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April 2012 Volume 11 • Issue 5

Sweet Easter Treats A Pocketful of Pea Pods 2012 Summer Camps for Kids

Designing your custom home? You’ve got a lot to figure out. We’ve got your answer.

At Ronning Custom Homes & Neighborhoods, we’ve simplified the home-building process. Our new Selections Gallery includes interactive displays with oversized samples that allow you to see exactly how each feature in your new home will look. We’ve partnered with local professionals for everything — flooring, countertops, appliances, cabinets, wall colors/textures, millwork, mechanical and more — so you can make all your home-building decisions in one place. O u r Pa r t n e r s : n StarMark n n n n n n n n n n


Formatop Karl’s Appliances Syverson Tile & Stone Frisbee Plumbing & Heating Larry Maxwell Drywall Betz Blinds Thornton Flooring Walden Carpets Carpet One Kokenge Painting Services

n n n n n n n n n

Sorlien Electric Mahlander’s Appliance and Lighting Hebron Brick Fireplace Professionals Agan Drywall Supply Home Supply Company Overhead Door Company Fargo Glass and Paint Truss Pro’s Inc.

Call (605) 336-6000 to schedule a visit. 401 E. 12th St.



See our Selections Gallery.

Don’t have a smartphone? View the video at http://goo.gl/1VzAh

Quality-built Custom Homes for Your Lifestyle

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Ready to Meet Your Every Bloomin’ Need Young & Richards Opens New Location on Phillips Avenue 8




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etc. for her. 605.334.2479 email: etc.mag@sio.midco.net www.etcsiouxfalls.com

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew 40


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Rhythm of new routines

Life can change in an instant because of heart disease. At Sanford Heart, from the moment of diagnosis to the moment you celebrate your new routine of early morning workouts, we stay prepared and connected. So you stay a few steps ahead. Get a taste for something different. And enjoy a lifetime of wellness.

Your heart. Our hands. Connected. Hear our stories. Visit heart.sanfordhealth.org

100-11395-3246 2/12

out & about concierge 8 Ready to Meet Your Every Bloomin’ Need Young & Richards Opens New Location on Phillips Avenue

concierge 12 Kosama – Complete Body Transformation

calendar 17 April 2012

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Positively a Baby! NOW What? Whether it comes as

a great surprise or is something you’ve been planning for years, the exciting news of a baby on the way means your life will never be the same. At Avera, we’re here to provide comprehensive care and help guide you through all the firsts to come for both you and baby. And the first thing in a long list of firsts should be visiting a doctor:


n n

Confirm your pregnancy and establish your due date Ensure your medications are safe to take Continue on with fitness and nutrition

From the first ultrasound to the first cry, the experts at Avera will be with you for each step along the way. Call 1-877-AT-AVERA for more helpful tips or to find a physician near you.

EvEry ExpEriEncE. EvEry stEp.

Start with us.


Ready to Meet Your Every Bloomin’ Need Young & Richards Opens New Location on Phillips Avenue


by MAry Michaels | Photos by Chang Photography

The Colors of

Spring Born from a beer shaving soap recipe. Modeled after a "Micro-brew" philosophy. Named after a special place. Hand-crafted soaps and shaving oils created in small batches to ensure quality and attention to detail.

Sioux Falls’ Source for Commercial & Residential Kitchen Equipment

Visit www.maxwellfood.com for a Listing of Our Cooking Classes 1212 S Cliff Avenue | (605) 336-2675 or (800) 658-3449

Hours: M–F 8am–5pm Sat: 9am–1pm

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Shaving Soap • Shaving Oil Beard Oil • Craft Soaps • Beer Soap www.fathousesoapcompany.com


n 1947, a little flower shop was planted in downtown Sioux Falls, and it has since bloomed into a local landmark. Young & Richards has been a mainstay on Main Avenue for nearly 65 years, and now the store is starting a new chapter in its history on Phillips Avenue. Owner Cindy Palleschi became the owner of Young & Richards over 2 years ago, but she knew it was important to keep the original name to carry on the store’s rich tradition. “Young and Richards has been part of the Sioux Falls landscape for a long time,” says Palleschi. “They actually did my wedding flowers years ago, so when I heard the business was available, it was like a dream come true.” Palleschi says the thing that has kept this flower shop going strong over the years is that it’s never been about just selling flowers, but rather, it’s about building relationships and helping people create a floral arrangement that says exactly what they want to express to someone else. “The wonderful thing about flowers is that you can convey so many emotions,” she explains. “You can say ‘I love you’ with flowers, but you can also say ‘congratulations,’ or ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘thank you.’” Sometimes, she adds with a smile, the “I’m sorry” flowers can be very important to get just right. “We’ve had calls from men who say ‘My wife is really mad at me, and I need help.’” One of the great things about the new space, says Palleschi,


&Watters Watters MONTH


15% OFF

All Watters Orders In April Best Styles • Best Prices

Bringing You the Best Bridal Experience

Beakon Centre 57th & S. Louise Ave. (605) 332-8841 www.thefrenchdoorbridal.com Mon-Thurs 10-7 Fri 10-5 * Sat 10-4 * Sun 12-4 See us on facebook and allaroundsiouxfalls.com

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Young & Richards 222 S. Phillips Avenue Historic Downtown Sioux Falls (605) 336-2815 or (800) 529-1350 www.youngandrichards.com www.facebook.com/youngandrichards

is that the floral designers are right in the back where customers can watch them work. “In the other location, they were downstairs. But now, customers can come in, pick fresh flowers right out of the cooler and then watch the designers create a beautiful arrangement.” The space itself is another great feature of the new location. Palleschi says it’s exciting that their new home is one of the many historic buildings on Phillips Avenue. From the hardwood floors and tin ceiling to the exposed brick and worn-looking walls, the store has its own beauty to rival the flowers. The counter is an amazing piece – an old bar that Cindy and her husband bought from someone who had it stored in a barn. With the move, Palleschi has added more gift items like beautiful glass Tiffany vases, vintage-looking picture frames, jewelry and a fun line gifts for Fluffy or Fido like unique food dishes, collars and leashes. Palleschi is a self-proclaimed “dog person” and thought it might be fun to add some pet items. “Downtown Sioux Falls is so vibrant,” she says. “There is always so much going on, and so we wanted to add more gift items to appeal to our current customers as well as new customers who are strolling Phillips Avenue enjoying the shopping and other activities.” One favorite the store continues to carry is treats from the

10 out and about |


Sweet Shop line, including a variety of all-natural chocolate bars and jars of dessert toppings and pie fillings all ready to go into a crust (of course, they look so good, with flavors like Key Lime, that you might be tempted to just sit down with the jar and a spoon!). Palleschi says the floral industry does see some trends in designs and colors, not unlike fashion. “Right now, we are seeing a lot of short, compact floral designs. At other times, it might be all about big and tall. We tend to see trends with design and color really come out in the wedding market.” Speaking of weddings, if you have a summer or fall wedding planned, now is the time to book your florist. Young & Richards will only schedule two weddings per weekend, so it’s important to get your date reserved early. To help customers with all their floral and gift needs, Palleschi says Young & Richards will soon be expanding their hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. And, in addition to the new location on Phillips Avenue, customers can find Young & Richards online with their website (and online store) and Facebook. Palleschi says she really is living a dream now. “Flowers just make people happy – and I love to be able to make people happy.”

2101 W 41st St • Western Mall


Sioux Falls, SD • 605-336-160 0


Kosama –

Complete Body Transformation By Mary Michaels | Photos by Chang Photography


ven though it’s a few months into 2012, you may be looking for a way to recharge that New Year’s Resolution you made to improve your physical health. If so, you might want to visit Kosama Complete Body Transformation, which opened in January at 69th & Western Avenue. According to owner Josh Wendling, the mission at Kosama is to help members achieve their optimal physical potential and total body wellness. “Each program includes strength training and stretching, as well as aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercises,” says Wendling. “This helps individuals reach that peak physical performance, and weight loss is an added bonus.” While this is Wendling’s first ownership of a franchise, he has been working out at the Kosama in Sioux City, Iowa, and knew it would be a good fit in Sioux Falls. “I felt like Sioux Falls was a great place to start a fitness business,” he says. “The people of Sioux Falls have always seemed to be into ‘fitness,’ and our type of group fitness just fits perfectly here.” The Sioux Falls location is the only Kosama facility in South Dakota. Kosama Complete Body Transformation is an 8-week program

12 out and about |


designed to increase lean muscle mass and transform the body from the core out, Wendling explains. “Kosama not only focuses on lean muscle growth but also on overall conditioning including mind, balance, flexibility, and overall health. Plus, it’s unique, affordable and works for individuals of all different fitness levels.” Kosama is broken down to 6 different workouts throughout the week and includes these components: • Active Yoga: With yoga, the entire muscular system becomes stronger and more elastic, and thus less susceptible to injury. When practiced regularly, yoga increases physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and spiritual connection • Kettlebells: Kettlebells can help drop inches or weight – or both. Kettlebells are versatile enough to be used by someone experienced in using weights or a beginner who has never exercised before. • Cardio-Kickboxing: This program is a great way to achieve a stronger body and to gain confidence. One benefit is

605-271-7701 | siouxfalls@kosama.com 6205 S. Old Village Place | Sioux Falls, SD 57108 building stronger and more defined arms and legs. • Plyometrics: Plyometric exercises train muscles to reach maximum strength in minimal time. Plyometric exercises fire up your fat burning machine. • Upper Body Strength: Upper body resistance training helps the body put on lean muscle mass. When done properly, strengthening the upper body helps maintain proper posture. • Lower Body Strength: The lower body consists of muscles that are known to consume high quantities of fat once they become metabolically active. Lower body work tones up the legs, thighs and gluteals, as well as activates core musculature. Wendling says that the Kosama program keeps people interested and engaged in improving their health. “One of the main reasons people quit a gym membership or quit exercising is because they get bored very easily. We pride ourselves in making every workout different from the last one to keep it interesting.” While physical activity and working the various muscle groups is an essential part of weight loss, Wendling says, good nutrition is also important. “We do carry a variety of Kosama lean protein shots and protein bars that give you the very important components your body needs to gain lean muscle and lose weight,” he says. “We are not a fad diet, though, and we don’t promise you can lose weight by starving yourself or drinking a shake. We work with our clients to approach nutrition the right way – maintaining a healthy diet – and then engaging in the Kosama fitness regime.” Wendling says this new venture has been very rewarding so far. “I can’t begin to tell you what it feels like to help people change their lives. But, I’m the first one to tell you that the only thing I am really doing is providing the basic structure and the supportive environment with a phenomenal, well-trained staff. It’s our members who do the hard work – changing their lives one burpee at a time.” (and if you don’t know what a burpee is, come to Kosama to find out!) The Kosama program is structured in 8-week sessions, so Wendling encourages those who might be interested to stop in, call or go online to check out the calendar. “We really believe in this 8-week system,” says Wendling, “so it’s important that individuals watch for the starting dates for each session. To get optimal weight loss and gain lean muscle, we have found that an 8-week session works well with people’s busy lives.” The next session begins on April 30.

Allergy & Asthma Care For Adults & Children

You know strength is about support. You know doing it alone is possible, but doing it together is better. You know getting support always leads to a better place. We support you. We help you and your family find greater strength, and a new resiliency. We do it together, so you can thrive now, and into the future. Call us for an appointment at 605-336-6385.

+ follow us on

2200 W. 49th St., Ste. 104 Sioux Falls, SD 57105



etc. for her | April 2012 13

y r a u n Ja New! From Dr. Scholl’s

Lower Level Open Early April

shoes that can take you anywhere

212 S. PHILLIPS AVENUE | 336-3224

www.mycurrentobsessionsf.com | Follow us on Facebook & Twitter Winter Hours: Mon–Sat 10am–5pm

225 S. Phillips Ave | 331-4700 www.holsenhus.com

Home Décor • Gifts • Pampering Products • Clothing Jewelry • Handbags & much, much more!

Photo: Jason Crain


peciality clothing, equipment, gift and travel store located in downtown Sioux Falls.

Clothes • Jewelry • Gifts

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am–8pm • Sun. Noon–5pm Phone: 605-335-1132 • 10th Street & 1st Ave.

Historic Downtown 124 S. Phillips Ave

(605) 334-5795

w w w. DT S F. c o m

Inspired Style

itage Museums Siouxland Her

Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main

Available at:

Specializing in... • Fine Fashions for Women • Sportswear • Full line of Brighton® • Accessories and more!

216 S. PhilliPS Ave. | 330-4002



*Free delivery in Sioux Falls with $35 order Mon-Wed 10-3 • Thurs-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-3

125 W. 10th St. • Downtown Sioux Falls 605.978.0991 • www.cookiejarsd.com

Pettigrew Home & Museum 8th & Duluth

Make Time for History Open Daily • Free Admission • Sioux Falls, S.D. • 605.367.4210 www.siouxlandmuseums.com




• Wild Sage Grille proudly presents the art of Shelly Hearne and Warriors Work & Ben West Gallery of the Black Hills, April 14th at 5pm. Opening reception during the Downtown Sioux Falls Jazz Crawl. • NEW! Healthy KIDS Menu • $5 Burgers SD Certified Beef Burger available from 5 to 6pm Mon – Thur Served with House Seasoned Potatoes • Fantastic Outdoor Patio • Now booking Graduation and Rehearsal Dinners, and YOUR Special Event overlooking downtown Sioux Falls! Call (605) 274-1667

300 N. Cherapa Place • Sioux Falls, SD • (605) 274-1667 • Join us on Facebook

april 2012

april title

Sundays, April 1, 15, 29 • 1pm

Harlem Globetrotters

Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth Street

Thu, April 5 • 7pm

Learn to swing dance at the Old Courthouse Museum! Beginning swing dance

Sioux Falls Arena

lessons from 1-1:30p.m. with open dancing from 1:30-4 p.m. Beginners are

Get your tickets to see the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. $17.75 - $74.

welcome, all ages, no partner needed. INFO (605) 367-4210.

INFO (800) 745-3000 or sfarena.com.

Into the Pit Quarry Tour

Downtown First Friday

Tuesdays, April 3, 10, 17, 24 • 10am

Fri, April 6

Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth Street

A special day of shopping, art and entertainment downtown! Many stores stay

Take a trip aboard the historic trolley to an active quarry owned by Concrete

open late until 8pm. April theme - Restaurant Week Kick Off. INFO (605) 338-

Materials and view the modern techniques of quarrying. Guaranteed to provide

4009 or visit www.dtsf.com.

Swing Dance Program at the Old Courthouse Museum

payloads of information. Space is limited, call 367-4210 to register. Limit 4 spaces per call.

Starlab Inflatable Planetarium at the Old Courthouse Museum Mon, April 9 • 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Open Drawing Group

Old Courthouse Museum • 6th St. and Main Ave.

Tue, April 3, 10, 17, 24 • 10am

Discover the night sky. Explore the constellations! Starlab Inflatable Planetarium

Museum of Visual Materials • 500 N. Main Ave.

is for children and adults to begin their own sky exploration. Each Starlab

Join us for an open drawing group every Tuesday at 10am. Beginners to

presentation lasts approximately 40 to 45 minutes. We can accommodate up

advanced. Bring your own supplies-learn from others...teach what you know.

to 25 people per program. Suitable for ages six and older. Programs begin

Hosted by Barbara Burns and Gabe Becker. INFO (605) 271-9500 or visit www.

promptly on the hour, no late admission. INFO (605) 367-4210 or visit www.




join us APRIL 18TH – APRIL 21ST


Four years of Happiness! New spring fashions to behold


Balloons & discounts galore!

happy happy

Visit us @ facebook.com/ShopPoshBoutique or Shop-Posh.com

Posh_April2012_etc.indd 1

// hours: M: 10-6; T-F: 10-7; Sat: 10-6



3/15/12 7:11 AM

etc. for her | April 2012 17

Story Time With The Story Lady Mon, April 9 • 11:30am Sioux Falls Family YMCA

pril 20 The Story Lady is coming! DeAnn is a retired Early Childhood/Special

In business, it’s not just what you know,

it’s who you know.

Education teacher. DeAnn will be coming in monthly to bring her stories

to life and puts on quite a show! The Story Lady enthusiastically engages her audience with puppets, music, flannel board stories and more! Please

join us for stories, songs, and fun with the Story Lady! All ages welcome! INFO (605) 336-3190.

Self Hypnosis for Relaxation Workshop Wed, April 11 • 6:30pm-9pm

Heal With Hypnosis LLC • 3701 West 49th Street, Suite 203C.

(Elevator accessible) Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener will teach you the fundamentals of self-hypnosis. You will learn how to relax your body

and organize your thoughts so you can enjoy life less stress and more peace of mind and achieve your goals. $40 per participant. Limited to 6 participants. Pre-registration is required. Please call 605-940-8389 or visit www.HealWithHypnosis.com/events to register. Chairity

And no matter your business size, there’s nothing like forming

PERSONAL CONNECTIONS in the local business community.

Thu, April 12 • 5pm

Icon Lounge Event Hall

Main Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls

We’re inviting you to Chairity 2012, a unique benefit auction that supports the State Theatre. To support Chairity 2012, local artisans generously donate one-of-a-kind chairs. Money raised from auctioning the chairs will

go toward buying auditorium seats at the State Theatre. Appetizers and

When you’re a Chamber member, you have access to a wealth of people to learn from, create relationships and do business with.

Cash Bar Tickets are $20 DTSF & SDAF Members $25 for non-members.

Our hundreds of volunteers represent businesses of all sizes and industries. Our dedicated staff has more than 250 years of combined service to bettering the Sioux Falls area for our 2,200 Chamber members.

April 13 • 4pm & 9:30pm*

Use the Chamber to be seen, be heard, be informed. Belong: call, email or Facebook us to find out more.

INFO (605) 274-3548 or visit www.sdaf.org. Bowl For Kids’ Sake April 12 • 3:30pm April 14 • 9:30pm* *denotes cosmic bowling

Bowl For Kids’ Sake is about having fun to help kids continue on a positive path. By supporting Bowl For Kids’ Sake you can Start Something in our community- more Bigs and Littles can be paired up, more friendships can be gained and improved outlooks on life can be started. Cost of the event is $325 for a team of 5 or $65 per person. Cost of registration includes t-shirt, pizza, and door prizes. Registration is on-line at www.bbbsse.org Wining Women Thu, April 12 • 6pm Strawbale Winery • 47215 257th St. Renner, S.D. The activity changes every month! We have exciting speakers, demonstrations, shopping for the unusual, hands on activities, or dancing. Check each month for what we have going on! It offers women an opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy a night out. INFO

200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 102 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605.336.1620 • siouxfallschamber.com

(605) 543-5071 or www.strawbalewinery.com/events. Family Nite Out Fri, April 13 • 6:30 pm Morningside Community Center 2400 South Bahnson Avenue

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce


Come and join Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation for a free night of family fun! There will be inflatables to run, jump, and play on, carnival games and prizes, and much more! Pizza and pop will be available for purchase

18 out and about |


from Papa Johns. This event is free and children must be accompanied by an adult. INFO (605) 367-8222 or visit www.siouxfallsparks.org.

It’s also what you know

012 a Smokin’ Joe Kubek Featuring Bnois King Fri, April 13 • 8pm

Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater

From the smallest Texas roadhouse to clubs and concert stages all over the country and around the world, Kubek and Bnois King—band mates

and blood brothers—are ready to welcome everyone into their Texas blues family. INFO 335-6101 or visit sfjb.org/concerts. The Big Grape Reserve Fri, April 13 • 6:30 pm

Museum of Visual Materials • 500 N. Main Ave.

that’s important, too.

A premier wine tasting event featuring fine wines, great food, and live

music. Proceeds benefit the Avera Children’s Hospital. INFO (605) 3228900 or visit www.TheBigGrape.com. The Ballroom Dance Club

Fri, April 13 • 8pm - 11:30pm

El Riad Shrine • 14th and Phillips

Dancing to the music of Sammy Jensen Orchestra. Guests welcome with

tickets $10 each at the door. Business/casual dress requested. INFO

(605) 528-5653.

Doctors in Concert Sat, April 14 • 7pm

Orpheum Theater • 315 N. Phillips Ave.

Doctors in Concert features local physicians and other artists donating

their musical talents to raise money for Children’s Care Hospital & School. Proceeds benefit programs that enrich the quality of life for our children. Tickets $20. INFO (605) 782-2325 or visit www.cchs.org. Downtown Sioux Falls Jazz Crawl Sat, April 14 • 10:15 am Downtown Sioux Falls invites you to experience the perfect mix of carefree spirit, cultural celebration and refined style. From museums to a unique selection of eating establishments and specialty shops to a full calendar of events and activities, there’s always something happening! Admission is free. INFO (605) 335-6101 or visit www.sfjb.org.

The Chamber offers many opportunities for your business and employees to be involved and grow your network. Committees, workshops, seminars, Mixers, ribbon cuttings — we’ve got something for everyone. But we also know you’re busy. That’s why we work hard at improving our economy and quality of life so you can concentrate on your business.

Progress is everyone’s business and we’re at your service — in person, over the phone and online. We are one voice for business and

we need your voice, too

— join us:

South Dakota Child Identification Program Sat, April 14 • 10am - 2pm Old Courthouse Museum • Sixth St. and Main Ave. On average in the United States, a child is reported missing every 43 seconds and most parents don’t have the proper items ready at a moments notice that may help save their child’s life. This free program is an opportunity for parents to acquire a kit for their child including fingerprints, DNA, dental imprint, photo and video for identification purposes. INFO (605) 367-4210 or visit www.siouxlandmuseums.com. Free Consultation Mondays April 16th and April 23rd • 10 am to 8 pm

200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 102 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605.336.1620 • siouxfallschamber.com

Heal With Hypnosis LLC • 3701 West 49th Street, Suite 203C. (Elevator accessible) Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener offers complimentary 1-hour consultations. Learn how hypnosis can help you resolve past painful events and move forward. Please call 605-940-8389 or

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce


visit www.HealWithHypnosis.com to pre-schedule your free consultation.

etc. for her | April 2012 19

First Annual Pork Crawl

J&L Harley-Davidson • I-29 on 60th Street

April 17 • Downtown Sioux Falls

Garage Party events, specifically for women, create an intimidation-free zone

The Pork Crawl will be an opportunity for 20 individuals to enjoy pork

and an opportunity for female riders in the community to connect with one

2 apr dishes with area pork producers. Participants will travel to three downtown

another. This free event is designed to be both fun and educational. INFO (605)

restaurants to enjoy a featured pork appetizer, entrée and dessert as well

334-2721 or visit www.jl-harley.com.

as discussion with area farmers about today’s pork production. The tour will include Crawford’s, Bros Brasserie Americano Restaurant & Minerva’s. INFO

Sioux Empire Young Marines Spaghetti Feed

visit www.agunited.org

Fri, April 20 • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Sioux Falls American Legion • 1701 W. Legion Dr.

Vision Board Creation Workshop

Come out and support the Sioux Empire Young Marines with an all you can eat

Wed., April 18 and April 25 • 6:30pm-9 pm

spaghetti feed. The Young Marines program is an official nonprofit organization

Heal With Hypnosis LLC • 3701 West 49th Street, Suite 203C.

of the Marine Corps that promotes kids mental, moral, & physical development.

(Elevator accessible) Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener will teach you the

INFO (858) 357-7071 or visit siouxempireyoungmarines.com.

fundamentals of vision board creation. A vision board is a visual interpretation of your goals and desires. Keeping focus on your true intentions helps you

Benson’s Flea Market

achieve your goals while reducing stress. $40 per participant. Limited to 6

Sat, April 21 • 9am

participants. Pre-registration is required. Please call 605-940-8389 or visit

Sun, April 22 • 11am

www.HealWithHypnosis.com to register.

Sioux Empire Fairgrounds

Benson’s Flea Market features everything you can imagine, big and little,

Kid’s Activity Day — April Showers

old and new, heavy and light! 65% of this show consists of antiques and

Old Courthouse Museum • Sixth St. & Main Ave.

collectibles, 15% is new items and the rest is rummage sale type items. $2

Thu, April 19 • 9am

admission. INFO (605) 332-6000.

Learn about history and make a craft to take home! Learning sessions begin every 15 minutes 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-2:30 p.m. For children preschool through

Earth Day Party for the Planet

2nd grade. Call (605) 367-4210 for available times. INFO (605) 367-4210 or visit

Sat, April 21 • 1pm


Great Plains Zoo • 16th & Kiwanis

Join us as we Party for the Planet! Activities include animal encounters,

Garage Party for Women

Zookeeper talks, interactive games and wildlife-friendly crafts. INFO (605) 367-

Fri, April 20 • 7pm

7003 or visit www.greatplainszoo.org.

Your Fresh Start Is Waiting

Please call 605-940-8389 or visit HealWithHypnosis.com to book your complimentary consultation.

Winter is an ideal time to resolve the past and find yourself again. Emerge this spring as the best version of you!

Northwoods Vist60a5-310-6692

or 712-982-2588 oodsvista.com hw rt no @ info dsvista.com www.northwoo

Spring Special

Just $150 per night p

lus tax.

Time for a Spring Break. Book your stay today and Enjoy!

Specializing in Resolution of Anxiety and PTSD.

Rebecca Wiener, CCH 3701 W. 49th St. Suite 203-C Sioux Falls, SD 57106

www.HealWithHypnosis.com 20 out and about |


Celebrate life at Northwoods Vista

Anniversaries | Girl’s Weekend | Family Time | Business Planning Retreat Located 35 miles southeast of Sioux Falls.

Jewelry Girls Day Out For Earthday

Gourmet Guys features foods prepared by 40 local businessmen and one male

Sat, April 21 • 1pm

youth. Complimentary beer, wine, sodas and coffee is included in the $35.00

The Bead Company • 319 S. Phillips Ave.

per person ticket price. Live Music. INFO (605) 333-3302

ril 201 A fun girl class! Create a matching set or create your own unique designs

or visit activegen.org.

together. Make a bracelet and a charm necklace with a magnetic clasp. Come early to pick out your charm. $8 admission. Student age 7+. $5.00 per person

South Dakota Achieve 20th Annual Pancake Benefit

material fee payable to instructor. **Pre-registration prior to class is required.

Sun, April 22 • 7:30 am - 2pm

Register online with Mastercard or Visa. INFO (605) 367-7999 or visit commed.

Multi Cultural Center • 515 N. Main Ave.


Please join us to enjoy delicious pancakes and support people with

developmental disabilities. $5.00 (Children 5 and under eat free). INFO (605) 274-1331 or visit www.achievesd.org.

Sea & Sky Saturday

Sat, April 21 • 10am - 2pm

Sertoma Butterfly House • 4320 S. Oxbow Ave.

South Dakota’s Challenges Since 1960 Presentation

Join us as Joyce Swanson, a Master Gardener Intern, the Pomegranate Market

Sun, April 22 • 2pm

and Falls Park Farmer’s Market explain how to buy local products, learn about

Old Courthouse Museum • Sixth St. and Main Ave.

organic foods and try free samples. INFO (605) 334-9466 or education@

In 1975, a popular textbook was published entitled: Challenge: the South


Dakota Story. In 2007, Charles Rogers, a history professor and lifelong resident of South Dakota was asked to update the story to the present day in South

Earth Day Celebration

Dakota’s Challenges Since 1960. The presentation will focus on the changes

Sun, April 22 • 9:30am

in South Dakota’s population from rural to metropolitan and changes in

Calvary Cathedral • 500 S. Main Ave.

agriculture over the decades. Books will be available for sale. Free admission.

We are celebrating Earth Day! Bring a shirt to tie dye, make rainbow cookies

INFO (605) 367-4210.

and some pretty neat recycled crafts. We will also learn about things we can do to be good stewards of the Earth! INFO (605) 336-3486 or visit www.

SME Women in Business


Tue, April 24 • noon

Sioux Falls Convention Center

Gourmet Guys

SME Sioux Falls Women in Business® is a premier community event. Each year,

Sun, April 22, 2012 - 5:00 pm

a nationally known speaker headlines this prestigious day which also includes

Active Generations • 2300 W. 46th St.

a Trade Fair/Market place, an afternoon of educational seminars, the Women of

FOOD. UNCOMPLICATED. Getting the right answers to your food questions can be difficult. That’s where CommonGround can help; sorting through the myths, gathering the facts and helping you feel confident about the food you feed your family. Simple, right?

Get the answers to your food questions at


Dawn Scheier – Salem, South Dakota CommonGround volunteer

Brought to you by America’s soybean and corn farmers and their checkoffs.

etc. for her | April 2012 21

Excellence Awards ceremony, a style show and a fabulous banquet. This

Lose 3-7 pounds of body fat weekly,

year’s speaker is Lee Woodruff. Tickets $70 Call 605-336-5626 to order.


2012 Benefits of Significant Weight Loss

4 Decrease of Hypertension 4 Lower and Stable Insulin Levels 4 Less Stress on Joints Awarded one of

34th Annual Kingswood Rummage

I have been heavy all my life and tried several different weight loss programs where I lost, but eventually would gain everything back. A co-worker talked to me about the program and I saw the awesome results they were having. I had to find out more so I made the call to Brenda at Weigh 2 Go. Weigh 2 Go and the program I knew would be a commitment, but the time had come for me to make the time for myself. This was the only diet where I found I didn’t crave chocolate or “carbs” – chocolate chip cookies, cake, etc. With the help of Brenda and the other coaches, I succeeded in my weight loss! I have learned to eat healthier and have made a lifelong commitment to myself. I feel so much better and have lots of energy. Even my dogs are happy as I now walk them every day! My heartfelt thanks go out to Brenda and her team for helping me to reach my goal.


the TOP 19 clinics Locations in Brandon, Sioux Falls & Brookings in North America!

Tue, April 24 - Fri, April 27

SW Sioux Falls Kingswood Area

The largest organized rummage sales in the area. Over 400 rummages annually. INFO (605) 362-8225 or visit www.kingswoodrummage.com. Ceili Dance Program at the Old Courthouse Museum Thu, April 26 • 6:30 pm

Old Courthouse Museum • Sixth St. and Main Ave.

Ceili, pronounced (KAY-lee) is an Irish social dance. Live music is provided by the Sioux Falls Ceili Band. The dances will be taught and the moves

called out. Beginners are welcome. INFO (605) 367-4210 or visit www. siouxlandmuseums.com.

Researching Your Historic House Program Thu, April 26, 2012 - 6:30 pm

Old Courthouse Museum • 6th Street & Main Ave.


Would you like to learn more about your historic house? If so, this

Weigh 2 Go Weight Loss, LLC Clinic II 5009 W 12th Street, Suite 1B Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605) 201-0282

Weigh 2 Go Weight Loss, LLC Clinic 6709 S Minnesota Ave, Suite 202 Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 201-0282

Weigh 2 Go Weight Loss, LLC Clinic 316 E Holly Blvd Brandon, SD 57005 (605) 201-0282

Go Figure! Weight Loss, LLC Clinic 410 5th Street Brookings, SD 57006 (605) 201-0282

program can help you find the resources to learn about all of the things

you’ve always wondered, like when it was built, who owned it in the past, if old photos exist, and if any additions or changes were made to the

home. Space is limited, call 367-4210 ext. 0 to register in advance. INFO (605) 367-4210.

Theatre Production: Our Town April 26 - 28 • 7:30 pm

Edith Mortenson Center Theatre, Augustana College.

Admission - $12 adults/$8 students & seniors/free with ID. INFO (605) 274-5451 or visit www.augie.edu/arts. 2012 Annual Parkinson Awareness Month Conference April 27 & 28 • Sioux Falls Convention Center Presentations by nationally known speakers regarding treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease, voice strengthening, preventing

Sautéed Pork Medallions with Lemon-Garlic Sauce

burnout and the benefits of exercise. INFO (605) 271-6113 or www.parkinsonsd.org Spring Scrapbooking Retreat April 27 – 29 Inspiration Hills, Rock Valley, IA The perfect time to document your faith walk! We will be sharing tips on how to share your faith in your scrapbooks. Sign up now with a small fee to attend these classes and use new products. Lots of gifts, plus a run to “A Walk Down Memory Lane” in Rock Valley, prizes, time with friends and solo time with our Heavenly Father. Deadline is April 13. Participants will be staying in our private rooms. 712-986-5193. Table Wear for Children’s Care Sat, April 28 • 9:30 am Minnehaha Country Club • 3101 W. 22nd St.

This recipe is deliciously lean, incredibly juicy and oh-so-easy to prepare. Discover more inspired ways to eat better at PorkBeInspired.com

TableWear for Children’s Care is a friendly tablescaping competition. Table hosts decorate a table with themed centerpieces and dinnerware. Inspirational program, brunch, entertainment, prizes and a raffle by Gunderson’s make it a great way to kick off spring. $25 tickets. INFO

©2012 National Pork Board, Des Moines, IA USA. This message funded by America’s Pork Producers and the Pork Checkoff.

22 out and about |



(605) 782-2325 or visit www.cchs.org.

All-new Volkswagen Passat. 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year.


Starting at $19,995 plus destination.

801 W. 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 605-336-3655 • 1-888-540-6399 MON – FRI 8AM – 6PM • SAT 8AM – 5PM CLOSED SUN


Mark your calendars! The 5th Annual Cake Show and Challenge


he Children’s Miracle Network team is very excited about the spectacular event and hopes you are too! Saturday, April 14, the Cake Show will kick off at 9 am in the FYE wing at The Empire Mall. The Cake Show welcomes all ages and skill levels! Contestants are allowed to display business cards or flyers to help promote you and your business. With over 25,000 people visiting the mall on any given Saturday, the Cake Show is a perfect opportunity to advertise your business! This year, there will not be a theme for the Cake Challenge instead; it will be “Battle of the Cupcakes.” Decorators will create a display of 100 cupcakes in a theme of their choice. The competition will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Final work must be completed and displayed for judging by 3:05 p.m. There will be an entry fee of a minimum $200 donation to Children’s Miracle Network. Illnesses and injuries turn the lives of children and their families upside down. When they need us, Children’s Miracle Network at Sanford Children’s Hospital is here to help. We hope you participate on Saturday, April 14th, in helping make miracles happen for the children in the Sioux Falls region. All proceeds benefit Children’s Miracle Network. Registration forms and guidelines are attached. Please register today! Thank you! For more information, contact Andy Kvermo at (605) 328-5700 or Andy. Kvernmo@sanfordhealth.org

Hopping Around The Robin’s Nest

On Saturday, April 7th!


Join us for an


Easter Egg Hunt.

Each Egg will be filled with a surprise from free gifts to special discounts! Unique Living for Less Hoppy Hunting!


Open Weekly: Wed. – Fri. 11–5 • Sat. 10–4

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Et cetera

(605) 767-0191 Find us on Facebook

108 W. Willow St., Harrisburg, SD (located in the former Harrisburg Furniture Barn)

Form + Fashion Meets Function Student Portfolio Design Show & Fashion Runway Event Friday, May 4th – Old Courthouse Museum


he students from Institute of Design Technology of SD, will present their design collections and runway fashions at their annual Form + Fashion Meets Function event.

In February, the Fashion Students attended fashion week in New York and made fabric selections for their final projects. The Interior Students experienced the Architectural Digest Show in March and are completing their portfolio collections from selections they made while in New York. Both the Interior and Fashion Students were given a challenge to create function from fashion or form. Students are provided with fabrics that can work in both apparel or in decorating. Each student is matched with a student from the other program to create a companion piece (of their discipline) to go with the other student’s chair or garment. This is a learning exercise that gives them the opportunity to work with a style or color of someone else’s view point. In the real world, designers don’t always have the choice to work with selections they may find appealing in style, trend or colors. All future designers (fashion & interior) must learn to adapt to the desire of their client as we call it a “make it work” moment. As fashion students experienced the challenge creating a garment from an interior design student’s fabric or each interior decor student in turn is challenged to create a “functional” design piece from fashion student’s choice of fabric. The outcome is quite exciting to see how closely related the colors and trends follow each other. Each discipline is challenged intimately to be functional and adaptable. As an added challenge, the interior students have been resourceful in finding old or discarded chairs to recover, refurnish or repurpose; especially on a budget. The outcome is even more unique as this is the only runway show that features chairs and fashion, or as known as our “Form + Fashion Meets Function” Event. For the first time ever, the Sioux land Heritage Museums will be allowing the students’ work to remain on display from May 4th trough the 7th at the Old Courthouse. For more information call: 275-9728 or check our website: www.idtsd.org

Our Quality of Life guarantee – We will see any new patient within 48 hours.

Board Certified in Hematology, Oncology and Internal Medicine The highest quality of life The highest standard of care Michael McHale, MD, FACP

3720 West 69th Street | Sioux Falls, SD | 605.339.4464

www.mchaleinstitute.com etc. for her | April 2012 25

nest at home 28 Bridget and JayePaul Peterson Home

recipes 34 Sweet Easter Treats

man in the kitchen 36 A Pocketful of Pea Pods

vino 40 How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

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Photos by StudioBlu photography

We’ve styled your home now let us style your body.

Simply Perfect

threads now open introduces

8th & RR Center



Bridget & JayePaul Peterson Home 1509 S. 1st Avenue by Ashley Sandborn | Photos by Chang Photography

3.14.12 ETC syverson_Layout 1 3/14/12 7:56 AM Page 1

es to



G ra n



it e

T ile

M ar b

Showroom hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The wholesale source for • Dealers • Builders • Designers Phone: (605) 336-1175 • syversontileandstone.com 28 nest |

at home


he most common colors for home interiors tend to be subdued – white, beige, or gray. People often shy away from decorating with bright, bold hues because they’re afraid they’ll pick the wrong color. After all, color can be critical to the overall feel of the room. However, Bridget Peterson has never been afraid to experiment with color in her home. In fact, she has always embraced it whole-heartedly. “I love primary colors,” said Bridget. “The reason is due entirely to a print that my mother had in our attic growing up. I would sit up there as a kid and look at that picture for hours. I loved the print; the colors. I loved everything about it.” The print, which now hangs near the front door, features a bouquet of blue, green and red zinnias and larkspurs. The print has served not only as the inspiration behind the décor for the entire home, but also for Bridget’s career path. She and her daughter, Meredith, are planning on opening a flower shop in April. Primary colors may not be deemed conventional or a classic choice when decorating a home, but they’re commonplace in the Peterson household. Aside from boldly painted walls, Bridget has enlivened each room in the home with brightly-painted pieces of furniture. Much of the furniture was found at rummage sales, Goodwill or antique stores, but has since been given new life thanks to some fresh coats of paint. “I don’t refurbish any furniture; I paint a lot of it,” said Bridget. “I take pieces I’ve found at rummage

If you are remodeling or building, start with a visit to the experts at Today’s StarMark Custom Cabinetry & Furniture. Doodles welcome! Bring your ideas. Bring your likes. Bring your dislikes. Bring your sketches and your doodles and all the magazine pages you’ve torn out. We’ll serve you a cup of coffee and together we’ll bring your dreams to reality. We’re just as creative at your home, too, if you prefer your coffee to ours! Our designers have degrees in Interior Design, with sound advice and creative ideas for all the components in your home: walls, paint, floor and more.

Homeowners & Contractors, you are always welcome to visit our idea-packed Sioux Falls Showroom at 600 E 48th Street North just east of the airport Doppler ball. Visit our showroom and see our two newest finishes: Mocha and Peppercorn.

T 605.977. 3660 / T 800.669.0087 www.starmarkcabinetry.com/athome/ Monday – Friday 8 -5 Saturday and evenings by appointment Hardware and Countertops too Granite | Quartz | Solid Surface | Laminate www.facebook.com/TodaysStarMark

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Did you take a room from drab



THE FRUGAL ROOM CONTEST and pick pieces to make it fab?

Do you have that “bargain bug”? Do you love the hunt? The Blessed Door Furniture Consignment shares your passion and wants to see what you’ve done on a creative budget. No matter your style, stop by The Blessed Door for The Frugal Room Contest entry form. The winner will be featured in the August etc. for her, receive a $200 Blessed Door gift certificate and other great prizes. Frugal Room Contest runs April 1-June 30, 2012.

The Blessed Door

Furniture Consignment with a Cause

605-553-1010 • Shop Wed-Sat 10am-5:30pm 41st & Holly Ave. At the Western Mall stoplight/Elkjer Sq/next to Inca’s locally owned and operated

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at home

sales and I’ll just change it with paint. I buy just because I like it, not for value, and that is why I never feel bad about painting it.” A perfect example is the small, accent table positioned near the sofa in the living room. It was found at Goodwill a few years ago, and was an old, forgotten piece of furniture until Bridget spotted it and brought it home with her. She transformed it into something seemingly brand-new with a simple coat of deep, plum-colored paint. “When I go somewhere and I see a piece of furniture, I think to myself – yes, this is how it looks now, but I also can picture it as something different.” However, paint isn’t the only thing that can transform a piece of furniture. Sometimes it only needs to be moved from one area of the home to another. “You can move furniture around and it gives it new life,” said Bridget. “If you move it into another room, and re-paint it, it can look like a completely different piece of furniture.” Apart from paint and the rearrangement of furniture, Bridget has also found other innovative, do-it-yourself ways to re-invent spaces in her home. For example, she turned the old built-in bookcases in her living room into a tiny piece of art by simply taping paint swatches together. “I had books in here for a long

time, and it looked kind of junky to me,” said Bridget. “I thought that I would paint the back of them to give it some character. I had put up some paint swatches to help me decide which color I wanted to paint it and as I looked at it, I thought – Hey! This could turn into something really cool.” Shortly thereafter, Bridget began to acquire small stacks of paint chips from hardware stores throughout town. She was always conscious though as to not clean them entirely out of their swatches. After obtaining the supplies needed, she began taping them together with doublesided tape. “I would start in the corner with a primary color and then gradually mix in some secondary colors,” said Bridget. The end result? A beautiful mosaic, which is largely reminiscent of a pixilated photo, that features muted rainbow tones with lighter shades intermixed. “After I was finished, I didn’t want to put any books in there and cover it up. I decided to add all of these beautiful, white vases instead that would compliment it,” said Bridget. The project proved to be a fun way to personalize the space as well as create a fun work of art. The longer you gaze at the interior of Bridget and JayePaul Peterson’s home, the more different quirks slowly begin to reveal themselves: the antique lamp suspended above the table in the

etc. for her | April 2012 31

living room once belonged to Bridget’s parents; the artwork hung above the stairs was produced by Meredith, one of the couple’s four children; and even the toothbrush holder in the bathroom is the original from 1915. The unique details bring character to each room. Furthermore, it’s apparent that Bridget knows not only how to create a beautiful space, but also how to give it its own distinct

flare that reflects her love of design, family and color. Despite the house having a lot of charm, some areas of the home are in need of a transformation. The couple is looking to make some minor adjustments and renovations soon to their near 100 yearold home. “We’ve put enough Band-Aids on it, and now we have to start re-doing some of the rooms,” said Bridget. “For example,

Located in the Western Mall • 2101 W 41st St • Sioux Falls, SD • 605-336-1600 • carpetone.com ll i

t k


i l d fl

32 nest |




at home

f d t il

my kitchen needs to be completely gutted at some point. You can’t continue to Band-Aid forever. However, I do want to stay as close to the genre of the home as possible.” Bridget has been experimenting with countless shades of color since they first moved into their home in 1989, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping any time soon. “I’m




constantly painting rooms and furniture,” said Bridget. “A can of paint can change everything.” Color is one of the most versatile elements you can use when decorating your home. And Bridget has proved that color doesn’t just have to come in the form of paint; it can also be in the form of fabric, art, furniture, and accessories.

It’s the place where you prepare your family’s meals with loving care. e room where every party seems to end up. Today’s kitchens are redefining the American home. Discover the art of true custom crasmanship at Dakota Kitchen & Bath.

4101 N. Hainje Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 800-953-9727 | 605-334-9727 dakotakitchen.com 4101 N. Hainje Ave., Sioux |Falls, SD 57104 4101 N. Hainje Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104

800-953-9727 | 605-334-9727 | dakotakitchen.com 800-953-9727 | 605-334-9727 | dakotakitchen.com

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Sweet Easter Treats

by Jo McClure

Easy Lemon Glazed Dessert

Easter Carrot Cake

18 1/4 oz. white cake mix 3.4 oz. box instant lemon pudding mix 3/4 cup cooking oil 3 eggs 1 cup lemon-lime soda 1 cup powdered sugar 2 Tbsp. lemon juice

18 1/4 oz. yellow cake mix 3.4 oz. box of instant vanilla pudding mix 2 tsp. cinnamon 4 eggs 2/3 cup orange juice 1/2 cup cooking oil 3 cups grated carrots 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Combine the cake mix, pudding mix, oil and eggs in a large bowl and beat for 2 minutes. Gradually beat in the soda just until blended. Pour into a greased 9x13 inch baking pan. Bake at 350Ëš for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. In a small bowl, combine the powdered sugar and lemon juice until smooth. Carefully spread over the warm cake. Cool before serving. Serves 12-15.

Cream Cheese Frosting: 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup butter, softened 3 cups powdered sugar 2 Tbsp. orange juice 1 Tbsp. grated orange peel Combine the cake mix, pudding mix and cinnamon in a large bowl. Whisk the eggs, orange juice and oil and add to the dry ingredients. Beat well until blended. Stir in the carrots, raisins and nuts. The batter will be thick. Pour into two greased and floured 9 inch round baking pans. Bake at 350Ëš or 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cool for 10-15 minutes and then remove from pans and cool on a wire rack for an hour. Frosting: In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese and butter until fluffy. Add the powdered sugar, orange juice and orange peel and beat until smooth. Spread frosting between layers and over the top and sides of cake. Garnish with carrot curls if desired. Store in the refrigerator. Serves 12-14.

34 nest | Recipes

A Pocketful of

Pea Pods By Jim Mathis


was talking with Nick Heineman a few weeks ago. He’s the proprietor Look’s Market, purveyor of fine food and beverages on the southern edge of our fair city. He was telling me about a fresh batch of Italian sausage they had made and as he packaged up a pound of the pork concoction, I waxed poetic about the sausage from the Graziano Brothers in Des Moines that I’ve been enjoying all of my life. “Best Italian sausage ever” I said. “I can’t compete with nostalgia,” Nick replied, “ours is good, but it’s hard to top the food you remember.” Wise words, Nick, wise words indeed. That exchange got me thinking, do we remember foods as being better than they really were? When people talk about

Order your custom

Mother’s Day gifts NOW!

Production time varies. Call or email Stephanie for more details.

(605) 695-3997 | sayanythingjewelry@yahoo.com 524 N. Main Ave. Suite 104 (next to Oh My Cupcakes!) Tues: 10-2 * Wed & Fri 10-6 * Thurs:12-7 * Sat: 10-3 www.facebook.com/sayanythingbystephanie * www.sayanythingjewelry.com

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their favorite things, it’s often grandma’s fried chicken or mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Not every mom can make the best chocolate chips cookies, it just can’t be. After all, my mom’s were the best, so the number one slot is already taken. The rest of you are just competing for numbers two through three billion. However, if mom made a batch today, I’m not sure they could live up to the gooey goodness of my memory. At any rate, the recollection of a special dish can be magical. Certain foods will immediately transport a person to a special place and time; when I bring home a bag of fresh peas from the farmers market, my beloved won’t even let me cook them. She’ll immediately start popping them out of the shell and dropping the raw peas in her mouth like candy. I can tell from the look on her face that while she’s shelling those pods and eating the sweet contents, she has gone right back to her dad’s garden behind their old house on 7th Street. She’s ten again; picking all the peas she can reach and stuffing the pods into the pockets of her jeans. The picture accompanying this article is her decades ago, but I’m pretty sure I saw that girl standing on our patio last summer; peapods in her hands. For me, one kind of food takes me back to our old house on Urbandale Avenue in Des Moines. I was about five years old and

back in those days my dad traveled to a lot of exotic locations taking pictures for Winnebago camper brochures. From Mount Hood in Oregon to the Grand Canyon, he would always bring a little something home for me and my siblings. He returned from a trip to Maine with a Styrofoam cooler containing a couple of live lobsters; their claws restrained with red and blue rubber bands. My brother and I played with the crustaceans on the floor of the kitchen until dinner time. Then while we went to clean up for supper, the lobsters also took a nice hot bath. Now I know people will tell me how cruel that sounds, but it’s not like we ate the family dog. Those lobsters came to us to be eaten; we just had a chance to play with our food before it came to the table. Not all food memories are good ones. As a child I never liked peaches, especially the canned kind. I’m not 100% sure why, but I think it was a combination of the pungent smell, the slimy texture and that little tinge of rusty-red color where the flesh and the stone were joined. Or maybe I just don’t like peaches. Nonetheless, canned peaches would be served at home with dinner and more frequently with grade school hot lunch; every time I would try my best to avoid eating the fuzzy little fruit. Fast forward to college. I was working my way through school tending bar right at the height of the Fuzzy Navel craze, so I

etc. for her | April 2012 37

26th & Minnesota | Sioux Falls Spirit Lake, IA (605) 275-3456 (712) 336-6488 www.twettens.com

Corner of

26th & Minnesota

would spend my nights mixing cheap peach schnapps with reconstituted orange juice. The coeds loved it. I was in Hell. To this day the sight (and for God’s sake, the smell) of a bottle of DeKuyper Peach Schnapps will send me running. My dear sweet wife’s memory of peaches is the polar opposite. She grew up loving fresh peaches and eating them right out of her hand. Back in the day, her Aunt Lucille would can jars and jars of peaches; every year Lucille would stack lug upon lug of fruit in a back room of her house to ripen. When Kara talks about opening that door and taking in that perfume, she looks a little like Dorothy when she first sees the Emerald City, just this side of heaven. While the smell of peaches turns me away, she will hover over the bins in the produce aisle breathing in their aroma. Same fruit; very different memories. I’m pretty sure she eats a lot of peaches when I’m out of town. When I was about twelve, my family traveled to San Francisco to visit relatives. While we were there we did many of the requisite touristy kind of things. At Fisherman’s Wharf my sister, who was about five at time, saw they were selling fresh cooked shrimp and she wanted some. My Uncle Ed obliged, warning her that they still had the shells on as he handed her the paper boat filled with jumbo shrimp. That little towheaded girl sat right down on the curb in front of the bustling wharf and starting tearing the shells off. She ate every last shrimp. Uncle Ed was amazed that not only did this young girl from Iowa know how to peel a prawn, but she could eat what seemed like half her weight in seafood without getting up off the curb. Last Christmas I sat across from that same girl, now forty years old, as she peeled shrimp. She looked just as happy then as she did all those years ago. My Grandma Mathis used to always have a jar of cookies she’d “baked just for me.” Perfectly round sandwiches; creamy white filling between dark chocolate wafers… it wasn’t until years later I learned she had just bought Hydrox when I thought she was making Oreo’s from scratch. But I still like to think she made them just for me. Memories can be cruel. Sometimes you’re faced with the reality that maybe – just maybe – your mom’s chocolate chip cookies weren’t the best and that grandma’s chicken came from KFC. But there will always be those special foods when a taste or sight or smell of an old favorite can bring back the wonderful days of your youth. By the way, Look’s Italian sausage was very good… but not as good as the sausage I remember. Do yourself a favor, eat something good today. When he’s not busy trying to replicate the sandwich he remembers from his youth, Jim runs ADwërks, a local ad agency in uptown Sioux Falls.

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Without a Corkscrew


by Riccardo Tarabelsi


know what you’re thinking: “No way. There’s no possible way of doing it. He’s just using this title to get me to read a cute story about some wine I’ve never heard of.” Now, some of you may be thinking outside the box: “OK, I got it! No corkscrew, no problem. All you need is needle-nose pliers, a monkey wrench, a compass, a spool of thread, some baking soda, and a stick of gum.” Creative, yes, but aside from any MacGyverlike contraptions, the only “tool” you need can be found in any household bathroom… But first, you have to read my cute story. I was 22-years-old, young and in love. I was heading to my girlfriend’s one bedroom studio apartment in Somerville


www.TheDiamondRoom.com • 605.362.0008 3501 W. 57th St • Sioux Falls, SD Financing Available

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(pronounced with a Boston accent, SUH-MUH-VILLE) just 10 minutes outside of Boston. She had just graduated from nursing school, and I wanted to celebrate her achievement with one of the finest bottles of Italian Chianti: Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale. As I was driving through Arlington (AH-LINGTON) I had visions of my girlfriend’s face as the delicate wine poured into her glass, me looking into her eyes, raising our glasses in a toast to her achievement. She was making dinner for us, and I was eager to impress her with this remarkable bottle of wine. Since I am from Florence, I was especially looking forward to introducing her to a distinguished representative of Tuscan wines. Traditionally, Chianti producers are more concerned with quantity rather than quality. I’m sure most of you remember drinking Chianti from a straw-covered fiasco that Italy became famous for, and that still haunts the Italian wine industry today. The wine from those flasks was typically light, flat, and so bitter that it would make your mouth pucker. In an effort to increase quality and to make the world recognize the depth of the Chianti and Chianti Classico zones in the heart of Tuscany, these regions were upgraded to D.O.C.G status in 1984. This Italian wine regulation system allows only certain geographical areas of Italy to have the designation of being “controlled and guaranteed” by the government. Chianti now follows those rules by submitting samples annually and must abide by criteria that limit wine makers to things like which grapes can be used, where the grapes can be grown, and how long it can be aged. Ruffino, a pioneer in the hills of Chianti, got its start in 1887.

As I was turning off of a rotary in Medford (MED-FED), I went over the finer points of the wine in my mind so I could really impress her. Ruffino Chianti Ducale was first produced in 1927. Actually made from blending 90% Sangiovese, 10% Colorino, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, this wine undergoes malolactic fermentation (a process that is used to reduce the acidity in red wines), and is then aged in oak casks for approximately 24 months. The wine is a pretty ruby red in color and has red fruit aromas with a hint of spice. Upon taste, this Chianti Classico is full-bodied and velvety with some nice mature fruit tones. Pairing is a cinch: Tuscan salami or prosciutto is its soul mate, but any pasta with a rich red sauce is also ideal. Knowing that my girlfriend was a making a spaghetti dish with a fresh tomato sauce, I knew this wine would make our special evening exquisite. I arrived promptly, with bottle in hand, and rang the doorbell. She answered with a smile, and we both went upstairs to her scenic third floor studio. Once up there, after inhaling the sweet aroma of fresh tomatoes and seeing her kitchen table decorated with folded cloth napkins, crystal wine glasses, and candles, everything looked perfect, and my bottle of wine was going to complete this picture perfect night. Then it dawned on me… what good was my wine going to do if I couldn’t get it open? I had forgotten the most invaluable tool to a wine lover: the corkscrew! I knew that she didn’t have one in her apartment because she wasn’t much of a wine drinker, and she was on a nursing school budget (“Let’s see, should I buy a stethoscope or a corkscrew?”)

Think Spring with MARIPOSA!

Spirits - Beer re -Wine Giftwa mebrewing & Winemaking Supplies Ho

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So there I was, trying to impress a beautiful girl with a bottle of beautiful wine, and I had screwed up the evening beautifully. “Beautiful,” I thought to myself in a sarcastic tone. “Now what am I going to do?” If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a quitter. I knew there had to be a way of getting the bottle open without having to act in desperation and break the bottle. I prefer my wine without shards of glass. Then a thought struck me: if there’s one person who would know if it was even possible to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, it would be my dad. My dad grew up in Aleppo, Syria, a place where resources were limited, and so he often had to fend for himself and rely on his creativity. I had to get a hold of him, so, I excused myself by telling my girlfriend that I had to get my corkscrew out of my car. She said, “Hurry, I can’t wait to taste this wine with our dinner.” I responded nervously, “Neither can I.” As I shut her door behind me I whispered to myself, “If I can only get this bottle open.” Descending the stairs, I hit the speed-dial button and called my Dad on my cell phone. I quickly explained the situation, and he calmly answered, “Get a towel.” I said, “What?” He repeated, “Get a towel… and make sure you find a wall with a stud.” When I got back upstairs to the apartment I explained to my girlfriend that I had forgotten my corkscrew. Disappointed, she picked up the bottle and stared blankly at the detailed label. Then I heroically said, “But I think I can get it open.” She looked at me incredulously. I grabbed a towel out of her bathroom, folded it in half, then half again, and again until it was nice and

thick. I cut the foil off of the top of the bottle with a knife, and then I located a sturdy wall. Facing the wall, I planted my feet, held the folded towel against the wall with my left hand, and held the body of the bottle with my right hand. Then, I did just as my Dad had instructed; I lifted the bottle so that the bottom of the bottle was aiming towards the towel on the wall. And then I did the unthinkable: I closed my eyes and swung, striking the base of the bottle against the fluffy towel. I opened my eyes to see that the bottle was still intact and that my girlfriend’s jaw had dropped in amazement. I looked at the cork, and it was still snuggled tight in the bottle. So, I lifted the bottle and repeated the firm blows. After about 8 or 9 times, the unimaginable happened: the cork was actually sliding out! It works! I forget how many times I had to whack that bottle, but eventually enough of the cork slid out so that I could grab it with my fingers and twist it out. “Unbelievable,” I thought. I didn’t believe it either as it was happening, but it is a true story. So if you’re ever caught without a corkscrew (and are conveniently locked in your bathroom with a bottle of wine) you now have the knowledge to impress friends at a party or just try it to see if it really works. By the way, my girlfriend in this cute story has now been married to me for almost 15 years. I guess that bottle trick won her over. Contact Riccardo at riccardovino@sio.midco.net and follow him on Twitter @Riccardovino.

beautiful jewelry, a beautiful life! 708 EAST BENSON ROAD • SIOUX FALLS • 605.335.0602 Just east of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Benson Road Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm • www.fifthavenuecollection.com 42 nest |


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Form + Fashion Meets Function Artistic Totes

A jungle of bright dogs make up this Canine Clan pattern. 100% cotton canvas totes include interior pockets. Several styles and shapes of Laurel Burch bags to choose from at Go Casual. 124 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 334-5795.

Student Portfolio Design Show & Fashion Runway Event. Friday, May 4th – Old Courthouse Museum. Follow your passion and prepare for a career in design. Choose from Fashion Design Entrepreneurship or Interior Décor & Staging. 123 S. Main Ave., for more information call: 275-9728 or visit www.idtsd.org

High Fashion Headwear

Invest in a Smile

Trust your child’s beautiful smile to Horner Orthodontics. With proper treatment and timing, Dr. Kevin Horner and Dr. Keri Barrow can reduce your child’s overall time in braces and provide the most stable results. Horner Orthodontics. 2407 W. 57th St. (605) 335-6680. hornerorthodontics.com

Don’t Mess That Easter Dress

Adorably cute aprons. One for you and one for your little helper. Matching styles in adult and children sizes, $28.95 and $21.95. The Robin’s Nest. 108 W. Willow St. Harrisburg, SD. (605) 767-0191.

Custom Cabinetry

See us for custom vanities, cabinetry & kitchen islands. Voted the Local Best Every Year! Dakota Kitchen and Bath. 4101 N. Hainje Avenue, Sioux Falls, 334-9727. www.dakotakitchen.com

This hat line is no stranger to the forefront of fashion. The finest quality in design and construction in all of their headwear pieces. Fedoras and floppies, knits, caps, and hairbands. Hip Chic Boutique. 328 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 271-8480.

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Dance into spring with the latest fashion and accessories from Lillians. Handbag in the hottest color for spring & summer — cabaret — just $36 and wallet $18 at Lillians. Open April 3 (4-7pm), April 5 - 7 and second chance Saturday April 14. 311 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 275-.5720.

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Fathouse Soap shaving oils and soaps make a perfect gift for the men in your life. The Shaving Oil is a combination of almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil with essential oils. A unique gift made from 100% natural products. www.fathousesoapcompany.com

For the Birds!

These unique bird houses — made from 100% recycled wood and corks — make a wonderful gift for bird lovers or make a special impression in your yard. Just $18.99 at Wilde Prairie Winery. Open May 4 for the season. 48052 259th St., Brandon, SD. (605) 582-6471.

Funny, Functional & Unique

My Current Obsession carries several poses and styles of these delightful fork art pieces. Why just put your candy dish on the table? Choose this unique candy dish & holder for just $30. My Current Obsession. 212 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 336-3224.

Sweet & Simple

This adorable bowl and platter set makes a simple statement for spring or a wonderful gift. Set just $30 at Josephine’s Floral Design. 8th & RR Center. 338-9290.

Pretty Tough

The Brighton® Pretty Tough collection — shown in Plumberry — what a terrific way to step into Spring. $60 - $290 at Susanne’s on Phillips. 216 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 330-4002.

Sitting Pretty

Entertain in Style

Function meets beauty with this crushed velvet hand-carved sofa. Just arrived at Simply Perfect. 8th & RR center. 338.3599.

Twetten’s carries several pieces of elegant pewter serving ware. From $190 at Twetten’s Interiors. 26th & Minnesota Ave. (605) 275-3456.

Happy Graduation Wedding Gown Preservation

Your wedding gown can last as long as the memory if it is cleaned and heirloomed. MENTION THIS AD AND RECEIVE $10 OFF your preservation at The French Door. 4819 S. Louise Avenue. 332-8841.

My Baby & Me

Every little girl has a doll or stuffed animal that they adore. The My Baby & Me Booster includes a mini baby booster that matches child’s ‘big girl’ booster. $31.99 at Kids Stuff Superstore. 3109 S. Carolyn Ave. (605) 361-8636.

Celebrate their graduation day with delicious decorated cookies and cakes. Order now for your Open House. The Cookie Jar. 125 W. 10th St. (605) 978-0991.

Miss Me??

Miss no longer! Spring is here and so are our Miss Me capris and bermudas. Don’t miss your size. Hurry in while they are in stock! Sprout. 2425 S. Shirley Ave. (605) 271-2999.

Colors of Spring

Summer Lovin’

Use these festive and bright platters for all your spring and summer entertaining. Several sizes and shapes to choose from. Shown $27 at Maxwell Food Equipment. 1212 S. Cliff Ave. (605) 336-2675.

Summer is just around the corner. Get your Keen® flip flops at Stride Rite. Women’s size 6 through men’s size 15. 2425 S. Shirley Ave. (605) 362-7728.

Recital Gift Idea

Give your dancer a gift she will love — a new dance bag. Several new styles and colors have just arrived at The Dance Line. Shown $35. 2115 S. Minnesota Ave. 335-8242.

Hand-Crafted Corkboards You’ll love these one-of-a-kind cork boards hand-made by a local artisan. Shown $199.99 at Good Spirits Fine Wine & Liquor. 41st & Minnesota. 339-1500.

Scented Bubbles

Beaded Beauties

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles are the best solution for a candy alternative — great for Easter baskets. $3.99 - $4.99 at Kidtopia. 57th & Western. 334-4825.

Add a blast of color to your spring and summer wardrobes with these beaded cuff bracelets. Just $16 & $17 at Posh Boutique. 57th & Western. (605) 271-2164.

It’s About Time

And it’s also about fashion! You will love these lovely new arrivals — just in time for spring. From $85.99 at You’ve Been Framed. 57th & Western. 361-9229.

Travel Essentials

Stock up while you can. The Moroccanoil® travel set includes bag, oil treatment, moisture repair shampoo & conditioner and luminous hairspray. $43 at Rainn Salon & Spa. 57th & Western. (605) 521-5099.

Your Kitchen Island, Custom Made.

What can it contain? More storage is virtually a given, but ponder on a few of these possibilities: informal dining, a cooktop, a second sink, bake center, food prep area, additional counter space, etc. Call StarMark Cabinetry and get started on your custom kitchen island today. 600 E. 48th St. North (605) 335-8600.

Hop On In!

Hop on in to Oak Ridge Nursery for a large selection of adorable garden characters. So many to choose from! Shown $31.50. 2217 S. Splitrock Blvd. Brandon. (605) 582-6565.

Spring Break

Time for a spring break — close to home. Spring special: $150.00 per night plus tax. Book your stay today and enjoy! www.northwoodsvista.com or (605) 310-6692.

ds Northwoo Vista

Happy Easter!

Fill their Easter baskets with these egg-stra cute handmade bunny/ chick chocolate covered Oreos. Available at Young & Richards. 222 S. Phillips Ave. 336-2815 or www.youngandrichards.com

Magnetic Jewelry Now Carrying Caldrea!

Shop Forget Me Not Gift Boutique’s selection of luxurious and healthy Caldrea products and try the new Palmarosa Wild Mint. 57th & Western. 335-9878.

Add some sparkle with this fabulous magnetic jewelry! Super strong magnets hold to any material. Put on coats, jackets, sweaters, hats and even on bobby pins and put in your hair. Handmade in the USA. Tote-ally Gorgeous Boutique. 57th & Western. (605) 274-3500.

A Sea of Desserts

Petunia Pickle Bottom!

Child’s Play Toys now carries Petunia Pickle Bottom bags! Cute and functional bags for the stylish mom on-the-go. Child’s Play Toys. 233 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 274-8697.

Experience one of our countless delectable desserts from chocolate cake to creme brulee. Enjoy with a glass of wine on Thursday Ladies Night; as part of our famed Easter Brunch; or anytime. Carnaval Brazilian Grill, 2401 S. Carolyn Ave. 605-361-6328. Carnavalbraziliangrill.com

What’s Your Frugal Find?

Are you a picker or treasure hunter? Enter The Blessed Door’s Frugal Room contest and show off your prize finds. Stop by store to enter and for complete rules. The Blessed Door Furniture Consignment. 41st St. & Holly Ave. 605-553-1010.

Day on the Farm

Join the Ode Family on their Brandon dairy farm for their 5th Annual Day on the Farm. Sat., June 9th tour the dairy farm and enjoy a free lunch. Kids entertainment featuring Do Re Lets Play with other activities and games planned. www.agunited.org or South Dakota Farm Families on Facebook.

Lounge Your Troubles Away

The Veranda Chaise Lounge by Agio, the leader in seasonal furniture, is just one of the great pieces available now at the Furniture Mart. Seasonal furniture is limited, so shop early for the best selection. 2101 W. 41st St. (605) 336-1600.

Historical Games for Kids!

In April, we offer a program about Almost Forgotten Crafts or your children can learn on their own with these fun historical games & kits. Old Courthouse Museum Store. 200 West 6th Street. (605) 367-4210. www.siouxlandmuseums.com

The Sylvie Collection

Introducing...the Sylvie Collection. This new designer line features perfect combination of femininity and romance. Available at The Diamond Room. 3501 W. 57th St. 362-0008.

Happy Easter

Easter bunny forget your basket? Treat yourself to one of our April drink specials. Snickers, Almond Joy or Milky Way mochas! Kaladi’s. 26th & Minnesota, 605) 339-3322 and 10th & Phillips, 977-0888.

Celebrate Your Grad

With a tasty, fun and fresh arrangement from Edible Arrangements in Sioux Falls. We create for any occasion worth celebrating and customize just for you. Edible Arrangements. 57th and Western. (605) 275-2580.

Join Our Mother’s Day Event

Take part in our Mother’s Day event where you can design your own necklace like this one, watch it being made and take it home that day! Sat. May 12th ~ Call for details, Appointments limited. Say Anything... Jewelry. 524 N. Main Ave. (605)-695-3997 or www.sayanythingjewelry.com

All For Love

Give your heart to mom this Mother’s Day — doesn’t she deserve it? Swarovski crystal. Just $39.99 at Fifth Avenue Collection. Shop their national showroom just east of the Sioux Falls Airport. 708 E. Benson Rd. (605) 335-0602.

Innovative & Engaging!

Folkmanis® believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life. Choose from over 35 adorable styles. Shown from $25.50 at 1948 Trading Co. 1324 Cedar St., Brandon. (605) 582-8644.

Flaky & Sweet

Crostatas — sweet fillings hugged by a golden flaky crust. Available at both Breadsmith locations — featuring a different flavor each Thursday. Blueberry, cherry, strawberry and chocolate. 609 W. 33rd St., 338-1338 and 26th & Marion, (605) 275-2338.

Happy Birthday!

The Pizza Ranch on East 10th Street offers you 300 seats to host your next birthday party. Packages available, please call us at 275-9777. 3809. E. 10th Street.

Color Me Creative

Paint this teapot (or piece of your choice) at our April 19 Color Me Creative Ladies Class. 6-9pm. Call to register. Color Me Mine. 3709 W. 41st St. (605) 362-6055.

Art Reception • April 14

Wild Sage Grille proudly presents the art of Shelly Hearne and Warriors Work & Ben West Gallery of the Black Hills, April 14th at 5pm. Opening reception during the Downtown Sioux Falls Jazz Crawl. Wild Sage Grille. 300 N. Cherapa Place. (605) 274-1667 or www.wildsagegrille.com

Attention Scrapbookers!

Tasha’s Scrapbooking offers top-of-the-line scrapbooking products and retreats. Plus top notch demos to keep you educated in all aspects of your scrapbooking! www.tashas-retreats.com or (605) 838-2068.

New Happy Meal!

McDonald’s New Happy Meal now includes apple slices and kid-size fries in every box.

Pandora® Spring Collection


Excellence happens when fabric, shape and fit work together perfectly. Made from a lusciously slubbed blend of Tencel®, organic cotton and spandex. Great with boots or sandals. Horny Toad Oolong Dress, $72. Great Outdoor Store. 201 E. 10th St. 335-1132.

See the new PANDORA® spring collection at Riddle’s Jewelry! Romantic and feminine designs in sterling silver and 14K gold that celebrate the unforgettable moments of life. Riddle’s Jewelry, 41st & Louise. 361-0911.

April Showers Bring May Flowers! Porsches With a Purpose

Dakota Region Porsche Club of America and Classic Import remind you that Screening, Knowledge and Scheduling are the keys to beating breast and prostate cancers. You maintain your car appointments. Be sure to keep your medical appointments too. Classic Import and Repair. 301 W. 43rd St. (605) 335-1905.

The Archive Kit

A great way to inexpensively organize and store old photographs in a digital format. Your prints are scanned then safely stored and saved in DVD format. Order additional copies of your DVD to share. Includes coupons to create prints, photo books, gifts and more with your images. $149.99 ($200 value!) www.haroldsphoto.com

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have lots of great gift ideas for that special Mom in your life. Athena Fibers, 3915 S. Hawthorne. 271-0741, www.athenafibers.com.

Express Your Style

Use your imagination and express your style, complement your wardrobe or tell your story with a Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace. Trollbeads, The Original Since 1976, are available at Holsen Hus. 225 S. Phillips Ave. 331.4700.

Visit Our New Selections Gallery!

We’ve streamlined the home-building process. Interactive displays and large samples allow you to view and touch the elements needed when designing your new Ronning home. Make all of your decisions — under one roof. Call to schedule your appointment today. 401 E. 12th Street. (605) 336-6000 or www.ronningcompanies.com

Become a T. rex!

Come meet Mama T. rex and her baby boy Max at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota. Take home your own dino gear and build your child’s brain with our unique selection of “smart” games and toys. 521 4th Street. Brookings, SD. 605-692-6700 www.prairieplay.org

Earn a Shopping Spree

Luxury bath, body and home fragrance for the entire family! Host a soiree and earn a shopping spree! www.luxe21.net

Custom Shelving

Let us customize a shelf for that hard-to-fit spot. Great for the bathroom, bedroom, kids rooms, family room — anywhere you need a little more storage space. You choose the size and color. Shown 24” wide and $149 at Twetten’s Interiors. 26th & Minnesota Ave. (605) 275-3456.

Building Sioux Falls

There’s more to the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce than ribbon cuttings. Learn how the Chamber can help your business and represent you. Be a part of the collective voice for business: join today! 200 N. Phillips Ave. Suite 102. 605-336-1620.

mind-body-spirit travel 51 Unwind in Kansas City

health & well-being 56 Cardiovascular Fitness

50 mind-body-spirit

Union Station, Downtown


Unwind K

ansas City is notable to many for the music, the barbecue, and the numerous fountains found there, hence the nickname, “City of Fountains”. Kansas City is on the border of Kansas and Missouri and is full of several attractions, including sports, music, shopping, art, and food. There are unique and vibrant neighborhoods in Kansas City. There is something to do during most hours of the day and night, with live entertainment around every corner. The Crossroads Art District houses several hundred local artists, with shopping available in various galleries and boutiques. This neighborhood is a popular spot for culture, art, and nightlife. First Fridays is a monthly gallery crawl occurring every first Friday of each month, and is one of the reasons the Crossroads Arts District has been called the “SoHo of the Midwest” by the New York Times. Shoppers indulge in the eight blocks of shops and restaurants in the Power & Light District. The historic Mainstreet Theater is located in this neighborhood, which is said to be one of the most advanced theaters in the nation, featuring food trays and vibrating seats. The River Market travels north to south, and is an urban neighborhood filled with many restaurants, bars, and shops. The farmer’s market is located here as well, and is a very active one indeed.

in Kansas City

by Jessica Weischedel

Union Station and Crown Center are also crawling with things to see, including the nation’s second largest train station with a ceiling over 100 feet tall. The National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial offers spectacular views from the top and is the world’s first World War I memorial. Crown Center is home of Hallmark Cards headquarters and the Hallmark Visitors Center and Museum. The Central Business District is the central working hub for most of Kansas City’s metro area employees, and is where the city’s beautiful skyline reaches its tallest point on the hill. This downtown area of Kansas City is home to many extraordinary art deco buildings and mid-century designs. Some very interesting landmarks in Kansas City include the The Kansas City Zoo, which is freshly renovated, and includes more than 1,000 animals from around the world. Walk on the 227-foot long suspension bridge and wander through the indoor rain forest. Also in Kansas City is the first shopping center in the nation designed for the automobile, the Country Club Plaza, which offers high-end boutique shops and restaurants in an atmosphere brimming with European design that was modeled after Seville, Spain. The Community Christian Church on Main Street was designed by Frank Lloyd Write and is visible from the Plaza. Ward Parkway, a tree-lined Boulevard located just south of the Country Club Plaza, is a way to view some of Kansas City’s

etc. for her | April 2012 51

Country Club Plaza

Kansas City Zoo

most elite historic houses, built in many different styles. Sports fans from around the country enjoy attending Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals games. When not at a game, they have the option of visiting The College Basketball Experience for interactive exhibits and the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the 18th and Vine Historic District. The abundant art and music scene in Kansas City attracts

many artists, musicians and fans of creativity. Recognized as one of the top 100 jazz clubs in the world, The Blue Room is a daymuseum and a night jazz club in one. The American Jazz Museum houses collections of legendary musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald. The Sprint Center is home to several major concerts and other events throughout each year. The Kansas City Symphony includes an 80-person orchestra, and the Kansas City Ballet holds breathtaking performances as a nationally-acclaimed

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DAY 90

Sioux Falls * Fargo * Grand Forks * Bismarck 52 mind – body – spirit |


Liberty Memorial

Kansas City Style BBQ Ribs

ballet group. For an amazing experience in viewing modern and contemporary art and photography, visitors browse one of the top museums in the country, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The museum also has the Kansas City Sculpture Park. One of the most popular subjects in Kansas City is the barbecue. The city is home to a dish that is called “Burnt Ends”, which are brisket edges and ends that are overcooked and full of flavor. It is also home to a plethora of notable


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T h E D R E A M S EQ U E N C E



restaurants, including Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ, and Oklahoma Joe’s. Many of these restaurants are famous for several menu items, have very loyal customers, and offer a variety of live music and entertainment along with the mouthwatering meals. The American Royal BBQ contest takes place in Kansas City as well. Great Wolf Lodge is another fantastic destination for fun, with its indoor water parks, exciting interactive games, and beautiful

Stand Out This Season The STyle experTS

Complimentary Make-Overs, No Appointment necessary.

328 S. Phillips Avenue | Downtown Sioux Falls | 271-8480

328 S. Phillips Avenue • Downtown Sioux Falls • 271.8480

Mon: 11am-5pm, Tues-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-5pm

Mon: 11am-5pm • Tues–Fri: 10am-6pm • Sat: 10am-5pm

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Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark



www.maxwellfood.com for details!

Sioux Falls’ Source for Commercial & Residential Kitchen Equipment

Visit www.maxwellfood.com for a Listing of Our Cooking Classes 1212 S Cliff Avenue | (605) 336-2675 or (800) 658-3449 www.maxwellfood.com | Hours: M–F 8am–5pm Sat: 9am–1pm

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accommodations for guests. Featuring a full-service spa and four impressive restaurants, guests can unwind and dine with ease. Children and adults alike will enjoy over 38,000 square feet of water slides, swimming pools, spa tubs, lazy rivers, and a large variety of rides. All ages will enjoy Fort Mackenzie, the 4-story interactive tree house located in the 84-degree indoor water park, with treetop slides, suspension bridges, nets and spray stations. There is even a 1,000-gallon bucket in the treetops waiting to tip over onto all who stand below! Take one of the three-story Totem Towers slides for the fastest escape route out of Fort Mackenzie. The outdoor pool area, Thunder Bay, includes kiddie activities, heated water, and water basketball. For those who prefer not to get wet, there is also a very nice patio area with plenty of spots to soak in the sun. Little girls can get ice cream-themed manicures in Scoops Kid Spa, and toddlers can attend story time in the Grand Lobby. At Great Wolf Lodge, there is excitement everywhere you look. With 281 rooms with many amenities, Great Wolf Lodge is the way to stay in Kansas City. Kansas City is absolutely one of the most interesting cities in the country. With its laid-back atmosphere and eclectic appeal, it is a great place to visit for a stress-free time filled with art, music, food, and fun.

“I’m Su Sybesma, a dairy farmer from Platte, S.D.”

“I’m Monica McCranie, a soybean farmer from Claremont, S.D.”

“I’m Linda Jones, a pork producer from Mt. Vernon, S.D.”

TOGETHER, WE HELP OUR RURAL COMMUNITIES THRIVE. We are neighbors. We share the same commitment to our families, our businesses and our future. However, our ties run deeper than our values alone. The success of one of our operations is tied directly to the success of the others. Together, we provide not only a safe and affordable food supply for our communities but also financial resources and opportunities that help our communities thrive. South Dakota livestock and poultry farm families – • Purchase more than 387,000 tons of soybean meal. • Generate more than $333 million in tax revenues. • Provide nearly 29,000 jobs in our communities. It’s clear – South Dakota needs our state’s livestock and poultry farmers.

©2012 United Soybean Board [44373-mt]

Become a fan on


at: South Dakota Farm Families. Follow us on



at: AgUnited4SD.


Cardiovascular Fitness Include exercise to benefit your heart in your daily routine. By Donna Farris, for Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

celebrating 40 years

and the one seCond When you stop breathing beCause you found the one… With a variety of floor plans and customization options, we have thousands of apartments to choose from. Call today and we’ll help find your perfect apartment.

your new place. Lloyd_etc_halfpage_Apr2012_PP.indd 1

56 mind – body – spirit |

CALL 605




40 years of looking out for you. and we’re just getting started.

3/13/12 8:24 AM

health & well-being


e’d all like to appear fit and trim on the outside – after all, isn’t this the payoff for all the hard work of exercise? Yet what’s inside is even more important – especially the pump in the middle of your chest that keeps you alive! “All of us, no matter what our age or level of physical ability, need to be mindful of cardiovascular fitness,” said Jenni Struck, operations manager at the Avera McKennan Fitness Center, and certified personal trainer. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is that type of exercise that strengthens your heart and vascular system. It can lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and body fat – all of which are risk factors for heart disease. “There are some risk factors we cannot change, such as heredity, gender and age. But there are changeable risk factors that we can improve through exercise and diet,” Struck said. Cardiovascular exercise should be consistent. A good goal is 30 minutes a day for five days a week, doing exercise that gets your heart rate up. Walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, aerobics, participating in active sports, or working out on an elliptical machine are all good examples of cardiovascular exercise.

It’s fine if the 30 minutes each day are broken down into 10 or 15 minute segments – especially for people who aren’t used to being physically active. “The ultimate goal is to include 30 minutes of exercise sometime within your schedule on most days of the week,” Struck said. Monitoring your heart rate is a good idea, to see if you’re actually achieving a benefit to your heart, Struck said. Your heart rate should reach at least 60 percent of its capacity, and up to 85 percent, with an optimum range of 70-80 percent. You can figure your maximum heart rate by taking 220 minus your age. If you’re 30 years old, your maximum heart rate is 190 beats per minute. Sixty percent of that is 114, and 80 percent is 152 beats. Medications such as beta-blockers may make it difficult to use heart rate as a measure. You can also measure your activity using a perceived exertion scale. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest possible exertion, you should exercise between a five and seven, in the range of “somewhat hard.” “Exercise should not be hard to get a benefit, but you do want to push a little out of your comfort zone,” Struck said.

etc. for her | April 2012 57

Shop Trademark Uniforms for the area’s best selection of uniforms, scrubs, footwear and so much more! With two convenient Sioux Falls locations, we’re easy to find or shop anytime on-line at www.trademarkuniforms.com Store Hours (Both Locations) Monday - Friday 10:00 - 7:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

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health & well-being

“Don’t begin with a goal of running for 30 minutes seven days a week. Start out with smaller goals, and build from there. If you’re not able to carry on a conversation while exercising, you’re probably working too hard. On the other hand, if you’re able to sing while exercising, you’re probably not working hard enough, she added. If you’re not in the habit of exercising, begin with easier activities such as walking, Struck said. “Don’t begin with a goal of running for 30 minutes seven days a week. Start out with smaller goals, and build from there. You can always exceed your goal, but if you set your goal too lofty, you’ll feel like you’ve failed if you don’t reach or maintain your goal.” Don’t choose an activity that’s not enjoyable to you. “Everyone needs to find his or her own individual niche. If you find what you like, you’re more apt to do it,” Struck said. Also, don’t choose to do your workout at a time that’s not suitable for your lifestyle. “If you’re not a morning person, don’t try to exercise at 5:30 a.m. You’re less likely to stick with your program.” For lasting benefit, cardiovascular exercise needs to become a habit. “The hardest part is getting started, if it’s not part of your life now. It needs to be like brushing your teeth – an activity of daily living,” Struck said. “Daily exercise should be just as important as any other appointment on your calendar.” To learn more go to www.AveraMcKennanFitness.org

I WAS A SIZE _____


_______ If you’re curious about surgical weight loss, join us for a FREE seminar on Thursday, April 5 hosted by the Avera Bariatric Institute. Discuss weight-loss procedure options Learn about insurance coverage n Hear success stories n Ask weight-loss surgery experts your questions n n

Registration at 6:30 p.m., Event at 7 p.m. Avera McKennan Auditorium, 810 East 23rd Street Register online at www.AveraMcKennan.org or call 1 (877) AT-AVERA (1-877-282-8372).

Future surgical weight loss seminar: Thursday, May 3 After weight-loss surgery, Jan Mellema of Sioux Falls lost 107 pounds — and got her life back.


Read Jan’s story at www.Avera.org/Jan-story

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Preparing for by Jessica Weischedel

Summer Camp Here are some more reasons to send your child to summer camp:


ummer is quickly approaching, and many at home and school. • Your child will practice making decisions for themselves without parents or parents will be searching for the best summer • Summer camp gives your child a much teachers deciding for them. They will camp options for their kids. Summer camps have needed break from technology and have the opportunity to manage their forces them to be physically active, such positive effects on children. So many children daily choices while being in a secure which is sometimes challenging when are spending all of their time sitting down and not environment. at home. getting enough exercise. Going to camp will keep • Your child will learn social skills such • Fears and setbacks will be endured and them active and healthy, and their experiences as cooperation, communication, and overcome, allowing your child to gain with extra curricular activities such as swimming, respect. resiliency. dancing, music, sports, campfires, and memorable • With all of the adventure at their • Y our child’s view of the world may be adventures will not only boost their confidence, fingertips, your child will discover what greatly improved when spending time but will forever be remembered as part of their they enjoy doing and enhance their outdoors and reconnecting with nature. talents and abilities. childhood. They will learn the importance of • All of the laughing, singing, talking, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, and conquering • Your child will have some free time to and fun will most likely result in a best just relax, play, and be goofy at camp, their fears — all things that are important in life no friend or two for your child, as summer which is quite a change from the usually matter how old you are. camps easily bring everyone together very structured and scheduled routines Summer camp is a great opportunity for children to and encourage friendships. attain new talents, make friends, and have the time of their lives. However, if you or your child are not prepared for greater self confidence. If your child has a specific special interest, what the camp will bring, the experience could unfortunately result look into possibilities that include this interest. in disappointment. Doing your research and being ready for summer Research is key when choosing the right summer camp. Since the camp will assure that your little camper will enjoy the exciting impact of your child’s time here will be so significant in their lives, adventure to its fullest extent. you must make an intelligent and informed decision. Just because Choosing the right summer camp can be a hard decision to make you went to a certain summer camp when you were growing up, does for parents. A good camp has the possibility to give your child many not mean it is the same camp today. There could have been some useful and worthwhile experiences. The interest of your child is changes made and it is important to find out what these might be. It important, because each child has different things they like and is also very helpful to take a look at some of the specific details of the want to do. Discuss with them what activities they think would be camp, including the location, the size, the type, any programs and fun and encourage them to explore their originality and curiosity activities offered, if there are special needs, and the cost. with various options. Ask yourself what you and your child want When considering cost, it is good to know that nonprofit camps from camp, whether it be skill-building, independence, or to gain a are usually less expensive than private camps. Costs vary based on

etc. for her | April 2012 61

several elements within each program. It is wise to take some time to figure out what you can afford and compare the amount of money you would spend on food, childcare, and entertainment if your child was at home instead of at camp. Think about the expenses involved in sending them away, such as field trip charges, any uniforms, activities, and extra spending money. There are co-ed options, as well as all girl and all boy camps. The type of camp could be a sleep away, which can range from one week to the whole summer. It is wise to understand that your child is prepared for these types of experiences and to know what is expected. If the camp is larger in size, consider asking some questions about how they prevent kids from feeling left out and how they work on getting each child to work on their skills and get involved at their own pace. Smaller camps are most likely to be better for kids that require special attention in certain areas, and campers and staff will really get to know each other in such a tight knit environment. Most general summer camps offer various activities like team sports, swimming, hiking, canoeing, and day trips to nearby locations. Specialty camps are aimed towards a certain area such as gymnastics, wilderness, science, and living healthy lifestyles. You and your child should look at the camp program, its staff, and its environment entirely while making your decision. Arrange to have a meeting with the camp’s representatives to receive more detailed information and to get answers to specific questions you and your child may have. This way you can find out the director’s background and reputation, as well as what kind of staff training is provided. You could also ask for references from past parents who have sent their children to the same camp so you can speak with them directly about the experience. If the camp has a good safety background, a good camper-to-counselor ratio, open communication with parents, and accreditation by the American Camping Association (ACA), then it is most likely a viable summer camp to consider. The ACA has more than 2,400 accredited camps in their database. You may also visit mysummercamps.com, which lists several thousand camps, and the National Camps Association, which offers CampQuest for assistance in your research. Once a decision is made and the data is set, your child will most likely be very enthusiastic about leaving for summer camp. What to pack may not be the first thing on their minds. This is why it is in your best interest to take on this responsibility and help them fill their suitcase with things they will want and need. Sit down with them and create a packing list using any recommendations from the camp they are going to as your guide. It is best to have everything purchased at least a week before camp begins. It would help to purchase extra hygiene items to pack away so that your child won’t need to unpack them to use at home, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo. Make sure to label all of the items with your child’s name to make sure it is not misplaced. Use ziplock bags to pack outfits for each day in order to stay organized and dry. Put sleeping bags and pillows into a larger bag to make them easier to carry. Make sure to put any items needed in the shower or bathroom in an easy-to-carry bag or container. It would help to be able to fit any shower shoes or flip flops in this as well.

62 friends & family |


Sh Here are some important items to pack for your child’s summer camp experience:

and See the Best Toys f or Kids • To i l e t r i e s , including toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, shampoo, and soap. • A ny medication needed should be packed or provided to the camp nurse to dispense, depending on the camp guidelines.

• A variety of clothing for every day, including pajamas. • Swimsuit, towel, rain jacket, hat, sweatshirt, extra jeans, and an extra pair of hiking shoes.

• Sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray with DEET, and a flashlight with batteries. • Sleeping bag and pillow.

for 2011!

• Flip flops or shower shoes. • Favorite items from home, such as bedtime snacks, pictures of people they will miss, stuffed animals, blankets, books, or music. • N otebook and pen for keeping a journal or writing down new friend’s contact information.

On the day before camp starts, be sure to double-check the list before you pack up all the items together. While away at summer camp, your child may get homesick. The good news for you as a parent is there are ways to prepare and prevent this from happening. One method of prevention is to practice being away from home. Have your child spend entire afternoons at a friend or family member’s house before spending the night there, then gradually start practicing with sleepovers away from home to get them used to the feeling of not having you around all of the time. In addition, perhaps a day camp would be good practice for a sleep away summer camp. These shorter times away will give you and your child courage, as well as a pretty good idea of what will be missed the most, so you can plan ahead for certain feelings that may come up. Talk to your child ahead of time about the possibility of being homesick, and make sure they know the option of talking to camp counselors about their feelings. Make sure that your child knows when they are coming back home, perhaps with a calendar that shows the day and allows them to cross off each day as it passes. It also helps to have your child bring some items from home with them, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. When at camp, staying busy is crucial to preventing homesickness, so encourage your child to join activities such as dances, games, or sports that are available to them. Have a set day or time to make a phone call if allowed, or use email or text if your child has this option. Write a letter to your child, asking about all of the fun things they are doing and who they are spending time with. Send some stickers or stamps inside to encourage them to write back with some fun decorations on the envelope or paper. The most important thing to remember is to never make your kids feel like a failure for their homesickness and be sure to applaud them for being able to successfully complete their stay at summer camp. Summer camp is the perfect time for your child to discover their passions in life and grow into who they are as a whole. Do your research wisely and you will forever be thanked for providing such an awesome experience.

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etc. for her | April 2012 63


s 2012 p m a C r e m m u S Main Stage Ballet & Dance aca d e M y

inviteS you

to dance!

next ce an f PeR oRM m

SuMMer SeSSion June 4tH FALL SeSSion AuguSt 27tH

25th • 7p Fri., May theatre m u e h rp o

2415 S. Sherman Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Michele Running-Owner



Please contact us for complete schedules and tuition discounts.

Zumba, Pilates, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Conditioning & More

FREE! The First Tee of South Dakota builds character, instills values and creates healthy habits in youth. For more details about our programs, please call (605) 367-7092 ext. 109 or e-mail thefirstteesouthdakota@yahoo.com www.thefirstteesouthdakota.org Sioux Falls, Yankton, Aberdeen, Watertown, Huron, Sioux Center

Nature Classes for Preschoolers!

4500 S. Oxbow Ave. • Sioux Falls 605.362.2777 • www.outdoorcampus.org

Color Me Mine Color Me Groovy Camp

What if the hokey pokey

Offering week-long multi-media art camps.

is really what it’s all about? Register by May 1, 2012 with this coupon and receive

Summer Camp info online now! www.dancegallerysd.net

$20 off

any week-long camp.

3709 W. 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD | 362-6055 www.siouxfalls.colormemine.com Open Mon-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-5

Visit www.siouxfalls.colormemine.com for 2012 camp schedule. Color Me Mine is, as always, non-toxic, lead free and food safe.

Summer Camps for Kids! Handwriting

Speech Xtreme

Helping Hands

• Pre-K - Dates: August 6-9

• Dates: July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, August 1

• Dates: TBD

Time: 8:30-11:00 am • K-3rd Grade - Dates: July 30-August 2, 6-9 Time: 1:00-3:30 pm • Cursive - Dates: August 13-15 Time: 3:00-5:00 pm “Handwriting Without Tears” for pre-k, gradeschoolers, and children struggling with cursive.

Sensory Camp • Dates: June 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

Time: 8:30-9:45 am Helps children improve responses to sensory stimulation.

Social Stars Camp

Time: 4:00-5:00 pm A fun way to improve speech articulation.

Let’s Talk!

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm Constraint-induced movement therapy for children with hemiplegia.

Power Mobility Camps

• Dates: May 21-24

Time: 9:00-11:00 am A camp using Augmentative & Alternative Communication devices.

Breakfast Club • Dates: June 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28

Time: 7:45-9:00 am For children that are picky eaters.

• Call for more information Mobility skills with the latest technology in power wheelchairs

Insurance may apply to some camps!

Call (605)782-2400 for more details or to register!

• Ages 4-8 - Dates: August 6, 7, 9, 10

Times: 3:30-5:30 pm

• Age 9-Young Adult - Dates: July 23, 24, 26, 27

Time: 3:00-5:30 pm Improves kids’ interaction with peers.


1020 W. 18th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Nifty Spring Crafts ids by Jessica Weischedel

Pine Cone Owl


ummer days are coming, and it is likely your kids might get a little excited for school to end and the sun to fill their days. Whether you plan on sending them to summer camp or finding other things for them to do, it’s always fun to sneak in a craft or two that can be a vacation keepsake, a decoration for their room, or even keep them occupied on a rainy April day. Here are a few ideas to get started:

for K

Materials needed: Large pine cone, wiggle eyes, felt, scissors, chenille stem, and glue.

-8242 (605) 335

2115 S. Minnesota Avenue

10% OFF

The Dance Line, Inc.

Annual Tights Sale

Activewear, Shoes, Accessories

Before starting this adorable owl craft, be sure to check your pine cone for any bugs, sap, or seeds. Using the scissors, cut out a piece of felt shaped like a small number eight, but leaving the holes out of the middle of the shape. Glue the wiggle eyes onto this shape and glue the felt onto the pine cone. Create a beak by cutting a small triangle from the felt and gluing it into place, directly between and below the eyes. Cut out two wings from the felt and glue them on each side of the owl. To finish off the creature, shape chenille stems into two little feet and glue to the bottom of the cone. You could even wrap the feet around a branch so the owl stays upright easier.

All tights in the store

Through the month of April.

TOYS FOR BOYS • GIRLS • INFANTS The Bridges at 57th and Western • (605) 334-4825

Mon–Fri 10am – 8pm • Sat 10am – 6pm • Sun 12pm – 4pm


e for Just in tim picture weaelkss. and recit Mon, Fri, Sat 10am – 5pm • Tues, Thurs 10am - 7pm

66 friends & family |

for kids

Personalized Memory Box

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Materials needed: Small wooden container, Scrabble game pieces or wooden alphabet letters, glue, and paint, if desired.

Materials needed: Plastic bottles with lids, glue, scissors, sand or soil, pebbles or rocks, a twig or drinking straw, and fabric if desired.

Paint your container any color you wish. Some containers might already look neat the way they are, so just leave it as it is if you want to. Once the paint is dry, use glue to attach Scrabble game pieces or similar wooden alphabet letters to the top or sides of the container, spelling out any words you would like. You can make this as a gift as well, spelling out names of friends, etc. This is a great way to store keepsakes from the summer. Horner Ortho mag ad 2:Layout 1


Remove any labels from the plastic bottles, but don’t throw them away. This is a great way to recycle an entire plastic bottle. Cut the bottle in half. In the top half, cut slits about an inch wide and bend outward, so you end up with 8 pieces that fan out from the top. These will be the petals of the flower. Put the lid on the top of the bottle. Squeeze some glue into the bottom side of the lid and secure the twig or drinking straw so it stands upright. This will be the stem. Taking the label or a scrap of paper if there was no label, scrunch it up and stuff it into the bottom side of the lid, surrounding the stem to give it stability. Let dry. Taking the bottom half of the bottle, put some sand or soil into it until it is about 2 inches deep. Insert the bottom end of the stem into the sand or soil and pack it down tightly. Add pebbles or stones on top of the sand or soil to help keep the stem in place. You now have a plastic bottle flower. If you want to add color to the creation, cut strips of fun fabric out and glue them to the petals and the flower pot.find, or use1a larger pot for a centerpiece or a seasonal candy dish. 3:13 PM Page

You Should Expect A Beautiful Smile and Orthodontic Treatment Completed On-Time… …We’ll Ensure You Get Both.

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605.335.6680 • 1.866.633.6202

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Exceptional Orthodontic Results for Thousands of Patients since 1984. Visit our website: www.HornerOrthodontics.com to view hundreds of our completed patients (Before and After Gallery) and much more.

etc. for her | April 2012 67


God’s Eye Craft Materials needed: Yarn of different colors, wooden sticks of the same length, and glue. Glue two sticks together, forming an “X”. Take the end of the yarn and glue it to the middle of where your sticks cross. Wrap the yarn over and around one stick end, then over and around the next. Pull the yarn very tight each time and push it toward the center. Keep doing this until the color is used up. Tie a different color of yarn onto the old one by tying a tight knot. Repeat the process of wrapping the yarn over and around the sticks until they are covered with colorful yarn. Glue the yarn in place and trim any extra with scissors. Take a piece of yarn for a hanger and tie or glue it to your God’s Eye craft. Hang it up in any room for an awesome hand-crafted decoration.

3109 S. Carolyn Avenue • 361-8636 www.eChildstore.com

BEST 21 BABY STORES IN AMERICA As Rated by BabyBargains Book GourmetGuys AD:GGuys Poster 2005


11:59 AM

11th Annual

Gourmet Guys

Forty men showcasing their creative recipes! This fundraiser benefits the programs and services that Active Generations offers for adults and their families in our community.


April 22 , 2012 5:00 - 7:30 pm nd

Active Generations 2300 W. 46th Street - Sioux Falls • Sample incredible foods! Enjoy complimentary wine and beer while strolling through the festive atmosphere of Active Generations. • Also featuring Mogen’s Heroes. • Tickets only $30.00 per person in advance or $35.00 at the door.

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for kids

Cardboard Tube Binoculars

Page 1

Materials needed: 2 cardboard bathroom tissue tubes, scissors, glue, twine or yarn, a pen, a rubber band, stickers, stencils, or other decor for the cardboard. Decorate both cardboard tubes with whatever your little child’s heart desires. You can paint them, roll them with felt or paper, put stickers on them, or draw stencils on them. Leave it up to their imagination. Place the tubes next to each other with the seams in, and put a rubber band around both tubes at once, holding them in place and forming the shape of binoculars. Use a pen to poke a small hole into the outside sides of each tube. Leave enough room on the edges so there is no rip or tear created when you do this. Taking the twine or yarn, place the end into the hole from the outside of the tube and string it through. Tie a double not so that the end does not fall back through the hole. Trim off any excess yarn or twine with scissors. Pull it tight, and repeat on the other side. Glue in between the tubes, using the rubber band as a place holder so there is no movement between them. Let them dry completely, and you are ready to use your creation as binoculars.

spring... summer


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Sylvester Heeren’s Room by Ashley Sandborn Photos by Chang Photography

70 friends & family |

Tot Spots


iz Heeren lives and breathes design in all areas of her life. On a daily basis, she provides deep insight to students as an Assistant Professor of Art at South Dakota State University as well as works as a freelance artist. She also comes from a family of artists and musicians, so design has always been in her blood. “I’m around art constantly,” said Liz. “I talk about design and the process all the time.” Therefore, it is no big surprise that when it came time to decorate her 8 month-old son’s nursery, Liz brought her designminded sensibility and visual imagination to the project and created a beautiful, contemporary space that oozes personality and charm. “My favorite part of the room is the art,” said Liz. “I have several original pieces because my husband and I are collectors. In fact, I’m kind of an art collector junkie. As an artist, it makes collecting art very easy. You end up trading art or other artists give you art as a gift. We have an amazing collection that we can rotate throughout the house, but there were a few pieces that were perfect for Sylvester’s room.” The pieces of art selected for the nursery include a small origami piece by Reina Okawa, and a sculpted mobile by Kat Burdine, which was made entirely out of wood and sticks in the shape of jackalopes. Also, four paper masks and a wooden horse mask by Nathan Holman as well as a pastel drawing by Liz’s mother, Mary Groth. Liz’s husband, Ted was also very instrumental in the design of Sylvester’s room. He serves as art director and writer/producer for Fresh Produce, an advertising agency based in Sioux Falls. Ted’s design aesthetic helped shape the overall look and feel of the compact-yet-airy nursery. “My husband was very helpful in designing the nursery,” said Liz. “We have the same taste, which made it much easier when picking out the furniture and décor.” The couple purchased their historic home located near downtown in 2007. However, the nursery was vacant and unoccupied until they found out they were expecting a little boy to be born in early July 2011. “The room was painted, but it was empty for years,” said Liz. “It was just waiting for a purpose – we kind of earmarked it for a baby, but we never really said it out loud. I guess we just knew that it would be the space we used for a kids room one day.”

Newborn, Pre-Teens, Boys & Girls Fashion Forward Clothing & Accessories Mon – Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5, Sun 1-4 605.271.2999 | 2425 S. Shirley Ave. (across from the Century Theatre River Plaza)



Summer Lovin’

2425 S. Shirley Avenue | 362-7728

etc. for her | April 2012 71

Walking through the door of Sylvester’s room, you can visibly see the couple’s love of contemporary and Scandinavian design. The details are evident in the white, midcentury crib, as well as the black-and-white, geometric fabric on the windows, which was purchased in bulk and later sewn into curtains by Ted’s mother, Franie Heeren. Other details include a genuine, white sheepskin rug that lies on the floor near an oversized, orange glider from Moda. “The glider was my big splurge,” said Liz. “I really paid attention to my girlfriends when they said they spend a lot of time in the glider. I just decided I’m going to buy a nice one. The trick is finding one that will have a life beyond the nursery because gliders are not always attractive. However, I really thought this one had potential.” For decor inspiration, the design-savvy couple looked within instead of going the traditional route, which often includes tearing out pictures in magazines or simply Googling the phrase, “Cute nursery ideas.” “I was never one of those women that picked out a certain theme or color scheme for the nursery. My intention was just to put really cool kids stuff in there,” said Liz. “I didn’t pay attention to baby trends. I just decorated the room in a way that felt natural to me.” The nursery’s walls are painted off-white; however, there is an abundance of brightcolored accents that provide a pleasant pop of color as well as a sense of playfulness to the room. “We painted the nursery a neutral, off-white color because I imagine Sylvester’s room transitioning and going through all of these different phases over the years,” said Liz. “In my mind I’m trying to accommodate what phase will come next. I have things collected and things that I want to build structurally in the room, so I wanted the room to have flexibility.” Sylvester’s room is emblematic of his parent’s love of design as well as for him. It is a true testament that a nursery doesn’t need to be overthought, overdesigned or overdone to be beautiful. It just needs to be a labor of love, and a reflection of oneself. “I think if you know what you really like and you collect those things, over time they just assemble nicely wherever you put them,” said Liz.

SEND YOUR PHOTO! If you have a kid’s room or nursery you would like to share with our readers, please email a photo to etc.mag@sio. midco.net — it could appear here!

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Tot Spots

Ladhiets Nig Every First Friday of the Month 5-8pm • Go to our website for details and tell us what you want help with.

The Bridges at 57th & Western, Sioux Falls

5015 S. Western Ave. • Ste 140 Sioux Falls, SD • 605.361.9229 Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 10am–6pm Tues & Thurs 10am–7pm • Sat 10am–5pm

MKTG36027_YOUVE_M.indd 1

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3/15/2012 9:24:38 AM

Photo taken by Sarah Storm Photography

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The Bridges at 57th Street 57th & Western Avenue Sioux Falls, SD www.rainnsalon.com

Join us on Facebook for Specials

The Bridges at 57th & Western

(605) 335-9878 www.forgetmenotsf.com Mon - Fri: 10am – 6pm, Sat: 10 – 5pm

Varicose Veins in Pregnancy: What Can I Do?

By Stacy Jones, Sanford Health

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“I knew there was a good chance I’d get them, but I was shocked that I had them as early as I did,” said Karli. “My mom had them and she warned me that it could happen to me too.”


egistered nurse Karli Gerber is looking forward to having her first baby in May. But along with her growing excitement and belly, the first-time mom noticed a change in her body that she wasn’t looking forward to. Before the end of her first trimester, she had her first varicose vein pop out in her leg. “I knew there was a good chance I’d get them, but I was shocked that I had them as early as I did,” said Karli. “My mom had them and she warned me that it could happen to me too.”

Sanford obstetrician/gynecologist Meredith Kemper, MD. As a woman’s uterus grows, it puts increased pressure on the large veins in a woman’s pelvis, which increases the pressure on the leg veins. Pregnant women also have an increased volume of blood in their body which adds further pressure to the overburdened veins. Growing progesterone levels in the body cause the walls of the woman’s blood vessels to relax, adding to the problem.

What causes varicose veins?

An Inherited Problem

Varicose veins, swollen veins that bulge near the surface of the skin, are one of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy. Many women will first develop varicose veins, which often form twisted blue or purple line in the legs, during pregnancy, says

“Women like Karli who have a family history of varicose veins are more likely to develop them,” Dr. Kemper said. “They also tend to increase with age and each successive pregnancy.” For most women, the veins are a cosmetic concern only, the


Visit coloradotech.edu, Call 877.919.6555, or Text CAMPUS to 94576 for more info. CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at www.coloradotech.edu/disclosure. Not all programs are available to residents of all states. The person in this advertisement is paid talent and not an actual student or graduate. 90-30533 137208 02/12

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doctor says. Some women experience minor pain or itching, but those symptoms and the veins themselves usually lessen or subside completely after the baby is delivered. A doctor usually looks at the veins in the legs while a woman is standing up to check for any signs of a blood clot. A simple physical exam can usually rule out any serious medical concerns, Dr. Kemper said.

What Can I Do to Prevent Them? The good news is there are a few things that can be done to avoid or lessen the severity of varicose veins. Here are a few tips:

• Try to keep within the recommended weight range for your pregnancy. • Exercise daily. It will help you control weight gain and improve circulation. • Elevate your feet and legs whenever possible. • Don’t cross your legs or ankles while sitting. • Don’t sit or stand for long periods without moving around. • Sleep on your left side, wedging a pillow behind your back and elevate your feet with a pillow. This will decrease pressure on your legs and feet. • Wear graduated compression stockings, which are available from medical supply stores and pharmacies, to keep your legs from swelling.

Talking to your doctor about concerns like varicose veins is important for a woman during pregnancy or any time of life, Dr. Kemper said. “A woman should never hesitate to ask questions about any symptoms that cause worry or discomfort,” said Dr. Kemper. “Your physician can help you explore all your options for both cosmetic and medical relief.” During Karli’s next prenatal appointment she talked to her doctor about the varicose veins and got a prescription for compression stockings. While she has to sit often at work, she also tries to be aware of not crossing or folding her legs any more than she has to, she said. “I really do see improvement at the end of the day when I take the stockings off,” Karli said. “I am so excited about my baby that I will happily take on any pregnancy symptoms.”

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These are just some of the wonderful books for children we have come across this month. We hope to share with you some you have not seen before and also introduce others being released in the near future. Enjoy.

Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm by Nosy Crow Introducing Bizzy Bear, the busiest bear on the block! With chunky sliders to push and pull, these robust little board books are perfect for active toddlers. Rich in visual detail and with touches of humor, they are set to become firm favorites in the family library. Bizzy Bear’s off to lend a hand on the farm. Toddlers can help him count the ducks, feed the goats, and find the eggs before he waves bye-bye. Ages 1 yr and up Candlewick Press

Outside Your Window A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies The buzz of bees in summertime. The tracks of a bird in the winter snow. This beautiful book captures all the sights and sounds of a child’s interactions with nature, from planting acorns or biting into crisp apples to studying tide pools or lying back and watching the birds overhead. No matter what’s outside their windows — city streets or country meadows — kids will be inspired to explore the world around them. Ages 3 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Who Has What? All About Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies by Robie H. Harris Young children are curious about almost everything. Asking questions is one of many ways they learn about themselves and the world around them. Now, this unique series for our youngest children provides easy-to-understand facts and answers to their delightful, thoughtful, and often nonstop questions. Launching the series is WHO HAS WHAT?, a simple story following Nellie and Gus on a family outing to the beach. Humorous illustrations, conversations between the siblings, and a clear text all reassure young kids that whether they have a girl’s body or a boy’s, their bodies are perfectly normal, healthy, and wonderful. Ages 2 yrs 6 mos - 6 yrs Candlewick Press

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Maisy’s Easter Egg Hunt A Sticker Book by Lucy Cousins Go ahead - lend Maisy a mixing bowl so she can whip up some chocolate bunnies. Then help her hide them in the garden and hand out Easter baskets to her friends (color-coordinated to their outfits, of course). Now the hunt is on! The perennially popular Maisy — and lots of colorful, reusable stickers — make this a holiday book kids will be eager to get their hands on. Ages 3 yrs - 5 yrs Candlewick Press

Bugs Galore by Peter Stein Bugs, bugs, BUGS galore creep, slither, stink, and squirm; scurry, fly — ewww, a worm! Dig in as a flurry of bugs of every shape, size, and color crawl across the page in a veritable infestation of whimsy and humor. Cars Galore creators Peter Stein and Bob Staake return to thrill (and gross out) bug enthusiasts of all ages, offering an inthe-dirt, high-in-the-sky critter tale sure to leave readers wiggling and stampeding for more. Ages 4 yrs - 8 yrs Candlewick Press

Let’s Have a Tree Party! by David Martin What could be better than friends together at a party in a tree? All of the forest critters will be there: the squirrel, raccoons, possums, frogs, birds, mice, and more. Even the slimy slugs are sure to slither in for the food, games, music, and dancing. And don’t forget Baby Bear — that little clown will be there for sure! John Manders revs up the action with bold illustrations, while David Martin sneaks in some counting and movement prompts in a rollicking, boisterous tale that will have children eager to jump up and join the party. Ages 2 yrs - 5 yrs Candlewick Press

The Sniffles for Bear by Bonny Becker! Bear has a terrible cold. In fact, Bear is quite sure that no one has ever been as sick as he is. So when Mouse comes tap, tap, tapping on his front door eager to make Bear “as good as new” by reading a sunny story, singing a rousing chorus, and plinking a twangy tune on his banjo, the pitifully coughing Bear — growing weaker by the minute — is convinced that his tiny friend does not appreciate the gravity of the situation. Can there be any saving Bear from his certain demise? Welcome the world’s most lovable curmudgeon and his endearing, unstoppable sidekick in a wry new comedy sure to have even red-eyed, sniffly nosed readers rolling with laughter. Ages 3 yrs - 7 yrs Candlewick Press

Arthur’s Dream Boat by Polly Dunbar One night, Arthur has an amazing dream about a pink and green boat with a striped mast and a beautiful figurehead. He can’t wait to tell his family about it! But when he tries, no one (not even the dog) is interested in listening. In fact, they don’t even notice when the very same boat gradually appears on his head, growing larger and larger by the minute! Soon Arthur is bouncing over the waves in his very own dream boat. Maybe now his family will listen to him! Ages 2 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Utterly Lovely One by Mary Murphy Oh, my Yummy One, my Utterly Lovely One! Look at you, so gorgeous! So opens a glorious praise song from a parent crane to her little cranelet — drawing many other species into the circle of love as she sings. Warm, funny, and full of energy and affection, this is another gem from Mary Murphy, whose springlike palette is well suited to the story’s celebratory air. Ages 2 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Miss Mingo Weathers the Storm by Jamie Harper It’s a spring morning, and Miss Mingo and her class are ready to hike up High Hill to visit the weather station. Groundhog, the new student, predicts that the weather will be perfect. But as the animals climb, the temperature does too, and Panda seeks a shady spot while Hippo starts sweating red (it’s normal, not blood!). And that’s just the beginning! Ages 4 yrs - 7 yrs Candlewick Press

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Arya, 2 mos

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Flyn, 4 mos Each month we will choose and feature new cute kids. Your child could be next, so send in a picture today. Email your photo – just one per child – to etc.mag@sio.midco.net. Please make sure they are high-resolution photos (the highest setting on your camera). Include in email: child’s first name, age, birth date, parents or guardians names, address, email address and phone number. Parents must own the rights to all submitted photos.

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Stratten Jesse, 6 mos

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Marcia Kozel –

Education That Lasts a Lifetime by John Nichols


eonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” The great Italian artist/scientist/philosopher believed that a life spent in service to “unquenchable curiosity” was the true path to enlightenment. The Renaissance master died nearly 600 years ago, but he would be pleased to know that his philosophy of life-long education still has its followers

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The Newest Trend...

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dance and have a good time.

I have been a special guest DJ at The Vault a premier dance club in Sioux Falls, and Wiley’s Tavern.




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neighbor Afforable Excitment!

today. Marcia Kozel might shrug off any suggestion she is a disciple of da Vinci, but in her job managing the Community Education program for the Sioux Falls School District, she works hard to ensure that the people of Sioux Falls have every opportunity to quench their ongoing thirst for knowledge. Whether it’s a cooking class, driver’s education, or a technical certification, Kozel and the Community Education program have a learning opportunity for you. We sat down with Marcia to discuss the mission of Community Education, the opportunities it offers, and the benefits of “dessert only” learning.

So tell us about the origins of Community Education in Sioux Falls and its mission today. Community Education has been part of the Sioux Falls school district since 1945. The first classes were in radio repair and salesmanship, so obviously we’ve evolved quite a bit in the number and variety of courses we offer now, but the role of Community Education is still the same. Our goal is to meet any educational need the district has that is not covered in the normal curriculum. We’re here to add value to our community by providing positive learning experiences.

So how long have you been involved with the program? I’ve been working in Community Education here for 15 years.

Who is the target audience for Community Education classes? I’d like to think we have something for everyone. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of courses that appeal to many different interests. From kids to seniors, men, women — doesn’t matter — we probably have something for you.

I always knew there were Community Education courses but prior to our interview I hadn’t really looked into it. When I checked out the website and your catalog, I have to admit I was amazed by the volume and variety of offerings. How are you able to oversee such a diverse program? It is a challenge and we are very proactive in keeping our finger on the pulse of current trends. We belong to an international organization called Learning Resources Network (LERN) that provides us with great ideas and direction but we also put a lot of emphasis on listening to our community. We survey our students and talk to our instructors and always look for new

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things to offer. My unofficial rule is that if I hear a suggestion three times I know we need to do it.

What are some of the more popular courses offered through Community Education? Our cooking classes are always very popular. Our classes on how to use technology products like iPads and smart phones are also big hits. Every year our ACT Prep courses draw a very big response and things like driver’s education, and piano lessons keep us very busy.

How are the courses offered through Community Education funded? We are entirely funded by the fees students pay to take the courses. Taxpayer money is not used to pay for Community Education.

How much do the courses cost?

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Costs can range from around $20 for a cooking course to a couple hundred dollars for some of the more involved offerings. We also offer technical training for certification that can obviously cost more, but the point we’d like to get across is that the cost for any of our programs is going to be less than what you would spend getting that same training somewhere else.

A lot of people seem to think that learning and education stop the day someone hands them a high school or college diploma. How does Community Education promote lifelong learning? I think the key is to engage people and their interests. Everyone likes to learn, but after high school or college, we tend to focus on other things. It’s our goal to encourage people to invest that time in themselves and get a good result. I always tell our instructors, be sure to ask your students two questions at the beginning of each class: what’s your name and what do you expect to get out of this class? Now those expectations might be different from


For more information or to enroll in Community Education courses go to: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/ and click the Comm Ed tab.

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student to student and may even be different than what the instructor had planned, but knowing that helps the instructor know what success looks like for those learners.


I think the real beauty behind your program is that unlike high school or college, a learner can take only the courses that interest them. Sort of a “dessert only” learning experience – no more “vegetables” like algebra and chemistry, right? (smiles) Dessert only learning…hey, I like that. I may have to use that line sometime. It is true that Community Education is all about developing your interests in a fun, no pressure way. We don’t give grades and no one fails. If you take our woodworking class and the end table you make wobbles a little, that’s just fine. We just hope you enjoyed the experience.

338-1112 4301 S. Racket Drive (behind Mini Critters on 49th Street) Hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 5:30pm, Saturday: 10am – 4:30pm

Are there any types of classes that you’d like to offer but haven’t? I’d love to offer more language classes, but finding instructor resources to teach a class in Chinese or Japanese is a challenge. But I’m always on the lookout.

Do you have any favorite student success stories over the years? That’s tough. So many things come to mind, but the one that hits home for me is back in the late 1990s and early 2000s when we all learned computers were here to stay, I remember all the classes we taught on basic computer skills and using email and so on. We had so many moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas in those classes who didn’t know anything about computers when they started, but at the end they could make their way around the internet, use some basic programs, and email their kids and grandkids. To help empower those people and transform something scary into something they could use and enjoy was something I’ll always take satisfaction from. When you can open doors for people, that’s always a good measure of success.

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What Were They Thinking? by Dick Rogen, DVM Horizon Pet Care, 1100 E. Holly Blvd., Brandon, SD (605) 582-8445


very day, a patient will come to the clinic for vomiting. There are many things that can cause vomiting. It can be as simple as eating too fast or as complicated as cancer. You always hope that it will be a simple thing. I usually start the examination with the question, “Did she eat anything out of the ordinary?” The answers can be quite amazing. In some cases, we humans have witnessed the ingestion of things that surprise even us old veterinarians. Medications are a very common thing for our pets to ingest. Now I suspect that most pets are like mine and follow us to the kitchen area at every possible crumb dropping moment. And I think many people also keep their medications near the kitchen sink for easy access to water. Blood pressure medications, vitamins and birth control pills in small doses are usually harmless. But when a small dog ingests a dose of medication for a full sized person, the first thing you should do is call your veterinarian. This is most commonly followed by inducing vomit and then giving activated charcoal to bind any medications not removed by vomiting. If your pet ingests the entire bottle of medication, then we can have some major problems. Immediate attention with aggressive medical therapy can save your furry friend’s life. Do not wait for several hours or even days to call. It is an emergency in many cases. Garbage, left overs and the bones can get our pets into serious trouble. It can vary from an upset stomach to serious issues with the pancreas. Pancreatitis is an inflammation caused by a rich

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or high fat meal. It causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea and if left untreated, can result in death. We will also see food poisoning from rotten or spoiled foods. Houdini the magician would be impressed by some of my patients for their ability to swallow anything. Underwear, socks and other clothing items are very popular with my canine friends. The flavor must be fantastic for a dog to get it down whole. Charlie put down a headband last week in just a few seconds. With the aid of medications, it came back up just about as fast. I maybe can see the fun in chewing on cloth, but why consume it? Then there are the “All Star” swallowing champions. Any old dog can swallow rocks, but how much money can some dogs eat? I see no reason to swallow coins, but a little Shih Tzu I know consumed 35 cents. She was lucky. There were no pennies. Pennies are now copper coated zinc coins, that release zinc after just a few hours in the acid of the stomach. Zinc will destroy the red blood cells in your pet’s body often resulting in death if not treated early and aggressively. Lexi, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, decided that lug nuts are a delicacy. Earlier in the week she vomited up several of the heavy metal nuts. She must have had a taste for lug nuts because she ate three more, that would not come up. Anytime a pet ingests metal, we worry about the zinc, just like a penny. Quick surgical removal of metal objects is almost always recommended. Lexi is back to normal, and let’s hope she stays on a kibble-only diet!


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Buh, best friend of Missy Grage

Acers, best friend of Missy Grage

Cheyenne and Samantha best friends of Cindy Sonnenschein

Dakota, best friend of Landyn Welch

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Mazzy, best friend of Christine James

Greta, best friend of Erin and Craig Johnson

Maggie & Lenny, best friends of Patti Wells

Molly & Jack Black, best friends of The Thompson Family

Morgan, Parker, Harley, best friends of Kluever family

P-Co, best friend of Missy Grage

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Princess, best friend of Chris, Deb and Paige Madsen

Rudy, best friend of Mike and Sandy Keeley

Reuben, best friend of Adam and Jessica Weischedel

Sadie, best friend of Karen and Ron Madsen

Each month we will choose and feature cute pets. Your pet could be next, so send in a picture today. Email your photo – just one per pet – to etc.mag@sio.midco.net. Please make sure they are high-resolution photos (the highest setting on your camera). Include in email: pet’s name and owner’s name. Pet owners must own the rights to all submitted photos.

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The Woman’s Alliance Rae Smith

The Woman’s Alliance

Sioux Falls, Ninth Street & Spring Avenue


n 1911, Sioux Falls had no public rest rooms or rest areas for women visiting the city or employed in local businesses. Recognizing the need, Edith Kellar Lillibridge and Anna M. Eddy assembled 30 women to organize the Woman’s Alliance as a nonprofit corporation. Having few resources other than their vision and determination, they pioneered a venture which in its time was unique in this city and in the Midwest. Four hundred members enlisted and paid dues of one dollar each to provide funds for the project. Mary Peabody was the first president. On this site was the last facility operated by the Woman’s Alliance as a “home away from home” for women. It climaxed a record of service which is one of the finest in the history of this city. Initially the Alliance established two rooms on the second floor of a downtown building to answer the immediate need. The project gained support, and three years later it moved into a facility that permitted the preparation of meals and provided sleeping accommodations. In 1956 the Alliance purchased the Fosdick mansion at this location. A two-story dormitory was added, providing a total of 25 bedrooms to accommodate 46 residents. Throughout the 62 years of its operation, the Alliance homes were governed and managed by a succession of dedicated women. Funding for growth was provided in part by gifts, bequests, rummage sales, card parties, and holiday events conducted by members of the board. Grants were received from the Sioux Falls Community Chest (later the United Fund), but the project was largely self-supporting. The vision of the founders was carried on by their successors. The founders met the need for a residence for women who were without home ties and who wanted a temporary or permanent low-cost residence where all women would be welcome regardless of race, color, or creed. There was a steadfast adherence to its purposes “to help others to help themselves” and not to turn away any deserving woman. Women facing crises in their lives found security in its environment and help from the counseling of its staff. Many seeking jobs found help through an employment service provided by the Alliance. By 1973 growing options for women’s housing and services prompted the Alliance to sell the home. The sale proceeds were invested as an endowment and each year the board authorizes grants to local agencies whose focus is women and children. These annual grants acknowledge and sustain the vision of the Alliance founders who saw a need and met it nobly. DEDICATED IN 2000 BY THE MINNEHAHA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND THE WOMAN’S ALLIANCE

Last Woman’s Alliance Home The Story Behind This Marker by Ann Louise Kuehn In the spring of 1956, the Woman’s Alliance board purchased a large home at 103 South Spring Avenue known as the Fosdick Mansion. With an addon dormitory, the home could then house 45 women in addition to a house manager. This home away-from-home was a place where women with low income could live with dignity as well as a temporary refuge for those who needed a place to stay for a short period of time. No woman or girl was ever turned away, whether young or old, because of race or creed, and was allowed to stay as long as they met the home’s requirements. The Woman’s Alliance was one of the few organizations in the State of South Dakota with a board composed entirely of women. Note the two-story dormitory on the right side of the building. It was located behind and attached to the Fosdick home and was built to provide additional sleeping accommodations. In 1973 after a fire destroyed the home, the board sold the lot and placed the sale funds into a Trust. The purpose and dedication of the Woman’s Alliance has remained constant. Today their endowment income is annually distributed to organizations in this community that have programs benefiting the needs of women and children. Image owner: Joan Swenson.

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