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Strategic Directions A bi-monthly update from Advocate BroMenn Medical Center Advocate Eureka Hospital • Advocate Medical Group June/July 2013

Advocate Nursing Research Symposium Three Advocate BroMenn Medical Center nurse leaders presented posters highlighting the results of their research at the Advocate Nursing Research Symposium, “Collaborating to Advance the Profession” on Tuesday April 9 at Advocate Christ Medical Center. This conference was attended by 250 nurses from the Advocate system and throughout Illinois. Alicia Allen, MSN, RN, BC, Nurse Manager, Medical Oncology Specialty Unit (MOSU) and Pediatrics/Infusion Unit, presented the topic, “The Journey to Professional Nursing Practice: Measuring the Practice Environment.” LoriLee Dunahee, MSN, RN, CPN, Charge Nurse, MOSU and Pediatrics/Infusion, presented, “Barriers to Effective Management of Pediatric Pain During Phlebotomy and Intravenous Cannulation.” Kristin Peterson, MSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Surgical and Progressive Care Unit, presented “Let’s Talk Safety: A Fall Prevention Plan.” In addition, Shelly Malin, PhD, RN, Endowed Professor, presented a break-out session titled, “Effective EvidenceBased Practice and Research Mentorship: What Does it Take?” Ten nurses from BroMenn Medical Center attended this great learning and networking opportunity. The number of nurses involved in important evidence-based practice and clinical research efforts will continue to grow as we strive for the best and safest care for the patients we serve.

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center Strategic Framework

Our Vision A faith based system providing the best health outcomes and building lifelong relationships with those we serve.

Our Role To be the leading regional medical center in Central Illinois

Advocate Experience Creating the safest and best place for patients to heal, physicians to practice, and associates to work.


Regional Destination

Operational Excellence

Physician Recruitment Marketing/Brand Identity Community Partnerships Philanthropic Relationships

Critical Access Hospitals Service Line Development Ambulatory Network

KRA Performance Patient Centered Care Efficiency/Cost Management Infrastructure Development

Physician Engagement

Physicians of the Quarter Congratulations to our Physicians of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2013.

Eric Farinas, MD Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Patient Satisfaction)

Caroline Halperin, DO Wound Healing (Clinical Excellence)

Meera Yerrabolu, MD Hospitalist (Citizenship)

Advocate Experience Creating the safest and best place for patients to heal, physicians to practice and associates to work.

AIDET and KWKT Help Transform our Culture As we continue on our journey to become “the safest and best place for patients to heal, physicians to practice and associates to work,” we’ve recently implemented two evidence-based tools—AIDET and KWKT. AIDET, which stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You, is an evidenced-based approach to improving communication with patients and internal customers. Key Words at Key Times (KWKT) are words, phrases, or statements used to “connect the dots” and help our patients and customers better understand what we are doing to provide them with the best possible care and service. Under the leadership of Brenda Downen, Manager of Radiology Services, AIDET and KWKT have enabled radiology staff to better manage patient expectations at the beginning of their care experience, which results in fewer patient concerns and questions later. Prior to implementing AIDET, the department hovered around the 18th percentile for patient satisfaction. By using AIDET and KWKT to more effectively communicate with patients, the department’s January 2013 quarterly patient satisfaction score had soared to the 81st percentile. We are excited about the continued transformation in our culture of service excellence and hope you find these helpful as you continue providing the best place for our patients to heal!

2013 Associate Appreciation Week Photos

Welcome Karrie Ann Oertli! Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Advocate Eureka Hospital are pleased to welcome Reverend Dr. Karrie Ann Oertli as Vice President of Mission and Spiritual Care.

Strategic Initiative 1 – Growth

Physician Recruitment We have a number of great new physicians joining Advocate Medical Group: AMG – Occupational Medicine—Thomas Sutter, DO, started in March 2013 AMG – Endocrinology—Liza Yambay, MD, endocrinologist, started in May 2013. AMG – Illinois Heart and Lung—Kunal Bodiwala, MD, non-invasive cardiologist, start date July 1, 2013. AMG – Eureka—Carl-Ray Rhoden, MD, family practice, to start in August 2013 In addition, Drs. Adam Houghton and Stephen Hill will be joining Dr. Steven Pilcher’s primary care practice this summer.

Advocate for Young Hearts Each week in the United States, sudden cardiac death claims the lives of more than 30 young adults. Many children who experience sudden cardiac arrest have an undiagnosed hereditary defect that triggers an irregular heart rhythm, causing the cardiac arrest. Through gifts to the Advocate Charitable Foundation, Advocate for Young Hearts has provided more than 5,000 area high school students with free cardiac screenings during the 2012–13 school year. A special thank you goes out to Jim McCriskin, DO, cardiologist with Advocate Medical Group – Illinois Heart and Lung, as well as Karen King, RN and Christie Rocke, RN, for their leadership in developing the Advocate for Young Hearts program!

Go Redbirds! Advocate BroMenn Medical Center has been selected as the Official Hospital Sponsor for Illinois State Athletics! While the two organizations have enjoyed a working relationship for several years, this enhanced agreement provides for several new services, as well as continued in-game physician services for all home football, men’s and women’s basketball, softball and soccer games. “Advocate Health Care has more than 250 sites of care throughout central Illinois and Chicagoland, so many ISU students and their families are familiar with the Advocate brand when they arrive in Bloomington– Normal,” says Colleen Kannaday, President of Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. “Knowing a trusted health care provider is taking care of their loved ones away from home is a great comfort for parents.”

Strategic Initiative 2 – Regional Destination Innovative Lung Biopsy Tool Comes to BroMenn Medical Center In recent years, an increasing number of lung cancers are found in the periphery of the lungs. This shift has largely been attributed to increased use of filtered cigarettes: smokers must inhale more deeply to achieve the same amount of nicotine, sending smoke into the far reaches of the lungs. Small lesions in the outer area of the lung are difficult to reach for diagnosis and treatment. Traditional bronchoscopy frequently fails to reach the outer areas of the lungs, often leaving only more invasive surgical options for diagnosis. The pulmonologists with Advocate Medical Group – Illinois Heart and Lung are now using a new option for lung biopsy at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. The superDimension i·Logic™ System uses Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy ® (ENB)™ to help doctors reach lesions deep in the lungs with minimal trauma to the patient and enables them to diagnose benign and malignant lung disease. The outpatient procedure takes between 30 minutes and two hours. Nearly all patients go home the day of the procedure, without requiring an overnight hospital stay.

Code STEMI Getting cardiac care quickly is key to improving the chances of recovery. The American Heart Association and the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care recognize hospitals that quickly and appropriately treat heart attack patients, and Advocate BroMenn Medical Center consistently exceeds the national average of 90 minutes for “door to balloon” times. By working with area hospitals and EMS providers, BroMenn Medical Center is able to activate a “Code STEMI” upon or even prior to a patient’s arrival in our emergency department. This puts into action a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and non-clinical staff to care for the patient, reducing the time it takes to get an initial EKG and, if necessary, into the cardiac catheterization lab. The efforts around streamlining Code STEMIs is just one way BroMenn Medical Center is working to be a regional destination for referring hospitals in central Illinois.

Strategic Initiative 3 – Operational Excellence Welcome Tru-D! As we continue on our Culture of Safety journey, BroMenn Medical Center recently began using Tru-D, an automated, remotely operated room disinfection system that destroys 99.9% of targeted pathogens. A 360 degree array of UV sensors “read” the germicidal energy from room surfaces and, in about 45 minutes, insures that all surfaces (including behind headboards and IV poles, under tables and bed rails, etc.) receive a lethal dose of UV germicidal energy. Tru-D is used in contact precaution patient rooms, the ICU, ED, procedure rooms and surgical suites, as well as in areas that are known to have or be at high risk of infections.

Nothing About Me Without Me The nurse bedside report is a new communication tool used during handovers that engages the patient and family in their care. Steps of the nurse bedside report include: • Introducing nursing staff patient, and family. Inviting patient and family to participate. • Conducting a verbal SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation) report with the patient and family, using words they can understand. • Conducting a focused assessment of the patient and a safety assessment of the room. • Identifying needs and concerns of the patient and family. Nurse Bedside Report is also an opportunity to manage the patient experience by incorporating Key Words at Key Times and AIDET, as well as an opportunity for the care team to manage up a co-worker or department to the patient and family.

Hourly Rounding Another way we are working to make Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Advocate Eureka Hospital the best place for patients to heal, physicians to practice and associates to work is through the practice of hourly patient rounding. Associates round on patients every one to two hours and engage in a series of eight specific behaviors: • Use opening key words to reduce anxiety (AIDET) • Perform scheduled tasks • Address the “3 Ps” – pain, potty, and position • Assess additional comfort needs • Conduct environmental assessment • Ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you? I have time.” • Tell each patient when you will return • Document the process in a log

News from Eureka

New Oncology Clinic Patients with cancer in the Woodford County area who are receiving chemotherapy, examinations or other treatment now have access to a larger, newlyremodeled area at Advocate Eureka Hospital. While the 2,475 square feet of space may ultimately be home to other visiting specialty clinics as well, it was designed with the needs of the hospital’s outpatient oncology patients in mind. The new space features a reception and waiting area, three exam rooms and space for pharmaceutical mixing. The highlight, however, is a large, window-filled room that can accommodate up to 10 chemotherapy or infusion patients at one time. The room has new, comfortable recliners and a large, flat-screen television to help make their treatment as pleasant as possible.

Expert emergency care, when you need it most.

Emergency and Urgent Care

At Advocate Eureka Hospital, we’re ready 24/7 with expert emergency care. You can count on our experienced physicians, right near your home. We also offer Urgent Care services, for quick, walk-in treatment of minor ailments and injuries such as sore throats, earaches and small cuts. To learn more, visit or call 1.309.3.ADVOCATE (1.309.323.8622)

Be on the lookout for the Advocate Eureka Hospital ad campaign this summer!

1304 Franklin Avenue Normal, IL 61761

Advocate Nurse Advocacy Day On May 1, 75 nurses from throughout the Advocate Health Care system traveled to the State Capital to lobby their elected officials. Nurses discussed three key pieces of legislation with the senators and representatives: • Reciprocity to be licensed in any states within the Nurse Licensure Compact • Greater practice authority for Advanced Practice Nurses • Protection for a strong Medicaid system in Illinois Nurses from Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Advocate Eureka Hospital were able to meet with Representative Dan Brady (R), 105th District, and Senator Jason Barickman (R), 53rd District. They also met with Representative Sara Feigenholtz (D), 12th District, who represents Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and participated in a meet and greet with Governor Pat Quinn.

Strategic Directions June-July 2013