their “souls to the polls.” The Supreme Court majority is continuing to roll back affirmative action, most recently endorsing a state ban on affirmative action in Michigan. The inevitable result is that African-Americans will have less access to higher education, and a harder time getting through previously locked doors. Affirmative action, ironically, was the mildest reform measure. It was proposed instead of reparations and instead of quotas. Where African-Americans had been locked out of colleges, factory floors or executive suites, where the informal networks of association and advantage excluded them, affirmative steps had to be taken with real effect to open doors. In Washington and state legislatures, the assault on the safety net and on opportunity continues. Twenty-four states have refused to expand Medicaid even though the federal government will pay all the costs in the first years. People of color are disproportionately the victims. Republicans just passed a budget out of the House that targets more than two-thirds of its drastic cuts from programs for poor and low-wage workers. Education and training will take a big hit. Pell grants get cut. And if they have their way, in 10 years, 40 million people would be deprived of health insurance — from repealing Obamacare, privatizing Medicare and gutting Medicaid. Policing the remarks of the likes of Bundy and Sterling is necessary. We don’t want openly racist views to be acceptable in this society. But we should not focus only on two nutty postmen and lose sight of what’s going on at the post office. Bundy and Sterling embarrass themselves. The Supreme Court and Congress are making changes in the law that will deprive millions of opportunity and equal justice. We should keep our eyes on the prize, and hold on.

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