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November 14 - 20, 2013

By Dion Rabouin ADW Digital Editor The Braves say they are packing up their things and moving to the suburbs. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he wishes them well. On Monday, the team announced that it will be leaving downtown Atlanta to build a new $672 million stadium in Cobb County. On Tuesday, the mayor announced at a press conference that he would be tearing down their old home to build “one of the largest developments for middle-class people that the city of Atlanta has ever had,” in its place. “In the same way, with all due respect, that the Braves were having conversations with other people, we were too,” Reed said. “And I think that we’re gonna be able to make a pretty significant announcement about the development of a 60acre tract at a time when East Atlanta is absolutely exploding and doing well…I guarantee you that we’re not gonna leave a vacant [Turner Field].” The mayor added that he would continue rooting for the Braves, but insisted that allowing the team to move up the I-75 highway was in the best interest of Atlanta. “I made the decision that we should not spend $200-250 million to interfere with a plan where the Atlanta Braves were moving 12 miles away,” Reed said. “And because of that decision, the City of Atlanta is gonna be stronger financially, we’re gonna keep $126 million in cash reserves and we’re gonna be about the business of repairing roads, expanding green spaces, making our city more beautiful, which is what the council has expressed to me that they are interested in and citizens have expressed to me that they’re interested in.” The Braves made the announcement via the creation of a new website, The site featured a video from Braves President John Schuerholz that detailed how

the team came to the decision to leave downtown. “We wanted to find a location that was great for our fans, makes getting to and from the stadium much easier, and provides a first-rate game-day experience in and around the stadium,” Schuerholz said in the video. “Turner field, which we do not own, is in need of hundreds of millions of dollars of upgrades. Unfortunately, that massive investment would not do anything to improve access or the fan experience. These are issues we simply cannot overcome.” The team also pointed to “a lack of consistent mass transportation, a lack of sufficient parking and a lack of direct access to interstates” as reasons for the move. A statement from the Braves said that the stadium would be a “public-private partnership,” but did not detail how much revenue would come from the public. Reed said in a statement that it would be $450 million and that the city would be unwilling and unable to match that offer. Reactions to the Braves decision from other Atlanta politicians have leaned heavily toward keeping the team in town. U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) seemed startled and disappointed by the news. “I don’t know how much more the city could do, or should do,” Lewis told the AJC. “But it’s something that the mayor, city council and others should continue to negotiate on.” Lewis added that he remembered when the Braves moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee. “It’s a blow to the city,” he said. “The Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves should be in Atlanta.” The Braves have played in downtown Atlanta since moving from Milwaukee in 1966 and have played at Turner Field since 1997, after the Olympics were held in the city. The

Braves’ contract with Turner Field is overseen by the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Recreation Authority. Fulton County Chairman John Eaves also weighed in, releasing a statement that urged the City of Atlanta to “do everything fiscally possible to keep the Braves in Fulton County.” “I was deeply disappointed to hear John Schuerholz, President of the Atlanta Braves announce that ‘America’sTeam’ was leaving the City of Atlanta and Fulton County, which has been their home since 1966,” he said in the statement. “The Braves’ contribution to the City and the County deserves a second look by both the public and the private sectors here. It certainly deserves the same level of energy and support that the Atlanta Falcons received when they indicated that they might leave as well.” The move to Cobb County is not yet a done deal. The new stadium, which would be located at Circle 75 and Windy Ridge Parkway, northwest of the I-75 and I-285 interchange, will still likely require approval from the Cobb County Commissioners and could face voter backlash. The five-person group is expected to meet on Nov. 26 to take up the issue. Reed said he would welcome the Braves back to Turner Field if the deal does fall through, but only under certain conditions. “They’ve got a process to go through in Cobb, and I’m not gonna play games with them,” Reed said. “But if they don’t get a deal there, the Ted’s [Turner Field’s] gonna be there, and there are a lot of people on Council that want to get a deal. But, you know, it’s not gonna be a deal that has us where we were, which was broke.”

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November 14 - 20, 2013


Morehouse Sees Israel ‘Up-Close’

November 14 - 20, 2013

Grandson of President Jimmy Carter to run for Ga. Governor By Christina A. Cassidy Associated Press

Photo by John Glenn


Prof. Eytan Gilboa, director of the Bar-Ilan School of Communication, and Opher Aviran, Consul General of Israel to the Southeastern United States, met with 150 students at Morehouse College to discuss fresh perspectives about Israel and the Middle East. The event was part of the “Israel Up-Close 2014” multi-city tour organized by Bar-Ilan University’s School of Communication. Shown are Morehouse freshman Alexander Barron (from left), Aviran, senior Korde Inniss, sophomore Takudzwa Feso and Gilboa.

Meet Rep. John Lewis at Frank Bailey Senior Center in Riverdale




In addition to his Congress in the Community events, which occur every Tuesday in different parts of the 5th Congressional District, Rep. John Lewis is planning a series of “meet and greets.” He will start this series of meetings in Clayton County, the newest part of his district. On Saturday, Nov. 16, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., citizens are invited to join Lewis for a light breakfast at the Frank Bailey Senior Center, located at 6213 Riverdale Road in Riverdale, Ga. Though the event is free and open to the public, you must let the Congressman know you are coming by emailing or calling 404-659-0116. Other meet and greets are planned for other areas of the district.

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10/18/13 11:31 AM

Georgia has been a solidly Republican state for much of the past decade, and there has been little good news for Democrats until now, with Jason Carter launching a bid for governor and joining Michelle Nunn on the ballot in 2014. Democrats are expected to invest heavily in the state next year, which will come two short years before the 2016 presidential race and feature the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and the daughter of former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn. The money will be used to build up the statewide organization -- registering voters, setting up a broad donor network and recruiting grassroots supporters --in the hopes of eventually turning Georgia into a true battleground state. “Senator Carter’s entrance into the governor’s race, along with Michelle Nunn’s candidacy, has created an unbelievable amount of excitement and optimism among Georgia Democrats,’’ said Tharon Johnson, an Atlanta-based Democratic strategist, who led President Barack Obama’s re-election effort in the South. Jason Carter, a 38-year-old attorney and state lawmaker from Atlanta, said Nov. 7 he plans to run for governor. The decision shakes up the 2014 race as Republican Gov. Nathan Deal seeks re-election. Deal already faces two primary opponents and will now have to deal with the prospect of a Carter campaign that is likely to be well-funded and focused on the governor long before the general election. Carter is not expected to face serious primary opposition. When asked about Carter’s announcement, Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the governor was “focused on keeping Georgia the No. 1 place to do business and creating jobs and developing a skilled workforce.’’ There is no doubt Georgia Democrats still face a tough political climate, and it remains to be seen how much outside money will flow into the state and how well Nunn and Carter will appeal to independent voters. Republicans currently hold every statewide office and a large majority in the

General Assembly. Both U.S. senators are Republican, as well as most of the congressional delegation. The state has voted for every Republican presidential nominee since 2000, with Obama receiving 45.5 percent of the vote last year. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, considered a likely Democratic candidate for statewide office in coming years, said Carter is one of the most talented politicians in the state because of his ability to connect with voters. Reed said work done now will only benefit Democrats in the long run. “It’s really an issue of resources,’’ Reed said in an interview last week. “It’s not about just messaging. You’ve got 600,000 unregistered African-American voters who nobody is communicating with in Georgia. You have more than 200,000 Latino voters that nobody is communicating with.’’

AKA Sorority Honors Writer Pearl Cleage Special to ADW

The Ivy & Roses Community Fund in partnership with the Pi Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority recently held its Signature Fundraiser honoring author and playwright Pearl Cleage. The event, “Through the Years…Celebrating Atlanta’s Pearl: An Evening Honoring Pearl Cleage,” was held at the Woodruff Arts Center on Oct. 11 and featured vignettes of Cleage’s renowned plays. Woodruff Arts Center President and CEO Virginia Hepner brought greetings on behalf of the center. The evening highlighted the contributions and program initiatives of the fund and sorority, both locally and internationally, through the creative lens of Cleage’s body of work. The program featured the following plays: “Flyin’ West,” “The Nacirema Society,” “Blues for An Alabama Sky,” “A Song for Coretta” and “What I Learned in Paris,” all of which highlighted social issues of poverty, health, economic empowerment, voting and civil rights and domestic violence. Additionally, a special performance was given by actress, Jasmine Guy, who performed a reading of Cleage’s “Mad at Miles.” Additionally, extraordinary tributes were given to Cleage from her friends and colleagues –Crystal Fox of “The Haves and the Have Nots”; Andrea Frye, actress and director; Valerie Jackson, radio host and community leader; and Christopher Moses of the Alliance Theatre. “With the support of our corporate sponsors, UPS, Bank of America, Georgia-Pacific and Verizon Wireless, along with prominent Atlanta leaders, corporate executives, arts patrons and community supporters, we raised over $85,000, which will allow the IRCF to continue to accomplish the work of its mission to benefit both the arts and education,” said AKA member Marilyn Arrington. In continuing its commitment to service, the fund awarded a grant of $5,000 to the Alliance Theatre Educational Department’s The Collision Proj-

Special Photo AKA Sorority honoree Pearl Cleage (second from left), is flanked by Carla C. Whitlock (from left), president, Ivy and Roses Community Fund; Marilyn Arrington, president, Pi Alpha Omega Chapter of AKA; and Francine Greer, vice president, Pi Alpha Omega Chapter of AKA. ect, a summer program for high school students led by Cleage. “That you chose to make such a significant contribution to our Collision Project was a gift beyond comprehension,” said Collision Project Director Christopher Moses. “Pearl and I had long been discussing our shared desire to provide a stipend to these students who are forced to turn down summer employment to participate in this experience. Your donation will allow this dream to become a reality and will remove a real barrier for many of our students.” “The Ivy & Roses Community Fund was honored to celebrate Pearl Cleage not only as a leader and voice in our community, but as an individual whose works directly reflect our mission and purpose,” Arrington said.



November 14 - 20, 2013

City Council Members Say They Were Kept in the Dark About Braves By Dion Rabouin ADW Digital Editor

business Atlanta Business League Celebrates 80 Years

November 14 - 20, 2013

Special to ADW

Several members of the Atlanta City Council said this week they were kept either largely or entirely in the dark about the negotiations between Mayor Kasim Reed and the Atlanta Braves that led to the Braves’ decision to move to a new stadium in Cobb County. According to documents provided to the Daily World by the mayor’s office, negotiations had been taking place between the city and the team since July 2012, when Mike Plant, Braves vice president of operations, met with “City officials to discuss redevelopment RFI and solicit more active engagement on the part of City officials.” Council members, however, including Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell, say they knew little to nothing about the meetings and learned that the Braves had made the decision to move to Cobb County at nearly the same time that the general public did. “I was never briefed by the administration on what was happening,” said Mitchell. “I was aware that there were negotiations going on, [but] I was not aware that the Braves had made a decision to leave. I learned like everyone else, I learned roughly the same time that the mayor did . . . although I was aware that there were negotiations that were going on for at least a year.” Mitchell added that other members of the Council told him they were not aware of the negotiations, but declined to give names. Councilman Michael Julian Bond said that he was one

such council member who had been left entirely out of the negotiation process with the Braves. He insisted that if the Council had been more involved more could have been done to help the Braves stay inside Atlanta’s city limits. “We could have brought something to the table, I am sure, to help the Braves feel more comfortable about staying in Atlanta,” Bond said. The deal for the stadium in Cobb County has reportedly not yet been signed and will be taken up at a Nov. 26 Cobb County Commission meeting. Bond said that the longer Atlanta waits, the more likely it is that citizens of the northern suburb that is home to approximately 700,000 people will get the team. “I don’t know how wise it is for us to wait for Cobb County to act, because if you look at the blogs that are going on, folks in Cobb County are excited about the possibility of having the Braves there,” he said. “So I think having the Braves come and brief us of what their desires were, what they were asking for, is paramount, so we can understand, so that we can hopefully address it before they’re scheduled to take action.” Carla Smith, who represents District 1, which is home to Turner Field, also said she had not been included or made aware of negotiations between the city and the team. “No,” Smith replied when asked whether the mayor had reached out to her about the talks. “Obviously we’re coming

Mary Parker ABL Board Chair

Leona Barr-Davenport ABL President & CEO

Join the Atlanta Business League as we Celebrate 80 Years of Achievement

80 Anniversary Co-Chairs CO-CHAIRS th

Erica Qualls

Milton Jones

General Manager, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Executive Chairman, CertusBank, N.A.

Dennis Boyden

out of the recession, I think we’re gonna be redeveloped one way or the other and I’m trying to stay positive. But no, I don’t know what’s going on.” During a press conference on Tuesday, Reed said that he was certain the City Council would have been unwilling to commit to either matching the reported $450 million offer made by Cobb County or providing the $100 million – $300 million investment in improvements to the stadium he said the Braves were requesting. It was a sentiment that Councilman H. Lamar Willis agreed with, particularly given the public’s initial response to the mayor’s backing and City Council’s approval of at least $200 million of the city’s hotel/motel tax revenue going to the Atlanta Falcons for a new stadium over the next 30 years. “He’s right,” Willis said of Reed. “Because we know what we went through to get this Falcons stadium, and we’re still going through that process, and I don’t think anyone on Council would have supported such a significant city financial commitment such as this or similar to what Cobb is giving the Braves, given our recent foray into building a new football stadium.” Smith said that she was torn about the prospect of trying to meet the Braves requests to keep the team at Turner Field, particularly if it required using money from the city’s general fund. “I love the Braves. I would do pretty much anything to keep them here, but that is our rent money, if you will,” she said in reference to the general fund. “I’ve got sidewalks, bridges, I’ve got all kinds of things that need to be worked on. I mean, we’ve just got lots of priorities.”

The Atlanta Business League celebrates eight decades of championing Black enterprise at its upcoming 80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis on Nov. 19. The Atlanta Business League, the area’s leading business organization for African American-owned enterprises, will commemorate and celebrate its 80-year history of fostering growth and development of minority-owned companies. The event will highlight the role the organization has played in providing economic empowerment and business development for people of color. “It has been 80 years since the Atlanta division of brilliant educator Dr. Booker T. Washington’s vision of a National Business League began with the mission to enhance and expand Black business, encourage civic pride and reinvest community dollars within our own communities,” said Leona Barr-Davenport, president, ABL. “Today, we have businesses like Black Enterprise, H.J. Russell Company and C.D. Moody Construction paving the way on a national level; while smaller businesses have a great impact on a grassroots level. Black businesses are a significant part of the community, our city’s – and country’s – overall growth. We are excited to celebrate the progress we have

made and the accomplishments that are yet to come to fulfill the mission started eight decades ago.” The ABL will mark the milestone by honoring community leaders and companies that have consistently supported minority business development locally and nationally. The Booker T. Washington Legacy Builder

Award will be presented to: the Hon. Ambassador Andrew Young, the Rev. Joseph Lowery, Black Enterprise founder Earl G. Graves Sr. and family, and Atlanta’s own industry leader, Herman Russell and family. C.D. Moody Jr., president and CEO of C.D. Moody Construction Company will be inducted into the ABL Business Hall of Fame. Tickets for the event are available through Nov. 18 at or by calling the league office at 404-584-8126. Prices range from $200 individual (member) tickets to $2,000 for tables of 10. The Atlanta Business League has experienced tremendous growth over the past 80 years. It boasts a membership base of 500 business owners and corporations and a constituent base of 15,000. The organization offers monthly Business Power Forums and Business Enrichment Seminars to assist entrepreneurs with business development and growth. ABL also recognizes outstanding business and community leaders with its annual CEO Appreciation, Men of T:9.75” Influence and Super Tuesday/Women of Vision events.


The Atlanta Business League was established in 1933 as an affiliate of the National Business League (NBL), founded by Dr. Booker T. Washington. ABL serves as one voice for many small businesspersons using their collective power to influence the course of events politically and socially at all levels including government, business and civic communities. For more information, visit

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Atlanta Marriott Marquis | 265 Peachtree Center Avenue

Booker T. Washington Legacy Builder Atlanta Business League Business Hall of Fame LEGACY BUILDER HALL OF FAME Award Honorees


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PICTURED: Black Enterprise Founder Earl Graves, Sr. and Family; Former SCLC President Joseph E. Lowery; Founder of H. J. Russell and Company, Herman J. Russell and Family; and Former Atlanta Mayor & UN Ambassador Andrew Young


PICTURED: Angelia Gay-Bankston, CEO, Angels Paradise Higher Learning Academy; C. David Moody, Jr., President & CEO, C.D. Moody Construction Co.; Elisabeth Williams-Omilami, Executive Director, Hosea Feed The Hungry & Homeless

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For ticket information, contact the Atlanta Business League: 931 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. NW Atlanta, Georgia 30314

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November 14 - 20, 2013

Wheat Street Baptist Church Serves as initial site for annual Hosea Feed the Hungry By Henrietta Spearman Special to ADW One of Atlanta’s well-noted traditions commemorating the official start of the holiday season is the annual Thanksgiving Day massive meal hosted by Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. This year marks the 44th anniversary of this historic gathering, which has grown to become known as the nation’s largest holiday feast for those with the least. “What is not widely known is that 44 years ago, Hosea’s first Thanksgiving meal was served at Wheat Street Baptist Church Christian Education Auditorium. “The Wheat Street Action Mission Ministry team keeps serving meals long after the great tree at Lenox has been hauled off, the Martin Luther King holiday has come and gone, and the city resumes its back-to-business-as-usual mode,” said Barbara Bush, president of the Wheat Street Baptist Church Action Mission Ministry Inc. “Last year we served over 25,000 hot meals and donated about 30,000 pounds of food to Atlanta’s needy citizens,” Bush said. She added, “We serve meals twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. In addition to serving hot meals, we issue vouchers, which can be redeemed for donations from our clothing and food pantry, as well as some household furnishing.” According to Bush, Wheat Street church records indicate that the late Rev. Hosea Williams, founder of Hosea’s Feed the Hungry, approached the late Dr. Williams Holmes Borders Sr., the former pastor of Wheat Street, to use the church as a place to serve Atlanta’s less fortunate who had no means to prepare, nor a place to partake of the traditional holiday meal.

Bush added that church records also confirmed that the congregation enthusiastically gave their monetary blessings along with their permission and support for Williams to use the church kitchen and auditorium. The facility was also used as a shelter for both men and women. The women were housed upstairs in the auditorium, and men occupied the basement. “We were able to provide lodging for approximately 80 men and women,” she stated. By the mid-1980’s attendees and volunteers of Hosea’s Feed The Hungry had outgrown the space provided by Wheat Street’s Christian Education Building. They subsequently obtained their own office/storage space, and relocated the annual holiday feast several times before settling on their present location at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Black Nativity Co-Star Latimore Visits Tri-Cities High School

The Wheat Street Action Mission Ministry is an approved 501 (C-3) non profit agency. All donations are tax deductible. It is staffed by a core group of dedicated volunteers. Fellow AMM board members, Earling Rosser, president emeritus; Samuel Stephens, treasurer; and the head chef, Winston Brunn, arrive at 5 a.m. to begin meal preparations. These three individuals work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly week in and week out. The chef drives 60 miles round-trip three times a week for activities related to the AMM. Stephens is relentless in his efforts to acquire food donations from the food bank and local area supermarkets. While Rosser eagerly scours thrift stores throughout the metro area replenishing the never-ending need for clothing for both men and women. “We conduct bi-weekly Bible study classes, too. We not only provide physical nourishment, but spiritual nourishment, as well,” Bush said. “Recently our ministry was blessed with the donation of a condominium, which is located in Atlanta’s northwest area of town. Once we complete the renovations on the property, we plan to utilize it as a temporary transitional home for families trying to re-establish themselves back into mainstream society. “Forty-four years ago, the annual Hosea Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving meal grew out of a need which focused primarily on hunger during the holiday season. Hunger is prevalent everyday, and Wheat Street Action Mission Ministry does its part weekly to lessen some of the city’s hunger pangs,” Bush said. “We must remain focused because we are about our Father’s business.”

Mother to Mother Performed by

Directed by

Shontelle Thrash

Rev. Dr. Shirlene Holmes

November 13 – 14, 2013

The Balzer Theater at Herren’s, 84 Luckie St.

November 13: Special Fundraiser for Africa Atlanta

Special photo Atlanta’s Jacob Latimore sings with co-stars Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker in a scene from their new movie “Black Nativity,” which opens Nov. 27. Atlanta native Jacob Latimore, co-star of the upcoming holiday movie “Black Nativity,” visited Tri-Cities High School here on Nov. 10. Latimore spent about an hour talking to approximately 300 students at the esteemed performing arts school, which boasts such alumni as including Kandi Burruss, Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Kenan Thompson. He talked about his professional beginnings and his career plans for the future. He told the students that he’s gone from a hopeful kid much like each of them, to the professional singer and actor he is today. As a triple-threat, Jacob was able to impart advice and guidance to the students, who aspire to careers as singers, dancers and actors. The film’s trailer was presented during the assembly and Jacob talked about his expe-


rience making the film, which opens Nov. 27. He worked on the film with Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”), Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett (“What’s Love Got to Do With It”), Grammy Award nominee Tyrese Gibson (“Baby Boy”), Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige (“Rock of Ages”), Grammy Award nominee Nasir Jones (“Blood Diamond”) and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson (“Dreamgirls”). He said they are all superstars he feels he can look up to and learn from. Towards the end of the assembly, Latimore conducted an impromptu session where several students sang for him on the spot, after which he offered constructive criticism and words of encouragement.


Atlanta Hawks’ Elton Brand and Steve Smith Award $110,000 to Rising Star Recipients

November 14 - 20, 2013

SPORTS of the WORLD By Deitra P. Johnson

Falcons Playoff Hopes Look Dim After Yet Another Loss

Recently acquired Hawks power forward Elton Brand and retired all-star shooting guard Steve Smith joined executives from Sun Life Financial to present two high school seniors with $5,000 college scholarships and present two deserving Atlanta nonprofits with $50,000 grants. The presentation took place during an exclusive Sun Life sponsored professional basketball clinic hosted for Atlanta youth on Thursday, Nov. 14. Sun Life recognized the Rising Stars high school students for their remarkable achievements and rewarded their efforts by surprising the students with the scholarships and an appearance by Brand and Smith at a local athletic club.

Sun Life awards the scholarships through its Rising Star Awards program, which provided a total of $110,000 in grants and scholarships to Atlanta students and nonprofit organizations this year, according to a statement released from the company. By the end of 2013, the company says it will have invested nearly $4 million on behalf of 70 students and 63 nonprofit organizations in 14 U.S. cities, since 2010. In addition to the scholarships the Rising Stars will get the opportunity to participate in one-on-one basketball drills and games with the Hawks stars. Thirty-five other students from participating nonprofit organizations will also get the chance to take part in the Hawks’ basketball clinic.

For the first time since 2009, the Atlanta Falcons find themselves very close to being eliminated from playoff contention. With seven games remaining in the regular season, the “Dirty Birds” now 2-7, also find themselves facing the possibility of having their first losing season since 2007. Talk about turnarounds. After Sunday’s lopsided 33-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks – the team they defeated in last season’s divisional playoff contest – the Falcons have to be feeling the pressure, particularly knowing that they are currently 0-4 on the road this season, and that four of the remaining seven contests will be played away from home. However, Coach Mike Smith isn’t admitting his team is contemplating not being in the playoffs just yet. “We’re going to play every game to win. … We can’t worry about the playoff picture, all we can worry about is the next day,” Smith contends. “…we have to go day by day to get this thing turned around. But what else is a coach supposed to say about his team at this point? It is what it is. Back in 2009, a marginally close outcome in Week 15 bumped Atlanta from post-season play, despite a win against the New York Jets. The wildcard slot was subsequently captured by the Dallas Cowboys after their win over the New Orleans Saints. But at least that year Atlanta posted a 9-7 record, barely tilting the win-loss pendulum, but still doing so. However, that was then, and this is now. Impact Record Has On New Stadium It’s fair to say it’s a good thing the Falcons’ misfortunes this season happened well after the new Falcons’ Stadium deal took shape. Otherwise, opponents of the new venue would have had another point against its proposed construction.

Reportedly, the city and state are finalizing negotiations to buy the land sought after for the “futuristic-looking” stadium that will have a retractable, eight-piece roof that will twist closed, like an iris diaphragm. The cost: $200 million for construction and millions more to operate. But would the public – or even city and state officials – have even considered the idea for the new stadium if the Falcons had not captured the divisional playoff title last season and been seen as a Super Bowl contender this year? I think not. As one fan put it after viewing the proposed stadium plans: “a model can’t predict attendance.” Woes of “13” Affecting Others The good news is the Falcons aren’t the only team struggling in 2013, particularly among those who were predicted to do well this year. That includes the Super Bowl XLVII Champion Baltimore Ravens, now standing at 4-5. The bad news is, that may in itself cause a bottleneck at the end of the season similar to 2009 among lukewarm teams like the Packers (5-4), New York Giants (3-6), and the Cowboys and Eagles, who are both at 5-5. Atlanta currently stands third in the divisional conference race, but more importantly, have two more division games against the Saints on Nov. 21, and the Panthers on Dec. 29, the regular-season finale. And they are currently 13 teams in the NFC that have better records than the Falcons at this point. Two more losses for the Falcons could mean “lights out” for the Birds in post-season play. And if not making the playoffs isn’t bad enough, the team also runs the risk of dropping below the .500 mark needed to claim a winning 2013 campaign. Definitely another turnaround is needed! Deitra P. Johnson covers sports for ADW.

Private Reception: 6:30pm, Curtain: 7:30pm Talk back with the author: 8:30pm - 9:00pm VIP Tickets $50

November 14:

Curtain: 7:30pm $10 Students (with ID), $25 General Audience Mother to Mother is a one-woman play by Sindiwe Magona (which is based her 1998 novel by the same name). Mother to Mother is about the killing of Amy Biehl, an American Fulbright scholar by a mob of students when she drove into the township of Guguletu on the eve of the South Africa’s independence election. Told from the perspective of the mother of one of the boys accused of her death, this writing takes the form of an epistolary addressed to the mother of Amy Biehl. Follow us at AfricaAtlanta



November 14 - 20, 2013

Atlanta Christian Rapper Lecrae Claims No. 1 Spot On iTunes

By Dion Rabouin

If the iTunes charts are to be believed, Atlanta-based holy hip-hop MC LeCrae’s Church Clothes Vol. 2 mixtape is the best-selling digital album in the U.S. The sequel to 2012’s Church Clothes was released this week and is available for free on download sites like But supporters of LeCrae’s mission and music are snapping up the album on the paid service for $9.99 and have made it the No. 1 album on the iTunes download charts. (The top 10 is currently missing Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2.) On Thursday the album was No. 2 behind Eminem and on Friday, Nov. 8, had snatched the top spot. The mixtape version, featuring DJ Don Cannon, has also generated more than 70,000 downloads on so far this week. Earlier this year the Atlanta Daily World caught up with LeCrae outside of Creative Loafing’s Best of ATL party after a performance with rapper Scotty ATL. The Houston-born Atlanta convert talked about his philosophy, his faith, the state of hip-hop and what fans can expect from LeCrae in the future. Check out an excerpt from the online interview below. ADW: What can people expect from the new album and the mixtape? And where are you in the process with each of those? Lecrae: I’m about near done with my mixtape, so you should look forward to that real soon. The album

I’m still in grind mode, so we gonna be working on that for quite a while, but I’m excited. I’m still bringing the same passionate content that I brought in the first place, but now it’s a little more mature, a little more well rounded. ADW: What guest stars do you have lined up, because I’m sure everyone wants to work with you now? Lecrae: On the mixtape, got great production from the likes of people like David Banner, from Boi 1da, features from people like King Mez, Paul Wall and some other surprises that I won’t mention just now, so stay tuned. And of course my label mates, shout out to Reach Records, 116 all day. ADW: Talk to me about the condition of holy hip-hop and of hip-hop in general. In your opinion, what is the state of music, from the Christian side and from the secular side? Lecrae: My thing is, I applaud anybody who wants to be very explicit in saying, “Look, I do Christian music.” I applaud them. For me, I’ve gone through a season of giving my philosophy of faith, you know what I mean? And now I’m in a season of putting some action around that philosophy. So I’m not gonna explain to you why you should love your brother, I’m gonna tell you a story about me loving my brother. I’m not gonna give you a Bible doctrine on why thou shalt not kill, I’m gonna do a song like “Fuss and Fight” with Scotty ATL [which he performed at Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta party] where we articulate why and the detriments of killing. So, I think hip-hop is in the same shape that I’m in, that everybody’s in, that is a part of the culture. Some of us are healthy and well and some of us are sick and need help and so I’m here to help the sick. To read this interview in its entirety, go to

Nas Introduces Hip-Hop Fellowship Chrissy & Mr. Jones Take the Family Hustle By Jordannah Elizabeth, Special to the NNPA from The New York Amsterdam News

and Getting Money to A New Level

Legendary hip-hop lyricist and poet Nas has been chosen to become the face of a new Hip-Hop Fellowship that was founded and developed at Harvard University earlier this year. The Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship is a new program that was funded by an anonymous donor, and at the request of this generous and forwardthinking person, Nas was selected as the focal point and Nas face of the program. As reported by the New York Times’ “Art Beat Blog,” Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Research Institute for African-American Studies, and Harvard University approached another board member about sponsoring a fellowship. Gates expressed that the donor wanted Nas’ name to be on the masthead of the program. In early November, Nas traveled to the Cambridge, Mass.-based university to formally give his blessing and instate the program. He reportedly accepted the opportunity with very little hesitation. Jones told Rolling Stone, “I said ‘no’ to a lot of things in my 20s. In the beginning, I was a fighter. I’m always going to be a fighter, but I fight differently, for different reasons today.” The founder of the Hip-Hop Archive and Research Institute, which is a program that sits under the umbrella of the W.E.B. Du Bois Research Institute for African-Ameri

VH1 continues their reality television reign with a strong lineup of shows that have returned to give us a candid look into the lives of their reality stars. Christine “Chrissy” Lampkin and her beau rapper/ entrepreneur Jim Jones are starring in their second season of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, and they are showing us more of their family life, their love, and Mama Jones’ crazy antics. Even Jim’s son Pudie joins the cast. Though Jim and Chrissy are engaged, they still have not tied the knot or set a wedding date. But the two seem very happy with the progress and growth of their relationship. Now that Jim’s 10-year-old son Pudie (from a previous relationship) has come to live with them for the summer, they have taken on the responsibility of being fulltime parents for the first time. Pudie is actually a very cute, intelligent, and thoughtful child, who seems to be a little sharper than his famous father. Watching Jim and his son interact on the show gives us a softer side of Jim Jones that I’m sure fans are not used to seeing. Fatherhood looks good on Jimmy. Mama Jones is still being Mama Jones with her deep, raspy voice. Being entrepreneurs and getting money is definitely a family affair, as she continues with all of her business endeavors. Now that she and Chrissy have a good relationship, Mama actually asks her soon-


can Studies and Harvard University, told The New York Times, “The main purpose of the fellowship is to support people doing work that has to do with the ways hip-hop itself reaches out to youth through the world, and particularly how it brings together issues of social justice, art and politics. That relationship – and how difficult it can be – is an important aspect of what we’re looking at. Hip-hop has been a way of getting the word out in very difficult situations.” The vision for the fellowship and the application process has just begun, according to Morgan. The program will choose two applicants to engage in comprehensive research of the hip-hop genre. This is a great advancement in African– American culture, and the W.E.B. Du Bois Research Institute for African-American Studies and Harvard University have taken great strides to research and preserve one of the most important artistic staples of African-American culture. Nas, son of jazz musician Olu Dara, carries a legacy of musical and artistic excellence. Nas told Rolling Stone, “Hip-hop is important like computer science …The world is changing. If you want to understand the youth, listen to the music. This is what’s happening right underneath your nose.”

By Christa Jackson Contributing Writer

to-be-daughter-in-law to style her for a cover photo shoot for her book cover. Yes, Jomo’s mom wrote a book on love and relationships. From being a rapper herself to creating a perfume called Pumkash, a clothing line, condom line, and a book to boot, the ideas just keep coming. This energetic firecracker even has her grandson, Pudie with her when she goes to a business meeting to see the first copies of her book. While they wait for the meeting, she schools her baby on ways to make money and tells him to soak it all in. After meeting with Deb Antney, (Waka Flocka Flame’s momager) Chrissy decides that she needs to take the bull by the horns and stop living in Jimmy’s shadow and be responsible for something of her own. After thinking and speaking with her friend, Emily she decides to ask Jim for control of his Lady Vamp line -- the women’s line to his Vampire Life clothing line. After speaking with her fiancée and his business partner Damon Dash, they decide to give Chrissy the shot she’s been looking for to run and have creative control of Lady Vamp. I know we can’t wait to see how our favorite couple and their family deal with the ups and downs of business and pleasure this season. To read this in its entirety, visit


November 14 - 20, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta Brings ‘Best Man Holiday’ Sequel is Back the Drama for a Sixth Season Opening Week Hit By Christa Jackson Contributing Writer

The Real Housewives franchise brings back the Georgia peaches for a sixth season minus Kim Zolciak Biermann, who has moved on from the series with a new husband, more children and a spin-off. Don’t worry, there’s still going to be enough drama to go around with NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart and former Miss USA Kenya Moore creating mayhem in Hotlanta. This season the ladies of the hit Bravo series are sure to keep us guessing and riveted to watching all of the shenanigans and drama in their lives. The only original cast member and HBIC Mrs. NeNe Leakes is starting her life as a newly-married woman for a second time to her former/current husband Gregg Leakes. Even though her TV sitcom, “The New Normal” got canceled, the blonde bombshell seems to be quite giddy as she basks in the bliss of matrimony and while opening expensive gifts from people, such as her frenemy Kim Zolciak Biermann, who gave her a vase from Tiffany’s, along with a Hermes china piece from Teresa and Joe Guidice of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” However, husband Gregg does have to remind NeNe she is no longer a “me” and is again a “we.” Cynthia Bailey is proving to be the serious entrepreneur with the success of her company, The Bailey Agency. So much so that she has outgrown her current space and is moving into her husband Peter’s latest business venture called Industry. Of course with the move comes a party to celebrate the opening at the new space, and the gorgeous model gets a serious surprise when Kenya Moore shows up out of the blue stirring up the “ish” as usual. Our favorite attorney/funeral director, Phaedra Parks, is starting this season busy as ever with her newborn, Dylan, whom she

By Dwight Brown, NNPA

has dubbed Mr. President. She and husband Apollo are also busy renovating their new Buckhead home. Industry insiders specualted at one point that NeNe wanted to get rid of a housewife at the end of the season. That person was Porsha Stewart. Unfortunately for Porsha, the shock of learning she was being served with divorce papers via Twitter was more reason to keep her on as a housewife for a second season. We watch with baited breath as Porsha goes to her attorney and tries to save her marriage and when she goes to her family for support, once she realizes at the deposition that getting back together is not going to happen. There is even an insinuation of her estranged husband being a “down-low” gay man. Kandi Burruss, who is engaged to Todd Tucker, is keeping all of her business ventures running and trying to find a balance between love, life, family and planning a wedding. As the season unfolds, it seems that Mama Joyce takes issue with Kandi’s fiance’ and his true intentions for her daughter. Finally, the former Miss USA and “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” Kenya Moore has spun back into the ATL to reap more havoc and drama. Still upset with everyone about her former “boyfriend” Walter being invited to all their events, this time she goes after NeNe for inviting him to her nuptials. But the feisty NeNe makes sure Kenya knows that no ‘B’ determines who she invites to any event she is having. In an attempt to take the high road, Mrs. Leakes walks away from crazy Kenya, but of course she follows and continues to keep the foolishness going. This is just a teaser of the drama that is sure to come this season with impending divorces, weddings, newlyweds starting anew and friendships that are being tested. Stay tuned for a crazy ride and watch the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

Running into old friends often brings up mixed feelings. Fond recollections. Unfinished business. Bad memories. Petty rivalries. Insecurities. Unrequited love. That’s the range of emotions and dynamics in this follow-up film to the 1999 romantic comedy The Best Man. Fourteen years later, these of educated, bourgeoisie friends still have infectious love/ hate relationships that are beguiling. Be prepared to laugh, groan and occasionally tear up. A group of college friends last assembled for the wedding of ambitious football player Lance (Morris Chestnut) and the love of his life, Mia (Monica Calhoun). Over a decade later, Lance is closing in on the NFL’s all-time rushing record. He’s filthy rich, has four kids, a huge mansion in the New York ‘burbs and a loving wife. The couple, the patriarch and matriarch of their extended clan, has invited their “soul mates” to a festive holiday weekend at their chateau. Jordan (Nia Long) is a flourishing TV executive at MSNBC, focused on her career and finding a little time for romance with Brian (Eddie Cibrian), a White attorney. Harper (Taye Diggs), a struggling author without a recent bestseller, is expecting his first child with his wife Robyn (Sanaa Lathan). Nerdy Julian (Harold Perrineau) runs a school that is dependent on donations from wealthy philanthropists and he’s married to a former stripper, Candace (Regina Hall). They have two daughters. Two single people augment the list of couples: Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), an insatiable hoochie momma, is on TV on the “Housewives of Westchester.” And Quentin (Terrence Howard) runs a thriving marketing firm, when he is not actively chasing skirts. Director/writer Malcolm D. Lee, unabashedly, plays the comic/drama out like a Black soap opera. Plot points are dumped in the center of the room and are as subtle as a naked Santa.

In seconds, you can guess what will happen later, and though you are fully prepared, you still enjoy the revealing moments. The anticipation of what is obviously predestined is not a turn off, rather motivation to stay connected to the story and characters until the film ends, even through some overtly sentimental moments. But hey, it’s the holidays. If the film has one nagging flaw, it’s that its production elements are too perfect, making the footage look like an extended commercial (Greg Gardiner cinematographer) and not real life. Everyone wears new, wrinkle-free clothes (Danielle Hollowell costume design). Offices, rooms and cars are spotless (production design by Keith Brian Burns). Even the snowflakes on Lance’s SUV are meticulously arranged. Fortunately, those synthetic visions are trumped by very intuitive, primal performances from an incredibly talented cast. Earnest performances by Morris Chestnut and Monica Calhoun anchor the film. Howard’s flippant line-readings provide wit and devilishness that bring comic relief on cue. Perrineau is the perfect put-upon geek. De Sousa and Hall maintain a simmering tension. Cibrian, the newcomer, fits in perfectly in the boys club. Lathan is sweet. Long plays the sophisticated exec, in need of love, with verve; she’s perfect as the career woman questioning work life versus love life. Diggs’ Harper is a very flawed human being, who continuously suffers the consequences of making wrong choices. Whether you saw the first “The Best Man” and vaguely remember the characters, or never screened it all, it takes only a few minutes to be enthralled by these eccentric characters. Watching “The Best Man Holiday” is like opening a Christmas gift when you know full well what’s inside. The joy and excitement is all in the unwrapping…

Monica Calhoun and Morris Chestnut in “The Best Man Holiday.”





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November 14 - 20, 2013

BIDS AND PROPOSALS RFQ – ENG – 121213 - PB ADVERTISEMENT for PLANNING, DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION SERVICES for PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE The City of College Park is accepting Sealed Proposals from qualified vendors for PLANNING, DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION SERVICES for PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE. Sealed proposals will be received no later than _3:00PM on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park Georgia, 30337 at which time they will be opened and publicly read aloud. Bids received after the above date and time, or in any other location other than the Purchasing Department will not be considered. A bid packet may be obtained from the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park, Georgia 30337, or from A Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting will be held at 10:00AM on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at the City of College Park City Hall. Bids will not be accepted from any vendor not attending and signing in at this Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting. After the Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting, other questions, clarifications will be accepted via email only to until COB Thursday, November 21, 2013. An Addendum listing all Q&A, clarifications, etc. will be posted on the City’s website on or about COB Thursday, December 5, 2013. It is always the vendor’s responsibility to check the City’s The City of College Park reserves the right to reject any or all bids based on past performance and to waive technicalities and informalities and re-advertise. All Minority, Woman and Small Businesses are strongly encouraged to apply. Only responsive proposals that are determined to meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the City of College Park will be considered. RFP – GICC – 120513 - CTR ADVERTISEMENT for COOLING TOWER RENOVATION at GEORGIA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER CITY OF COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA The City of College Park is accepting Sealed Proposals from qualified vendors for COOLING TOWER RENOVATION at GEORGIA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER. Sealed proposals will be received no later than _3:00PM on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park Georgia, 30337 at which time they will be opened and publicly read aloud. Bids received after the above date and time, or in any other location other than the Purchasing Department will not be considered. A bid packet may be obtained from the City of College Park Purchasing Department, 3667 Main Street, College Park, Georgia 30337, or from No Pre-Bid Meeting will be held. Questions will be accepted via email only to until COB 11/14/2013. An Addendum listing all Q&A, clarifications, etc. will be posted on the City’s website on or about COB 11/21/2013. It is always the vendor’s responsibility to check the City’s website for any/all addenda. As a requirement of this RFP, a Bid Bond of ten percent (10%) shall be submitted with the proposal. The successful bidder shall be required to provide a Performance and Payment Bond of one hundred percent (100%) prior to execution of contract. The City of College Park reserves the right to reject any or all bids based on past performance and to waive technicalities and informalities and re-advertise. All Minority, Woman and Small Businesses are strongly encouraged to apply. Only responsive proposals that are determined to meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the City of College Park will be considered. Request for Proposal from Experienced Qualified Firms to construct “The Gateway” project for ABI The FULL text of the RFP is found at: Inquiries should be directed to: Kevin W. Burke, Sr. Project Manager Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. 86 Pryor Street SW, Suite 300 • Atlanta, GA 30303 E-Mail: • Facsimile: 404/477-3604

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November 14 - 20, 2013

NNPA spotlight

Child Watch

by George E. Curry

by Marian Wright Edelman

We Need Immigration Reform Now!

Time to Raise Minimum Wage

The first federal minimum wage of 25 cents an hour was established in 1938. Since then, it has been raised 22 times. It’s time to increase the floor for the 23rd time, from its current $7.25 to at least $10 an hour. According to the Center for Economic Policy Research, the value of the minimum wage peaked in 1968. If the minimum wage had been indexed to the official Consumer Price Index each year, the minimum wage today would be $10.52. The last time the minimum wage was raised was in 2007, when it was raised from $5.15 to $7.25. Still, there is resistance. Republican leaders say raising the minimum wage will cost jobs. But opponents, such as Washington Post columnist Jared Bernstein, argue that rather than job loss, employers compensate by charging higher prices and increasing productivity. Another common myth is that employers shouldn’t be forced to pay young people the minimum wage. But 88 percent of workers who would be affected by raising the minimum wage are at least 20 years old and a third are at least 40 years, according to the Economic Policy Institute. EPI found that of the workers who would benefit from the raise: • The average age of affected workers is 35 years old; • 88 percent of all affected workers are at least 20 years old; • 35.5 percent are at least 40 years old; • 56 percent are women; • 28 percent have children; • 55 percent work full-time (35 hours per week or more); • 44 percent have at least some college experience. The federal minimum wage is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are approximately 3.6 million workers, or 4.7 percent of all hourly paid workers who are at or below the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour. Employers are allowed to pay students and the disabled – defined as those “whose earning or productivity is impaired by age, physical or mental deficiency, or injury” – less than the minimum wage. It also places limits on workers who derive part of their income from tips. A study by the Congressional Research Service found that 40 percent of those earning the minimum wage or less work in “food preparation and serving related occupations.” It also discovered that 72.2 percent have at least a high school diploma and 8 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities testified before Congress in February: “I would note that over recent decades, the minimum wage has been allowed to erode and is now 20 percent lower, after adjusting for inflation, than in

the late 1960s. For this and a number of other reasons (relating in part to globalization of the economy), wages for low-paid jobs have fallen.” A fact sheet by Economic Policy Institute found, “A disproportionate share of minorities will benefit from a minimum wage increase. African Americans represent 11% of the total workforce, but are 18% of workers affected by an increase. Similarly, 14% of the total workforce is Hispanic, but Hispanics are 19% of workers affected by an increase.” Washington State has the highest state minimum wage at $9.19, indexed to inflation. California enacted a law that will raise its minimum wage to $10 over three years. Some cities have wages that are even higher. The minimum wage is $10.55 in San Francisco. And in the recent election, New Jersey voters approve a constitutional amendment increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.25. Where city or state minimums exceed the federal standard, workers receive the higher wage. The movement to increase the federal minimum wage has stalled in Congress. In March, the House voted 233 to 184 against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2015, with all Republicans voting in the majority. Two Democrats, Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and Rep. George Miller of California have sponsored legislation, called the Fair Minimum Wage Act, to raise the federal minimum wage. The hope to overcome past opposition by adding some sweeteners for small businesses, including allowing them to deduct the full cost of equipment and expansion up to $500,000 in the first year. In his State of the Union address in February, President Obama proposed a federal minimum wage of $9. The EPI study stated. “When describing who would see a raise if the minimum wage were increased, it is important to look at everyone who earns between the current minimum wage and the proposed new one, as well as workers earning just above the new minimum wage (who would likely also see a small pay increase as employers move to preserve internal wage ladders). The typical worker who would be affected by an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2015 looks nothing like the part-time, teen stereotype: She is in her early thirties, works full-time, and may have a family to support.”

George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine, is editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service (NNPA.) He is a keynote speaker, moderator, and media coach. Curry can be reached through his website, You can also follow him at and George E. Curry Fan Page on Facebook.

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Nine-year-old Jaime Gordillo Villa was born in the United States and is a good student who has gotten awards for both good grades and behavior. He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up to help immigrants and others who need help. He says he doesn’t want people to suffer for things they didn’t do. His family knows about suffering since coming to the United States to start a new life. Jaime adored his big brother. They studied and played soccer and video games together. But when his brother was detained by immigration officials, his family had to spend so much money on lawyers to try to keep him here that they lost their home. And then his brother was deported, anyway. Jaime’s afraid his mother or father might be next if they are caught by the police and he might lose them, too. He is one of 50 courageous children the Center for Community Change has coming to Washington, D.C. on November 14 to share their stories with members of Congress and urge them to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship this year. As the debate on immigration reform continues in Congress, millions of children have so much at stake. One in four children in the United States currently lives in an immigrant family, representing about 18.4 million children. Children of immigrants represent the fastest growing segment of the child population. Immigrant populations are diverse, but many children in immigrant families face significant challenges to their health and well-being, including poverty, lack of health insurance, low educational attainment, substandard housing, and language barriers. Any long term solution to our immigration system must take into account what is best for these children. A recent report from Human Impact Partners (HIP), Family Unity, Family Health, highlights the need to protect children’s rights and keep families together during immigration reform to ensure children’s health. Family-focused immigration reform would result in better child health. Our current immigration policies push families apart and children into illness and poverty. HIP projects that if current policies remain unchanged, 43,000 U.S. citizen children will experience a decline in health status, 100,000 will develop signs of withdrawal, and more than 125,000 will go hungry in the next year. Children of undocumented immigrants – the majority of whom are U.S. citizens – will continue to suffer from trauma and fear of deportation which can lead to costly health consequences in their adult lives. The Children’s Defense Fund has joined with many child and family advocates supporting a set of key principles for children we hope Congress and the administration will incorporate in immigration reform without more delay. Limbo is a very bad place for children to live. First, we believe there must be a direct, clear, and reasonable pathway to citizenship. Any pathway to cit-


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izenship must be open, affordable, safe, and accessible to children in need of status, including beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), undocumented children under the age of 21, and unaccompanied immigrant children. Second, our immigration system must uphold children’s basic human rights and ensure access to critical public services, programs, and economic supports for children and their families. Protecting a child’s human rights should include ensuring children receive legal representation before all immigration authorities and, for all unaccompanied children, the appointment of an independent child advocate from the moment of detention throughout the course of any immigration or other related court proceedings. Third, we need to ensure enforcement efforts have appropriate protections for children. In all enforcement actions, including those along the border, the best interests of the child should be a primary consideration and children must be given the benefit of the doubt during any investigation or detention. There should be appropriate and accountable training policies for interacting with and screening children that reflect a humanitarian and protection-oriented approach, prohibit the use of force, and create reasonable and safe conditions for children. Finally, we must keep families together. All policies regarding admissibility, enforcement, detention, and deportation of children and their parents must consider the best interests of children, including enabling immigration judges to exercise discretion in admission and removal decisions based on the hardship to U.S. citizen and lawful permanent resident children. The immigration system must be updated by resolving current backlogs and ensuring family-based immigration channels are adequate for future migration without lengthy family separation. As the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society, every child within our borders should have access to the services and resources they need to survive, grow, and thrive. As our nation’s leaders, hopefully, move forward with the important task of reforming federal immigration laws, I hope they will take into account the unique needs of children. Please urge your member in the House of Representatives to take action on immigration reform that promotes child well-being by ensuring families stay together and gives all children the opportunity to grow and thrive. The Senate has acted. The House must vote—now. Marian Wright Edelman is president of the Children’s Defense Fund whose Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. For more information go to

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around town

November 14 - 20, 2013

BronzeLens Film Festival Founder Kathleen Bertrand (left) stands with retired WSB-TV Anchor Monica Kaufman before the kick off of the festival’s Women Superstars Awards Luncheon on Nov. 8 at the Marriott Marquis.

“Black Nativity” movie Director Kasi Lemons (left) and “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” Producer Tonya Lewis Lee were among Festival Superstars honorees.

Actress/Director LaTanya Richardson Jackson (from left), retired Coca-Cola Executive Ingrid Saunders Jones and actress Anna Maria Horsford were among the Festival Superstars honorees.

Helen Smith Price, executive with festival presenting sponsor The Coca-Cola Company, stands with festival Board Chair Roger Bobb, CEO of Bobbcat Productions.

Festival participants Valerie Boyd (left), associate professor of journalism and the Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia, and Jocelyn Dorsey, producer and director of community affairs at WSBTV, enjoy the festival luncheon.

Charles H. Jeffers II, (left) senior vice president of operations for festival sponsor Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, enjoys the luncheon with ACVB CEO William Pate.

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Around Town Photos by M. Alexis Scott

Atlanta Daily World Digital Edition November 14, 2013  
Atlanta Daily World Digital Edition November 14, 2013  

ADW Digital Edition 11-14-13