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November 2010 Volume 9 • Issue 12

Giving Thanks for Good Eats Quick & Easy Holiday Treats


Where your hard work pays off. This holiday season, let Holz Haus give you the gift you’ve wanted all year. Timeless style, quality craftsmanship and comfort that never goes out of season. Come home to Holz Haus.

2723 West 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105

t 605.271.7272 f 605.271.7270

Mon-Fri 10:00am - 7:00pm Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm www.holzhausfurniture.com

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When the Time is Right Choosing Birth Control Options 70


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Cover Artist, Graphic Designer


Jen (Sandvig) Pfeiffer etc. for her. 605.334.2479 email: etc.mag@sio.midco.net www.etcsiouxfalls.com

nest AT HOME Sandra & Tony Tiefenthaler Home 23 VINO Black Friday Wine 37

RECIPES Quick & Easy Holiday Treats 42 MAN IN THE KITCHEN Giving Thanks for Good Eats 44 GO GREEN Give Thanks, Give Back to Mother Earth 50

LAWN & GARDEN Sanguine Autumn 54

friends & family FOR KIDS 6 Ways to Give Thanks 75

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BEST FRIEND Big Shoes 92 HISTORICAL MARKER An Institution of Organized Kindness 94

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2101 WEST 41ST ST • WESTERN MALL • SIOUX FALLS, SD 57105 • 605.336.1600

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Take A Shopping Road Trip to



he next time you are looking for a unique gift or something special to add to your own home, take a little trip up the highway to the Pretty Please Boutique in Dell Rapids. The shop is located on Dell Rapids’ picture perfect, small town “Main Street,” complete with historic stone buildings. You’ll be drawn right into Pretty Please Boutique with its cozy,

Show her how much you care with a gift card from Sioux Falls’ most exclusive day spa.

Mastectomy Specialist Sanford Home Medical Equipment provides exceptional customer service and is the region’s leader in specialized mastectomy fitting. Make your appointment with Dawn for your personal fit prosthesis, bras and mastectomy accessories. To schedule an appointment, call (605) 328-6055. Dawn Foster is located in Bloom the Boutique in the lower level of Sanford Cancer Center.

Stop by or call 605.275.9535 to order gift cards today!


radiance-dayspa.com !!"#$%"""#"%&"''%"(%"

etc. for her | November 2010 7

chic appearance (complemented by appealing smells from the coffee shop next door!) and its wide array of home accents, gift items, baby apparel, and much more. Owner Katie Luttmann opened the store on September 15. A former flight attendant, she relocated to Dell Rapids just over a year ago with her husband – a pilot – who is originally from Flandreau, S. D. After the birth of their daughter, Luttmann knew she couldn’t leave her baby girl behind to work for the airline. So, she made a career change and became a boutique owner. “My husband has lots of family nearby,” says Luttmann, “and we love Dell Rapids and being part of the main street business community.” She says she thinks a lot about the community as she places orders for new products. While she carries items that are some of her personal favorites, she also tries to match items to the interests

and tastes of her customers. “It’s exciting to have people coming into the store from all across the area,” Luttmann says. “Already, I have had to re-order many items, so the store really changes every couple of weeks as I get new things in.” Right now, the store is filled with fall décor and candles and potpourri with fragrances like pumpkin patch and spicy cranberry. Shoppers can buy prepackaged potpourri or bag their own from large aromatic bowls. Luttmann already has the catalogs out, however, to prepare the store for the Christmas season. She is looking forward to filling her space with holiday items and invites everyone to come to Dell Rapids for Christmas at the Dells on December 4. Visitors can enjoy the parade of lights, horse drawn carriage rides and then come into the boutique and shop during extended store hours. In the meantime, though, you can

WE LEAD. For 25 years, we’ve set the standard for quality and patient care.

910 E. 20th Street, Sioux Falls 605-334-6730 • www.sfsurgical.com

Before inpatient or outpatient surgery, ask your doctor about Sioux Falls Surgical Hospital.

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visit the store to check out all of the new arrivals – square canvas pillows in trendy designs, bread mixes, note cards, coffees, various lotions and soaps in such scents as grapefruit and pomegranate… and much more. Picture frames have been among the popular items with shoppers in the store’s first month of business, with frames in a variety of styles and sizes. If you love jewelry, you can find one-of-akind necklaces and bracelets, including beautiful creations from the Key2Life collection, made by an artist in Sioux Falls. One corner of the store is filled with adorable items for the youngest customers – quilted diaper bags, bibs, sleepers, crocheted hats, special occasion outfits and stylish booties, including one set in a giraffe print. For bath time (either for the little ones or yourself ), be sure to treat your feet to one of the Tag rugs for your bathroom.

These soft cotton rugs have an almost pompom-like design that makes them soft and ultra-absorbent. The Pretty Please Boutique already offers some items online, and Luttmann plans to eventually have all of her store’s offering available for online shoppers. The store’s website is www. prettypleasesd.com. You can also find Pretty Please Boutique on Facebook.

Pretty Please Boutique 336 E. 4th St., Dell Rapids www.prettypleasesd.com (605) 759-1527 Store Hours: 11am - 5:30pm Tues - Fri 11am - 3pm Saturday

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Start Each Month







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Family & Children’s Health


Special Interest In: 45678( 9:;7<78( %<:=('>:;;7<

Dr. Ashley M. Pfaff

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• Pregnancy • Pediatrics • Women’s Health • Nutrition • Neck & Low Back Pain • Headaches • Auto/Work/Sports Injuries • Rehab

www.pfaffchiro.com | 605. 275. 5757 1911 W. 57th Street, Sioux Falls It’s Your Future…Be There in Health! OPEN EVENINGS & WEEKENDS!


ake a red pen and circle the first Thursday through Sunday of each month. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to shop at Lillians – the newest unique addition to Downtown Sioux Falls. Each month, this “occasional shop” will feature an almost entirely new inventory of handbags, jewelry, clothing and other accessories. Owner Summer Wagner opened the store in October, and is already looking forward to her second month opening – November 4, 5, 6 and 7. Wagner relocated to Sioux Falls from Rapid City, where she handled the advertising for the Rapid City Lillians as a representative of the Rapid City Journal. “I just loved the feel of that store – the music, the products – everything about it,” Wagner says. “It has that feeling of bringing the ‘big city’ to South Dakota without the big city cost. So, I went to learn more about the business concept…and fell in love with it.” Lillians is the creation of two Minnesota sisters, Cindy Deuser and Sue Olmscheid. After years of working in the corporate world, they had the idea of creating a hip and chic shoppe for

311 S. Phillips (605) 275-5720 www.lilliansshoppe.com/siouxfalls Store Hours: Thursday 10am-7pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 12- 4pm.

women that would only be open four days a month. Their dream took the name of their grandmother – Lillian – a hard working farmer’s wife from Greenfield, Minnesota. According to the sisters, “Grandma Lillian lived a modest life, but taught us all about giving, serving, and putting family first. We opened our first Lillians shoppe in celebration of Grandma Lillian and we are proud to be living out a part of her rich legacy.” In only three years’ time, the franchise has expanded from one store to, 38 across several states. Wagner thinks shoppers will appreciate the occasional shop format. “Each month, we are able to bring in new, seasonal products,” she explains. “And only being open those first four days at the beginning of the month makes Lillians a destination. Women know they are going to get a one-of-a-kind shopping experience here.” The décor is funky, yet comfortable, and you will be welcomed

Expanding our knowledge from the inside out.

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etc. for her | November 2010 11

our goal is to sell the sizzle by friendly greetings from Summer and other family members working with her – along with some great old tunes from the likes of the Rat Pack. The store features handbags of all shapes and sizes – from small and sassy to big and “bling-y.” One of the few big name brands the store carries is the “Big Buddha” line of handbags. If jewelry is more your thing, you won’t be disappointed. Lillians carries a wide array of jewelry sets in different colors, shapes, lengths and materials. Wagner says she only orders one of each jewelry piece, so shoppers are guaranteed to be buying something unique and special. “Everything in the store, every vendor, is handpicked by Lillians’ owners,” Wagner says. “They touch, feel and try everything to make sure the product they select will appeal to women’s tastes and fit their varied lifestyles.” In addition to the regular monthly store dates, shoppers will want to join the mailing list to get updates on other special events. For example, Lillians will be open the Friday after Thanksgiving for their “Black Friday Frenzy” from 10am – 3pm that will feature several items for just $10. December dates will expand to include two extra Fridays – December 2-5, 11th and 18th. And, for those who want to get a “sneak peek” at the new month’s offerings, you can schedule a “Diva Night” the week before the store opening. Get a group of 20 or more together, and you can have a private shopping night where the Lillians crew will provide the snacks (and you can bring in your own wine!). At the end of the evening, 10% of the shopping proceeds will go back to the party host or to the host’s favorite charity. Wagner says anything that you can wear with leggings – from tops to dresses – along with fashions in faux leather are hot right now. She also says “blingy is better” and is selling lots of items in purple, red and gold. “Our goal is to sell the sizzle,” Wagner adds smiling. “We want women to have a great shopping experience, but more importantly, we are here to make each woman know that she is beautiful and fantastic!”

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The all-new 2011 Jetta surprisingly priced

starting at


including freight

!" More interior space than ever !" An all new sleek body style !" Same great car !" More luxury

A VW doesn’t just start off as sheet metal and engine parts. It begins as an idea. A belief that getting the little things right is a big thing. A viewpoint that asks why dumb it down when you can smart it up. An attitude that says to make things perfect, you have to make them perfectly. Some would call these just a bunch of good ideas. We call them Das Auto.

2011 Jetta


Now Featuring:

the All-New

the All-New 2011


Let’s Talk Volkswagen.

Das Auto.

801 West 41st Street

605-336-3655 • 1-888-540-6399 MON & THURS 8AM – 7PM • TUES, WED, FRI 8AM-6PM SAT 8AM – 5PM • CLOSED SUN

Real Service. Real Value.


Stickley has every style you need to celebrate the holidays, from our house to your home – Mission, Metropolitan, Traditional and Edinburgh collections. We invite you to discover the Stickley difference, because not all Mission is created equal!

Downtown at 229 S. Phillips Ave. | Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605.373.0700 | www.artisanhousegalleries.com | Open Monday - Saturday

nov title

november 2010

Downtown First Fridays Fri, November 5 Historic Downtown Sioux Falls A special time for shopping, art and entertainment downtown! Enjoy a full day and evening of culture and activity. Visit a variety of retailers, artist venues and fabulous restaurants, plus music and drinks at all your favorite hot spots! Ride FREE on the Trolley from 5-9pm. See what’s happening each month by looking under “Events” at dtsf.com and clicking on any First Friday on the calendar or call 338-4009. Sioux Empire Community Theatre Presents The Miracle Worker November 5 - 7, 12 - 14 • 8pm Fridays, 2pm Saturdays Orpheum Theater 315 N. Phillips Ave. The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson tells the dramatic true story of Annie Sullivan and her student, blind, deaf, and mute Helen Keller. Trapped in a secret, silent world, unable to communicate only Annie realizes that there is a human mind and spirit waiting to be rescued from her dark well of silence. With scenes of intense physical and emotional confrontation, mixed with surprising moments of humor, Annie’s success with Helen culminates in one of the most memorable scenes in Broadway history. INFO (605) 360-4800. Old Courthouse Museum Winter Concert Series 6th & Main Fri, November 5 • 12pm Noon Concert: Dwight Lamb & Friends-Danish & American Tunes on Button Accordion. Free Admission. INFO (605) 367-4210. First Lutheran Church Bazaar Sat, November 6 • 9am - 3pm First Lutheran Church • 327 N. Dakota Ave. The First Lutheran Church Bazaar features a Scandinavian Buffet, seasonal crafts, antiques, crocheted items, linens, food items, used books, Scandinavian crafts and more. This bazaar is one of the largest in the area and is really something to behold! INFO 336-3734. Bethany Dessert Auction Sat, November 6 • 6pm Holiday Inn - City Centre • 100 W. 8th Street Come join Bethany Christian as we celebrate another Dessert Auction to benefit children seeking a forever family. Bethany will hold a live auction for desserts from some of the best bakers in town! A silent auction will also be held with items for everyone. Tickets $30 per person. INFO (605) 336-6999.

Starlab Inflatable Planetarium Sun, November 7 1pm, 2pm, 3pm Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main Discover the Night Sky, explore the constellations! $1 per person, for ages 5 and up. INFO 367-4210.

The Gingerbread Boutique Sun, November 7 • 10am Westward Ho Country Club 3400 W. 22nd St. An annual boutique to benefit local children’s charities. Have some coffee and shop with all of your favorite boutique stores in one place! Hip Chic, Posh, Elegant Mommy, Pampered Chef, You’ve Been Framed and more! Find that perfect gift. Raffles, special holiday bake sale and gift wrapping available. All proceeds to benefit Children’s Care Hospital and School. INFO 335-8546. ZooCubs: Mountain Animals Tue, November 9 • 11:15 am - 12:15pm Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum Cougars, chinchillas and bears oh my! Join us as we climb up the mountains looking for all different types of wildlife. Get your passport ready! It’s time to travel the world! During the first class you will begin making your habitat scrap book, be sure to bring it back to every class so we can add new pictures showing which habitat you traveled to. 3-4 year olds. $10 +tax; Zoo members receive a 15% discount. 2 classes per month; 15 spots per class. INFO (605) 367-8313.

ZooTot: Green Turtles Tue, November 9 • 10:15 am - 11:15 am Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum Turtles have very strong, green shells that they use as their home! Let’s take a walk with these turtles as we learn what they eat, where they live and what they use their shells for! During the first class your child will begin making their very own color book. Bring it back to every class as your child identifies a new color and animal each time. Class for 2 year olds with an adult. $10 for non-members; Zoo members receive a 15% discount. 2 classes per month; 15 spots per class. INFO (605) 367-8313. Curious George Live! Wed, November 10 • 10:30 am & 7pm Sioux Falls Arena 1201 N. West Avenue

etc. for her | November 2010 15

vemb 2 Big Shows!! $52.00 tickets (Monkey Seats) includes pre-show opportunity and a VIP seat to the show! Tickets $52.00, $32.00, $25.50, $20.50, $14.75. INFO (605) 367-7288.

crochet items, cutting boards, doll clothes, floral, German roasted nuts, headbands, honey, jewelry and so much more! Admission $3, 12 and under FREE! INFO (605) 332-6000.

Sioux Falls Quilters Guild Thu, November 11 • 6:45 pm Southern Hills Methodist Church 3400 E. 49th Street The Sioux Falls Quilters Guild Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each month includes a program and show and tell. The purpose of our guild is to encourage a wider appreciation of quilting; to raise and maintain standards of design, individual ideas and expression; and to keep interest alive by promoting local quilt projects and programs and doing charitable works. INFO (605) 371-1714.

National Toy Store Day Sat., November 13 Visit our locally-owned toy stores - Child’s Play Toys, downtown at 233 S. Phillips and Kidtopia at 57th & Western - to see the top toys for kids for 2010 as rated by ASTRA. These fun, top quality toys were selected by neighborhood toy store owners who care about kids and know toys inside and out! Both stores will be serving refreshments! INFO 274-TOYS or 334-4825.

Old Courthouse Museum Winter Concert Series November 12 • noon 6th & Main Noon Concert: Two Tap Trio- Traditional and Contemporary Folk Music. Free Admission. INFO 367-4210. Holiday Sioux Empire Arts and Craft Show Fri, November 12 • 3pm Sat, November 13 • 9am Sioux Empire Fairgrounds 4000 W. 12th Street in the Expo Building. Your last chance to buy handcrafted gifts for the holiday season! Baby stuff, barbed wire art, bath and body, candles, ceramics,

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Toby Mac & Skillet Sun, November 14 • 6pm Sioux Falls Arena With special guest Shonlock! The $85.00 ticket price includes pre show Q&A with the artists and the $45.50 ticket is GA on the dance floor. Tickets $83.50, $56.25, $45.50, $40.00, $28.75, $18.00. INFO (605) 367-7288. Warm Up Sioux Falls Sun, November 14 • 1pm Athena Fibers • 3915 S. Hawthorne Ave Warm Up Sioux Falls is part of the national Warm Up America movement. Volunteers donate their time to knit or crochet 7” X 9” sections from scrap yarn. On the second Sunday of most months, volunteers gather to join sections into colorful afghans to warm needy families in the Sioux Falls area. INFO (605) 254-8434.

ber Kid’s Activity Day — Let’s Talk Turkey November 18 9am - 11:30am & 1-2:30pm Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main Hear a turkey story & make a turkey hat! Free admission, for kids in preschool and early elementary. INFO 367-4210. Festival of Trees Fri, November 19 • 5:30 pm Sat, November 20 • 9am Arena/Convention Center Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare will be hosting our 20th Anniversary of Festival of Trees. Ticket prices are $75 per person/$575 table of eight. Formal Dinner featuring live & silent auctions. Festival of Trees Public Viewing and Center Stage Performances will be held on Saturday, November 20th 9am 5pm. Admission $2, Children 10 and under are FREE! Santa & Mrs. Clause, performances by local dance, cheer and singing groups, face painting, appearance by Mr. Twister, and free prize for kids! (605) 336-0510.

Old Courthouse Museum Winter Concert Series November 19 noon Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main Noon Concert: Jami Lynn & Josh Rieck-Contemporary Folk. Free admission. INFO 367-4210.

Tab Benoit Fri, November 19 • 8pm Orpheum Theater • 315 N. Phillips Ave. Who’s the prolific, gritty, Cajun-flavored environmental activist and savvy guitar player that still has people talking about his 2008 set at JazzFest? Tab Benoit - high energy guitar blues will bring home the sounds of the bayou. A guitar player since his teenage years, Tab played along side the likes of Tabby Thomas, Raful Neal, Henry Gray and other high-profile regulars and learned the blues first-hand from the faculty of living blues legends. $38/$25. INFO (605) 335-6101. 2010 Winter Wonderland Kick Off Sat, November 20 • 6pm Falls Park Please join us for the flipping of the switch! Adults and Children can enjoy free horse-drawn wagon rides, holiday music and icesculptures, cookies, hot chocolate, visit Santa & Mrs. Claus and see Santa’s reindeer. This event is Free for the entire family! Park downtown and ride the Trolley to Falls Park. (Parking at Falls Park is very limited). Winter Wonderland at Falls Park is a dazzling display of lights and holiday festivities for all ages. Falls Park will continue to “light up” nightly through January 9, 2011. INFO (605) 336-1620. East of Westreville with Special Guest Kenny Putnam Sat, November 20 • 7:30 pm 315 N. Phillips Avenue The Comfort Theatre Company and The Friends of Traditional

Extraordinary Spring 2011 Pronovias Gowns Have Arrived! Annual Black Friday Weekend Specials Nov. 26, 27, 28

Best Styles • Best Prices Tuxedo Rental Available


The Style Experts

Master In-House Seamstress

Bringing You the Best...After You Say Yes! Beakon Centre • 57th & S. Louise Ave. (605) 332-8841 • 800-248-9188 • www.thefrenchdoorbridal.com

mon-thurs 10-7 * fri 10-5 * sat. 10-4 * sun 12-4

328 S. PHILLIPS AVENUE DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS -..'. / !"#$#%&'(%')%*+,$%-..'.,/#000 1+.%*+,$%-2#0

(605) 271-8480

Mon noon – 5pm | Tues – Fri 10am – 6pm Sat 10am – 5pm

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Music present East of Westreville with special guest Kenny Putnam. A benefit concert for the Sioux River Folk Festival. East of Westreville is a foot stomping, blues to bluegrass, musical road trip featuring Boyd Bristow, Kaija Bonde, Al Slaathaug and Brian Bonde. INFO (605) 373-9650. Trains At Christmas 2010 Sat, November 20 • 10am Sun, November 21 • 11am Sioux Empire Fairgrounds Expo Building, 4000 W. 12th Street Come see this premier model railroad event in South Dakota. We will have traveling layouts from the regional area. We will also have vendors on hand selling clothing, model and toy trains, as well as railroad videos, clothing and memorabilia. INFO (605) 940-9612.

Victorian Tea Party Sun, November 21 • 2pm Pettigrew Home & Museum Learn about the history of tea and enjoy a unique tea blend. Adult program, please call 367-7097 to register in advance. Swing Dance Program Sun, November 21 Old Courthouse Museum • 6th & Main Learn to swing dance at the Old Courthouse Museum. Beginners welcome, no partner needed. 1-1:30pm dance instruction. 1:30-4 p.m. open dancing. INFO 367-4210.

!"#$%$"&'()*+,"-./.%0.1"2 Reception with musicians follows

3*45*1+"6#78/'#*4"3*9:.)1*4" 500 S. Main Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD

Bible readings tell the story of the fall of humanity and the promise of the Messiah, interspersed with music of the season.

;.*9<17(=">:."-*?'9*"@917(="A<*19.9 >:."3*45*1+"3*9:.)1*4"3:'71, with Dr. Monty Barnard & Lisa Grevlos


Free-will offering • Details: (605) 336-3486

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Quartetto Gelato Sun, November 21 • 7:30 pm Washington Pavilion Virtuosic showpieces, romantic tenor arias, gypsy pyrotechniques and a World Accordian Champion - this is Quartetto Gelato. For over a decade, this dazzling ensemble has enchanted audiences and critics worldwide with their exotic blend of musical virtuosity, artistic passion, and charismatic anecdotes. INFO (605) 3357323. Old Courthouse Museum Winter Concert Series Fri, November 26 • noon 6th & Main Noon Concert: Anjelic-Holiday Favorites. Free admission. INFO 367-4210.

Parade of Lights Fri, November 26 • 7:30 pm Phillips Avenue in Historic Downtown Sioux Falls Beginning at 7:30 pm, dazzling lighted holiday floats and music will descend on historic Phillips Avenue from 14th Street to 5th Street. The annual Parade of Lights is the official start to the downtown holiday season! INFO 338-4009. Holiday Open House November 26-28 Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping Located on SD Hwy 11 across from Huset’s Speedway Brandon, SD Come out and enjoy hot cider and cookies while looking for

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General Pediatri Aberdeen

010 the perfect holiday essentials. Christmas trees, evergreen roping, wreaths, poinsettias, centerpieces, and special secret santa gifts. Bring your kids to visit Santa on Saturday from 10a-3pm and Sunday from 1pm-3pm. INFO (605) 5826565 or visit: www.oakridgenurseryinc.com

Sioux Falls Jingle Bell Run/Walk Fri, November 26 • 4:30 pm Sioux Falls Family YMCA Registration begins at the Sioux Falls Family YMCA at 4:30. The event begins at 6:45 right before the Parade of Lights. Registration is just $25 before November 20th and $30 after November 20th. Admission - $25 Get in the spirit this holiday season at the Arthritis Foundation’s Sioux Falls Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. Be one of the thousands of runners and walkers who hit the nation’s pavements, pathways, and parks this winter to fight arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability. Jingle Bell Run/Walk is a fun and festive way to kick off your holidays by helping others! Wear a holiday themed costume. Tie jingle bells to your shoelaces. Run or walk a 5 kilometer route with your team members and celebrate the season by giving. INFO (800) 333-1380.

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Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas Sat, November 27 • 2pm Sat, November 27 • 8pm Sun, November 28 • 2pm Washington Pavilion It’s Christmas in the Basement! Join us for Away In the Basement. Tickets are $32 plus tax for ALL SEATS! INFO (605) 367-6000.

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Friday, Nov. 12th • 3 - 8 pm Saturday, Nov. 13th • 9 am - 5 pm

W. H. Lyon Fairgrounds • Expo Building • Sioux Falls

Only $3 Admisson (Kids 12 & under FREE) Shop on Friday and receive a FREE admission pass for Saturday!

Come shop for your holiday gifts! All items are 100% crafted and original!

Visit us on

for preview of items

Downtown Holidays Sat, November 27 • 12pm Downtown Sioux Falls Santa at Shriver’s Square: 230 S. Phillips Ave., Suite 102 Wagon rides: pick up and drop off located at the 12th Street Plaza on Phillips Avenue. Free admission! Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas you can visit Santa and take a horse-drawn wagon ride through downtown. Enjoy the festivity and bustle at all the merchant locations! INFO (605) 338-4009.

Photos with Santa Sat, November 27 • 10am J&L Harley-Davidson One mile south of I-90 on I-29, exit 83 then two blocks east. Stop on out for photos with Santa on his Harley! Cost is $8 and you receive a photo CD with several poses on it so that you can reprint as many photos as you want! INFO (605) 3342721. Ceili Dance Program Sun, November 28 • 2-4pm Old Courthouse Museum 6th & Main Ceili (pronounced Kay-lee) is and Irish social dance. The dances are taught and moves called out, beginners are welcome. Free admission. INFO 367-4210.

For more info, visit www.BlackIncEvents.com

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Over 2,850 pounds of food were collected to help stock the Sioux Falls Food Pantry for the Winter.


2010 Lucky Grand Prize Winners Two $500 Riddle’s Gift Cards, $500 South Dakota Furniture Mart Gift Card, Trip for four to Orlando on Allegiant Air, Trip for four to Phoenix on Allegiant Air, $3500 StarMark Cabinetry Kitchen Island, $5000 Zoom Room Bed from Amazing Space Closets

Attend the 2011

October 14th & 15th, 2011

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Sandra & Tony Tiefenthaler Home

Showroom hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Our designer gallery features the finest selection of quality tile, marble, granite and limestone available from our resources... worldwide. Displays are constantly updated with quality products that will help inspire you to capture the look you have always dreamed of. M














The wholesale source for Dealers • Builders • Designers

it is shrouded by large trees, yet the longer you gaze at it, the more the quirks slowly begin to reveal themselves. The fiery-red front door and cobblestone sidewalk are just two details that


n a quiet cul-de-sac near Prairie Green Golf Course sits a two-story colonial-style home that belongs to Sandra and Tony Tiefenthaler. Upon first glance, the home is easy to miss as




1104 E. Jenny Circle BY ASHLEY SANDBORN

4015 S. Western Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Phone: (605) 336-1175 etc. for her | November 2010 23

instantly identify it as not-your-average-residence. However, details aside, the traditionalism of the colonial-style is what first appealed to the couple. “There are numerous different styles in Sioux Falls,” said Sandra. “But, we wanted a more traditional


an Old Fashioned Country Christmas

!"#$%%#&'(#)*++#,-).#).-/#&0 Choose and Cut Your Own Tree from Premium Trees including:

Fraser • Balsam • Scotch • White Pine • Black Hills • Colorado Blue • Meyer Spruce

!"#"$%&'(%)*+$*,% -.("#$/+#%0$1(*% 21(%2(*#.%3(*+$.#4% #3+5#%+6,%7(+2$#8

9*$%:1'(%;"7$'(*% <+=*6%3"$.%0+6$+% 16%)"#%0>*"5.%16% ?**=*6,#

style. More so, we wanted a 2-story home with 3 bedrooms on the upper level.” This was an important feature for the couple, who at the time had two of their children living with them. The 3,800 square-foot house was originally built in 1992.


or 605-310-6692 odsvista.com info@northwo odsvista.com wo rth no www.

!"#"!$"% &'() &"(%*+,% ,% !+-"#)


Gourmet kitchen • Laundry • Walk-in Steam Shower 2 Bedrooms • Patio with Firepit • Peace and Quiet


Open Nov. 20, 2010 – Dec. 18, 2010

Mon – Thurs, 2-5pm, Fri & Sat 10am – 5pm, Sun 12 – 5pm Open Thanksgiving Day 2pm – 5pm Just 16 miles south of Sioux Falls...From 57th Street & Highway 11, Go 7.9 miles south on Hwy 11 to Cty Rd. 116, 5 miles east on 116, 2 miles south on 122 (gravel) and 1 east to farm 48392 278th Street, Canton • (605) 987-5171

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Anniversaries | Girl’s Weekend | Family Time | Business Planning Retreat

However, the house didn’t really find its true owners until 1998 when the Tiefenthaler’s moved in as its forth owners in six years. In the past 12 years, the home has gone through some pretty significant transformations, beginning in the living room and

extending all the way through the main level. Major renovations have also been made to the bathroom, kitchen and family room. “When we first moved in to the house, all of the carpet and sinks were a country blue color,” said Sandra. “And as if that weren’t

You can have it all. Maybe you’ve seen your dream kitchen in a magazine and you filed the picture away, thinking it could never happen. Or maybe you’ve watched a before-and-after design show and wished you could transform your kitchen too! Did you know your dream kitchen is right here in Sioux Falls? And it’s more affordable than you think? Today’s StarMark is all about giving you the best quality and inspirational designs at affordable prices. Our custom built cabinetry is made of quality plywood, not cheap particle board. Soft close drawers are standard, not a spendy upgrade. It’s not just the best material. It’s about ideas, too. You can tap into the knowledge of StarMark’s designers any time. They are friendly professionals who are happy to visit your home and share ideas with you. You can have it all. The custom kitchen or bathroom of your dreams…on a budget.

600 E 48th Street North Sioux Falls SD Just east of the airport Doppler ball T 605.977.3660 / T 800.669.0087 www.starmarkcabinetry.com/athome/ Monday – Friday 8-5 Saturday and evenings by appointment

etc. for her | November 2010 25

University of Opportunity Since 1965, Colorado Technical University has been the university of choice for career-motivated students. Today, we have over 32,000 students in a wide range of Undergraduate and Graduate programs. CTU offers programs in the fields of Court Reporting, Health Sciences, as well as MBA programs in the fields of Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management and Project Management.



3901 W. 59th Street | Sioux Falls, SD 57108 CTU does not guarantee employment or salary. Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504) www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org. CEC2380983 90-25690 10/10

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horrible enough, all of the walls as well as a big jacuzzi tub in the bathroom were salmon pink.” Today, the home is decorated in rich earth tones that bring warmth to each room. The living room hosts a sofa, oversized chair, and round coffee table. It also features a piano and wooden wardrobe armoire that was purchased several years ago at Tony’s great aunt’s estate auction. “We’ve moved that armoire numerous times over the past few years,” said Sandra. “It’s gone from house to house, but it has always ended up in the garage because we could never find a place for it. Our interior designer, Deb (Bourne) discovered it hiding in our garage and insisted that we move it into the living room. The piano and armoire are both such cherished and beloved pieces of furniture to us. It’s been great because we’ve essentially developed the room around them.” The family room is positioned directly behind the living room, and its design aesthetic is equally both elegant and eclectic. It boasts deep plum-colored walls, a slate mosaic tile fireplace and plush furniture. The fireplace is shared with the family room, but features a different

etc. for her | November 2010 27

style of mantel on each side. The mantel in the living room has a more rustic appeal, whereas the more modern mantel in the family room adds drama and blends perfectly with the bold

colors and beautiful styling of the space. The kitchen features new light maple cabinets and a quaint granite island countertop. Part of the remodel project also


:15+;)0+8)+345%64785%69:< Anne Kunze holds an associate’s degree in accounting and is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree “one Tuesday at a time” through USF’s Degree Completion Program. This busy mother of two works full time but is able to balance classes and her life thanks to convenient scheduling and professors who are with her the whole way. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

USF’s Degree Completion Program offers: • Degrees in accounting, management and entrepreneurial studies • Convenient class schedules one evening per week, online and hybrid • Affordable costs per credit • Hands-on learning and real-world experience –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

For more information: usiouxfalls.edu/dcp 605-331-6735 dcp@usiouxfalls.edu


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2101 W 41ST ST. • SIOUX FALLS, SD • WESTERN MALL • 605/336-160 • MON-FRI 9AM-9PM, SAT 10AM-6PM, SUN 12PM-6PM

included adding a glass door that opens to the backyard. The door captures natural light that flows into the kitchen and family room, and gives the room an airy and open disposition. The

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formal dining room features an elegant classic wooden table that plays host to guests during the couple’s dinner parties. “We do a lot of entertaining, particularly in the dining room,” said

Sandra. “I enjoy dressing up the table for different occasions.” Between the kitchen and dining room, a staircase leads the way up to 3 spacious bedrooms, and the walls leading upstairs

are adorned with colorful artwork. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, a master bed and bath open up to your right, and is one of the true gems of the house. The walls are painted deep

Smaller Clinic+ Personal Care= HAPPY ! We’re smaller and take a more personal

approach to care to make sure you get all your questions answered. And then some. Why feel like a number when you can feel like family? It all leads to a happier you.

Center For Family Medicine

1115 East 20th Street • Sioux Falls

605.339.1783 • centerforfamilymed.org

etc. for her | November 2010 31





When you sign up for a Royal Rewards Card! *New or returning players. *Royal River Casino considers returning players anyone who has been absent from the property for more than 12 months. No cash value. EXPIRES 12/31/2010.

Management reserves all rights.

1.877.912.LUCK • FLANDREAU, SD www.royalrivercasino.com

The Great American Rebecca Wiener, CH Smokeout is SMOKEFREE, November 18th TOBACCOFREE

Are you ready?

in just ONE session. No Withdrawal and No Side Effects.

Completely personalized, private, and confidential.

Call for a free phone consultation. 3701 W. 49th St., Suite 203-C • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 605.940.8389 • www.healwithhypnosis.com follow us on Office Hours: By Appointment Only

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shades of red, green and blue. The colors add warmth to the rooms, as well as create a quiet and cozy nature. “All of the furniture and walls used to be light in the house,” said Sandra. “Once we told Deb (Bourne) what colors we liked, she didn’t forget. She really helped us with every aspect of the design of our home.” Over the last 12 years, the couple has transformed a typical home into their dream home with the help of a trusted designer. They’ve added splashes of bold colors to lackluster white walls, along with vibrant textiles to uninspiring furniture. In essence, they’ve managed to take a blank canvas and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.




Certificates Available

GET CHECKED. Heart Check $50

Including a Calcium Score CT – crucial to early detection of heart disease.

Vascular Check $50

Three tests – designed to detect the conditions of vascular disease.

Or get both Checks for $75

Call 1-877-AT-AVERA (1-877-282-8372)

GENOLA HEGGE GOT CHECKED. And though she showed no signs of heart or vascular disease, she did discover something important. PEACE OF MIND.


Shop early for best selection =djgh/ Bdc#"HVi# &%Vbº-eb Hjc# Cddcº*eb E]dcZ/ +%*"((*"&&(' ™ &%i] HigZZi &hi 6kZcjZ ;gZZ EVg`^c\ dc i]Z Hdji] h^YZ eVg`^c\ adi

Clothes • Jewelry • Gifts

Great Holiday Gifts


Historic Downtown 124 S. Phillips Ave

(605) 334-5795

Free Silver Bracelet with the purchase of

a decorative clasp

Available at:

Specializing in... • Fine Fashions for Women • Sportswear • Full line of BrightonŽ • Corelle Dolls • Little Girls Clothing & Gifts • Accessories and more!

216 S. PHILLIPS AVE. | 330-4002

For a limited time, purchase a decorative clasp and you will receive a free silver Trollbeads bracelet. These handcrafted German foxtail chains provide the perfect opportunity to begin a unique and modern charm bracelet. Choose from eleven exquisitely detailed, double-sided clasps. Visit TrollbeadsUS.com or your local retailer to design a bracelet.

126 S. Phillips Ave • 331-4700 www.holsenhus.com

w w w. DT S F. c o m



November 4-7

November 26th • 10am-3pm

Black Friday Frenzy!


(while they last)

December 2-5, 11 & 18


Jewellers 206 S. Phillips Avenue 338-7550 • raymondsjewellers.com Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm Open Thursday Until 8pm • Saturday 10am - 5pm Call for Extended Holiday Hours

East of the River on 8th Street,



Add a little to your winter. These beautiful white santas are just what your mantle needs.

Simply Perfect


8th & Railroad Center in Historic Downtown 401 E 8th St. Sioux Falls 338.3599

0$$12$3"45( 401 East 8th Street • Suite 105 Sioux Falls, SD (605) 367-9050

November 12–13

25% OFF STOREWIDE! Open Friday, 9am – 5pm • Saturday 10am – 4pm

401 East 8th Street


Open Mon–Fri 9–5, Sat 10–4 2007-2008


www.josephinesfloral.com Join us on facebook-Josephines Floral Designery



OXO Day with Tim Shea Mandoline Demonstration

Emile Henry Day with Kevin Smith Pizza on the brand new pizza stone

Saturday, November 13th 10 AM - 5 PM

Saturday, November 20th 10 AM - 2 PM

@ 8th & Railroad Center (formerly Kitchen Store on Tenth)

M-F 10-6, Saturday 10-4 335-1999 888-935-1999 (outside Sioux Falls)





Welcome to my world, where it’s all about color, texture, & fragrance.

w w w. DT S F. c o m

Black Friday



etc. for her | November 2010 37


s I celebrate my 7th year as a writer for etc. for her magazine, I still remember my very first article… it was all about Brunello di Montalcino, a wine that I believe is the best wine in the world. Since then, it seems like I always write about what wines pair well with Thanksgiving dinner for the November issue every year. By now, I’m pretty sure you all know that a riesling or gewürztraminer are good white wine choices as are a pinot noir for a light red or a good zinfandel for a heavy red. This year, let’s focus on the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday. It’s the craziest shopping day of the year, so here’s my crazy wine recommendation…box wine. After a day of indulgence, full of nap-inducing turkey and a couple of nice bottles of wine (ask your local wine store for some appropriate selections,) it’s time to gear up for Black Friday. Set your alarm clock, make sure you have your reams of ads organized, and pick up a box of wine. Crazy, I know. If you had told me seven years that I would be writing about box wine, I would have said, “You mean expensive wine that comes in a wooden box, right?”

Here are the ADVANTAGES to box wine. • STAYS FRESH LONGER. Because the wine is in a soft plastic pouch inside of a box, it doesn’t allow oxygen in – even after the box has been opened. So, you can enjoy a box wine for up to four weeks after opening the box as opposed to a day or two for a bottle. • CORKAGE ERADICATED. Corks in wine bottles from time to time cause something called “cork taint.” This is when the cork imparts off flavors and smells in the wine that aren’t detectable until the wine has been opened. This is attributable to a chemical called TCA, which is present in some corks and reacts with the wine. For very expensive bottles of wine, it is a huge disappointment to open it and discover the wine that you have stored so long is “corked” and undrinkable.


!"#"$%&'(% ')*&"$+,% -(.(/$0&(%&'(% 1$(*(#&,%

!"#$"$%&'%""()*&!"#"$%&'(#)&+$,%&-./0&1%10%"*2$34& 2%3"%4"*&%&"%5")#6 2%7)#(%*8$1$)*(*%9:;%&)<(*%1($%+(0$6% 2%=.(#&+%">%1($?*%@A)*4"8#&*B%C)>&*B%(D(#&*%E%<"$(F6 2%=)4?:81%0&%A(*)C#0&(A%G)"8H%I0..*%."40&)"#,

52#,6&(7/&*+,-(./($.0"$1.#88%,9%%*:&;%%&(7/&,%<8&(%#"= 0 2 3 3 . 4 2 5 67 . 8 9 . : . ; < < = > > ? = @ A ) B . : .CCCD-$%'$'"E"$$ FDG(H

38 nest |


• IMMEDIATELY DRINKABLE. While some wines in bottles need some age under them in order to soften the tannins and make them ready to drink, a boxed wine is always ready to drink. No aging is necessary.

Of course, with every list of advantages, there are always DISADVANTAGES. • NO AGING. The packaging doesn’t allow for aging of wines, so chances are investment-grade wines will never come in boxes.

• LESS EXPENSIVE. Boxed wine is generally cheaper than most brands of bottled wines, and if you find the right brand of boxed wine, it is also surprisingly high in quality.

• SHELF LIFE. The unopened shelf life of the box is shorter than bottled wines. Boxed wines lack the finesse and subtlety of a well-aged wine.

• CONVENIENCE. They travel well and you can use them for any occasion because they come in a sturdy, unbreakable box. • NO REFRIGERATION. Boxed wines don’t require refrigeration after you open them.

!"#"$%&'"(' )"(*"&+,-.

• REPUTATION. Boxed wines have earned the reputation as “cheap” and low quality. • UNROMANTIC. It somehow seems less romantic to whip out a box of wine and pour it from a spigot at a candle lit dinner than it does to uncork a bottle of wine.

bareMinerals by


THE BAREMINERALS EXPERTS Complimentary Make-Overs, No Appointment necessary.

Inside Taylor’s Pantry on the Corner of 41st & Minnesota



328 S. Phillips Avenue Downtown Sioux Falls 271.8480 Mon: 11am – 5pm Tues – Fri: 10am – 6pm Sat: 10am – 5pm

etc. for her | November 2010 39

-8242 (605) 335


2115 S. Minnesota Ave.


The Dance Line, Inc.


Activewear, Shoes, Accessories

One of the higher quality box wines that has been on the market for a while is Black Box. That’s right, I went there. Black Box on Black Friday. Years ago while traveling in Europe, Black Box founder Ryan Sproule was amazed at how many Europeans drank premium-quality box wines. They favored freshness, value, and convenience over tradition. By forgoing expensive bottles in favor of bag-in-a-box packaging, European vintners were providing their customers with better wines at better prices. When Ryan returned to the U.S., he was surprised there were no high-end box wines available. He decided to rectify the situation by establishing Black Box. In 2003, Black Box became the first U.S. vintner to offer super-premium, appellationspecific, vintage-dated wines in a box – wines whose last sip is reliably as good as the first. Black Box offers a full range of high end box wines crafted from grapes grown in the world’s best winegrowing regions.

Hours: Mon, Fri, Sat: 10am–5pm • Tues–Thurs: 10am–7pm

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Why put fine wine in a box? Box wine can offer superior quality, value, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Quality is assured by the bag-in-a-box packaging, which keeps the wines fresh for at least four weeks after opening, and because they’re not paying for expensive glass, they can offer you four bottles worth of fine wine for the cost of two. Box wine also is more convenient than bottled wine – lightweight, portable, and unbreakable – so you can enjoy a glass anytime, anywhere without having to worry about a corkscrew or breakage. This year for Black Friday, get really crazy (no, don’t camp out in the mall parking lot,) drink box wine! Then, on Red Saturday, uncork your favorite bottle of red to kick off the holiday season! Carpe Vino! Contact Riccardo at riccardot@westwardhocountryclub.com for all of your wine questions.

5.&*#6&7%)#89999999999)&#6&7%) :

!"#$%&'#(&'#)&#*+$"#,&-.#."*&/"0#1234 What will your new cabinetry say about you? Dakota Kitchen & Bath will help you make sure it’s the perfect statement. Because we are a true custom shop, our designers can help you think beyond the ordinary. Whether you have an idea or need an idea, let’s talk. We promise a beautiful outcome.



4101 N. Hainje Ave. Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104 www.dakotakitchen.com


Quick & Easy Holiday Treats BY JO MCCLURE It’s just about time to start thinking about all those special treats that you make for Christmas. I’m not going to spend lots of time in the kitchen this year, instead I’m going to share that time with my grandchild. These simple recipes will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones, and most of all, truly enjoy the holiday season.

Shoestring Potato Drops 1 cup chocolate chips 1 cup butterscotch chips 1 cup canned shoestring potatoes 1 cup dry roasted peanuts Melt the chips and stir in the shoestrings and peanuts. Drop onto waxed paper and chill until set.

Easy Mint Cookies

Chocolate Crinkles 1/2 cup cooking oil 4 squares of unsweetened chocolate, melted 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup powdered sugar In a large bowl, mix the oil, chocolate and sugar. Add one egg at a time until the dough is mixed well. Sift flour, baking powder and salt into the oil mixture and mix well. Chill 6 hours or overnight. Drop teaspoonfuls of dough into the powdered sugar. Roll in the sugar and shape into balls. Bake at 350˚ for 10 minutes. Please be careful not to overbake. Makes 5-6 dozen.

42 nest | RECIPES

1/2 baking chocolate, melted 2-3 drops peppermint extract 1 box butter flavored crackers Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler and add the peppermint. Dip the crackers and cool on waxed paper.

Rocky Road Fudge 12 oz. bag milk chocolate chips 1 can chocolate frosting 1 1/2 Tbsp milk 1 tsp vanilla 1 cup mini marshmallows 1/2 cup chopped nuts Foil line an 8x8 inch pan. Melt the chips and frosting in a double-boiler, add milk and vanilla and mix well. Add the marshmallows and nuts and pour in the pan. Chill for 3 hours.


5 Reasons

to use your dental insurance now! !"#$%&'#()*'+(#,*-.,&,!"#$%!&'(#!&')%*!#$+#!*',-!.%)#+/!0)(,-+)1%!2/+)!30//!2+* ! 4'-!*',-!.%)#+/!3'-5!+)),+//*6!,(,+//*!-%)%3(!%7%-*!*%+-!')!8+),+-*!9:!;4!*',!$+7%!,),(%. ! <%)%40#(=!#$%(%!30//!)'#!-'//'7%-:!

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

5701 S. Remington Place | Sioux Falls, SD 57108 | 605 323 1320 | www.becausesmilesmatter.com


International Company

Local Showroom — located near the Sioux Falls Regional Airport Shop in Our Beautiful Showroom Or Inquire About a Lucrative Career in Direct Sales

To learn more, please call Beth at

605.335.0602 708 EAST BENSON ROAD • SIOUX FALLS Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm


Giving Thanks A

h, Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on the things for which we are grateful. For a foodie, that means the places we find food – both prepared and in its natural state. I know our fair city is a treasure trove of good eats. Here are just a few tastes that I am thankful for, categorized for your convenience. Procurement I often hear people complain that we don’t have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s, and I know a lot of people who wouldn’t make a trip to Minneapolis or Omaha without a cooler in the car for a stop at one or the other. I am guilty of that. In fact, my beloved and I have been known to jump in the car on Saturday morning and head to Omaha just to stock up at Whole Foods. But even without those big names, we’ve got some darn good shops here in town. No, you can’t get a case of Two-Buck Chuck merlot ($2.99 in Minnesota), but your palette will appreciate a $10 bottle way more anyway. I know I’ve said this before but, I love farmer’s markets and Sioux Falls has several of them scattered all over town. I’m


partial to the one at Falls Park, but they are all good. I wish we could keep them open all year long, but then we might not appreciate them as much as we do. A few smart restaurants count on farmer’s market goodies for their menu like the annual Tomato Fest at Spezia and the zucchini bread at Queen City Bakery. I love that focus on fresh local ingredients. In addition to the mega-marts, Sioux Falls has a bunch of specialty shops with just about everything. Looking for a great meat market? Check. How about a bakery specializing in artisan breads? Check. Ethnic shops and health food stores? Yep. All under one roof like a Whole Foods? No, but it’s worth a little driving around the city to create your own collection. Restaurant Gems A few weeks ago I met a friend for lunch at the venerable Minerva’s on Phillips. As we sat down, my friend didn’t even pick up the menu. He knew what he was going to order the minute we decided on a place eat. That’s the thing about places

for Good Eats BY JIM MATHIS that have been reliable and unchanged for years, you find your favorite and you always know it will be there. On the other end of that spectrum, is the ever-changing menu at K (8th & Railroad). Kara and I eat there a couple of times a month and we never know what we’re going to eat. The dinner menu is different each week, and we, along with the other regulars, get to explore new treats on every visit. Always surprising, never disappointing. There are plenty of places to get a sandwich, but there is only one Whiffer’s. This tiny place on North Minnesota serves fresh made sandwiches, hand made by Whiffer herself. And, man, does she pile on the meat. I don’t think I could recreate a Whifferdill or El Gordito at home for the small price she charges. Even if I could, I would miss out on Whiffer, and without her, it just wouldn’t be the same. Sioux Falls is home to a growing and ever-changing landscape of ethnic foods. From middle-Eastern to Mexican to oriental to Ethiopian, there are a lot of options. But the one thing they have

in common is they are family owned and everything on the menu (whether I can pronounce it or not) is prepared with love. For the combination of variety and flavor, ethnic eateries deserve a spot on the list. Things You Should Try (And You Probably Haven’t) The lamb merguez sausage at Parker’s is great, but what’s not to love? It combines two of my favorite things, lamb and sausage in one savory bite. If you don’t think you like lamb, try this. It seems like sliders are everywhere, and most of the time they are just dried-out, over-cooked tiny hamburgers. Not at Johnny Carino’s, and even if you eat there often, I’ll bet you haven’t tried them. They are hidden on the bar menu, so if you’re anywhere else in the restaurant, you’ll have to ask for them. They offer Italian sausage, meatball or chicken parmigiana. Skip dessert and start with an order of these instead. A good friend swears by the buffalo tenderloin at Wild Sage, and I agree it is darn good. But I had the elk Bolognese on a


Sunday, November 7, 2010 • 1-4 p.m. Avera Cancer Institute • Prairie Center • 1000 E 23rd Street • Sioux Falls, SD 57105 See first hand how the Avera Cancer Institute and the Avera Surgery Center are using state-of-the-art services and equipment to provide the highest level of cancer care to build hope for those with cancer. From diagnosis and treatment to survivorship and beyond, the Avera Cancer Institute is truly providing world-class cancer care for the Sioux Falls region.


etc. for her | November 2010 45

recent visit and it was outstanding. On our next trip, Kara had the elk and while I enjoyed my buffalo; I was a little jealous. The beef jerky at Look’s will change your opinion about beef jerky. This is not the over-processed, over-seasoned, pressed and formed meat by-product that you get at the C-store. It’s made from beef, real beef, it still looks like beef and it tastes like beef. Trust me, I know it sounds crazy to go out of your way for a piece of jerky, but it is that good. Al Fresco Dining A few years ago if you wanted to eat outside a restaurant, it seemed like the concrete picnic tables at Nick’s Gyros were your only choice, but now the options seem endless. You can choose bustling downtown spots like Mama’s Ladas (which is also dogfriendly) or Kaladi’s or quiet and secluded like Carino’s and Wild Sage. You can get a chili dog at the B&G Milky Way or duck on a white tablecloth at Parker’s. Find an urban time-machine at the Diner or an island oasis at Bracco, where the expansive patio

is the place to see and be seen and offers more tropical drinks than a Sandals resort. We can’t eat outdoors all year long, so we hearty South Dakotans make good use of these spots in the warmer months. Are there some things I’d like to have in Sioux Falls? Sure, I would love to see Trader Joe’s move into the old brew-pub building at 5th and Phillips. And it would be nice to get a better selection of fresh seafood, either at a restaurant or a shop. I would also like a good tapas restaurant and a gastropub. Maybe those will come when the events center is built downtown, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. For now, let us be thankful for the bounty of good eats Sioux Falls has to offer. Do yourself a favor, eat something good today. When he’s not cooking at home or eating at a local restaurant, Jim runs ADwërks, an ad agency in downtown Sioux Falls.

Do something nice for yourself during the holiday season BOTOX®, Restylane, Radiesse & Juvéderm™ Injections, Lasers for Brown & Age Spots, Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal & Veins, Facial Peels, Microdermabrasion, Medical Strength Skin Care Products, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Facelifts, Threadlift, Ear Surgery, Chin Surgery, Abdominoplasty, Thermage, Eyelid Surgery, Liposuction for Body Contouring, Nose Surgery Including Breathing Problems

Professionals In The Appearance Of The Human Body

VAUGHN H. MEYER, MD, FACS** | L. PATRICK MILLER, MD* | J. ANTHONY BREIT, M.D.** 911 E. 20TH ST., SIOUX FALLS | 800-666-3349, 605-335-3349 | www.plasticsurgeryassociatesofsd.com **Certified Am Board of Plastic Surgery and Am Board of Surgery, *Certified Am Board of Plastic Surgery.



Spezia & Bracco Restaurant Gift Cards PERFECT FOR ~ Employees, business appreciation, family, friends, volunteers, pastors, teachers, special thanks, etc.

SPEZIA • 57TH & LOUISE, SIOUX FALLS, SD • 605-334-7491 www.SpeziaRestaurant.com SPEZIA–OMAHA • 3125 S. 72ND ST., OMAHA, NE • 402-391-2950 BRACCO • 57TH & WESTERN, SIOUX FALLS, SD • 605-338-4386 www.BraccoRestaurant.com BRACCO–OKOBOJI • BRIDGES BAY RESORT, EAST LAKE OKOBOJI, IA 712-332-7900



+,-&./012-3&45&$65,&75/--5 $65,&8&9-35-/:&;<-:=70>=?&@4AA3B&7C DDDE/40::34A>:EF>G

Weight Loss • Muscle Building • Vitamins Open M-F 10a, - 9pm, Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 12-6pm 57th Street & Western Avenue • The Bridges at 57th (605) 274-7FIT • www.completenutrition.com


SHOP NOW ONLINE… FREE SHIPPING! This Fall is all about creating looks that are distinctly you. Tote-ally Gorgeous has the essential pieces every women should have for this season and beyond.

:#+;#1<=$ >1)#<*

COME AND SEE THE NEW AND EXCITING FALL LOOKS. !"#$%&'()#*$+,$-.,"$/$0#*,#&1


SHOP TOTE-ALLY GORGEOUS NOW! www.toteallygorgeous.com

The Bridges at 57th & Western, Sioux Falls • (605) 274-3500

HOURS: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 12 pm – 4 pm

:32:&!;&-%!"%$+&4<%;&!(0"%&2=3 !0#(>&/4??!,&!.&:923@ 63:;A62;BCCB !"#$%&'#($!) *#+,&-%.,&/$0&1&234*567*& "(%!&8&"'($!&234*597*&1&!4"&234*5:7*


Day Neighborhood rT13oy Store Saturday, Novembe Stop and see the ASTRA Top Toys for Kids 2010 Prizes, Treats, and More!

TOYS FOR BOYS • GIRLS • INFANTS Bridges at 57th & Western Ave. | Sioux Falls | (605) 334-4825 Mon–Fri 10am – 8pm | Sat 10am – 6pm | Sun 12pm – 5pm www.kidtopiakids.com | We’re on facebook


Give Thanks,

Give Back to Mother Earth BY BRIANNA COCHRAN

South Western Dental is pleased to introduce

Dr. Alicia Hansen as the newest member of their team. Dr. Hansen joins us after attending Augustana College in Sioux Falls, and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Following graduation, she spent 4 years serving as a dentist in the United States Army. Enthusiastic and committed to your health, Dr. Hansen provides friendly, customized dental care.

“I love helping people feel better about their smiles.�

Dr. Tom Weisbecker | Dr. Tim Berger | Dr. Jon Ellenbecker | Dr. Alicia Hansen

5201 S Western Ave | Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 339-2200 | www.smilesbyswdental.com

Get the smile

of your dreams and the care you deserve at South Western Dental.

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his month we gather to celebrate tradition, food, family and, of course, giving thanks. Don’t let thankfulness become just another chore like basting the turkey or popping the cranberry sauce out of the can. While the ugly parts of our lives sometimes feel overwhelming — bills, work, family stresses, those 10 pounds you can’t shake — this year give thanks for the basic necessities: clean, safe air and water. Many around the world don’t have access to what we often take for granted. We all share this planet, so give thanks this year by learning and giving to make our planet cleaner and safer. Mother Earth will be so appreciative. Since Thanksgiving revolves around food, imagine if cooking your meal posed a danger to the air we breathe. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is bringing this issue to light: nearly 3 billion people use polluting stoves or open flames to cook meals, often in unventilated kitchens. The Alliance is working to reach its goal of helping 100 million homes adopt clean cook stoves and fuel by 2020. You can help by visiting cleancookstoves.org Who knew the simple act of cooking dinner could actually

lead to disease, pollution and deforestation? According to Treeswaterpeople.org, the effects of carbon dioxide, soot and greenhouse gases released from wood burning fires are equivalent to smoking 5 packs of cigarettes per day. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 2 million deaths are caused each year by the exposure to this toxic smoke(epa.gov/iaq/pcia). So, be thankful for the air you breathe even if that kitchen remodel has to wait. Breathe deeply knowing that the American Lung Association has rated Sioux Falls among “The Cleanest Cities for Ozone Air Pollution” (stateoftheair.org). When we wash down our Thanksgiving meal, we won’t worry that our water contains E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, or cholera bacteria. According to charitywater.org 1 in 8 of us on the planet doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation cause 80% of disease, putting children at the greatest risk. One hundred percent of donations to Charity: Water help fund water projects around the world. Water is connected to development and health issues. Pam Plasier of Tea, SD founded Mission Haiti to help improve

Coming home for the holidays can really put things in perspective. Especially signs that mom or dad may not being doing as well as you thought, in their own home. If you find yourself asking the following questions, the holidays may be a good time to talk with your family: !""Is

Mom taking her medications? Dad been forgetting things on the stove? !""What would happen if they fell? !""What can you do today to help make their home a safer environment? !""Has

Avera Prince of Peace is here to answer your questions, share tips on improving home safety, and to aid you in preserving your loved ones’ independence as their needs change.

To ask your questions, call (605) 322-5600 or visit www.AveraPrinceofPeace.org etc. for her | November 2010 51

basic living conditions. What did she find on her first trip to Haiti in 1995? “Poverty like I’d never seen; the stress of parents watching their children live with no access to medical care, school or food.” While these problems still persist, Mission Haiti is making a difference. Focusing mainly on orphan ministry and education for all ages, they are also involved in agriculture, employment, and sending medical teams. According to Pam, water is so important; she has seen children with diarrhea and vomiting due to lack of clean water. Often Haitians must walk for miles for clean water, exposing themselves to parasites on the journey. Visit mission-haiti.org to find out how you can contribute to this local, 100% volunteer organization such as sponsoring a child for school, giving them access to a hot meal, medical attention and ultimately an opportunity. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) offers more ways to help. UNICEF’s WASH Program works to improve water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities worldwide. Not only an environmental and health issue, it’s

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also a social issue: many, usually women and girls, are denied education because schools lack private, decent sanitation facilities and they are usually chosen to spend hours per day fetching water(unicef.org/wash/). Also visit Tapproject.org and click on “Donate” to read this message: “help UNICEF put an end to preventable deaths of children due to lack of clean water.” Ask restaurants to get involved during World Water Week 2011, March 20-26, when patrons can donate $1 for tap water that is usually free. As part of the world community, we have a responsibility to know what’s going on and do what we can. Give what you can, and also take care of the resources that we have. Remember air pollution is on the rise even in America and water availability is becoming an issue in western states. Mother Earth needs our help near and far, so give her a reason to say “Thank you.” Thanksgiving is about coming together as a larger community of different cities, villages, traditions and cultures just like that first feast in Plymouth.

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Poisonous Fruit of Jack in the Pulpit

From complicated patient to biggest fan. Dr. Matthew Casey told Angie Holz of Larchwood, Iowa she had one of the most complicated cases of varicose veins he’d seen. He also told her Veradia Vein Center could take care of the veins, the blood clots and the pain for good. Following her procedures, Angie is pain-free and wearing shorts for the first time years.

Angie was dealing with severe varicose veins and blood clots that got worse after each pregnancy. Her treatment ’ve always been a prairie kind of a guy,” Jeff Scherschligt I couldn’t help but think of a phrase from Cather’s requiredWilla a combination of novel, told me as we walked the prairie at CherapaFor Place. My Antonia, she described the laser prairie: “…ambulatory and there was ablation, more information, visit when veradiacenter.com phlebotomy and sclerotherapy. It happened to be one of those chilly, windy days in early so much motion in it; the whole country seemed, somehow, to or call 605-338-9740 today. Most cases aren’t this severe, September that bears the message of what is to come. The be running.” but if it’s necessary, Veradia VeinCherapa Center hasPlace the expertise thirty-knot wind grabbed shocks of big bluestems and switch When passing by plants that border the property, and technology available grasses and thrashed them over Earth’s arched back with a you first notice common plants like ‘Karl Foerster’ grasses and right here.


splendid kinetic energy. It seemed the plants were bent to heave themselves free of their concrete barriers, curbs and sidewalks.

‘Stella de Oro’ daylilies. There is purpose to this landscape plan Matthew Casey developed by Chad Kucker, landscape Dr. architect with Confluence.

6001 S. Sharon Ave. Suite #5 | Sioux Falls, SD 57108

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Veradia Vein Center


ho doesn’t thrill at the coloring of leaves, the phantasmagoria of autumn? Sanguine fruit and foliage are magnetic, their reds easily spotted among duller foliage and bare branches: • Quick-to-color Ohio buckeye leaves were the first to flutter down like tongues of red-orange shoe leather. • The fiery burning bush branded itself into our memory; we never forget it. • There was the elegant mahogany of viburnum and dogwood, slow burn of red oak, and red-orange mingle of maple. • Even perennial leaves, like those of true Geranium, added to the reddish glow. • Jack in the pulpit’s glossy red seed clusters developed on the “Jack” or preacher part of the inflorescence, the pulpit long since withered. The plant both compels and repels once I learned that wildlife avoid its conspicuous, yet poisonous red fruit. • On the star magnolia tree, plump red-orange seeds tipped branches like taillights, and when they dropped to the ground, were hell’s embers on dry mulch.

But now —after the late-fall felling of an old crabapple tree — regret has replaced sanguinity. So why did we finally do it — chop down that tree when it was heavy with brilliant red fruit? We had planted the ‘Red Splendor’ crab thirty years ago when we first moved into our home, and it gradually filled the space over the driveway. It lived up to its reputation of disease-resistant foliage and small red apples that would cling to the branches throughout winter. However, even though the marble-sized orbs wouldn’t fall on their own, half-eaten ones would dribble from small beaks and slippery paws, creating an unanticipated mess on the driveway. I didn’t notice that the robins flew from the tree canopy as the arborist climbed up into it and secured his safety lines. A quick flick of his right arm brought his power saw to life, and in less than an hour, thick limbs made a high pile on the concrete below. Thousands of gem-like crabapples hit the concrete with gentle hollow thunks, bounced a bit, and then rolled together to form a red rumpled sheet. Before we could sing, “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing; Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago…



236 S. Main Avenue


M–F 9am – 5:30pm, Sat 9am – 1pm 6100 W. 41st St. | www.visionaryeyeclinic.com | 605.940.6200


etc. for her | November 2010 55

Chopping down ‘Red Splendor’

TA H I T I A N J E L LY B E A N S b y M I C H E L E ! " # $ % &'( ) &# # *'( + ,- *

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LAWN & GARDEN MCW3061 MW Diamond Room magazine ad DUE 10_14_10 URGENT TRIM: 7.25” x 4.5”, BLEED: .25”

When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?” the gaping mouth of a large chipper/shredder had ground up all those years of crabapple xylem. Where before there was a shady hollow, now light-filled space took over. I went in and out of the house all morning, repeatedly crushing the red fruit underfoot, and pondered the sudden clearing — a welcomed sunlit opening in a too-shady yard, and began plans for the bright future. At first I thought, Hardy shrub roses would be nice, or something evergreen, or focal point shrubs in gold or purple. But then — the robins flew back. They circled the now-empty air space then perched on the adjacent spruce to collect their bearings, all the while barraging us in unison with shrill, onenote chirps. Were they voicing surprise, bewilderment, or anger, or were they just plain cursing? In our myopic haste we hadn’t even considered the beasts and we’d bilked them of their food supply. That tree had fed thousands of critters over three decades. Generations had depended on it to fatten up for winter — the squirrels — or prepare for long migrations — the robins. Dozens of robins would work the tree

together late into the fall, sanguine breasts blending with the fruit, and a squirrel or two were often up in the tree nibbling away. Honestly, that same morning, after the tree was gone, one squirrel scurried up on the low wall located beneath the former crabapple ceiling. He stood on hind legs and stretched to full height. Then he pawed the air, looked straight above him while turning completely around, a pirouette. You could almost hear his brain working, puzzled, What the heck, where did it go?! I was disappointment in myself for not waiting until spring to take out the crabapple tree and like a haphazard, careless mini god, managing environment thoughtlessly. For all my declarations of esteem toward nature, I am no less cavalier in my whims than the rest of humanity. So how will I make it up to the animals? Perhaps I should call around and see if I can order another ‘Red Splendor’ crabapple tree.

(If we could just talk to the animals, what a lovely place this world would be.)

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Primrose! Assisted Living Apartments Now Available! Find everything you need to enjoy your retirement in style with Primrose Retirement Communities. Play a game of pool, enjoy dinner with your neighbors and let Primrose provide a relaxed atmosphere for you, your family and your friends. Call Melissa or Jessi at 605-334-9100 for more information and discover why we say... ® ®

7400 S. Louise Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD PrimroseRetirement.com



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Fabulous Finds

Motawi Tileworks’ Wood Duck

The Warmth of Fall

Let Young & Richards make a custom arrangement for you. You choose the size and colors. Add the warmth of Fall to your home. 236 S. Main Ave. (605) 336-2815.

Motawi’s bulb glazers carefully fill each pool of the design with glaze. From the blues and greens in its crested crown to the distinctive plumage in its tail feathers, this design lends itself beautifully to the Cuenca style tile making process. Available at Artisan House Galleries, Downtown 229 S. Phillips Ave. 605-373-0700.

Peeper Keepers

Holiday Dazzle

Choose from Lillian’s large selection of bags, wallets & clutches and add some dazzle to your holidays. Shown $12 - $36 at Lillian’s. Open Nov. 4 - 7 and Nov. 26. 311 S. Phillips Ave. 275-5720.

Keep these sunglasses or readers in place with a playful mix of sophistication and glamour. $38 each. Comes with chain, a charm and case. Go Casual. 124 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 334-5795.

Baby Car Seat Covers ‘Tis the Season

Reed & Barton musical snowglobes and silverplate tarnish resistant ornaments are timeless Christmas gifts. Enjoy with your family from year to year. $20 - $55 shown. Raymond’s Jewellers. 206 S. Phillips. 338-7550.

Simple, Stylish, Feminine

Unique wrap watches — inspired by adventure. Each is a piece of art and assembled in the U.S. Find the perfect one to represent you. Prices vary. Hip Chic Boutique. 328 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 271-8480.

Protect your baby with style this winter! These fun fleece covers fit over all standard-size car seats. Available in five prints. $64.00 each at Cutie Pie Belly & Baby Boutique 225 S. Phillips Ave. 271-2781.

Dance Totes

Send your dancer to class with this adorable tap & ballet bag. Just $25 at The Dance Line. 2115 S. Minnesota Ave. 335-8242.

Cozy & Cute Wrap Up

Wrap up in this super soft fly-away cardigan with oversized ruffle and pointelle detailing. Wear open, pinned or belted. Several colors. Just $79 each at Tote-ally Gorgeous. 57th & Western. 274-3500.

Keep your little one warm in these cozy & cute fleece jacket & hat sets. Five designs to choose from. Sizes 6 mos. - 24 mos. Jacket $64, hat $30 at Forget Me Not Gift Boutique. 57th & Western. 335-9878.

Want Curls?

The Amarra Diamond!

See Riddle’s newest diamond exclusive – The Amarra Diamond! Stunning cushion cut diamonds in the contemporary princess cut shape. Riddle’s Jewelry – The Galleria at 41st - 361-0911.

Gift from the Heart

You’ve Been Framed can create a family heirloom from your favorite things — or give a gift from the heart and have it created with their favorite things. You’ve Been Framed. 57th & Western. 361-9229.

Maximum Strength Fat Burner

Reveal’s New! Maximum Strength fat burner will rev up your energy & metabolism, revitalize your sleep, block stress and eliminate stubborn fat. 2 month supply just $209 or get started for as low as $49.99 at Complete Nutrition. 57th & Western. 274-7348.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Your wedding gown can last as long as the memory if it is cleaned and heirloomed. MENTION THIS AD AND RECEIVE $10 OFF your preservation at The French Door. 4819 S. Louise Avenue. 332-8841.

Keep curls together regardless of heat or humidity with flexible durable hold. Shampoo, conditioner, holding foam and more — available at Rainn Salon. 57th & Western. 521-5099.

Fanciful Fall Designs

Visit The Flower Shop at 57th & Western or www.flowershopsiouxfalls.com for more fall fun!”

Wonderfully Warm

Snuggle up this winter in Posh’s selection of warm and fuzzy gloves, hats and scarves. Shown $19 - $35 at Posh Boutique. 57th & Western. 271-2164.


Celebrate the holidays in style! AMaVo has doubled their selection of party dresses. Stop in to find your’s today. 57th & Louise. 274-8674.

Breakfast at The Bakery!

Enjoy breakfast from The Bakery, made fresh each morning. Choose from cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, sweet rolls, donuts, scones, muffins, twists and more! Open for breakfast at 7am, Monday-Saturday. Delivery available. Start your day right, with breakfast from The Bakery on 41st. 2214 West 41st St. 332-6889.

Stand Out!

Stand out from the crowd with this beautifully unique and colorful felted wool bag. You won’t see any others like it! From $45 at Susanne’s on Phillips. 216 S. Phillips Ave. 330-4002.

Fresh Cornucopia

Have Josephine’s create a fresh cornucopia to adorn your Thanksgiving table. Starting at just $50 at Josephine’s Floral Design. 401 E. 8th St. 338-9290.

Toasty Piggies

Keep their piggies toasty warm as the weather gets colder! Choose from several styles for girls and boys. Stride Rite. 2425 S. Shirley Ave. (605) 362-7728.

Custom Carved Snowman

These custom carved snowmen (comes with night light kit) would make wonderful holiday gifts or decor for your home. Paint as you desire. Large snowman (15” tall) $60 - includes personalizing, painting, glazing, firing and night light kit. Color Me Mine. 3709 W. 41st St. 362-6055.

Brothers & Sisters

Celebrate the joy of siblings with these delightful and heartfelt Brother & Sister wooden plaques. $32.99 each at Kids Stuff Superstore. 3109 S. Carolyn Ave. 361-8636.

Little Red Dress

Spice up your holiday parties in this little red dress! ‘Tis the season. $296 at Interlude Bridal. 2425 S. Shirley Ave. 323-2210.

Best Toys for Kids

Come see the Best Toys for Kids for 2010 (as ranked as ASTRA) at Neighborhood Toy Store Day, November 13. Kick off the holiday season and see what’s on Santa’s list. playmobil furnished school building $189.99 at Child’s Play Toys. 233 S. Phillips Ave. (605) 274-8697.

Take Flight

Let your little Maverick take flight in this Aviator jacket by Alpha Industries. As he soars through the crowd, all eyes are for sure to be on him! Past, present, and future, there is only one Alpha; found at Sprout! Alpha jacket size 2T-6 Brown and Orange $87.50, Morfs sock monkey shirt $55.00, Appaman jean 2T-4T $70.00. Sprout. 2425 S. Shirley Ave. 271-2999.

Fresh, Fast, Flavorful

Fresh, fast, & flavorful is what you’ll get when Mixed caters your next event! We specialize in savory salads, wraps, and paninis. Mixed also delivers. 2604 S. Louise Ave. (across from Home Depot) 271-2161. www.mixedgogreen.com

Celebrate this Season! Celebrate Fall with this beautiful and colorful autumn flag. And, at just $18.50 each, get one for every season! Oak Ridge Nursery. 2217 S. Splitrock Blvd. Brandon, (605) 582-6565.

Bold & Modern

The biggest trend in jewelry — high polished ultra modern and casually cool. Each piece $39.99 at Fifth Avenue Collection. 708 E. Benson Rd. 335-0602.

A is for Apple Cider

Delicious apple cider from Hebda Farms in South Dakota. Enjoy plain or caramel flavor. Kaladi’s. 10th & Phillips, 977-0888 or 26th & Minnesota, 339-3322.

Style and Function

Add one or two of these charming rooster lamps to your home. Pretty Please Boutique is now open in downtown Dell Rapids. Discover gift and home accents not found anywhere else. $90 each. 336 E. 4th St., Dell Rapids (605)428-4244. www.prettypleasesd.com

School Spirit

Shop for new and used textbooks, as well as USF-themed gifts and apparel. Prices vary. University of Sioux Falls. 1101 W. 22nd St. 331-5000, usiouxfalls.edu

Grateful Bread

Celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey shaped bread from Breadsmith. Advance orders appreciated. 609 W. 33rd St., 338-1338 or 26th & Marion, 276-2338.

Blockhead Bookends These sturdy blockhead bookends will hold up your books with a touch of whimsy. Polished iron on a granite base. $199 set at Twetten’s. 26th & Minnesota. 275-3456.

Treasured Islands Top ASTRA Toy Pick!

Stop to see the rest of the 2010 top toys as chosen by ASTRA at Kidtopia. Shown is Magformers — one of the top picks — your kids will love to design and build their own carnival thrill rides! Kidtopia, 57th & Western. 334-4825.

Give your kitchen extra counterspace and storage, without the expense of a full renovation. Stop at StarMark Cabinetry and choose your wood design and color today. StarMark Cabinetry. 600 E. 48th St. North. 336-5595.

Intro to Letters

Now available as a Universal App for iPad & iPhone, Intro to Letters brings the alphabet to your child’s fingertips as they learn to trace, read, write and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms. www.montessorium.com

Treats To Go!

The Cookie Jar carries a huge variety of all your favorites. Pick up a piece of homemade cake or pie today. You can also find bars, cookies, rolls, and lunch too. The Cookie Jar, 125 W. 10th St. (605) 978-0991. Free delivery in Sioux Falls for orders over $30.

Beautify and Accessorize

Each Consuela item is handcrafted out of heavy wood and embellished with aged metal adornments. These unique pieces are available at Simply Perfect. 8th & Railroad Center. 401 E 8th St. 338-3599.

Cute and Cuddly

Kids & Kaboodle is ready for winter — are you? Cold weather gear and clothing arriving daily. Outfit your little one with one of these quality items shown. Columbia snowsuit $16, Old Navy infant snowsuit $6, Snow boots $5. Kids & Kaboodle. 1700 W. 33rd St. 334-6940.

Classy and Clever

Plum’s Cooking Co. specializes in quality kitchen tools at affordable prices. Pick up one these fun finds! Happi brand 4x6 Recipe Book with recipe cards $19.99. BIA 86 ounce Oval Wavy Bakeware $24.99. Ganz Kissing Frog magnetic salt & pepper shakers $12.99. 401 E. 8th St. 335-1999.

A Love to Create

O&X is steered by a visionary that loves to create. This love to create is a passion challenged and focused on creating eyewear that is unique, sophisticated, and a luxury to possess. Find it at Visionary Eye Clinic. 6100 W 41st St. (605) 940-6200.

Savory Fall Harvest Galette

Flaky pastry baked with roasted butternut squash, shitake mushrooms, bacon, smoked gouda and aged white cheddar...start your evening at Wild Sage Grille with this tantalizing appetizer. MondaySaturday, Lunch 11-2pm and Dinner 5-9pm. 300 N. Cherapa Place. (605) 274-1667.

Gift from the Heart

Give a gift from the heart, with a Planet Heart gift certificate to Avera Heart Hospital for a cardiovascular assessment. Avera Heart Hospital. 4500 W. 69th. (605) 977-7000.

Echoes of November

Follow the life and times of Senator R. F. Pettigrew of South Dakota through the years of his youth, his political career and other business adventures, until the time of his death to learn about a character to whom Sioux Falls owes much credit. This biography is by Wayne Fanebust, a South Dakota native. These publications and more can be purchased at the Old Courthouse Museum Store. 200 West 6th Street. (605) 367-4210.

Prairie Berry’s Pumpkin Bog

First made in 2001, this wine quickly became a holiday favorite! It is a delightful rosé wine made from South Dakota grown pumpkins and tart red cranberries. This year’s vintage features art by regional painter, Bonnie HalseyDutton. Available at 10 area wine retailers!

Ring – a – ding….. BLING!

This incredible ring features kite set princess cut diamonds with a beautiful border of round brilliant cut diamonds on each side of the ring. Available in various sizes. Prices vary. The Diamond Room. 3501 W. 57th St. 362-0008.

A Dream

Calaisio’s dream is to bring the world hand-woven products of timeless design, quality and durability. Artisans who reside and work in remote villages in the South Pacific, hand-make each of the products in this collection. Prices begin at $14.99. GoodSpirits Fine Wine & Liquor. 41st & Minnesota. (605) 339-1500.

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Patagonia Special Edition Down Sweater

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Barbara’s Needlepoint at 8th and Railroad carries canvases and fibers, and will complete your project with finishing services. Stitch memories now to be enjoyed for years to come! 401 E. 8th St. 367-9050.

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Burlington! "#$%#&'! ()'* BY JESSICA GUNDERSON


urlington is the heart and soul of Vermont, it’s the state’s largest and most populated city. The city is often referred to as the “Queen of Lake Champlain” because of its unique location on the eastern shores of magnificent Lake Champlain

bordering the edge of the Adirondack Park. Burlington offers beautiful waterfront featuring nine miles of spectacular biking and walking trails overlooking the waters of Lake Champlain toward upstate New York and the peaks of the Adirondacks.

etc. for her | November 2010 65

Because of this, Burlington has rightly gained a reputation as a great outdoor getaway. Visitors and residents can enjoy swimming, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and water sports during the warm months, and snow skiing, snowboarding,

66 mind – body – spirit |


snow shoeing, and winter sports in the nearby Green Mountains during the cold months. The ski resorts of Jay Peak, Smuggler’s Notch, Stratton, Killington, and Sugarbush offer a multitude of excellent winter activities.

Like most of Vermont, Burlington is known for its quaint New England scenery, with rolling tree-covered hills dotted with tallsteepled churches and unique homes — especially breathtaking in the fall. With its quintessential charm, pristine settings, and

architectural beauty, Burlington is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in the United States. Historic Church Street is home to a four block pedestrian mall called Church Street Marketplace, where live street entertainment and eateries enhance



If you need an MRI, ask your doctor which facility provides the best images. Which facility uses subspecialized radiologists to read your scan and guide your diagnosis.

And which offers open, upright equipment to reduce that confined feeling and increase your comfort. Ask your doctor about /PEN 5PRIGHT -2) OF 3OUTH $Akota.

7 16 E a s t 19 t h S t r e e t , S i o u x F A L L S s / 0 % . 6 s W W w ./ P E N 5 P R I G H T - 2 ) .c o m

etc. for her | November 2010 67

Home Accent & Gift Shop !"#$%&"'()*+" !",)$+-.$/"012-3 !"4-*)"522).(+ !"6)7)/3& !"4$.8%$9+ !",23$:%--;",<::/=)+ !">=?(+">$/-3)@

336 E. 4th Street, Dell Rapids Open Tues–Fri 11am–5:30pm, Sat 11am–3pm 605.428.4244 ~ See us on Facebook www.prettypleasesd.com Zoo Boo: Photo courtesy of Great Plains Zoo

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the senses with year-round shopping, dining, and attractions. Beautiful Burlington is also host to a multitude of music festivals and fairs, including the Champlain Valley Folk Festival, Burlington Discover Jazz Fest, and Vermont International Film Festival. History buffs can spend hours investigating the Native American, French and British heritage of the area and viewing such sites as Battery Park, which played a crucial part in the War of 1812. Numerous museums and landmarks call Burlington home, including the Shelburne Museum & Farm, Ethan Allen Homestead, the Green Mountain Cemetery, and various monuments around town. With at least five colleges, including the University of Vermont, Burlington offers a steady blend of sophisticated visual, performing, and fine arts. The Flynn Theatre offers everything from contemporary dance and jazz to Broadway favorites. Sightseeing opportunities in Burlington are also plentiful and diverse. Spend a day taking a scenic drive on one of the area’s beautiful byways, back-ways, or historical routes exploring a plethora of wildlife and scenery. There are sightseeing tour companies operating within Burlington and the surrounding area offering guided tours of Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains, the Adirondacks, and the city itself. Take an overnight vacation cruise on Lake Champlain aboard the Moonlight Lady, replicating a 1920s era plum stern inland waterways cruiser. Featuring 8 cabins each with twin beds, private baths and expansive windows, the 65-foot Moonlight Lady travels into narrow river passages, up close and personal to Lake Champlain’s islands and into the international waterways of Quebec. Perhaps a dinner-theatre cruise on Lake Champlain’s Spirit of Ethan Allen II is your cup of tea instead. There are plenty of ways to tour the waters, including Paddleways, which offers customized guided kayak tours and sailing charters. For a different kind of tour experience, take a tour of a brewery or winery and learn the art and science behind craft brewing and winemaking. The Green Mountain State of Vermont is home to

some of the best breweries and wineries in the country, with fine handcrafted beer and unique fruit wine being as plentiful as maple syrup. Burlington Brew Tours offers all-inclusive beer excursions with the Classic Burlington Brew Tour and the Stowe Brew Adventure. Tours include a sampling and formal analysis of at least 18 different micro-brews, a delicious lunch at one of Vermont’s top eateries, two private brewery tours, and roundtrip transportation. If alcohol is not of interest to you, there are plenty of other areas to explore. Take a culinary excursion into Vermont’s edible landscape with a guided tour and tasting led by a local foods expert. Get introduced to the dynamic farmers and artisan food producers that give Vermont its reputation for quality local food with Vermont Farm Tours. Explore local farms and take part in plenty of tastings and a 3-course picnic lunch. Another delicious and fun tour option is the 30-minute tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in nearby Waterbury, Vermont. Visitors to the factory can learn how the ice cream gets from cow to cone and enjoy a taste of the day’s samples when the tour is over. The factory even does “snowshoe tours” on a seasonal basis. Get educated about the ecology, culture, history, and opportunity of the Lake Champlain Basin at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, offering permanent exhibits such as the multimedia Awesome Forces Theatre, where kids can build dams and float boats in a water-play space; the Atlantic tide pool touch tank, where kids can experience sea stars, anemones, and urchins; and Discovery Place, where young visitors may enjoy the working miniature lighthouse or see the painted turtle. Major changing exhibits are showcased in the exhibit space several times a year. Vermont is renown for its relaxed pace, healthy lifestyle, safe communities, and green environmental practices — not to mention the maple syrup. Visit Burlington and be a part in observing nature’s spectacular display of fall color.

Change your life. Without changing your address. Earn your SDSU bachelor’s degree right in Sioux Falls. You’d like to work with people. You’d like to work on a degree. But you still need to live and work in Sioux Falls. It’s possible at the center – University Center. University Center offers degree programs from South Dakota State University to advance your career. So you can stay right here while earning an SDSU degree. Some areas of study include: ! Sociology: pursue a career in human services and

work with people to provide a better way of life. ! Interdisciplinary Studies: design your own

degree based on your interests. ! Consumer Affairs: work with people in business,

sales, marketing and customer relations.

Find out more at SDUniversityCenter.org/SDSU or call (605) 367.5640 today.

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When the Time is Right: C

hoosing a method of birth control is truly an individual decision. Women today have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to preventing pregnancy. However, each woman has her own unique health considerations, family needs and lifestyle that affect which option is optimal for her. The method that has always worked for your best friend or sister may not be safe or effective for you. The first step in selecting a form of contraception should be a conversation with your doctor. Your physician can talk with you about your health history and concerns to help determine what types of birth control best suit you.

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Choosing Birth Control Options BY JEANNE HASSEBROEK-JOHNSON, MD Sanford Clinic Women’s Health

Women should take into consideration what effect an unplanned pregnancy would have on their life and look at the effectiveness of each method. If the goal is to delay pregnancy a few years then failure of the method may not be a significant concern. Whereas major health problems or age may make preventing pregnancy crucial, so that best efficacy is of the utmost importance. Cost or the ease of use can impact which type of birth control is most appealing. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and the goal is to match these distinctions to a woman’s priorities.

Below are the various options that you can discuss with your doctor.

The following contraceptives contain both estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen containing contraceptives are contraindicated (should not be used) in women who have increased risk of thromboembolism - blood clots in veins that may travel to the heart or lungs - or in women with increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Personal and family history is essential in determining risk.

etc. for her | November 2010 71

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Shots

This very common and familiar option is inexpensive, very effective and can have other positive effects such as helping to control heavy periods and acne. Birth control options are not a good option for women who have trouble remembering to take the pill every day.

Women only need to get birth control shots once every three months. However, since the hormone dose is quite high, there can be a variety of side effects, such as frequent spotting, acne, weight gain and depressed moods. Bone density levels may decline while using this method. If you are planning to start a family soon, it is not ideal because it can take as long as 18 months for fertility to return after stopping the injections. Menstrual bleeding may cease or become infrequent and most often is light.

Birth Control Patches Birth control patches may be easier to remember as they are applied once weekly. They do have higher levels of estrogen and although the overall risk for blood clots is still low with the patches, it is twice that seen with birth control pills.

Vaginal Rings Vaginal rings have a lower dose of hormones than birth control pills or patches and can be a good option for women who have side effects from higher hormone levels. The continuous steady release of hormones by rings provides excellent efficacy and cycle control. Rings are convenient as you only need to remove and insert a new device once a month. The factor that limits their use most is their cost, which is significantly greater than that of pills.

Progesterone-only Birth Control Pills The progesterone-only pills are often used by nursing mothers since they have no effect on the milk supply. During nursing, these pills are equally effective to “combination-style” birth control pills. When not nursing, they are less effective (95%) and need to be used with a barrier method for the best effectiveness.

The following non-hormonal methods of birth control do not use either estrogen or progesterone to prevent pregnancy.

Copper IUD There is increased risk with estrogen use for women who smoke or have high blood pressure, a history of blood clotting conditions or other health factors. The following methods of contraception use only progesterone and in most cases can be used by women who cannot use estrogen.

The copper IUD is a long-term birth control method that can be used for up to 10 years. Since it doesn’t contain hormones, women who cannot use hormones can still use the copper IUD. The disadvantage of this method is that many women experience heavier periods with stronger cramping.

Progesterone IUD

Barrier Methods

When using a progesterone intrauterine device most women experience either very light periods or none at all. It’s a user friendly and highly effective device that your doctor inserts in the office. A small number of women using the progesterone IUD have persistent cramping and 3% experience spontaneous expulsion where the uterus pushes the device out with cramping. A few women have increased acne or facial hair. The progesterone IUD remains effective for five years and has become very popular as word spreads about women’s satisfaction with the device.

Barrier methods include condoms and diaphragms. Diaphragms may be preferred over condoms because they can be inserted ahead of time and don’t decrease sensation. However, they are not as effective as condoms. For best efficacy, condoms must be used consistently with every episode of intercourse regardless of timing in the menstrual cycle. With optimal use, condoms can be highly effective. With typical use they have a fairly high failure rate of about 15%. Condoms can also confer protection from sexually transmitted infections although still do not eliminate risk.

Hormonal Implants Hormone implants are inserted and removed by your doctor just under the skin of your arm. The implants are effective for three years. Some women using the hormone implants will have lighter periods, some may stop menstruating and others may have ongoing spotting which can be bothersome.

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Your annual exam is a great time to talk your doctor about all of your concerns and needs when it comes to birth control. Your doctor can screen you for any conditions that could affect your fertility and overall health, making birth control part of your overall wellness checkup.


Meghan McGowan, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology Sanford Clinic Women’s Health (605) 328-7700

Megan Carreno, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology Sanford Clinic Women’s Health (605) 328-7700

For more information visit sanfordhealth.org.


Brenna Tate, CNM

Certified Nurse Midwife Sanford Clinic Maternal-Fetal Medicine (605) 328-4600

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Photo by Chang Photography

74 friends & family



to Give Thanks



ovember is the month that emphasizes giving thanks, and it is the perfect time of year to teach our kids what it really means to be thankful. This year, take advantage of the season and use it as a chance to give your kids an outlook that will impact them positively for the rest of their lives and nurture a sense of real gratitude in your family.

Too often the focus of Thanksgiving is the food. Looking beyond what is on the table and encouraging thankfulness in children can be a difficult task, but it will be worth it to teach your kids to be appreciative of all the wonderful things they have in their lives. Here are six ways to get your kids thinking about being thankful.

E ! L A S

Newborn | Pre-Teens Boys & Girls

%&'()*%+#( $ # !" %!-)-0/ / 1 # . 23 ,

Fashion Forward Clothing & Accessories

Hours: M–F 10am–7pm; Sat 10am–5pm; Sun 1–4pm 2425 S. Shirley Ave. 605.271.2999

(across from the Century Theatre River Plaza)


2425 S. Shirley Avenue | 362-7728

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1. Model Thanks Modeling thankfulness is the first step in teaching our kids to do as we do. It is the best way to teach children to be grateful. Always be on the lookout for things to be grateful for and express your gratitude in front of your children. Thank them for their hugs and for cleaning their rooms. Be thankful of other people’s efforts from the clerk at the gas station giving you your receipt to your spouse helping with the dishes. Tell your family how much you appreciate things they do for you throughout the day. Your children will soon begin to realize they can be grateful for even the smallest of things in life.

2. Establish Rituals Family rituals are very important. Establish rituals based on gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday, and even for other times of the year. Start dinner with each family member sharing what they are most grateful for. Give an unlit votive candle to each person at the table and begin by lighting your own candle and saying something you are thankful for. Then, continue the process around the table until all of the candles are lit for a candlelight Thanksgiving dinner. Say goodnight by sharing what you were thankful for that day. Recall your favorite moment of the day and acknowledge who was responsible for that moment and give thanks.



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It is never too early to begin teaching your child to think about others and to think about being grateful for everything they have. This Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to take giving thanks to the next level.

This will help you and your children to appreciate others and the little moments that happen day to day.

3. Get Crafty Make a blessing basket by placing a pencil and a pad of paper into a pretty fall basket and set it in an easy-to-reach location. Encourage family members to write down what they are thankful for each day of the month. Children can draw pictures or cut them from magazines and put them in the basket as well. On Thanksgiving day, read the notes and pictures together and have your children explain why they are thankful for each thing. Another idea is to make a colorful chart listing everything each family member did during the day with someone else’s needs in mind. This will show the kids how much they personally give to others and have awareness of others in need.

4. Have a Contest Create a chart containing the names of every family member. Talk to your children about the importance of expressing

Wonderful Christmas Idea! Every mommy needs a rocker...

gratitude. Throughout the month, every time a person is thanked, he or she can put a sticker beside the name of the family member who said “thank-you”. At the end of the month, the winner receives a small award for giving thanks the most.

5. Thank You Notes Putting down on paper what they enjoyed about a particular gift will remind your children why they are grateful for it. Writing thank you notes for gifts is a very literal way of teaching your child about gratitude. Even when there isn’t a gift involved, get your children thinking about the family and friends that they are thankful for and write or draw a thank you note together to send “just because”. Handmade notes of thanks from a child are something anyone will enjoy receiving and will most likely end up hanging on their refrigerator. As your child grows, start a habit of giving them packs of thank you notes as gifts for their birthdays or as stocking stuffers each year. This will instill in them the importance of sending a thank you to those who get them gifts, and will equip them with the tools to do so.

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Clothing • Toys • Furnishings

1700 W. 33rd Street • Sioux Falls • 334-6940

Hours: M-F: 10-5:30 Sat: 10-5 • Find us on Facebook

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6. Create Memories Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look back and remember what your kids have been thankful for over the years? A holiday video interview may be a great tradition to start doing on Thanksgiving. Record yourself giving thanks and show it to your children as an example of what they might want to do for the camera. If you have a big gamily gathering, get everyone involved. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can participate in the video interviews. Creating a gratitude video every year will give you something to look back on many years down the road. When your children grow to be adults, these videos will definitely be something they will enjoy watching and appreciate that you started the tradition. Some kids might not be comfortable on video. If this is the case, you can still provide a list of questions and have them write out answers, giving you some great material for a gratitude scrapbook. Some examples of questions to ask your children are: “I am thankful for my brother or sister because...”, “Thank you mom or dad for...”, and “I am happy I live where I do because...”. It is never too early to begin teaching your child to think about others and to think about being grateful for everything they have. This Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to take giving thanks to the next level.

New Location

26th & Minnesota | Sioux Falls Spirit Lake, IA (605) 275-3456 (712) 336-6488 www.twettens.com

78 out and about |



26th & Minnesota

!"#!$%&$'(%)(*+$,-(&$%./)($#0" %/1.2$3,44%5$%6$!7#"8 9"!&:9#&;<<; %)1*($=1.*%> ?1+5$'(65$3*/$@$#",?A9B?$ ).(%$C$)=.*%$#",?A7B?$@$%,)$#",?A!B?

‘Tis the Season for Coughs, Sniffles & Sneezes


Let THE COOKIE JAR create your holiday desserts!

Choose from a variety of your family favorites – whole or by the slice 125 W. 10th St., Sioux Falls 605.978.0991 www.cookiejarsd.com Hours: M-F 7:30AM-3PM SAT. 10AM-3PM 80 friends & family |


!""#$%&'(")'*+",#$%&'*+-((.)*/' !""#'%"'(-)+0.)1'2-3'&$(+',4)5*'4%5'

678'9:;<'"('+0.'=4>-.'"('+0.',4)5?' 2!@AB'CDEF@G'HI!G?'J0$>.'*-KK>$.*'>4*+?%%

!"#$%&'%()*+%,+-..+%%/%%,0123%4566*7%,8 !9:;9#<<%%/%%==='*0123>566*'?161-@.@0A.'?1@

What to do about winter colds, flu and fevers BY DONNA FARRIS for Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center


f it seems like your child has a perpetual runny nose throughout the winter months, it’s not just your imagination. “During their first year of life, babies catch an average of 12 colds. If each cold lasts one to two weeks, the baby is spending up to half of this first year with a cold,” said Dr. Kara Bruning, pediatrician with Avera McGreevy Clinic. Older children average three to eight colds per year. Colds and the cough and runny nose that accompany them don’t have anything to do with being exposed to cold weather. Rather, they’re caused by being exposed to one of the estimated 1 billion “common cold” viruses that circulate in the United States each year. “As the weather gets colder, we tend to stay inside more and start sharing all kinds of viruses and illnesses,” Dr. Bruning said. Children who go to day care, or who have older siblings have even more opportunity to be exposed to these viruses. Just like adults, babies and children are susceptible to

seasonal influenza. Typical symptoms in children are a fever, body aches, “feeling miserable,” and possibly a cough or runny nose, Dr. Bruning said. Seasonal flu is one illness that can be prevented with a vaccine. Any child over the age of 6 months can get a flu shot, and healthy children over the age of 2 can get the vaccine via nasal spray. RSV is a top concern for parents. Most children catch RSV by the age of 2, and it comes and goes as a common cold. Because this virus causes inflammation in the airways, it can cause breathing difficulties in babies. As a virus, antibiotics will not cure RSV. But sometimes, young children must have nebulizer treatments or be hospitalized to deal with symptoms, Dr. Bruning said. Parents should call the doctor if a child has any wheezing or difficulty breathing along with cold symptoms. Fever is another top concern among parents. Fever in a child under 2 months of age always warrants a call to the doctor.

! , + . * / $ ) ( $0).1+2 ' $ & & % $ # " ! ! 1 ) ' $ 3 3 $ ) ) ( 1 ' $ ' ) $4+/1$ ) 0 $ 2 . &+5$!!1$&+5$67879 Join Us for Neighborhood Toy Store Day! November 13


TREATS! 233 S. Phillips Ave. 274-TOYS Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

etc. for her | November 2010 81

“Children this young can get sick in a big hurry,” Dr. Bruning said. For children over age 2 months, fever can usually be lowered by giving Tylenol; Motrin is another option for children age 6 months or older. “These medications won’t bring the fever down to normal, but it will bring it down a degree or two, and help the child feel more comfortable,” Dr. Bruning said. She does not recommend giving a feverish child a cold bath, because shivering will actually cause the body temperature to rise even higher. A fever of 102˚ to 103˚ is nothing to panic about, Dr. Bruning said. Call the doctor if fever is 104˚ or higher, does not respond to medications, or lasts for four to five days. If fever has gone down after a bout with the flu, and then comes back up again, it’s a good idea to call the doctor, because

82 friends & family |


that’s often a sign of a secondary infection, Dr. Bruning added. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, and so they have no curative effect on colds and flu. In addition, pediatricians now recommend that children age 5 and younger not be given over-the-counter cough or cold medications. Instead, use a humidifier to ease coughs, or take a child into the bathroom with the shower running. Saline drops can be placed in the nose and suctioned out to ease nasal congestion. “Babies dislike it, but it helps them breathe better,” Dr. Bruning said. To help prevent the spread of viruses, practice good hygiene with frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer. For more information about childhood illnesses and parenting tips, go to www.AveraChildrens.org




Brontorina by James Howe Brontorina has a dream. She wants to dance. But Brontorina is rather large — too large to fit in Madame Lucille’s dance studio. Brontorina does not have the right shoes, and everyone knows you can’t dance without the proper footwear. Still, Brontorina knows, deep in her heart, that she is meant to be a ballerina. James Howe introduces a lovable dinosaur whose size is outmatched only by her determination, and whose talent is outmatched only by her charm. Ages 4 yrs - 8 yrs Candlewick Press

Orlando on a Thursday by Emma Magenta Everything is an adventure when Orlando and his mommy spend the day together: drawing a picture, taking a walk, even having a snack. Then comes Thursday — the day Mami has to be busy in town. Remembering this makes Orlando sad, until Papi reminds him about all the super, super things that can happen when they’re together on a Thursday! Emma Magenta’s gently quirky narrative and fresh, charmingly naïve illustrations evoke a true toddler sensibility, while weaving a cocoon of love and security around young Orlando in a story as comforting as a mug of warm, frothy milk. Changes and separations in a young child’s life are less worrisome with the help of playful rituals in this sweet, reassuring picture book. Ages 3 yrs - 5 yrs Candlewick Press

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi To be a real boy — that is the heart’s desire of the little wooden puppet carved by the old and sprightly Geppeto. Naughty, mischievous, and bold, Pinocchio sets off on adventures and gets into trouble — but to achieve his desire, he will have to face many challenges and learn some very important lessons. Emma Rose’s superb new translation is matched by Fanelli’s playful illustrations in this unique edition of Carlo Collodi’s 1883 classic. Ages 7 yrs and up Candlewick Press

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Tubby by Leslie Patricelli It’s time for a bath! Whee! And Baby obliges as only he can, playing with bubbles (and using them to make facial disguises from Santa’s beard to bunny ears), imitating a motorboat, and letting Mommy wash his single hair. And what would tubby time be without running away naked and shiny clean — only to be scooped up and tickled? A beloved bedtime ritual takes on new joy in Leslie Patricelli’s bright artwork, exuberant language, and simple, familiar scenes. Ages 1 yr - 3 yrs Candlewick Press

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins Paddle along with Little Fish on a mesmerizing underwater tour of friends spotty and stripy, happy and gripy, hairy and scary, even curly whirly and twisty twirly. Here is a tale that is sure to have little ones joining the chorus. Hooray for fish! Ages 2 yrs - 5 yrs Candlewick Press

The Oceanology Handbook A Course for Underwater Explorers by Professor Arronax What’s the difference between a steamer and a schooner? How would you navigate in stormy seas? How are underwater volcanoes formed? And which creatures lurk in the inky depths of the deepest oceans? All this and much more await eager young oceanologists in this exciting handbook, prepared for Zoticus de Lesseps, the young author of OCEANOLOGY, by his tutor, Professor Aronnax, during their around-theworld journey aboard the mysterious Captain Nemo’s NAUTILUS. Ages 9 yrs and up Candlewick Press

It’s My Birthday by Helen Oxenbury Includes a recipe for making your very own birthday cake! Now in padded board book edition! It’s one lucky toddler’s birthday, and of course there must be a cake. So the child asks some animal friends to gather ingredients, one by one: the chicken an egg, the bear some flour, the cat the butter and milk, the pig a pinch of salt, the dog some sugar, and the monkey a bunch of cherries for the top. After they all share the fun of making the cake, it’s even more fun to eat it! Helen Oxenbury’s winsome illustrations and simple, repetitive text make this an ideal gift for the youngest of children. Ages 2 yrs and up Candlewick Press

William Shakespeare His Life and Times by Ari Berk and Kristen McDermott In this enthralling scrapbook that William Shakespeare compiled for his daughter, he looks back on his life as he retires from the theatre. Discover late-sixteenth- and earlyseventeenth century stories of love, war, kings and queens, fellow playwrights and actors, explorers and life in London. A lavish, interactive introduction to the great poet’s life, his work and the times he lived in. Ages 8 yrs - 12 yrs Candlewick Press

The Most Amazing Hide-and-Seek Alphabet Book by Robert Crowther Frogs that leap, hens that peck, snakes that uncoil — open this book and discover how much more there is to the alphabet than meets the eye! Letters wear the colors, stripes, or patterns of familiar and unusual animals, hinting at the wildlife riding on pull-tabs and hiding behind flaps. In this classic from Robert Crowther, readers can lift the flaps and pull the tabs to find an alphabet’s worth of animals. Ages 3 yrs and up Candlewick Press

Maisy Goes to Bed by Lucy Cousins It’s time for Maisy to go to bed, but there’s a lot to do first! Luckily, with the flip of a flap or the pull of a tab, little readers can help their favorite mouse every step of the way on her journey toward dreamland. First, she needs to throw back a bedtime beverage and go to the potty (complete with flushing action). Then she’s ready to wash her hands, brush her teeth, put on pajamas, read a story, and finally say good night, toy panda in paw. Even reluctant sleepers will look forward to bedtime when they can share a cozy ritual with Maisy, and the mini size of this colorful bedtime board book is perfect for tiny hands. Ages 2 yrs - 5 yrs

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!"#$%&'() title Devon, 16 mos.

Brooklyn Mya, 9 mos.

Giovi, 18 mos.

Kaleb, 1 yr

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Mackenzie, 4 yrs.

Sawyer, 22 mos.

Kinsley, 5 mos.

Colton, 11 mos.

Lexie, 14 mos.

Kate, 16 mos.


with Family



deally, the holidays are supposed to be a time for families to celebrate the season in peace, love, and harmony. For many though, the holidays can often be a difficult time where stress, exhaustion, and family dysfunction transform the most wonderful time of the year into something less than wonderful. To get the holiday season off on the right foot, we spoke with Dr. Ericka Kemper, a clinical psychologist with Psychological Solutions of South Dakota. Dr. Kemper shared her thoughts on how to keep the happy connected to your holidays.

attempt to “fix” a family member on a bad path. But although those feelings come from a good place, the holidays just aren’t a good time to take action on them. It’s such an emotionally charged time to begin with, when people attempt to resolve old issues, they often end up having the same old arguments and feelings harden even more. Sometimes, the best path to take is to just look at that person or people and say, ‘the holidays are a time of love and peace and sharing, so I’m just going to accept this person for who they are, and we’ll deal with the old wounds later.’

What is it about the holidays that bring out the best and worst in our family dynamics?

So when they hit that hot button or exhibit a particular behavior that drives you crazy, it’s best to smile and move on, change the subject, count to ten, whatever, just don’t rise to the bait, right?

Dr. Ericka Kemper: People often see the holidays as a time for forgiveness, a time to heal old family wounds, or maybe even


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Yes, you don’t have to condone it, but there and then is not the place for confrontation.

There’s an old adage that says guests and fish both start to go bad after three days. How much does “too much togetherness” have to do with holiday family stress? There comes a time in our lives as adults when we all need our own space. But during the holidays, we think we need to spend all our time with our families. This is great, but when we don’t allow ourselves to have our own space, it can be emotionally exhausting and even physically fatiguing. If you are visiting out of town family, it’s nice to stay with them, but maybe one night you get a hotel. Doing this gives both you and them a break from entertaining and being entertained. It’s also important to carve

out quiet times. It’s okay if you’re tired to excuse yourself and go lay down with a good book for a while. Believe me, your host probably feels the same way.

The holidays are so romanticized by Hollywood and the commercial world; does some of the holiday blues we feel come from not “measuring up” to some imagined standard? It’s true. We put so much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect holiday experience for our families. We want it to be like a Norman Rockwell painting. We think that’s how it should be. Well, unless you have your own chef, your own decorator, and a person to do your shopping for you, it’s probably not going to be perfect. I always tell people to let go of perfection and recognize


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27063 Henry Place, Sioux Falls, SD

605.368.9684 &:$94%*')%*'.%3$-(")$%,)%333A("*'7@,22(4")9:$#,#0-,):A9*+ etc. for her | November 2010 89

the beauty of imperfection. When we talk about past holidays, we don’t recall how pretty the tree was or how nice the dinner table looked. Instead, we laugh about how someone opened the wrong present, or how much fun it was to go sledding. The imperfections are what make the holidays great.

It seems like our hectic lives go into overdrive around the holidays. Is being too busy part of the problem? It’s true that we just take our normal busy schedule and add even more to it. We want to have all these wonderful experiences for our families and our children, but we do them at such a frantic pace that they lose value. The important thing for us to remember is that we all choose what our holiday experience is going to be like. If we choose to over-schedule and over-do, we shouldn’t be surprised when we are stressed and disappointed. It’s important to realize that your time is limited and valuable and that it’s important to prioritize how you are going to spend it.

So we shouldn’t try to do everything? Yes, take time to evaluate your traditions and commitments. Keep what you value, and move everything else down or off your list. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Let’s have some fun. What’s your favorite holiday movie? I’d have to say my favorite is A Christmas Story. I love how it depicts Christmas as it really is. There’s family conflict, there’s disappointment in not getting what you want — things don’t go perfectly — and yet the movie is funny, charming, and you can sense the love that connects the family. Having holiday dinner at a Chinese restaurant is perfectly fine, as long as you’re with the people you love.

Finally, do you believe Santa really has a list of who’s naughty and nice? Isn’t that a little passive/aggressive and controlling? Do we really have a healthy relationship with St. Nick? (laughs) I think the idea of Santa is wonderful. Some people don’t want to share that with their children and that’s fine. But I think the concept that there is someone out there that loves and cares about you is such a positive thing. Does he have a naughty list? Maybe. But I think you have to do an awful lot to get on it.

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Big Shoes title

BY DICK ROGEN, DVM Horizon Pet Care, 1224 E. Holly Blvd., Brandon, SD (605) 582.8445


ig shoes can be hard to fill. How many times has it been said how wonderful the previous employee, boyfriend, boss or teacher was? Irreplaceable is difficult to measure up to. Pets have an important place in our families and they too can leave “big collars” to fill. Losing your pet is very hard. So hard in fact that many people say that they will never have another pet in their lives. It is just too hard to love and lose that love. When you are pet lover, it is especially hard, because we see our furry friends from infancy to elderly pets that need extra love and care. The harsh reality is that cats and dogs normally live from 10 to 15 years. There are those that live longer, but as humans we hopefully live a lot longer. Even as we become elderly, we still can outlive our pets. I am pleasantly surprised and happy every time I see people with their new pets. I understand how hard it is to lose your

friend. Some of the saddest people that have lost their pet, will wait the longest to get another pet. But the smiles, giggles and the gleam in their eye, with their new friend is great. If you are a “pet person”, you need the tail wags, litterbox chores, walks and even cleaning the hair from your clothes. It makes your house a home and your life more enjoyable. Pets provide a partner for walks, to sleep and watch tv with. They listen to our stories, our stresses and our concerns. My dogs have only disagreed with me when I do not share my sandwich with them. They do not care if I take the long way home or if my clothes match. I suspect they may actually like me more when I forget to bathe. If you’ve lost your best friend, take time to grieve. Some people need to get a new pet the next day, but others need time. Everyone is different and there are no right answers to when. I do not recommend getting someone a new pet when

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5-&2G$H)003$D$IJ"J$KF$L"3.$5.F @()$D$M#"$NF$B'-)/$5.F

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they are grieving. Too often their hearts are not ready yet. The size, breed and age are other factors that need to be considered. If you are older and concerned about the new pet outliving you, there are good options. Quite often family and friends will provide you with a safety net of taking the pet if needed. There are also many middle aged pets that need homes. Also, there are groups that will help if there is a need. The soft touch of pets and the pure joy they can bring to us is worth the risk of loving again. New friends cannot replace the past, but they are important to our future. Take a chance, enjoy life and love again. There are even times when “new shoes� are better.


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Th e

for Your Fam ily, and Your Active Lifesytle


Ross A. McDaniel, DC & Jason D. Henry, DC 2909 E. 57th St., Ste. 102, Sioux Falls, SD | (605) 334-6656 117 Holly Blvd, Brandon, SD | (605) 582-8800

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title An Institution of Organized Kindness Sioux Falls, main entrance, Sanford

An Institution of Organized Kindness BY ELIZABETH LEE & CINDY MORRISON


n June of 1894, inspired by tales of marvelous progress in medicine at the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition, a group of Lutheran clergy and laymen banded together to form a hospital association. They organized Sioux Falls Hospital located in the Seney House on the northeast corner of Fourth Street and Menlo Avenue. It was the only hospital in Sioux Falls for several years. At that time, hospitals were considered a place one went to die. For this reason the first patient to enter Sioux Falls Hospital pleaded to be taken instead to facilities at the State Penitentiary! The Hospital moved to the Cameron House at the northwest corner of Tenth Street and Dakota Avenue in 1896. Soon it added the first formal nursing program in South Dakota, the Sioux Falls Training School for Nurses. This school, which became the Sioux Valley Hospital School of Nursing, closed in 1986, 2,220 graduates later. A larger building was soon needed. Land was purchased on the northeast corner of Nineteenth Street and Minnesota Avenue, and in 1900, a twostory 20-bed hospital was constructed. This first building in South Dakota to be built specifically as a hospital was named Sioux Falls Lutheran Hospital. After several successful years, two unforeseen events placed heavy financial burdens upon the new hospital. During World War I, medicines and supplies, many of which were diverted for the

war effort, became extremely costly and in short supply. Secondly, the deadly Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 brought scores of flu victims to the hospital, making it necessary to bed patients in the corridors, in offices, and even in the parlor. Many of these flu victims were also unable to pay for their hospital services. The hospital successfully weathered these crises and later merged with Moe Hospital in 1925. Shortly thereafter the name was changed to Sioux Valley Hospital which became known from then on as a community hospital. A drive began in 1927 to raise funds to build a much larger new hospital building. A booklet entitled “An Institution of Organized Kindness” was distributed which explained the need for a new modern facility. Construction began in March of 1929, in the middle of a corn field at the outer edge of Sioux Falls at what is now Eighteenth Street and Euclid Avenue. The stock market crash in October and the depression which followed stalled progress on the building. With generous community support, however, it was completed and opened in 1930. In 1994, one hundred years after its modest beginning, Sioux Valley Hospital was named one of America’s 100 best-performing general acute-care hospitals. It continues today as “An Institution of Organized Kindness.”

Dedicated in 1996 by the Minnehaha County and South Dakota State Historical Societies and Sioux Valley Hospital.

A Private Room In the 1930s a private room was for one patient only and was decorated to resemble a homey bedroom. Note the early candlestick telephone. Image owner: Sioux Empire Medical Museum.

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1930s Ambulance This ambulance-hearse was owned and operated by the Banton-Peterson Funeral Home. Private ambulance companies did not yet exist. Image owner: Sioux Empire Medical Museum.

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