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Christ revealed in common life Who are we?


Josh  Wilton  and  Andy  Withrow  are   husbands,  fathers,  and   adopted  sons  of   God  in   Christ.    Both  of  us  are  Regent  grads   and   missionary   clergy   ordained   (2008)   by   Rwanda   and   commissioned   to   plant   churches   in   Victoria.     Josh   is   an   Ar<zo   grad   (2006)   who   worked   with   St.   John’s   Shaughnessy   as   well   as   St.   Simon’s,   North   Vancouver.     Andy   was   working   with   a   Presbyterian   church   as   an   associate   before   beginning  his  Anglican   life  at  St.  Timothy’s   in   North   Vancouver   as   an   intern.     The   Wiltons   and   the   Withrows  have   known   each  other   for   almost  a  decade  and   have   lived   together   in   several   different   houses   in   three   different  ci<es.

Our mission   is   to   draw   the   people   of   Victoria   into   communion  with  Christ,  community  with  one  another,  and   to   send   people  on   a  mission   to   bless  our   neighbours.    In   doing   so   we   hope   to   see   Jesus   Christ   revealed   in   our   common  life.

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We long   to   see   Victoria   transformed   socially,   culturally,   and   spiritually   by   God’s   grace   through   God’s   gospel.     Church   plan<ng   is   one   of   the   most   effec<ve   means   of   engaging   new   residents,   new   people   groups,   and   new   genera<ons   with   the   good   news   of   Jesus,   and   thereby   seeing   the   city  changed   as  individuals   come   to  know   and   grow  in  Christ.

Why Victoria, BC? At roughly   375,000   residents   Greater   Victoria   is   large   enough   to   reach  the  crowds,  yet   small  enough  to   keep  us   sane.     Along   with   the   rest   of   BC,   Victoria   needs   new   churches   to   engage   the   95-­‐97%   of   people   who   do   not   a[end   a   Chris<an   worship   service   on   any   given   week.     Plus,   when   we   arrived   in   Victoria   our   church   partners   offered   us   resources   -­‐   Open   Gate   (ANiC)   employed   Andy   part-­‐<me  for   the  first  three   years,  and  Church  of  Our  Lord   (then  REC)  gave  us   use  of   their   building   and   an   office   for   free.       Finally,  Victoria  is   the  seat  of  government  in  BC,  and   therefore   fits   into   our   larger   goal   of   seeing   Victoria   transformed   culturally,   socially,   and   spiritually   by   God’s   grace  and  gospel.

Why ‘The Table’? The table   is   a   symbol   of   worship:   communion   with   God,   community  with   one   another,   and   (table)   service   to   the   poor.     When   God   promised   Abram   (Abraham)   land   and   descendants   in   Gen   12,   Abram   set   up   places   of   worship   down  the  spine  of   Canaan.     In   a   similar   way,  we   want   to   establish   many   ‘tables’   in   neighborhoods   throughout   Greater   Victoria   where   people   can   worship   God,   grow   in   community,  and  serve  and  bless  our  neighbors.  

Vision Our main   image   is   that   of   a  pomegranate   -­‐   we   envision   ourselves   as   one  church   with  many  clusters.  Within  three   to   five  years  we   want  to  become  twelve  to   fiFeen  clusters   who   gather   together   every   other   Sunday   evening   in   common  worship,  and  who  meet  regularly  in   local   groups   in   order   to   worship   God,   love   each   other,   and   bless   our   neighbours. 6/8/09 11:22:06 AM

Values We long   to   be   Christ-­‐focused/Word-­‐centered,   for   apart   from   the   living   Christ   proclaimed   in   Scripture   there  is  no  hope. We  long  for   spiritual  in-­‐breaking  when  we  meet,  for   it   is  only  through   the   ac<vity   and   presence   of   God   that   there   is   transforma<on,  genuine   worship,   and   divine  life.   We   long   for   sacrificial   fellowship,   since   Christ   revealed   the   cost   of   love   and   the   Holy   Spirit   empowers  us  to  live  this  out  with  one  another. We   long   for   every-­‐member   ministry,   since   all   Chris<ans   form   the   body   of   Christ   with   each   member   using   their   giFs   for   His   mission   to   the   world. We   long   to   crea=vely   engage   with   God,   one   another,  crea<on,  and  culture. We  long  for   an   inward-­‐growing   faith,  that  we  might   internalize   the   truths   of   Scripture   and   grow   in   our   knowledge   of   the   living   God   through   study,   prayer,   community,  sacraments,  and      personal  devo<on. We   long   for   an   out-­‐reaching   love,   for   apart   from   authen<c,  ac<ve  service  there  is  no  true  religion. - (250) 661-4141 - 626 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC V8W 3G6

The table one page summary 2012  

A one page summary of The Table Church in Victoria, BC

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