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March 2012 Volume 11 • Issue 4

Delicious Irish Beef Stew St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids


Home Building

Visit Our NEW Selections Gallery We’ve Streamlined the Home-Building Process. Interactive displays allow you to view and touch the elements needed when designing your new Ronning home.

Make All of Your Decisions —

Under One Roof

Flooring, Countertops, Appliances, Cabinets, Wall Colors & Textures, Millwork, Mechanical and so much more! Ronning Homes & Neighborhoods works with these reputable and knowledgeable local companies: StarMark Cabinetry, FormaTop, Karl’s Appliances, Syverson Tile & Stone, Frisbee’s Plumbing & Heating, Larry Maxwell Drywall, Betz Blinds, Thornton Carpets, Walden Carpets, Carpet One, Kokenge Painting & Staining, Sorlien Electric, Mahlander’s Lighting, Hebron Brick, Fireplace Pro’s, Agan Drywall, Home Supply Company, Overhead Door, Fargo Glass & Paint, Truss Pro’s.

LARGE Samples Allow for Easy Designing

Use your QR Code Reader on your phone to view a video of the Selections Gallery. Download a FREE version through your phone's app store.

Call (605) 336-6000 to Schedule Your Visit 401 E. 12th Street Visit www.ronningcompanies.com

Can't find a QR Code Reader? Visit the URL below to view the same information! http://goo.gl/6hD7K

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out & about concierge New Resource for Home-Builders

Has Everything AND the Kitchen Sink 8

Holsen Hus Opens New Location on Phillips Avenue 12




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Dream Vacation in Portland, Oregon 57

health & well-being Colon Cancer Screening: Every Woman Should Be Aware 62

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For Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts 67

The Mary Groth & Dan Mahar Home 26

Tot Spots Charlie Erfman’s Room 70


Celebrate the Irish in All of Us 38 Parenting & Pregnancy Man in the Kitchen Protect Your Unborn Baby’s Health 74

A Matter of Taste 40

Wine Tasting: The Nose Knows 44


Children’s Books Best Books 78 Cute Kids Submit Your Child’s Photo 80

Go Green Reaching Out: South Dakota Farm neighbor Families Share Their Stories 48 Rita Nelson – Gifts from the Heart 84

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A Park Born In Controversy, a brief history of McKennan Park. 94

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Today I am a leader. The Year of the Nurse. When a young nurse shows pride over performing a new task, Stacy Thistle, RN, beams with pride too. Like so many nurses at Sanford Health, Stacy is a leader. A mentor. A coach. Leadership requires commitment. It impacts our patients and advances our organization. This work is not for everyone. Nursing is a calling. For Stacy and all of our nurse leaders, we are proud to support your advancement and thank you for your leadership. 100-11395-3051 2/12


Stacy Thistle, RN

out & about concierge 8 New Resource for HomeBuilders Has Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

concierge 12 Holsen Hus Opens New Location on Phillips Ave.

calendar 16 March 2012

6 out and about

2101 W 41st St Western Mall Sioux Falls 605.336.1600

thefur nituremar t.com


New Resource for Home-Builders Has Everything AND the Kitchen Sink by MAry Michaels | Photos by Chang Photography

beautiful jewelry, a beautiful life! 708 EAST BENSON ROAD • SIOUX FALLS • 605.335.0602 Just east of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Benson Road Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm • www.fifthavenuecollection.com 8 out and about |


Shop Our Retail Showroom!

• Hundreds of Pieces ALWAYS in Stock • Open to the Public


ife presents many major decisions – where to go to college, what to name your child, or whether you want Spanish Sweep, Orange Peel, Heavy Knockdown or Brushed Swirl texture on the walls of your new home. Building a house from the ground up is no small task, and there are many decisions to make along the way, which

could mean multiple trips to look at flooring, cabinets, siding, appliances and more – all in different locations. Ronning Homes & Neighborhoods has changed all that with their new Selections Gallery near downtown Sioux Falls, where individuals thinking about building a home can find everything they need – including the kitchen sink – in one location.

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“When you are thinking of building a home, you definitely want to do your homework and look around for ideas,” says Kristofer Ronning. “In our new Selections Gallery, though, people can look, touch and interact with all the various products that would go into their home.” Ronning Homes & Neighborhoods partnered with several local vendors, such as StarMark Cabinetry, Frisbees, Karl’s TV & Appliance, Jeld-Wen and more to create a series of interactive stations to help customers through the decision-making process. For example, in the kitchen station, you can pick a cabinet door and hang it up on a small display counter. Then, take flooring tiles (and grout samples), large countertop squares, and 8” x 11” paint chips to start assembling your kitchen theme. There are even removable cabinet and drawer pulls so you can

10 out and about |


try different styles to create your custom look. Similar stations throughout the showroom let you experiment with window and door casings, floor base, carpet colors and styles and even a variety of register covers….or for the home’s exterior, try out different window frames, exterior finish options like siding or brick, paint chips (large size), gutters and roofing material. “We have over 1300 housing floor plans,” explains Ronning. “So if the customer is looking for a ranch style or a multi-level, or if they want a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms, we can go into our database and find great plans to help them start their planning.” Not only can they pull up plans from their database, but they can also plug that into a large 50” flat screen on the wall – a touch pen screen – so customers can interact with the floor

Hours: by appointment Ronning Homes & Neighborhoods (605) 336-6000 www.ronningcompanies.com

plan, moving or removing things to fit their needs. As you walk through the Selections Gallery, labels explain the many products and features. Most products start with a base item or base features, but then they also show examples of “customer-enhanced values.” There may be a plain front cabinet door as the base style and one with more decorative features as the “customer-enhanced value.” “Having a range of products and pricing puts the customer in charge,” says Ronning. “We can provide information on all the choices, but the customer is able to prioritize the features that are most important to them, and what will work with their lifestyle and their budget.” Labels around the Selections Gallery also explain different wall and ceiling texture styles, finishings on wall corners, ceiling heights and “behind-the-scenes” construction techniques, such

as those used in the bathroom behind tub and shower units to reduce sound or increase warmth in the bathroom. Walking through the space, you also pass racks of tile, vinyl and carpet samples, walls of bathroom fixtures, door handles and hinges and rows of door styles, railings and spindles. The Selections Gallery isn’t just limited to the cosmetic pieces of building a house. You can also check out the mechanical components that cool your house in summer, warm it in the winter and make sure you have hot water for your morning shower. The Ronning team is ready to help you, whether you have particular colors or styles in mind or whether you want to focus on products that are functional or energy-efficient. “Building a house is a big investment,” Ronning says. “We want to take the stress out of it and just help people have fun creating their new home.”

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Holsen Hus

Opens New Location on Phillips Avenue By Mary Michaels | Photos by Chang Photography


helby Nelson’s great-grandfather came from Norway – a town called Holsen. When he arrived in the United States, he took Holsen as his family name. Nelson paired the family name with the Norwegian word for house, Hus, and founded a business in 2002, opening a store that features items from Scandinavia or inspired by Scandinavian design. Recently, she moved her store from the 100 block to the 200 block of Phillips Avenue in hopes of attracting more traffic. And, she says, it seems to be working. “The mild winter and being in this section of Phillips Avenue

12 out and about |


seems to be bringing more people in the door,” Nelson says. “I like this location, because we kind of have an international triangle right here.” Nelson is referring to the cultural offerings of neighboring stores, Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Gifts and Ten Thousand Villages. She says she understands the inspiration behind those stores, because she is just as passionate about her Scandinavian heritage. Although her store is named after the Norwegian side of her family, Nelson also honors her Swedish and Danish heritage by importing items from those countries as well. One of the most popular items, she says, is Trollbeads from

Denmark. The same family that started the company still owns Trollbeads, which was the first company to create an interchangeable bead system for necklaces and bracelets. There are literally dozens of sterling silver and glass beads to choose from. Oftentimes, Nelson says, someone will just start with one or two beads on a necklace or bracelet and then add to it over time. If you are celebrating a special occasion or have a specific theme in mind for your creation, Nelson can go through the storybook of charms with you and show you the meaning behind each. Holsen Hus also carries many other jewelry items in both

traditional and contemporary designs. If you are looking to explore the culinary world of Scandinavia, you can find chocolates, fruit preserves, lefse mix, flatbread and more. Also for the kitchen are pewter serving pieces from Norway featuring a Viking pattern, lefse grills and authentic Scandinavian cookbooks from the likes of well-known chef Marcus Samuelsson. If you would like to add some hand-crafted pottery or textiles to your kitchen and dining room, Holsen Hus carries the Ekelund brand of textiles from Sweden. Their products, such as towels, runners, placemats and tablecloths, are beautiful enough to

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What are you carrying TOO MUCH of?


ow much do you carry around every day? Life getting a little heavy? Balance your time, career and family with Executive Coaching. In just one hour a week, I can help you lose the baggage and carry the load, no matter what’s in your bag.

Call John Beranek at


for a complimentary 2-hour coaching session. John Beranek, Executive Coach johnspeak@sio.midco.net

14 out and about |


hang on the wall yet designed for everyday use. For other rooms of the house, you can find furniture pieces, rugs and unique candles from Denmark. “They are smokeless and long-lasting,” Nelson says. “And some are so uniquely shaped with a tear-drop shape but a taper-size base.” If you like to have conversation starters in your home, you may want to look at the hand-carved mahogany pieces with designs that are almost reminiscent of totem poles. The intricately-carved art is based on Viking museum pieces found in Scandinavia. Or, you may prefer the platters, napkins, mugs and other pieces that feature the work of artist Carl Larsson, who made his mark with brightly-colored art depicting family

Come to the

Celebration for Children’s Care Hospital & School!

6:00 p.m. • Friday, March 30 Sioux Falls Convention Center Social Hour · Dinner · Silent Auction · Raffle Village People Live!

Tickets $50 or table for eight $375 Call (605) 782-8500 or click on the 60th Anniversary logo at www.cchs.org

Saturday, April 14, 2012 Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 am - 5:30 pm Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm

7:00 p.m. • Orpheum Theater, Sioux Falls Physicians donating their musical talents to benefit children with special needs.

225 S. Phillips Ave. • Downtown Sioux Falls (605) 331-4700 • www.holsenhus.com email: info@holsenhus.com

Reception with performers follows. life in Sweden in the late 1800s and early 1900s. National pride is also a focal point of the store. The image of Thor’s hammer, a symbol of strength and protection, appears on items ranging from mahogany wood carvings to t-shirts to jewelry. There are several varieties of the Dala Horse, the national symbol of Sweden. The flags of Norway, Sweden and Denmark appear on windsocks, t-shirts, patches and more. Nelson’s own pride is evident as she describes the various items in the store. “This is my passion – I have a deep connection to my heritage,” she says. “I have done research into my own family tree, and I love it when people come into the store and share stories about their own families.” Experience a little of Scandinavia at the new Holsen Hus.

Reserved Tickets $18 Get yours now at (605) 782-8500 or www.cchs.org

A Benefit For:

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ma march 2012 title

Crazy About Coupons

Orpheum Theater • 315 N. Phillips Ave.

Thursday, March 1 • 6:30 pm • Instructional Planning Center • 201 E. 38th St.

Sioux Empire Community Theatre presents Driving Miss Daisy. Driving Miss

Do you feel like you are stretching your pennies as far as they will go and you

Daisy begins in the Deep South of 1948 and spans the next twenty-five years

are still over-budget? Find out where to get coupons, how to organize them,

evolving the relationship between Miss Daisy Werthan (a sharp-tongued Jewish

the best ways to use them, how to get FREE groceries and even how to start

widow) and Hoke (the initially unemployed chauffeur that her son hires to keep

your own stockpiles! $5.00 supply fee payable to instructor. *Pre-registration

her from driving recklessly). Set against the backdrop of social change, the gulf

prior to class is required. Register online with a Mastercard or Visa. INFO (605)

between them is gradually broken down as they grow to depend on and care for


one another. INFO (605) 360-4800.

Theatre Production: Zombie Prom

Downtown First Friday

Thursday - Saturday, March 1-3; Thursday - Saturday, March 8-10 • 7:30 pm

Friday, March 2 • 10 am • Downtown Sioux Falls

Edith Mortenson Center Theatre • Augustana College

A special day of shopping, art and entertainment downtown! Many stores stay

$12 adults/$8 students & seniors/free with ID. INFO (605) 274-5451.

open late until 8 pm. INFO (605) 338-4009.

Movie Night at the Museum: An American Tale

Sioux Empire Home Show

Friday, March 2 • 6:45 p.m. • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

Friday - Sunday, March 2 - 4 • Sioux Falls Convention Center

The Old Courthouse Museum and Downtown Sioux Falls are once again teaming

The 53rd Annual Sioux Empire Home Show will have over 200 home-related

up to bring you Movie Night at the Museum. Bring a blanket or pillow and settle

exhibits of all sizes. Save plenty of time because not only is the main floor full

in the historic courtroom. Doors open at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

but so are the side meeting rooms and even the hallways! Show open Friday &

Admission is free. (605)367-4210 or www.siouxlandmuseums.com

Saturday from 10 am - 8 pm and Sunday from 11 am - 5 pm. INFO (605) 361-8322.

Driving Miss Daisy

Sons of Norway Torsk & Meatball Dinner & Bake Sale

Friday & Saturday, March 2 & 3 • 7:30 pm; Sunday, March 4 • 2 pm GourmetGuys AD:GGuys Poster 2005 2/2/12 11:59 AM

11th Annual

Gourmet Guys

Forty men showcasing their creative recipes! This fundraiser benefits the programs and services that Active Generations offers for adults and their families in our community.


April 22 , 2012 5:00 - 7:30 pm nd

Active Generations 2300 W. 46th Street - Sioux Falls

Friday, March 2 • 4:30 pm • Nordic Hall • 218 W. 13th. St. Page 1



15% OFF

Join Tecoedivaey... &R

your entire first purchase as a ClubMax member*

*15% not valid with any other discounts, sales or coupons. Valid on regular priced items only

Member benefits include:

• $30 in-store credit for every $300 spent • Special coupons plus sales & event notifications throughout the year

• Sample incredible foods! Enjoy complimentary wine and beer while strolling through the festive atmosphere of Active Generations. • Also featuring Mogen’s Heroes. • Tickets only $30.00 per person in advance or $35.00 at the door.

Get your tickets today by calling

16 out and about |



Sioux Falls’ Source for Commercial & Residential Kitchen Equipment

Visit www.maxwellfood.com for a Listing of Our Cooking Classes 1212 S Cliff Avenue | (605) 336-2675 or (800) 658-3449

Hours: M–F 8am–5pm Sat: 9am–1pm

arc Served Family Style from 4:30 pm. to 7:30 pm. $15.00 for Adults & $7.00 for

Learn to swing dance at the Old Courthouse Museum! Beginning swing dance

children 6-12 yrs. Children under 6 yrs are free. Advance reservations required.

lessons from 1-1:30 p.m. with open dancing from 1:30-4 p.m. Beginners are

(605) 338-5160.

especially welcome, all ages, no partner required. Free admission. INFO (605) 367-4210 or www.siouxlandmuseums.com

Petco Dog Adoption Day

Saturday, March 3 • 1 pm • Sioux Falls Petco

Starlab Inflatable Planetarium at the Old Courthouse Museum

Come visit the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue dogs just waiting for wonderful new

Sunday, March 4 • 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

homes. All dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on all shots, micro-chipped,

Discover the night sky, explore the constellations! Starlab is a program for adults

house trained, and crate trained... all that is needed now is a family! www.

and children over the age of 5. Not recommended for those not comfortable in

pitrescue.weebly.com or 605-361-5095.

the dark. Tickets only $1, program begins promptly on the hour with no late

entry. Groups of 8 or more, please call ahead. INFO (605) 367-4210 or www. siouxlandmuseums.com

East of Westreville at The Grand Opera House

Saturday, March 3 • 7:30 pm • 425 E. 4th St., Dell Rapids

The Comfort Theatre Company presents East of Westreville. A blues to

Adoption Information Meeting

bluegrass road trip…with a few stops along the way! It is Americana roots

Monday, March 5 • 6 pm • Lutheran Social Services • 621 E. Presentation St.

music: bluegrass, blues, gospel, folk, and country — an ever-changing mix

Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota (LSS) will be holding an information

of music and memories, reminiscent of the days when all that was needed for

meeting for those interested in domestic and international adoption. If you are

entertainment was a barn dance or a Philco radio and a comfy chair. Tickets $16.

interested, please RSVP or to find out more about LSS Adoption Services please

INFO 605-428-3580.

contact Hayley Van Den Brink at 605-221-2418, 1-888-201-5061 (toll free) or at Hayley.Vandenbrink@lsssd.org.

The Closet • Clothing Give-Away

Saturday, March 3 • 9 am • The Ransom Church • 700 N. Main Ave.

Free Consultation Mondays

The Closet is one of the ways Ransom Church has chosen to give back to the

March 5, 12, 19 and 26 • 10 am to 6 pm

community. If you are in need of clothing, this is your opportunity to come and

Heal With Hypnosis LLC

get what you need, free of charge. Everyone welcome! INFO (605) 339-3733 or

3701 West 49th Street, Suite 203C. (Elevator accessible)

visit www.theransomchurch.org.

Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener offers complimentary 1-hour consultations. Learn how hypnosis can help you resolve past pain and move

Swing Dance Program at the Old Courthouse Museum

forward. Please call 605-940-8389 or visit www.HealWithHypnosis.com to pre-

Sunday, March 4 • 1-4 p.m. • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

schedule your free consultation.


I exPerIeNCe TheM.

Experience it at coloradotech.edu/sioux-falls or call 877.919.6555. Text CAMPUS to 94576 for more info.

301 West 43rd Street, Sioux Falls, SD 605.335.1905 classicimportrepair.net

CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at www.coloradotech.edu/disclosure. Not all programs are available to residents of all states. The person in this advertisement is paid talent and not an actual student or graduate. 90-30348 0255766 02/12 Screening. Knowledge. Scheduling.

90-30348_CTU-Etc for Her ad_Feb 12_F.indd 1

2/10/12 11:09 AM etc. for her | March 2012 17

rch Basic Photography

Tuesday, March 6 • 7 pm • Museum of Visual Materials • 500 N. Main Ave.

Learn the technical and creative basics you’ll need to take great

photographs with ANY camera. Our class will be relaxed, informative,

and fun! Bring your camera. Fee is $25. Max. number of participants: 12. Pre-registration required. Call Jessica at (605) 271-9500 to sign up. Facebook For Businesses

Tuesday, March 6 • 6 pm • Instructional Planning Center • 201 E. 38th St.

Does your business have a Facebook page? Is it struggling to gain fans?

This class will give you tips on how to improve your Facebook presence. With more fans you ultimately reach more people! Must have signed-

up for a Facebook account prior to class. $29.00. Community Education program. INFO (605) 367-7999 or visit commed.sf.k12.sd.us.

Shop Trademark Uniforms for the area’s best selection of uniforms, scrubs, footwear and so much more! With two convenient Sioux Falls locations, we’re easy to find or shop anytime on-line at www.trademarkuniforms.com Store Hours (Both Locations) Monday - Friday 10:00 - 7:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

Ask us about our:

• Group Discounts • On-Site Fittings • Road Shows

• Free Delivery • Embroidery • Sample Uniforms

Self Hypnosis for Relaxation Workshop

Wednesday March 7 or March 21 • 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Heal With Hypnosis LLC • 3701 W. 49th St., Suite 203C. (Elevator accessible)

Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener will teach you the fundamentals

of self-hypnosis. You will learn how to relax your body and organize your thoughts so you can enjoy life less stress and more peace of mind

and achieve your goals. $40 per participant. Limited to 6 participants. Pre-registration is required. Please call 605-940-8389 or visit www. HealWithHypnosis.com/events to register. YMCA Wee Art (3-5 yrs)

Wednesdays • March 7, 14, 21, 28 • 10 am

Sioux Falls Family YMCA • 230 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Let’s get ooey-gooey and messy! Wee Art will promote creativity and

encourage your child’s imagination to run wild! This class will target the development of motor skills and learning to expand attention to detail

through various art activities such as sculptures, painting, cutting, etc.!

Make sure you come dressed to get messed! Family Membership: $20 Child Membership: $25 Non-Members: $30 Registration. Class Limit: 10. INFO 605.336.3190 ext. 123 or jjervik@siouxfallsymca.org

Scrubs • Uniforms • Shoes • Professional Lab & Consultation Jackets • Chef Apparel Medical Accessories • School Uniforms Hospitality • Embroidery

Sioux Falls Quilters Guild

Thursday, March 8 • 6:45 pm

Southern Hills Methodist Church • 3400 E. 49th St.

The Sioux Falls Quilters Guild Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Each month includes a program and show and tell. The purpose of our

guild is to encourage a wider appreciation of quilting; to raise and maintain standards of design, individual ideas and expression; and to

keep interest alive by promoting local quilt projects and programs and doing charitable works. INFO (605) 371-1714. Wining Women Thursday, March 8 • 6 pm • Strawbale Winery • 47215 257th St. Renner, SD. The activity changes every month! Join us for our Wining Women. Every month during the Fall, Winter and Spring we have exciting speakers, demonstrations, shopping for the unusual, hands on activities, or

The Bridges at 57th Street 5009 S. Western Ave. #140 Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 334-4455

26th Street Crossing 1708 S. Marion Road Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605) 323-2204

dancing. Check each month for what we have going on! INFO www. strawbalewinery.com/events or (605) 543-5071. Fun & Fitness Friday Friday, March 9 • 1:30 pm Kenny Anderson Community Center • 3701 East Third Street Children 6 and younger can come out and enjoy a fun afternoon of

www.trademarkuniforms.com 18 out and about |


fitness. Ride around the gym on one of our riding toys. Jump on the

h 2 inflatable jumpy or run through the obstacle course. Inflatables will vary from location to location, but the enjoyment will stay the same. Children must be supervised by parents. A five-to-one ratio of children to adults will be enforced. Free admission. INFO (605) 367-8222. Family Nite Out

Friday, March 9 • 6:30 pm

Kenny Anderson Community Center • 3701 East Third Street

Come and join Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation for a free night of family

fun! There will be inflatables to run, jump, and play on, carnival games

and prizes, and more! Pizza and pop will be available for purchase from Papa Johns. This event is free and children must be accompanied by an adult. INFO (605) 367-8222.

American Red Cross Honors 2012

Friday, March 9 • 7 pm • Washington Pavilion

Help us honor the First Responders of the Sioux Empire. Red Tie Event.

Cocktail attire please. Hegg Bros. band to perform. Tickets Available at the Sioux Empire American Red Cross, 808 N. West Ave. (605) 336-2448.

Cost $50. Proceeds to benefit the Sioux Empire American Red Cross. INFO 605-336-2448.

Tab Benoit & Friends

Friday, March 9 • 8 pm • Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater


after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Enjoy traditional Irish Fare and Ale from 5-9pm


Burge efcBuirgaer lavailadbaley Sp Thurs d Bee

– rtifie onday SD Ce 6pm M ith House to 5 w from Served d Potatoes ne Seaso

Tab Benoit’s high energy guitar blues will bring home the sounds of the bayou once again. And, he’s bringing a few friends along with him this time. INFO 335-6101.

The Ballroom Dance Club

Friday, March 9 • El Riad Shrine • 14th and Phillips

Ballroom dancing to the music of the Mearl Lake orchestra, guests welcome with tickets $10 each at the door. Dressy/business casual attire requested. INFO (605) 528-5653. Hops and Grapes Fund-raiser

Saturday, March 10 • 7 pm • El Riad Shrine • 510 S. Phillips Ave.

Join us for the Hops and Grapes Fund-raiser to support children with

medical needs! This fun evening of beer and wine tasting includes live music, hors d’ouevres, silent auction, door prizes and live auction for 7 days in Mexico! Cash bar available. Tickets are $20 and proceeds benefit the Shriners Hospital for Children. For tickets call the Shrine Office at 336-1117, Marsha at 212-3621 or purchase at the door. St. Patrick’s Day Party Sunday, March 11 • 9:30 am • Calvary Cathedral • 500 S. Main Ave. Come join us in celebrating St. Patrick! We will be making crafts, Irish soda bread and learning about Irish dancing too. Free admission. INFO (605) 336-3486 or visit www.calvarycathedral.net. Warm Up Sioux Falls

• Classic Steaks, Wild Seafood, Bison & Elk • Intimate and Relaxing • Lunch 11-2 Mon-Fri / Dinner 5-9 Mon-Sat • Visit www.wildsagegrille.com

Sunday, March 11 • 1 pm • Athena Fibers • 3915 S. Hawthorne Ave. Warm Up Sioux Falls is a part of a national effort to create warm afghans for families in need. Volunteers use leftover yarn to make 7” by 9” sections that are joined together into afghans to donate to Sioux Falls organizations that help families. INFO (605) 271-0741. Kelly Clarkson “Stronger Tour 2012” Monday, March 12 • 6 pm • Sioux Falls Arena • 1201 N. West Ave. Tickets can be purchased at the Sioux Falls Arena box office or via

300 N. Cherapa Place • Sioux Falls, SD (605) 274-1667 • Join us on Facebook etc. for her | March 2012 19

20 DAPA at the Pavilion Spring Chamber Recital. Admission is $10. INFO (605)

Ticketmaster. $30, $45, $62. INFO (800) 745-3000.


Story Time With The Story Lady

Monday, March 12 • 11:30 am • Sioux Falls Family YMCA • 230 S. Minnesota Ave.

An Evening of Irish Music

The Story Lady is coming! DeAnn is a retired Early Childhood/Special Education

Friday, March 16 • 7:30 pm • Orpheum Theater • 315 N. Phillips Ave.

teacher. DeAnn will be coming in monthly to bring her stories to life and puts

An Evening of Irish Music with Mike Connor and Friends. Special guest is Kenny

on quite a show! The Story Lady enthusiastically engages her audience with

Putnam. Performance of Irish Dance by Connolly Academy of Irish Dance.

puppets, music, flannel board stories and more! Please join us for stories,

Admission $16. INFO (605) 731-0404.

songs, and fun with the Story Lady! All ages welcome! INFO (605) 336-3190.

SD Horse Fair

Friday, March 16 • 1 pm • Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18 • 9 am

Vision Board Creation Workshop

Wednesday, March 14 or March 28 • 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Sioux Empire Fairgrounds

Heal With Hypnosis LLC • 3701 W. 49th St., Suite 203C (Elevator accessible)

This is the 22nd Annual SD Horse Fair. There will be demonstrations, lectures,

Consulting Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener will teach you the fundamentals of

entertainment for all ages. Something for every horse lover in the area. Friday will

vision board creation. A vision board is a visual interpretation of your goals

feature two clinics by Al Dunning and the horseman’s Challenge. Saturday will

and desires. Keeping focus on your true intentions helps you achieve your

offer youth activities, speakers, demonstration throughout the day. The evening

goals while reducing stress. $40 per participant. Limited to 6 participants.

will conclude with the Ranch Rodeo. Sunday will start with Cowboy Church and

Pre-registration is required. Please call 605-940-8389 or visit www.

continue with demonstration, speakers and more shopping. $8 for adults, $5 for

HealWithHypnosis.com/events to register.

6-14, 5 and under free. INFO (605) 370-1607 or visit www.sdhorsefair.com.

Kid’s Activity Day Wee Bit O Fun! at the Old Courthouse Museum

An Evening With Groucho

Thursday, March 15 • 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-2:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 17 • 7:30 pm • Sunday, March 18 • 2 pm

Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

Orpheum Theater • 315 N. Phillips Ave.

Learn about history and make your own crafts to take home. 15 minute

Frank Ferrante recreates his New York, London and PBS triumph as the legendary

sessions run throughout morning and afternoon times. Call to reserve times.

Groucho Marx in this fast-paced comedy packed with songs, stories and inspired

Free Admission. INFO (605) 367-4210 or www.siouxlandmuseums.com

audience interaction. Adults: $25, Kids 4-18 $10. INFO (605) 360-4800.

DAPA at the Pavilion Spring Chamber Recital

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover LIVE

Thursday, March 15 • 7 pm • Washington Pavilion • 11th and Main Ave.

Saturday, March 17 • 11:45 am • Bethany Reformed Church • 702 W. 7th St., Canton

Our Quality of Life guarantee – We will see any new patient within 48 hours.

Board Certified in Hematology, Oncology and Internal Medicine The highest quality of life The highest standard of care Michael McHale, MD, FACP

3720 West 69th Street | Sioux Falls, SD | 605.339.4464


20 out and about |


01 The Total Money Makeover LIVE Event is the most fun you’ll ever have learning

Ceili (pronounced KAY-lee) is an Irish social dance. Whether you are a beginner

how to win with money. It is full of powerful information from America’s trusted

or an experienced dancer, Ceili dancing is a fun and energetic way to spend an

source for financial straight-talk...Dave Ramsey. You will laugh out loud as you

evening. Get ready to dance at the Old Courthouse Museum! Free Admission.

learn along with thousands of people. $29. INFO (605) 214-7242.

INFO (605) 367-4210 or www.siouxlandmuseums.com

Downtown St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza

Interior Design

Sat, March 17 • 11:45 am

Thursday, March 22 • 6:30 pm • Instructional Planning Center • 201 E. 38th St.

Proclamation will be read in the atrium of The First National Bank in Sioux Falls,

Designing a room is easy once you find that first pillow, piece of art, or fabric

followed by the Painting of the Shamrock at the corner of 9th & Phillips. This

that inspires you. Michele will take you through the basics of turning your

starts at 11:45 a.m. Parade line up begins at 12:30 p.m. Parade begins at 2 p.m.

space into a well-designed room where you’ll love to spend your time. *Pre-

INFO (605) 336-1620 or visit www.siouxfallschamber.com.

registration prior to class is required. Register online with Mastercard or Visa. $29. INFO (605) 367-7999.

Swing Dance Program at the Old Courthouse Museum

Sunday, March 18 • 1-4 p.m. • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

Sioux Empire Young Marines Spaghetti Feed

Learn to swing dance at the Old Courthouse Museum! Beginning swing dance

Friday, March 23 • 5:30 pm • Sioux Falls American Legion • 1701 W. Legion Dr.

lessons from 1-1:30 p.m. with open dancing from 1:30-4 p.m. Beginners are

Come out and support the Sioux Empire Young Marines with an all-you-can-eat

especially welcome, all ages, no partner required. Free admission. INFO (605)

spaghetti feed at the American Legion from 5:30 pm -7:30 pm. $5 per person.

367-4210 or www.siouxlandmuseums.com

INFO (858) 357-7071.

Olive Oil Appreciation

Boy Scouts Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction

Tues., March 20 • 6:30 pm • Olive Destination • 5023 S. Louise Ave.

Saturday, March 24 • 5-7 pm

Explore how to incorporate some of the many varieties of olive oils into

Benefit for St. Michael Troop 346 at the St. Michael School cafeteria (entrance

your food planning to enhance the flavor and healthfulness of your meal

D). The cost is $6/person with a limit of $20 for immediate family. Children 4 and

preparations. Be prepared to have all your senses delighted as you sample

under are free. Thank you for supporting our scouts in their future adventures.

various varieties, as well as some fused and infused oils. $15. Community Education Program. INFO (605) 367-7999.

Spinster All High School Dance

Sat., March 24 • 8:30 pm - midnight

Ceili Dance Program

“Spinsters” is a 75+ year tradition of the YWCA where girls from each of the

Thursday, March 22 • 6:30 p.m. • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

Sioux Falls high schools work to make a difference in their community through

etc. for her | March 2012 21

12 Spring Into Fashion New Shirts by


volunteer service. The Spinster committee hosts an all-high school dance fund-raiser to support youth programs of the YWCA. Advance ticket price

- $15 each or $25 for couples. At the door $20 each as space allows. Contact Heidi or Stacy at 605-336-3660.

Vintage Clothing Swap & Fashion Show Saturday, March 24 • noon

Museum of Visual Materials • 500 N. Main Ave.

Collect your vintage, designer, basic and classic clothing items that you

On Saturday, March 17th, TRY YOUR LUCK! Draw to win 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%

just simply don’t wear anymore or are bored of and bring them to swap! Please visit: www.facebook.com/sfmvm for more information! Voices from the Past: McKennan Hospital’s First Century

Sunday, March 25 • 2 p.m. • Old Courthouse Museum • 200 W. Sixth St.

Using interviews, letters and other archival materials from current

off your entire purchase!

and former employees of McKennan Hospital, this presentation will

(Drawing held at time of check out)

offer an understanding of the history of the Presentation Order that opened Mckennan hospital, Helen McKennan and McKennan Hospital’s interesting history over the past century. INFO (605) 367-4210 or www. siouxlandmuseums.com Tribute to Women

Thursday, March 29 • 5 pm • Washington Pavilion

Tribute to Women honors achievements of women in our community who are role models in their fields. Nominate today! Join us for the celebration

Open Weekly:

Wed. – Fri. 11–5 • Sat. 10–4

(605) 767-0191 Find us on Facebook

with drinks & hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction and the award program.

108 W. Willow St., Harrisburg, SD

Sponsorships are available. Tickets are $50 for individuals. Help to raise funds

(located in the former Harrisburg Furniture Barn)

for programs & services offered at the YWCA. INFO cforsch@ywca-sf.org Bowl For Kids’ Sake

Friday, March 30 • 4 pm & 9:30 pm* • Saturday, March 31 • 9:30 pm*

Bowl For Kids’ Sake is about having fun to help kids continue on a positive

path. By supporting Bowl For Kids’ Sake you can start something in our

Northwoods Vista

92 or 605-310-66 712-982-2588 m co a. st vi ds info@northwoo dsvista.com www.northwoo

community - more Bigs and Littles can be paired up, more friendships can

Spring Special

be gained and improved outlooks on life can be started. Cost of the event

per night p

Reflections and Conversation

Just $150 lus tax.

is $325 for a team of 5 or $65 per person. People can raise funds and ask for donations to go towards their team cost. Cost of registration includes t-shirt, pizza, and door prizes. Registration is on-line at www.bbbsse.org

Friday, March 30 • Sioux Falls Seminary • 2100 S. Summit Avenue

A seminar exclusively for women. Imagine a world in which people truly

Come Join us. Step into Spring. Book your stay now.

listen. Women of all ages and professions are invited to discover how to be fully engaged in the conversations of their lives. INFO (605) 336-6588. Sioux Falls Lutheran School Vendor & Craft Fair Saturday, March 31 • 9 am - 2 pm • 308 W. 37th St. Crafts, vendors, bake sale, concessions and a kid’s area “Drop & Shop”. INFO (605-212-2378). Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 31 • 11 am • Lyon Park • 14th and Main. In case of bad weather, hunt will be held at Calvary Cathedral, 500 S. Main Ave. Come join us for our annual Easter egg hunt! Search for candy and eggs, make a craft and snack and meet the Easter puppy! Following the hunt,

Celebrate life at Northwoods Vista

Anniversaries | Girl’s Weekend | Family Time | Business Planning Retreat

22 out and about |


there will be a luncheon at Calvary Cathedral for a free will offering (proceeds will help stock the church food pantry and to the milk fund at the Banquet). INFO (605) 336-3486.

All-new Volkswagen Passat. 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year.


Starting at $19,995 plus destination.

801 W. 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 605-336-3655 • 1-888-540-6399 MON – FRI 8AM – 6PM • SAT 8AM – 5PM CLOSED SUN


nest at home 26 The Mary Groth & Dan Mahar Home

recipes 38 Celebrate the Irish in All of Us

man in the kitchen 40 A Matter of Taste

vino 44 Wine Tasting: The Nose Knows

go green 48 Reaching Out: South Dakota Farm Families Share Their Stories

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Mary Groth & Dan Mahar Home by Dianne Erdmann | Photos by Chang Photography

26 out and about |

at home


ndecorated. It is artist Mary Groth’s favorite interior design book, and philosophy. “As a painter, I do my own thing; I don’t decorate for anyone else to like my house, or to follow a trend,” Mary says. “I’m very eclectic.” What Mary does is surround herself with simple, easy pieces, creating a laid back, comfortable feeling. “I grew up in a house where

my mom had some of my grandma’s things; there was a sense of history,” Mary says, “Some of mom’s things became our history as little touches of her came into our home.” Mary, who shares her home with husband Dan, uses a color palette of sandy creams and neutrals, often punctuated by sea blues and greens. Mary says she uses a lot of natural elements and

etc. for her | March 2012 27

Secretly Located Just South of Town

Drive five minutes and make a day of it Hair, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and Facials Redken, Pureology, Kenra, Mineralogie & Lexli products

27171 469th Ave. Tea, SD 605-498-0300

Booth rent and commission stylist available.

found objects to “undecorate.” “I like to pick up pieces of wood and rock wherever I go,” she points to her fireplace mantel where a collection of rocks and driftwood are understated and beautifully displayed in an ocean blue bowl. “Some of these

28 out and about |

at home

2.13.12 Syverson ETC Mag_Layout 1 2/13/12 7:49 AM Page 1

The wholesale source for • Dealers • Builders • Designers

C reate a room with a unique flair all its own...


ra n



Lim es to

it e

Ti le

M ar bl e

Showroom hours:

stones I painted white; some are from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Some of my round dark rocks are from Galway Bay in Ireland. “I love to get driftwood that has been washed and tumbled,” Mary says. Although Mary is known for her paintings

Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

4015 S. Western Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Phone: (605) 336-1175

syversontileandstone.com etc. for her | March 2012 29

about the South Dakota prairie, her love of the colors and textures of sand and sea are part of her heritage. “My mom grew up in Delaware right on the ocean, and my childhood home was full of pictures of ships and the Atlantic, so that plays into my

30 nest |

at home

love of water-tumbled things,” she explains. One of the most striking sculptural pieces in Mary’s home is an elegant wooden carved stag’s head over the mantel. “This is one of my favorite treasures,” she smiles, “I would never have

wanted to have a real deer head. I love that this is sculpture; a work of art. I’m working on getting a moose.” An animal lover, Mary explains that animals appear throughout her home, from a lion doorknocker, to a rabbit lamp base, and of course, in her

art. “The animals I love have something to do with being tied into my family. My son Luther is a veterinarian, but he is a very excellent 3-dimensional artist, while my daughter (artist Liz Bashore Heeren) is a painter. We loved to read books together

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etc. for her | March 2012 31

when my children were young. We loved the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia, and the rabbits in Watership Down. So you’ll see them represented a lot in my home.” Mary’s artwork runs the gamut from poignant to charming, delighting the senses. Mary

32 out and about |

at home

finds that flea markets are a treasure trove of playful, inspiring objects like colorful cigar boxes, and little busts. Mary shrugs, “I just find things I like and over the years I’ve developed a palette; so if I’m attracted to it, it probably already fits in some way.”

Mary is not only a gifted and respected artist, but an avid art collector. Artwork by Mary, her daughter Liz, her son Luther, or from favorite artists, can be found in nearly every room; drawing you in to linger and contemplate. When describing her art and

that of friends and family Mary says, “We’ve all chosen to stay here as creative people in creative jobs. We have chosen to bring attention to and celebrate the subtle beauty of the prairie. You have to be listening and looking to see it. “

etc. for her | March 2012 33

Though open-minded ease is key, Mary is not completely without some rules for decorating. “I have two basic rules of thumb for seasons,” she says. “As soon as it starts getting cool, I crave a lot of texture. So, that’s when I put down a second rug

and I get out the sheepskins and the afghans. Then, I want to hang drapes. When it starts to be warm up, I take the drapes down, the rugs come up, and I try to keep it cool, clean and simple. Those are about my only instinctive “decorating musts,”

SHIREBROOK Waterstone Collection TM


© Cambria 2012

FREE REMOVAL OF OLD COUNTERTOPS Take your countertops from ordinary to extraordinary in JUST ONE DAY! Call for a FREE in-home consultation and additional details.

943_AD_Etc for her_B.indd 1

34 nest |

at home

2105 S Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57105

PH: 605-362-5853 Stonecenterusa.com

M, T, Th, F: 10:00am - 6:00pm | Wed: 12:00am - 6:00pm Sat: 10:00am - 1:00pm

2/7/12 9:03 AM

she laughs. Mary sums up her feelings, “If I hit the jackpot, or if someone discovered me and told me my stuff was worth a fortune, I would not go out and buy lots of new things. To have the money

to do it doesn’t make it a home.” She smiles,” I surround myself with what I love; what speaks to me.” And that, dear readers, is the unadorned, undecorated truth.


Visit us: facebook.com/ShopPoshBoutique, twitter @shopposhbtq or Shop-Posh.com

Posh_FEB2012_etc.indd 1

// hours: M: 10-6; T-F: 10-7; Sat: 10-6



2/16/12 4:13 PM

etc. for her | March 2012 35

Every story has a bead™

At Ease


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Clean. Pure. Natural.

Photo: Jason Crain

peciality clothing, equipment, gift and travel store located in downtown Sioux Falls.

212 S. PHILLIPS AVENUE | 336-3224

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w w w. DT S F. c o m

itage Museums Siouxland Her

Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main

Pettigrew Home & Museum 8th & Duluth

Make Time for History Open Daily • Free Admission • Sioux Falls, S.D. • 605.367.4210 www.siouxlandmuseums.com

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Celebrate the Irish in All of Us Irish Beef Stew

Irish Soda Bread

1/3 cup plus 1 Tbsp flour, divided 1 - 2 lbs of beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch cubes 3 Tbsp olive oil, divided 3 onions, chopped 3 garlic cloves, minced 4 cups beef broth 2 potatoes, peeled and cubed 4 carrots, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 cup frozen peas 1 tsp dried thyme 1/2 tsp pepper

3-1/2 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar 2 Tbsp caraway seeds 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking soda 2 eggs 2 cups sour cream 3/4 cup raisins if desired

Place 1/3 cup of flour in a large resealable bag and add beef and shake to coat. In a large Dutch oven, brown the beef in 2 tablespoons olive oil and set aside. SautĂŠ the onions in the same pan and then add the garlic and cook 1 minute longer. Add broth, stirring to loosen the browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Return the beef to the pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for an hour. Add potatoes and carrots and cover and cook for another 20-25 minutes. Stir in the peas and cook for 5-10 minutes or until all vegetables are tender. Add seasonings. Combine the remaining flour and 1/4 cup of water and stir into the stew. Bring to a boil and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Serves 6-8.

38 nest | Recipes

by Jo McClure

In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, caraway seeds, baking powder and baking soda. In a small bowl, whisk the eggs and sour cream and stir into the dry ingredients just until moist. Fold in the raisins. Spoon into a greased 9 inch springform pan. Bake at 350Ëš for 40-45 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes and then remove from pan. Cut into 12 wedges and serve warm.

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A Matter of



hink back to your tenth grade biology class. Somewhere between snickering about the outline illustrations of genitalia and dissecting a frog, you probably learned how different areas of the tongue taste four distinct flavors. Your textbook probably showed a little diagram of the tongue mapping which parts respond to sweet, sour, bitter and salty. OK… if you’re starting to lose interest, perhaps it’s because this is all based on a 1901 paper from Harvard psychologist Edwin G. Boring. Yes, his name was Boring. Fitting isn’t it? And the funny thing is that his theory was all a bunch of crap. Many studies since Old Ed Boring’s days have shown that the taste buds all over the tongue respond to all five of the primary tastes. Wait… FIVE tastes? Yep, five tastes; sweet, sour, salty,


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By Jim Mathis

bitter and umami (also known as savory). Mr. Minor’s biology class missed that last one completely. Anthropologists believe that our basic tastes were keys to our early survival. Take bitterness, for example. Many of the toxic chemicals that occur naturally are bitter, so our ability to perceive that bitterness probably saved the lives of our early foraging ancestors. But I should also note that some of our favorite foods – the ones many of us crave – also have varying degrees of bitterness. The cup of coffee that wakes you in the morning, the chocolate you look forward to all day and the beer you relax with at night all bring bitterness to the party. Other greats in the bitter hall of fame: broccoli, cauliflower and the quinine in your gin and tonic. I don’t know about you, but I

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The STyle experTS 328 S. Phillips Avenue | Downtown Sioux Falls 271-8480 Mon: 12-5pm, Tues-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-5pm

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etc. for her | March 2012 41

wouldn’t want to live in a world without bitter goodness. Salty is another craving-inducing flavor. If you have any doubt, take a look down the snack aisle at the local supermarket; shelf after shelf of cheesy-poofs, potato chips and pretzels… salty, saltier and saltiest! And once again, the flavor-sensors were early life-savers because without salt, the body can’t function. I could write a whole article about the wonders of sodium chloride. (In fact I already did, go to etcsiouxfalls.com and read “Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It” on page 42 of the September 2010 issue.) And without salt, we wouldn’t have cheese, and life without cheese would be a sad, sad life indeed.

Order for Mother’s Day soon to guarantee delivery STORE HOURS:

Tues: 10-2 * Wed: 10-6 Thurs:12-7 * Fri: 10-6 Sat: 10-3 Closed Sun. & Mon.

Host an in-store Bling Night Invite your friends and earn up to 20% of the evenings sales in FREE JEWELRY! Production time varies. Call or email Stephanie for more details.

(605) 695-3997 | sayanythingjewelry@yahoo.com www.sayanythingjewelry.com 524 N. Main Ave. Suite 104 (next to Oh My Cupcakes!) www.facebook.com/sayanythingbystephanie

42 nest | Man in the kitchen

Sour is the sensation we get from acid in our food. It comes from many sources like citrus juices and vinegars, but also in grapes, and thus wine. And while you might not think of sour flavors as one of the tastes you crave, it is certainly something you add to your food even if you don’t realize it. Almost all salad dressings have sour notes, and the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on your hamburger all include vinegar. If you’re like me, you don’t think of these as sour condiments, but what they bring is balance to many of your favorite things. I probably don’t have to work too hard to convince you about the wonders of sweet. Candy, pie, ice cream, soft drinks and wine, these are a few of our favorite things; all thanks to our ability to recognize the presence of sugar. While some might debate the merits of bitter, sweet is the flavor that just about everybody finds pleasure in. If you have an overactive sweet tooth like my father and my beloved, you just can’t get enough of the sugary stuff, but that is not my particular addiction. For me, I want savory!

Savory is the primary flavor that was ignored back in my old biology textbook and the one Professor Boring didn’t map out. In fact, for a long time existence of the fabled “fifth taste” was debated. It wasn’t until 1985 that umami was officially recognized. So what the heck is umami, you ask? In the same way our tongues recognize sugar and salt, the receptors respond to glutamate, and that is what we call savory. You might think of it as pleasant, or meaty, or earthy, but technically that is umami. I admit umami is a funny word; it sounds like an anxious kid “Ooo Mommy, ooo Mommy.” It comes from Japanese meaning “pleasant savory taste,” but since there wasn’t a really good word for it, umami now shows up in English, Spanish, French and many other languages around the world. So where do you find this elusive taste? Ingredients commonly used in Oriental cooking like kombu seaweed, fish sauce and dried bonito flakes are the things that led to the discovery and name. But many foods more common around here are also rich in umami. Seafood and shellfish, like shrimp, lobster and clams have it, as do many vegetables like celery, mushrooms, asparagus and ripe tomatoes. You’ll also find it in fermented liquids like Worcestershire and soy sauces. But my favorite two umami-packed foods are also two of my favorite foods period: bacon and Parmesan cheese. (Please note, when I talk about Parmesan cheese, I’m referring to Parmesan reggiano, the hard cheese from Italy, not the flaky stuff in the green can. That’s just gross, no umami there.) Your first taste of umami may have come long before you could speak. Researchers say that human breast milk is very high in umami. I’ll have to take their word for it. Another way to create umami is through the Maillard Reaction, or the browning of meat, which is just a fancy way of telling you what you already know: grilled meat tastes good! So when you break down one of my favorite meals; grilled lamb chops, asparagus, and mushroom risotto, it’s really umami, umami, and umami. Apparently my over-active desire for savory makes up for my lazy sweet tooth. As you begin to discover umami in many of your favorite foods, you may wonder why it went unrecognized for so long. And if you happen to run into your high school biology teacher, it’s time to give them a pop quiz! Do yourself a favor, eat something good today. When Jim is not chasing down the elusive fifth flavor, you can find him creating advertising at ADwërks, his agency Uptown Sioux Falls.

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etc. for her | March 2012 43

Wine Tasting:


The Nose Knows by Riccardo Tarabelsi

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Luxe 21

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“Growing up, we always had a bottle of Chianti Classico at the table for dinner. Still to this day, I am reminded of my childhood dinners with my parents, grandmother, and little sisters whenever I sniff a glass of Chianti.”


et me give you something to think about while you’re reading this article: Why does your nose run and why do your feet smell? Doesn’t make sense to me either, but I do know what the nose knows; it knows that the nose is the most important instrument in tasting wine. Without it, we’d be lost from the very start, and it would be nearly impossible to “taste” anything at all. The smell of a wine will tell you lots of things about the wine without even imbibing in it. So give your taste buds a rest and focus on your olfactory awareness. Have you ever seen the movie French Kiss? Kevin Kline plays a French thief who wants to build a vineyard some day. He falls for

Meg Ryan along the way, and he shows her a “Smelling Kit” that he put together when he was a little boy. It was a briefcase that contained small vials of different aromas and bouquets. Anise, honeydew, and rosemary were just some of the scents in those vials. He then had a poignant monologue about how all of these smells are around us and in the earth where the grapes grow. All you have to do is close your eyes and inhale. If you are one of those people who say, “I don’t smell anything,” don’t worry, there’s still hope. When I first started tasting wines, I found it extremely difficult to discern the aromas in a particular glass of wine. What happens is that over time,


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etc. for her | March 2012 45

your nose, like your palate, becomes more refined and trained in recognizing certain flavors. Just remember, the more you smell, the more proficient your nose becomes at remembering that smell. Just like using the Smelling Kit with vials in it, train yourself by stopping and smelling fresh cut grass or a freshly sliced lemon. Stop and smell moist mulch or a fresh picked mushroom. Stop and smell a home grown basil leaf or fresh zest from a lime. Stop and smell the roses. Literally. Why do you think chefs always smell things in the kitchen? They smell their sauces, their stocks, their soups, the onions, the garlic, the melon, etc. They always smell. Why? Because the smell of whatever it is they’re cooking will tell them how it’s going to taste. Next time you are in your own kitchen cooking, take the time to smell all of the ingredients you are using, because guess what? You will remember them the next time you smell vanilla or chocolate or lemon or pepper in your glass of wine. Train your nose to know. Your brain is a memory bank for aromas, odors, bouquets, scents, smells, stench, perfumes, and fragrances. They say of your five senses, your sense of smell has the keenest link to memory. Think about when you walk into someone’s house and there’s a particular aroma in it like freshly-baked ginger snap cookies. That smell will trigger your memory of when you were four-years-old, sitting up on your grandma’s kitchen counter, munching on ginger snaps that came right out the oven. What I’m trying to say, is that we all have memories which are directly connected to our sense of smell. Growing up, we always had a bottle of Chianti Classico at the table for dinner. Still to this day, I am reminded of my childhood dinners with my parents, grandmother, and little sisters whenever I sniff a glass of Chianti. Think about how many times you’ve gotten a whiff of something and you say, “I know that smell...but I can’t quite put my finger on it.” That’s what Chianti does for me; there are so many aromas in it that send my memories racing when a particular smell reminds me of something. I know I’m making a glass of wine seem like a surreal experience, but if you’ve taken the time to smell the roses, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The nose knows what I’m talking about. The art of tasting wine is subtle yet complex. Smelling your glass of wine will naturally be the second step in the tasting process because the first will be to evaluate the wine’s appearance. When you pour the wine into your glass, you will notice both the color of the wine (which can range from pale yellow to dark gold for whites and light rose to “black” for reds) and its behavior inside the glass in terms of the way the wine

46 nest |


“clings” to the sides of the glass developing “legs” or “tears.” Your next step now is to smell the wine, but not until you’ve swirled your glass a few times to really let the aromas of the wine release. Now “dip” your nose deep into the bowl of the glass and inhale. It’s important to note that your very first sniff will be the most important and the most informative. Our noses are extremely sensitive to smell, but they are also extremely adaptable. The longer you smell a glass of wine, the duller your nose gets. Think about when you paint a room in your house. At first the fumes smell strong, almost irritating. Then, your amazing nose adapts, and you forget about the smell until someone walks into your house and says, “Whoa! How can you stand the smell?” And you say, “What smell?” I know people who open up cans of paint in their house for no reason at all, but that’s another story for another time. The following is a general guideline to common aromas found in a variety of wines: Sauvignon Blanc: herbaceous, grassy, hay, citrus, fruity Chardonnay: pear, apple, oak, buttery, creamy Viognier: floral, peach, apricot, pear, fruity Pinot Grigio: crisp, pear, peach, apricot Gewurztraminer: nut, spices, rose petals Riesling: apple, lemon, floral, apricot, fruity Pinot Noir: strawberry, berries, cherry Merlot: blackberry, plum, current, chocolate, vanilla Zinfandel: berries, jammy, cherry, earthy Cabernet Sauvignon: blueberries, black current, cassis, raspberries, oaky Syrah: peppery, spice, blackberry, cinnamon Sangiovese: cherry, fruity, spice Barbera: berries Your nose knows how to “taste” wine because without it, we wouldn’t taste a thing. Think about the last time you were congested and couldn’t breathe through your nose. Food tastes pretty bland, and even water doesn’t taste right because the most important element in tasting is smelling. Give someone a smell of wine and refine the palate for a day. Teach someone how to smell wine and refine the palate for a lifetime. Carpe vino! Follow Riccardo on Twitter @Riccardovino

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Reaching Out: South Dakota Farm Families Share Their Stories By Peggy Greenway


hink back ... what are your best memories from grade school days? For many of us, field trips were some of the most memorable events in school. An entire day away from the classroom; exploring museums, farms, zoos, factories, parks and other places that were fun, new experiences. We learned a lot and enjoyed time with friends. I’ve had the great opportunity to participate in events that reminded me a lot of those field trips from the past, only these are just for moms. Chances are, you’ve driven by farms or livestock barns and

48 nest |

Go Green

wondered why animals are raised indoors, or what happens to all the fields of corn or soybeans. “Mom’s Day Out” is a special program that gives women the opportunity to visit the farms where the food they buy for their families is produced. Each tour starts in Sioux Falls and includes stops at dairy, pork, beef and other production farms. Participants meet the farm families, tour their farms, and ask questions about how they care for animals. It is a firsthand look at the daily life on today’s farms, from milking dairy cows to seeing all the ingredients in a beef steer’s daily feed ration, and looking inside the climate-controlled buildings where pigs are raised.

Moms are also treated to a great lunch and receive a goodie bag filled with information, recipes and gift cards — for purchasing beef and pork at grocery stores or restaurants. As a host on the Mom’s Day Out bus, I’ve been impressed with the open, honest questions from the women on the tour, and the direct responses from farm families. Veterinarians, professors from South Dakota State University, and agronomists are also on the tour to answer detailed questions about animal health, crop production, and other important topics. Information about the annual Mom’s Day Out tours is available on Ag United for South Dakota’s web site at www.agunited.org.

Watch for details about the 2012 events soon. My husband, Brad, and I raise crops, pig and beef cattle at our third generation family farm near Mitchell. We take great pride in raising food that will be served on my family’s dinner table, as well as on tables across the state and around the world. But, I also understand the questions about how that food is produced. In fact, I had many of the same questions when I met my husband and moved to the farm 29 years ago. I grew up in the Twin Cities and moved to rural South Dakota. With no background in agriculture, it was a big transition for me, and I had to ask a lot of the same questions that I hear from consumers today. My husband and I started making focused efforts to tell our story to consumers several years ago when we started noticing misconceptions about modern agriculture in media stories and online. Brad has spoken to dozens of community groups and we’ve hosted an open house at our farm when we built a new barn for our pigs. You can take a video tour of our farm and see how we care for our pigs at http://video.pork.org. You can also follow me on twitter for pictures and updates from the farm at: GreenwayPork I’ve also started working with CommonGround, a new program that links women who grow food with the women who buy it. We reach out to consumers at grocery stores and other events, and use the internet and social media to help set the record straight with facts about farming and your food. Check out www. findourcommonground.com or follow “CommonGround” on Facebook to join the conversation. We know that consumers today have a lot of choices on grocery store shelves. All the labels and product claims can be confusing, but we are fortunate that no matter which products a shopper chooses, the food is safe for her family. In fact, we are fortunate that the U.S. food supply is the safest in the world. American farmers are always working to improve to deliver food products that are even safer, healthier and better for the environment.

etc. for her | March 2012 49

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Food for Thought

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Want to learn more about today’s agriculture and where your food comes from? Visit www.agunited.org to learn about South Dakota farm families and how you can tour a South Dakota farm. Ag United. (605) 336-3622.

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mind-body-spirit travel 57 Travel Dream Vacation in Portland, Oregon

health & well-being 62 Colon Cancer Screening: Every Woman Should Be Aware

56 mind-body-spirit


Dream Vacat ion in Portland, Oregon by Jessica Weischedel


ortland is a city for every type of person. To the adventurist, the fashionista, the sportsman, and the bookworm, there is something to look forward to on a daily basis in this eclectic city. It is a city known for its rich culture and friendly people. As one of the favorite destinations in the West, Portland is in close proximity to both the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, and has been ranked on multiple “Most Livable City” lists. Amongst the plethora of things to explore in this grand city, one of the most notable sights is the International Rose Test Garden. One of 24 official testing sites for the All-America Rose Selections (AARS), it is truly a treat to see. With over 8,000 rose plants, it is the oldest continuously-operating public rose test garden in the United States and is one of the reasons Portland is nicknamed, “City of Roses”. When you are finished walking among thousands of roses, you can walk through Washington Park to the Japanese Garden, located in the scenic hills of Portland. One of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan, this beautiful haven

makes up 5.5 acres composed of five distinct garden styles. The Japanese Garden includes amazing views, streams and walkways, and a sense of tranquility and peace. Another one of Portland’s greatest treasures, the Lan Su Chinese Garden is an authentically built Ming Dynasty style garden. You will be taken through time, learning the Chinese culture and history while walking through covered walkways, bridges, and a breathtaking landscape. Have some tea in the Garden’s Tower of Cosmic Reflection at the Tao of Tea. This local company offers tea presentations along with complimenting snacks and sweets. Located just five minutes from downtown Portland, the Oregon Zoo is an experience not to be missed, with the ability to view animals from all corners of the world in one afternoon. Renowned for its Asian elephant breeding program, this zoo keeps about 2,200 specimens including Peruvian penguins and Arctic polar bears. The botanical garden has more than 1,000 species of exotic plants. Visitors can ride on the steam engine

etc. for her | March 2012 57

Oregon Zoo

The Portland Art Museum

that travels through the zoo and Washington Park. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of the nation’s leading science museums. With five gigantic halls featuring hundreds of interactive displays and exhibits, this museum allows visitors to take part in live lab demonstrations, hands-on projects, and mind-blowing presentations. The IMAX Dome theatre screen is five stories high, with stadium seating

and digital surround sound. The Kendall Planetarium is the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Pacific Northwest, blending art, science, fantasy and fun. OMSI is also home to the U.S. Navy’s USS Blueback (SS-581), which was the first battle-ready class of submarines to use the teardrop hull. It operated officially throughout the Pacific Ocean for over 30 years. The USS Blueback appeared in the 1990

Celebrate the Irish in All of Us! Mariposa Gifts, Beverages and SO much more!



www.maxwellfood.com for details!

Inside Taylor’s Pantry on the Corner of 41st & Minnesota



58 mind – body – spirit |


Sioux Falls’ Source for Commercial & Residential Kitchen Equipment

Visit www.maxwellfood.com for a Listing of Our Cooking Classes 1212 S Cliff Avenue | (605) 336-2675 or (800) 658-3449 www.maxwellfood.com | Hours: M–F 8am–5pm Sat: 9am–1pm

Portland Saturday Market film, The Hunt for Red October, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. The Portland Art museum is the oldest museum in the Northwest, founded in 1892. It is also the seventh oldest in the United States. Internationally renowned for its collections, the Portland Art Museum includes six stories of more than 42,000 works of art. Also featured is a center for Native American art, a

center for Northwest art, a center for modern and contemporary art, and an outdoor public sculpture garden. Visit the Portland Saturday Market, where you will enjoy several unique handmade creations for sale, along with live music and delicious food and drink. Open every weekend March through December, the Portland Saturday Market is the largest continually-operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the

etc. for her | March 2012 59

St. Johns Bridge

60 mind – body – spirit |


Powell’s City of Books

International Rose Test Garden

Portland Aerial Tram

nation. It is centered in historic Old Town and is one of the most popular shopping destinations for local goods. With so many interesting things to look at, this quirky destination is sure to be one you will enjoy. Covering an entire city block, Powell’s City of Books has grown into a Portland landmark and one of the world’s greatest bookstores. It contains more than 1.5 million books in 3,500 different sections, and is truly a bookworm’s Disneyland. Grab a cup of coffee at the coffee shop located inside, and lose yourself in the color-coded map while you browse through the largest used and new bookstore in the world. When day turns to night, there are plenty of things to see and do for entertainment. One of these fun experiences is one of Portland’s Brew ‘n’ View theaters. Serving brews, food,

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR

and movies, there are several to choose from throughout the city. When it’s time to enjoy some music and dancing, stop in to Mississippi Studios, where live music is an interactive and shared experience. Located in a quaint, historic building, this venue is the perfect place to see concerts and grab a bite to eat. Another favorite downtown spot for people of all ages, Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub offers traditional Irish music and a separate cigar lounge, as well as a wide selection of Irish and American beers and wines. You could stay busy for weeks exploring the “City of Roses”, so start planning your trip far ahead of time. With the beautiful weather, exceptional outdoor activities, and the extraordinary galleries and museums, Portland really is a city that is a dream vacation destination.

etc. for her | March 2012 61

Colon Cancer Screening: Every Woman Should Be Aware by Stacy Jones, Sanford Health

62 mind – body – spirit |

health & well-being


amie Vansloten holds her five-month-old son in her arms, comforting him as he gives a little cough. The 27-year-old Sioux Falls woman is just a few years younger than her own mother was when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. So shortly after her son was born, she went back to the hospital for her first colonoscopy, a screening test to check for the early signs of the disease. “I had every reason to get screened,” says the high school teacher, rocking her infant. “What happened to my mom could have happened to me, and I can’t imagine not being around to raise him.”

Raising Awareness March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to give some thought to screening for this very common cancer, says Dr. Heather McDougall, a gastroenterology specialist with Sanford Health. Colon Cancer is the second-highest cause of cancer deaths in the United States, but is highly preventable. “Screening is so important because colon cancer, if caught early, is very treatable,” says McDougall. “The unique thing about this screening test is that we have a chance to take out polyps before they even turn into cancer.”

fdc110_etc_march4_p.indd 1

Colon cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow in the lining of the large intestine or rectum. The cancer often begins as polyps, a benign growth on the inside of the colon. While polyps may not be cancerous, they have the potential to turn cancerous, McDougall said.

Get Screened Routine testing for colon cancer is recommended for everyone age 50 or older, McDougall says. However, people with certain risk factors, such as a family history of colon cancer should talk to their doctor about getting checked out sooner. There are multiple tests that are available, but the most widely used is colonoscopy, a procedure that looks inside the rectum and colon for polyps. A thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing is used to check for polyps and remove them or other tissue samples for testing. While colorectal cancer usually produces no symptoms, there are some warning signs to watch out for, McDougall said.

Talk to your doctor immediately if you experience: • C hanges in bowel movements, such as persistent constipation or diarrhea, a feeling of not being able to

2/9/12 11:03 AM

etc. for her | March 2012 63

empty the bowel completely, an urgency to move the bowels, rectal cramping, or rectal bleeding. • Dark patches of blood in or on stool; or long, thin, “pencil stools.” • Unexplained fatigue, loss of appetite, and/or weight loss. • Pelvic pain, which occurs at later stages of the disease.

Protecting Her Health

26th & Minnesota | Sioux Falls Spirit Lake, IA (605) 275-3456 (712) 336-6488 www.twettens.com

Corner of

26th & Minnesota

64 mind – body – spirit |

health & well-being

Jamie had discussed her family history with her doctor. When her mother was 34 years old, she started showing the symptoms of colon cancer. However, her mom’s doctor dismissed the idea at first, saying that she was too young for the disease. “Colon cancer was the last thing on her mind,” Jamie said. “She was 34 and an otherwise healthy woman.” Her mother was eventually diagnosed with colon cancer and was successfully treated. She is now 55 and doing well. Jamie, who was seven years old when her mother’s cancer was found, has always known there was the possibility that she could also face the disease. “My doctor suggested that I get a colonoscopy when I’m about 10 years younger than my mother was when she was diagnosed with the disease,” Jamie said. “I knew there could be a genetic link, so why not get it checked out?” In fact, Jamie’s older brother was screened for colon cancer in his early 30s. His doctors found some polyps during the colonoscopy a few years ago, removing them before they could develop into cancer. That helped motivate Jamie to schedule her screening test. Jamie had her colonoscopy in November with Dr. McDougall, and was pleased to find out that she didn’t have any polyps. She’ll return in another five years for her next screening, an easy medical test to help protect her health and her future. “I had a really good experience and felt at ease the whole time,” Jamie said. “It was such a relief to know that I’m clear and I’m not dreading the next one at all.” Most women are good about talking to their doctor about screening tests, such as mammograms and pap smears, McDougall said. Colon cancer screening is one more test that every woman should discuss with her doctor, even if her physician doesn’t mention it at first. “This routine screening test is as effective, if not more effective, than pap smears and mammograms, because it can actually prevent the cancer,” McDougall said. “It’s something women need to bring up.”

AchiEvE your pErSonAl


for you for your fAmily

The physicians, therapists and athletic trainers at Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are ready to help you set a new personal best. For the everyday competitor in all of us.

orthosports.sanfordhealth.org 100-11395-3114 2/12

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

by Jessica Weischedel

Three-Leaf Clover Collage

Directions: Tell your kids to find green things in the magazines and cut them out. Take the construction paper and glue the green clippings to it, overlapping and filling up the paper as much as possible. Once completely dry, turn the collage over and draw a threeleaf clover, using as much of the paper as possible. Cut the clover out and punch a hole in the top for hanging.

Warm-Ups!or 2011!

(605) 335

2115 S. Minnesota Ave.

and See the Best Toys f D A N C Ef or Kids


Shop C this

The Dance Line, Inc.


Supplies needed: magazines, glue, scissors, green construction paper, and a hole punch.

Activewear, Shoes, Accessories


t. Patrick’s Day is a time to don green and celebrate the Irish culture with good cheer. This fun holiday isn’t just for the Irish. The color green is a symbol of the coming spring, and everyone should be excited to celebrate such a beautiful season. It is the perfect time of year to get crafty with your kids, creating some fun decorations to display around the house. Here are a few creative projects to try this year.

233 S. Phillips Ave. • 274-TOYS Mon, Fri, Sat 10am – 5pm • Tues, Wed, Thurs 10am - 7pm

www.Child’sPlayToysSF.com Follow us on Facebook

etc. for her | March 2012 67

Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun

Mini Pot of Gold

Supplies needed: toilet paper tube, skin tone and green paint, paintbrush, pencil, scissors, green construction paper, orange yarn, and a black marker.

Supplies needed: small terra cotta pot, black paint, paint brush, scissors, pipe cleaners in rainbow colors, and gold wrapped candies.

Directions: Use the green paint to paint the toilet paper tube completely green. Once dry, use the tube to trace the end of it onto green paper. Draw a bigger circle around the traced area, and cut along the larger circle and along the smaller circle, creating a doughnut shape. Slide this circle over the top of the toilet paper tube to create the rim of the hat. Use the skin tone paint to paint an oval for the face, just below the hat. Cut small pieces of orange yarn and glue them to the bottom of the face to form a beard. Cut some arms from the construction paper, painting skin toned hands at the ends, then glue them to the toilet paper tube on either side just below the beard. Using a black marker, draw on some eyes and a smile and you have a leprechaun!

Directions: Paint the terra cotta pot black and let it dry. Take one pipe cleaner of each color of the rainbow and cut it in half. Bend the ends enough to fit them into the pot, one color on top of the other, forming a rainbow. Fill the pot to the top with candies wrapped in gold foil. Make several of these for place settings or hide them around the house for your kids to find, or use a larger pot for a centerpiece or a seasonal candy dish.



3109 S. Carolyn Avenue • 361-8636 www.eChildstore.com

BEST 21 BABY STORES IN AMERICA As Rated by BabyBargains Book

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for kids

2425 S. Shirley Avenue | 362-7728

St. Patrick’s Day Bouquet

St. Patrick’s Day Rag Wreath

Supplies needed: green cupcake liners (patterned are best), green buttons, green pipe cleaners, and a green vase.

Supplies needed: green fabric scraps, wire hanger, and some green ribbon.

Directions: Punch a pipe cleaner through a cupcake liner center. Place a button on the pipe cleaner, bringing it to the center of the cupcake liner, then bend and bring the pipe cleaner back through the other button hole, leaving the remaining pipe cleaner underneath the liner. Make sure to leave a longer end on one side of the pipe cleaner in order to create a stem. Twist the pipe cleaner ends together to make the button secure. Do this from the beginning several more times to create a bouquet to sit inside a green vase. It makes a lovely St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece.

Directions: Take a wire hanger and form it into the shape of a circle. Using different fabric scraps in green colors and patterns, tie each scrap onto the wire hanger close together, lining the entire circle. The varied green colors and patterns will make the wreath unique and interesting. Tie some green ribbon to the top of the wreath, creating a way to hang it on a door or wall. Tie the top of the ribbon in a bow and you have one very crafty decoration.

Have a fun and crafty St. Patrick’s Day!



Have You Discovered Schleich? Newborn, Pre-Teens, Boys & Girls Fashion Forward Clothing & Accessories Mon – Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5, Sun 1-4 605.271.2999 | 2425 S. Shirley Ave. (across from the Century Theatre River Plaza)


TOYS FOR BOYS • GIRLS • INFANTS The Bridges at 57th and Western • (605) 334-4825

Mon–Fri 10am – 8pm • Sat 10am – 6pm • Sun 12pm – 4pm


etc. for her | March 2012 69

Charlie Erfman’s Room by Ashley Sandborn | Photos by Chang Photography


mily and Matt Erfman did a fantastic job on decorating their three-year-old Charlie’s room. They were lucky enough to get some fabulous pieces of furniture from family members and incorporated them into a cozy, yet very functional, bedroom. “We got this bunk bed when my brother moved into his house,” said Emily. “The previous owners had left it. It also came with a matching chest and mirror. The bed is, by far, Charlie’s favorite part of the room. He likes to tie his jump rope and climb down the sides.”

70 friends & family |

Tot Spots

Charlie’s room is now filled with nostalgia from generations past and brimming with present-day memories. It’s quaint and uncluttered, and the décor chosen by his parents adds the perfect amount of fun, personality, and functionality. Nothing is overdone, yet everything has a distinct and unique touch that makes the room appear perfectly synchronized. A majority of the furniture is solid wood, which lends a traditional feel to the room. Moreover, nearly every piece of furniture or décor has its own story. “The wooden shoes on the

table near Charlie’s bed are my husband’s from when he was a kid,” said Emily. “They were bought at a Dutch tulip festival.” Emily’s grandmother bestowed the large, wooden armoire that sits near the door. It houses Charlie’s clothes, but more importantly, his prized collection of globes. “Charlie’s birthday is on Earth Day, so he collects globes,” said Emily. Over a dozen globes sit on top of the armoire; each of them distinctive in its own right. They vary in size and materials and have been purchased in places from Zandbroz to Kansas City.

When it comes to toddler room décor, there are many things that must be considered. For reasons both practical and personal, Emily and Matt believed that organization and sufficient storage space were undoubtedly the most important for Charlie’s room. In the quaint, 11’x10’ room, extra storage space is a tangible asset. For that reason, Emily purchased various bins and baskets, and designated that certain places be set aside for toys, clothes, and everything else. An oversized bin, once used as a grape-smashing basket,

etc. for her | March 2012 71

was purchased from Twettens Interiors. It is stored in the closet and overflows with an overabundance of Charlie’s toys. A rolling wooden storage crate by Serena & Lily sits at the foot of the bunk bed and holds dozens of books, and the wooden chest near the window, as well as the armoire, hold Charlie’s clothes. By adding storage in the closet, they were able to tuck most of the toys away and make the room appear larger. A common theme in the room? Giraffes. “Charlie absolutely loves giraffes,” said Emily. His love for the animal is documented with tiny details throughout the room: Sophie Giraffe, one of the most popular teething toys, is framed alongside a baby picture of Charlie; a blue and green polka dot stuffed giraffe by One Kings Lane dangles off the bunk bed, and one made of paper maché hangs near the closet. Charlie is a very enthusiastic toddler that happily occupies his bedroom. Despite having his own room, he still makes sure to provide ample space to play with his new baby brother Henry, just four months old. The room’s configuration accommodates all of his activities, as well as carves out just enough space to give him his own comfort zone.

72 out and about |


SEND YOUR PHOTO! If you have a kid’s room or nursery you would like to share with our readers, please email a photo to etc.mag@sio.midco.net — it could appear here!

5015 S. Western Ave. • Ste 140 Sioux Falls, SD • 605.361.9229 Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 10am–6pm Tues & Thurs 10am–7pm • Sat 10am–5pm

Protect Your Unborn Baby’s Health

Talk to your doctor before starting, or stopping any medications during pregnancy. By Donna Farris, for Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center


Let Sioux Falls Kitchen & Bath provide elegant custom cabinetry for your home.

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27063 Henry Place, Sioux Falls, SD

Fine Custom Cabinetry and Millwork

PArenting & Pregnancy




hen you’re pregnant, is it OK to take medications for a cough or cold, aches or pains, or a chronic condition? Before you head to the medicine cabinet, talk to your doctor or care provider. “Your baby gets exposed to anything you take during pregnancy,” said Dr. Amal Salama, obstetrics/gynecology physician with Avera Medical Group Women’s Health Specialists. Yet if you’re already taking medications when you find out you’re pregnant, don’t stop taking them. “Every situation is different, and the risks and benefits of medications may differ as well.” An FDA rating system from A to D helps providers and patients determine the safety of medications during pregnancy. Category A medications are the safest, and category D are the most potentially harmful. Those classified as category X are known to be dangerous. “We try to avoid medications beyond a C as much as possible. There are category C medications we do use in pregnancy. We do a lot of weighing the risks and benefits in trying to decide if a medication is reasonable to take,” Dr. Salama said. In a “perfect world,” every mom-to-be would have a Horner Ortho mag ad 2:Layout 1


3:13 PM

preconception visit with her OB provider before she ever gets pregnant. That way, provider and patient can discuss medications before a pregnancy begins. This is especially important if you’re on medications for an ongoing condition like depression, asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes. If you’re on a medication that could be potentially harmful to your baby, your provider might recommend a safer alternative. If you plan to get pregnant, your provider will advise taking multivitamins or prenatal vitamins. “It’s ideal to have folic acid in your system. This is one of the only things we can do to prevent birth defects. If you’re taking a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant, this can significantly impact the incidence of neural tube defects,” Dr. Salama said. If you get pregnant before you’ve had a chance to schedule a preconception visit, contact your doctor’s office as soon as you know you’re pregnant, in order to discuss any medications you’re taking, Dr. Salama advises. You probably won’t have your first prenatal visit until the pregnancy is eight to 10 weeks along, but you can be in communication with your provider’s nurse or care team.

Page 1

You Should Expect A Beautiful Smile and Orthodontic Treatment Completed On-Time… …We’ll Ensure You Get Both.

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etc. for her | March 2012 75

Don’t just trust the advice you read on the Internet, or hear from a friend as to what’s OK or not OK to take. “It’s good to review your medications individually with your care provider,” Dr. Salama said. “Most moms don’t want to take any medications beyond an A,” Dr. Salama said, but you should not stop taking medications for existing conditions on your own. That includes depression. “If you have a history of depression, stopping your SSRI medications is not always the best approach, as depression is in and of itself a chemical imbalance which can affect the pregnancy,” she said. What about over-the-counter medications during pregnancy? Dr. Salama says you should check out the safety of any medications or herbal remedies with your provider first. Antacid tablets like Tums are generally safe for heartburn, a common symptom of pregnancy. But be sure to let your provider know if you have heartburn, as this could signal a more serious condition. Tylenol is a relatively safe pain reliever, and plain Sudafed without any added ingredients is generally safe for congestion. If you get a cold or virus, try to “suffer through it” as much as possible and ease your symptoms in another way. For example, try a humidifier or hot tea. Nausea is a common symptom of early pregnancy that up to 90 percent of moms-to-be experience. Unless your nausea is so severe that you can’t keep food down or you’re losing weight, try to ease it without medications with solutions such as ginger-flavored lollipops or saltine crackers. Every mom wants to have the safest possible pregnancy, so it’s not uncommon for moms to worry, for example, if they drank alcohol before they knew they were pregnant. “Typically, a one-time exposure very early in the pregnancy is not going to be damaging. The important thing is to stop drinking alcohol as soon as you realize you are pregnant,” Dr. Salama said. Even if you think you could be pregnant, make the decision not to drink, she added. Moms may also worry about potentially harmful drugs they have heard about on TV. Rather than worrying or giving in to scare tactics, the best source for advice and counsel is your care provider, Dr. Salama added. To learn more about health during pregnancy, go to www. AveraWomens.org.

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PArenting & Pregnancy

“I’m Su Sybesma, a dairy farmer from Platte, S.D.”

“I’m Carol Milan, a soybean farmer from Mitchell, S.D.”

“I’m Linda Jones, a pork producer from Mt. Vernon, S.D.”

TOGETHER, WE HELP OUR RURAL COMMUNITIES THRIVE. We are neighbors. We share the same commitment to our families, our businesses and our future. However, our ties run deeper than our values alone. The success of one of our operations is tied directly to the success of the others. Together, we provide not only a safe and affordable food supply for our communities but also financial resources and opportunities that help our communities thrive. South Dakota livestock and poultry farm families – • Purchase more than 414,000 tons of soybean meal. • Generate more that $222 million in tax revenues. • Provide nearly 35,000 jobs in our communities. It’s clear – South Dakota needs our state’s livestock and poultry farmers. Become a fan on

at: South Dakota Farm Families. Follow us on

at: AgUnited4SD.

www.animalag.org www.unitedsoybean.org www.agunited.org


©2010 United Soybean Board [38421 AAI SD FF 3/10]

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3/9/10 1:24:54 PM



These are just some of the wonderful books for children we have come across this month. We hope to share with you some you have not seen before and also introduce others being released in the near future. Enjoy.

Homer, the Library Cat by Reeve Lindbergh Homer is a very quiet cat. He lives in a very quiet house with a very quiet lady. But one day, while the lady is away, Homer hears a very loud sound, and out the window he goes! Poor Homer just wants to find a spot where he can curl up and be quiet, but his hometown is a surprisingly loud place. Will Homer find a bit of calm in all the noise? And will he ever find his quiet lady? Reeve Lindbergh’s cheerful, rhyming text pairs with Anne Wilsdorf’s charming illustrations for a storylover’s ode to everyone’s favorite quiet place. Ages Preschool - Grade 3 Candlewick Press

French Ducks in Venice by Garret Freymann-Weyr Siblings George and Cecile live in Venice, California, but think of themselves as French ducks. They have an important friend, Polina Panova, who conjures magical dresses of thread, silk, and velvet...of grass, pieces of night sky, and strawberry jam. To the ducks, who delight in her daily visits, Polina is a princess. But when Polina’s prince — who makes movies almost as luminous as her dresses — decides to go away, life on the canal changes, and so does Polina. Ages 5 yrs - 10 yrs Candlewick Press

The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic When the boy in this story wakes to find that his mother has died, he is overwhelmed with sadness, anger, and fear that he will forget her. He shuts all the windows to keep in his mother’s familiar smell and scratches open the cut on his knee to remember her comforting voice. He doesn’t know how to speak to his dad anymore, and when Grandma visits and throws open the windows, it’s more than the boy can take — until his grandmother shows him another way to feel that his mom’s love is near. With tenderness, touches of humor, and unflinching emotional truth, Charlotte Moundlic captures the loneliness of grief through the eyes of a child, rendered with sympathy and charm in Olivier Tallec’s expressive illustrations. Ages 5 yrs and up Candlewick Press

78 friends & family |

children’s books

Talk, Talk, Squawk! How and Why Animals Communicate by Nicola Davies Humans aren’t the only creatures who are constantly talking and transmitting messages: animals find all sorts of ways to keep in touch without saying a word. They use colors, patterns, smells, movements, vibrations, sounds, and even electricity to help them identify their own family or “team” — not to mention find food and shelter, defend their territory, woo the proper mate, and care for their young. From the chatter of dolphins to the click of a moth, from the stripes of a reef fish to the rumbling of elephants, this funny, fascinating book unlocks the mysteries of how animals talk and squawk to one another — and how humans try to talk back. Ages 8 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Finn Throws a Fit! by David Elliott Finn likes peaches. Usually. But not today. Today Finn doesn’t like anything. Uh-oh. Is Finn going to throw a fit? Author David Elliott directs the event with wit, warmth, and appropriate wariness, while illustrator Timothy Basil Ering’s energy and whimsy match this tantrum turn for turn. At once empathetic and uproariously funny, this picture book speaks directly to anyone (young or old) who has ever had — or tried to contain — a real earth-quaking, ground-shaking, full-on fit. Ages 2 yrs - 4 yrs Candlewick Press

Yawn by Sally Symes You’ll need to turn the page to find out who is next to be overcome with a yawn in this fun and ingenious board book, although the rhyming text will offer some clues! One creature is purring, another pecking, one drifting around its bowl, another resting from a dig in the dirt. And there are others, too--all of whom can’t wait to put on their pajamas and head off to bed! Bold graphic artwork and enticing die-cuts make for a bedtime read-aloud as infectious and irresistible as a...well, you know! Ages 3 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Stinky by Eleanor Davis Stinky is a monster who loves pickles and possums but is terrified of people. When a new kid enters his swamp, this adorable little monster comes up with all sorts of crazy plans to scare him away. But Stinky quickly learns to conquer his fear, as he realizes that bats, rats, and toads aren’t the only friends you can find in the swamp. This hilarious and heart-warming story by ferociously talented newcomer Eleanor Davis proves that even monsters can make new friends...warts and all! Ages 6 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Zig and Wikki in The Cow by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler When alien pals Zig and Wikki lose their spaceship on Earth, their friendship is definitely in trouble. In order to get home, they must travel underground and through a cow, picking up fun facts about ecology (and picking fights) along the way. Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler’s funny science-based easy-reader is packed with fast-paced adventure and facts about poop: what more could a young reader want? Ages 4 yrs - 20 yrs Candlewick Press

Levi’s Lost Calf by Amanda Radke - SOUTH DAKOTA AUTHOR! When a young boy, Levi, rides out one autumn morning with his family to roundup the cattle and bring them home from the pasture, he quickly sees a number of familiar faces. But, Levi was surprised to learn that one calf was missing – Little Red, his favorite red heifer calf. Determined to find the calf and prove his independence, he begins to search with his horse Pepper and trusty dog, Gus. The trio search high and low, all over the ranch. In his hunt for Little Red, Levi discovers a whole world of fun, playful animals living on the ranch, and Levi invites the reader to help find the baby calf before the sun goes down. Available on Amazon

Night Knight by Owen Davey Come on a bedtime adventure with one little knight as he rides through forests to reach his bedroom, battles crocodiles to brush his teeth and climbs the tallest tower to get into bed. This exciting and imaginative bedtime tale is told through Owen Davey’s charming and witty words and illustrations — making this a perfect k-nightly read for every young adventurer. Bedtime becomes an unforgettable k-nightly adventure! Ages 2 yrs - 5 yrs Candlewick Press

Cute Kids title

Benjamin 8, Amelia 6 & Cameron, 4 1/2

Addison, 21 months

Carter, 2 years

Aspen, 6 months Each month we will choose and feature new cute kids. Your child could be next, so send in a picture today. Email your photo – just one per child – to etc.mag@sio.midco.net. Please make sure they are high-resolution photos (the highest setting on your camera). Include in email: child’s first name, age, birth date, parents or guardians names, address, email address and phone number. Parents must own the rights to all submitted photos.

80 out and about |


Briley, 4 months

Eden, 17 months

Chase, 2 years & Ava, 4 years

Erica Mae, 18 months

Harper, 6 months Conner, 2 yrs

Jack, 6 months

Jack, 2 1/2 years

Lyric, 2 months

Madelyn, 2 years Olivia and Stella, 5 1/2 years

Rylan, 22 months

Tessa, 4 days

Saimon, 2 years

Sydney, 4 years Samantha, 18 months.

Rita Nelson –

Gifts from the heart by John Nichols


ita Nelson loves her job and it’s easy to see why. As the donor recruitment representative for the Community Blood Bank, Rita helps manage an organization that saves lives everyday in Sioux Falls and 30 other area communities. In 2012, Nelson will celebrate 37 years of service with the Blood Bank, an impressive achievement for sure, but Rita is quick to point out that the real heroes in the success story that is the Blood Bank are the thousands of volunteer donors who give of themselves to save others. We talked with Rita about the mission of the Blood Bank, the challenges in meeting demand, and the rewards involved in giving the gift of life.

Birthday Party Pack Only $99 for a party of 10! $10 for each additional guest

Includes Skywing tickets, game programs, Thunder posters, two large single-topping pizzas, and cupcakes from Oh My Cupcakes! Birthday kid receives $10 Skyforce cash, t-shirt and video board recognition during the game!

Skyleaders Experience

84 friends & family |

Plus, ask how your party can sit on the bench during pregame warm-ups, participate in the fan tunnel, meet the Skyleaders and more!

Call (605) 332-0605 to schedule your party!

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What are the origins of the Community Blood Bank? In 1975, the two local hospitals agreed to participate in a joint venture that became the Community Blood Bank. Up to that point, McKennan and Sioux Valley hospitals had their own separate programs, but they created this partnership where resources could be consolidated, costs reduced, and a higher level of service provided, not only for Sioux Falls, but also for all the outlying community hospitals and clinics. It’s a great partnership that continues to grow today with Avera McKennan and Sanford Health.

How many units of blood are needed each week to meet demand? We need 550 units each week to meet demand. That may sound like a lot, but a single victim in a car accident can require anywhere from 50-100 units during their treatment. Cancer and surgery patients often require numerous transfusions. Because there are so many procedures and treatments that require blood products, the demand is always there.

What happens when supply doesn’t meet demand?

Thankfully that very rarely happens. With the cooperation between the hospitals and the system we have in place, when an urgent need arises, we can almost always meet it. But if something catastrophic was to occur and we did need help, we could reach out to resources in Minneapolis or other larger communities for help.

Are there ever situations where donated units are not used? That is one of the beauties of blood donation in that every unit is utilized in some way and helps several people. In the course of a year, there may be one or two units that get outdated, but our processes of rotation and use allow us to get the most out of every donation.

How can a single donation help several people? Each unit of donated blood is broken into several parts after donation: red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma. Whole blood transfusions are extremely rare. Usually patients get just the part they need. So today, when a person donates blood they really are helping several people, not just one.

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etc. for her | March 2012 85

AFFORDABLE EXCITEMENT! I am a local Sioux Falls based DJ who enjoys spinning for people who love music and love to dance and have a good time. I have been a special guest DJ at The Vault, a premier Afforable Excitment! I am a local Sioux Falls based DJ who enjoys dance club in Sioux Falls, and Wiley’s Tavern. spinning for people who love music and love to dance and have a good time.

I have been a special guest DJ at The Vault a premier dance club in Sioux Falls, and Wiley’s Tavern.


Call me @ Call me @ 605-362-1853 or find me on Facebook or find me on facebook


XP ZUR Afforable Excitment! I am a local Sioux Falls based DJ who enjoys spinning for people who love music and love to dance and have a good time.


I have been a special guest DJ at The Vault a premier dance club in Sioux Falls, and Wiley’s Tavern.

Check out our

Call me @ 605-362-1853 or find me on Facebook


XP ZUR web site!


So what is the process to donate blood? The steps are the same whether it is at a hospital or on one of the bloodmobiles. For new donors, there is a brief registration process, followed by an interview/miniphysical where we ask a few questions and check your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and iron level. After that we seat you in a comfortable chair and take your donation. The donation takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes and when you are done, we offer some refreshments — juice, pop, cookies, things like that — to help replenish your fluids. We like to joke that we have donors go from questions to cookies in under 30 minutes.

What are the most common misconceptions about blood donation? Is it that it hurts? There’s some of that but most people have had blood drawn sometime in their life and it’s not any different than that. It’s just a quick pinch then it’s fine. I think it’s more of that general fear of the unknown that keeps some people away. ‘Where do I go? How does it work? How long will it take?’ That sort of thing. That’s why education is so important.

A lot of people think that because they have a recent tattoo or piercing they cannot donate. Is that true? We do get that question a lot. As long as your piercing or tattoo was done in facility regulated by the state, there is no problem. You can donate.

Are there any physical benefits to donating blood? Yes, numerous recent studies show that donating reduces the amount of iron in your blood. Some iron is good but having high levels of iron is not good because iron accelerates the oxidation of cholesterol which damages your arteries and can lead to heart disease. Donating at least a couple of times a year helps reduce those iron levels, which is a heart health benefit to post-menopausal women and men of any age.

How often can a person donate and are there any physical standards that must be met? A donor can give every 56 days. You must be 17 years old,

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or 16 with parental consent, weigh more than 110 pounds, and be in good general health. Those are the basics.

Do most people donate at the hospital or do they use the bloodmobile? The bloodmobiles account for about 80% of our donations. Having the ability to go to churches, businesses, or community activities makes it that much easier for people to donate. We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with individuals, church groups, businesses, or whoever in organizing blood drives. If there is an interest out there, we’d love to talk to you. 2007-2008


Most donors never get to see the good their donations do, but in your role, you probably see examples everyday how lives are saved. That must be very gratifying. I’ve worked at the blood bank a long time and I’ve always known we were doing something important, but a couple years ago my brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Through the donations of blood bank volunteers, our family got six months to spend with my brother that he otherwise wouldn’t have had. In those six months he used 250 units of blood or blood products. That’s a very personal gift that I will always treasure.

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To help a family in that situation seems like a pretty incredible return on a 30-minute investment… It is. It really is… (long pause)

Plus, there are cookies… (smiles and laughs) Yes, and there are cookies….

To learn more about the Community Blood Bank or blood donation go to: www.cbblifeblood.org Call Toll free: 877-877-3070 Office: 605-331-3222 Or to contact Rita Nelson directly about donation opportunities: ritanelson55@hotmail.com or 360-1794.

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for Your Fam ily, and Your Active Lifesytle

Ross A. McDaniel, DC | Jason D. Henry, DC Chris N. Mikkelsen, DC | Cody Huisman, DC

2909 E. 57th St., Ste. 102, Sioux Falls, SD | (605) 334-6656 128 E. Holly Blvd, Brandon, SD | (605) 582-8800 www.sportschiros.com

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Hairballs by Dick Rogen, DVM

Horizon Pet Care, 1100 E. Holly Blvd., Brandon, SD (605) 582-8445


f you are owned by one, two or a pride of cats, there are few things you do not want to share with company. One of the forbidden acts for a cat, especially while guests are present, is the eruption of a hairball. Nothing says welcome like the infamous hairballs. Now, it is not easy being a cat. Momo reminds me of this daily. Not only does a cat have to patrol the house at night and wake us up in the morning, but grooming must also be done. Paul Mitchell does not make a brush for cats to use by themselves, and besides, God did not give them functioning thumbs. They must lick and preen themselves with their tongue. Cats’ tongues are well equipped for grooming. There are many hard, sharp, tiny barbs on the surface of the tongue that point backwards. This allows them to apply, “just the touch” to their hair. It combs, sheds and manicures their fur. The major problem is that the barbs of the tongue point backwards. They have no option other than to swallow the hair. If the hair is in small amounts, it poses no problem. However, if the unfortunate feline has long hair, is having a shedding issue or just plain grooms itself too much, hair will accumulate. Too much hair and magically a wad of hair accumulates in their stomach. It must feel like they swallowed a muffin whole and it just won’t leave. Symptoms of hairball can be varied. Some cats just do not eat as well. I suppose they just feel full all of the time. Some will vomit their food within an hour after eating, but will keep their appetite. Then there is the full out, gross-out-the-company cough and gag session. Cats will lower their head and cough as

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hard as they can in attempt to vomit up the hairball. It can be very dramatic and if the cat is lucky, a large slimy ball of fur will be presented on the floor in front of the in-laws. It only gets serious when the cat cannot expel the wad of hair, or it becomes lodged while passing through the intestines. There are times when it has to be surgically removed. Hairballs are best prevented. Your feline will be happier and you will be less embarrassed. The key to keeping your cat hairball free involves a few simple steps. Fiber is almost always a good idea. I like to supplement the diet with long stringy fiber to grab small wisps of hair and help them pass through the intestines. There are some great diets to help prevent them. I like Royal Canin Calorie Control or Science Diet w/d. They have the most fiber and seem to be the most effective. I also will supplement the more stubborn cases with pumpkin pie filling. We give 1-2 tablespoons a day to increase fiber. A surprising number of cats enjoy pumpkin. If this does not work, we need to look at more aggressive methods. Grooming your feline friend is the best way to reduce the amount of hair they ingest. However, not all cats enjoy being brushed and bathed. If they do not allow grooming several times a week, we need to shave them. It seems drastic, but there are several patients that it saved a great deal of pain and discomfort. Let’s keep your feline friends healthy and your guests focused on the appetizers.

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Erebus and Nyx, best friends of David and Holly Hayes

Birdy, best friend of Tim & Deb Smith

Chloe, best friend of Colleen McNamara

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Gus, best friend of Bre Garner

Cuddles, best friend of Douglas & Joyce Krekelberg

Hello, best friend of Ava & Livi

Mollie, Tootsie, and Birdy, best friends of Tim & Deb Smith

Molly, best friend of Tim & Deb Smith

Lady, best friend of Bill and Laurie Fluit

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Repo, best friend of Eric Bruscher

Riley, best friend of Deidre and Kasey

Otis, best friend to Kaye and Bill

Snoopy, best friend of Tom & Mary Hein

Rocco, best friend of Cassi Dieter

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Sam, best friend of Kathy Brummond

Stella, best friend of Nikki VanOtterloo

Tig, best friend of Eric Bruscher

Tootsie, best friend of Tim & Deb Smith

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A Park Born In Controversy, a brief history of McKennan Park. By Don Seten

A Park Born In Controversy, a brief history of McKennan Park.

Sioux Falls, McKennan Park


elen McKennan’s will, gifting 20 acres of land for a new park, became the center of intense public debate after her death in 1906. She also gave her home, the former residence of Col. Melvin Grigsby, to be sold to fund park improvements. Mayor Frank W. Pillsbury considered selling 10 park acres with the home. Public sentiment and an emphatic appearance by Edwin A. Sherman, estate executor, convinced the City Council to honor the wishes of Helen McKennan. Creation and development of this 20-acre park was assured. A 1915 McKennan Park inventory lists ostriches, deer, a monkey, wolves, oppossum, pheasants, ducks, a pelican, eagles, a parrot, and phoenix fowl as the collection of animals and birds at the McKennan Park zoo. Park Board president Edwin A. Sherman expressed concern about care required for the menagerie and about encroachment of the animal quarters, located on the northeast corner of the park, “on the picnic and pleasure grounds.” The collections here at other city parks were moved to Sherman Park in 1930 and evolved into the Great Plains Zoo. Dedicated in 2000 by the Sioux Falls Board of Historic Preservation and the Minnehaha County Historical Society.

Mothers and Their Children at the Park Swings Two well dressed mothers are shown swinging their equally well tailored children at McKennan Park in the 1920s.

Pre World War I Wading Pool Children are shown enjoying a cool respite from the summer sun as they play in the McKennan Park wading pool.

Image owner: Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Dept.

Image owner: Center for Western Studies.

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historical marker

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