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Consequence Ladder This list is not exhaustive and any action from a pupil may be dealt with at the Headteacher’s discretion.


Consequence 6. External Exclusions

Additional actions at the Headteacher’s discretion Extreme violent behaviour Health and safety risk to pupils and adults Continues to behave inappropriately at lunchtimes Repeated actions from level 5

6.2 Working towards a managed move to a suitable setting/ Permanent exclusion 6.1 Fixed term exclusion

5. Site Exclusion Inciting/provoking violent behaviour Repeated actions from level 4

5.1 Site exclusion – parent to accompany child to the other site for the day

4. Internal Exclusion/ Isolation Fighting/ Severe hurting or Marking of another child (body map to be used for Marking with incident sheet) Bullying/racism/sexism/homophobia Swearing at an adult Deliberately throwing objects to cause injury to pupils/adults Verbal abuse/harassment Spitting at pupils/adults Destruction of property Theft Inappropriate behaviour at lunchtimes Repeated actions from level 3

4.1 Internal exclusion (solitary lunch and or break/ solitary for the day)

3. Behaviour Improvement Plans/ Involvement of Outside Agencies No improvement from implementation of IBP Failure to get off Behaviour Report (see guidance in Positive Behaviour Management Policy) Repeated offences from level 1 (3+ reds over 2 consecutive weeks or 3 weeks over ½ term) 3+ Reds for the week

3.4 Involvement of outside agencies and Behaviour Thresholds completed 3.3 Improving Behaviour Plan (IBP) and parent meeting with SLT 3.2 Child put on Behaviour Report and parents notified 3.1 Parents informed of 3+ Reds per week by letter

2. Involvement of other staff in school/parents Intentionally Hurting or Marking another child (body map to be used for Marking with incident sheet) Using inappropriate language Deliberate throwing Defacing school property Telling lies Biting Complete refusal to comply regardless of warnings Failure to report to staff (i.e. at the end of break/lunchtime) Continued behaviour after 2.1 Making fun of pupils/adults Continued behaviour after 1.3

2.3 Parents asked to come into school to support the child if 2.1 and 2.2 fail. 2.2 Child is sent to SLT. SLT to inform parents at the end of the day or a phone call home. A slip is sent home if no answer.

2.1 Child is sent to another classroom (2 minutes for Lower, 5 minutes for Upper). Class teacher to inform the parent at the end of the day or phone home.

1. Traffic Light System Lack of respect/rudeness Messing around in the toilets Play fighting Leaving the classroom without permission Smirking Other Low level misbehaviour Deliberate time wasting Talking when you shouldn’t be Swinging on chair Failure to work Calling out Constantly tapping objects Deliberately not taking care with work Distracting others Tale telling Not lining up when requested Running inside the building Uncooperative behaviour

These actions mean that you will go straight to Red

1.3 Child moves to Red. Loss of Golden Time 1.2 Child moves to Amber 1.1 Verbal warning

0. Good to be Green Meeting expectations – child stays on Green

Expected/acceptable behaviours – following the Golden Rules

Consequence ladder