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Channel for engagement. Extensive pool of policy expertise. Diversity of membership. Wide country and regional coverage. Various levels, areas and moments of coordination. Supporting national level consultations. Good relations with UN and numerous Governments. Donor funding success.

Political process will continue 20132015. Space for campaign to evolve after 2013 milestone & have influence between now & 2015. Significant contribution to ensuring civil society, participation & peoplefocus in international process. Have become a key CSO interlocutor in the process Seen as the space, for many organisations, through which to follow and engage in post-2015 advocacy.

Dominated by international development organisations, mainly those with most resources. Inadequate environmental expertise? Means of communication & coordination often inaccessible. Disparity in scale and scope of coordination within different countries/regional groups. Loose or tight-knit campaign - now, in future? Different priorities/visions for development & theories of change Small, over-stretched secretariat

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Resources being directed away from existing networks. Seen by some as claiming the voice of civil society. Representation: is ‘big tent’ coordination the right way as discussions focus and negotiations begin? Could engagement strategy legitimise a flawed process?

Workshop A: Beyond 2015 - Trócaire

Beyond 2015 swot analysis  
Beyond 2015 swot analysis